FMEA Chapter 198

Chapter 198 Every Tree or Bush is an Enemy Soldier (panicking and treating everyone as an enemy) 

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“Niang Niang, Your Majesty.” Cui Er made a silent gesture towards several people, and called out with a faint smile. 

Xia Yuqing hurriedly stretched out her hand and pulled Cui Er into the small corner where a few people were hiding. She asked excitedly: “Cui Er, why are you here? Didn’t you go out to work?” 

Cui Er smiled, “The matter is over, thus Nu Bi came back. However, Nu Bi didn’t expect to see martial law in the capital city of Shu as soon as she came back. Nu Bi was worried about the safety of the empress and the princess, so Nu Bi returned to Wei mansion to find everyone. Unexpectedly, the Wei mansion had already been sealed, and the empress and the emperor were nowhere to be found. In desperation, Nu Bi had no choice but to find the place where the people of the Wei Palace and Master Lan were imprisoned first, hoping to inquire about the whereabouts of Niang Niang and the others from them. However, Nu Bi didn’t expect that they didn’t know your whereabouts. They only knew that you all escaped.” 

“Well, we went out to find a horny old man. After we came back, we found that the people in the Wei House had been arrested. Thus, we could only stay at an inn outside.”     

Cui Er nodded: “Nu Bi alone couldn’t take Master Wei and Master Lan out, so Nu Bi simply stayed here, thinking that since the emperor and the empress have not been arrested, they will definitely come to rescue Master Lan. After waiting here for a few days, Nu Bi finally was able to wait for your arrival.”     

Feng Tingye listened to the conversation between the two. He raised his eyebrows slightly, and asked aloud: “Cui Er, you have been here for several days, so you should know where Master Lan and the rest are locked up right? By the way, there is also the Fifth Prince…”

Cui Er was taken aback. She turned her head and smiled: “Well, Master Wei is locked in front, just ahead of here. As for Master Lan and the Fifth Prince, they are locked in the two innermost secret rooms. At this hour, the guards outside have all gone out to change shifts and rest, it’s the perfect time to go in.”     

Feng Tingye and Shao Zitang looked at each other. They nodded, and followed Cui Er to the depths of the cell.     

In the gloomy cell, it was so quiet that only crisp sounds of water droplets falling to the ground could be heard. Mixed with a somewhat shady atmosphere on all sides, it brought out a creepy chill.

Xia Yuqing hugged the two children in her arms. She was a little uncomfortable with the silence. She glanced at Cui Er leading the way: “Cui Er, you have been out for so long, what were you doing? ” 

Cui Er heard the question and the steps under her feet paused. Then after a while, she walked forward again. She turned her head and looked at Xia Yuqing, but didn’t smile. 

The blazing fire quickly pounced on the pillars in the courtyard from below, making a beeping sound. 

The night had shrouded the princess’s mansion, and several flames rose one after another. Like sparks of fire, it spread to all corners of the princess’s mansion in an instant. 

“It’s a fire, a fire. Oh my God, someone come! The east courtyard is on fire!” The servants who were staying in the east courtyard were awakened by the sudden fire outside the courtyard. One by one they walked out of the room in disheveled clothes. They rushed out and shouted loudly. 

The servants who were still asleep heard the movement and rushed out of their rooms one by one. They were shocked when they saw the skyrocketing flames. After a short while, the entire East Courtyard was in chaos. They were fleeing for their life, while some were fighting the fire.     

But no matter how hard the people in the yard tried, the fire kept on rising and had no intention to decrease in the slightest. Instead, it rose more and more. The dancing flames seemed to want to swallow everything on all sides before it would stop.     

“D*mn it, why is it getting bigger and bigger? What about the people? Where are the people? Go and find more people to put out the fire!” A well-dressed old man looked at the blazing fire. He was so angry, he was screaming and shouting.    

“Uncle Wang, I have just called for someone, but the north courtyard and the west courtyard are also in trouble. Those people are too busy taking care of themselves, it is impossible for them to come and help.” A tired servant heard the butler’s curse and responded.     

“What? The North courtyard and west courtyard are also on fire? This is by no means an accident. Which culprit actually…” The old butler’s expression changed. Before he could finish speaking, he heard a scream accompanied by a stumble. The figure fell not far away.     

“Uncle Wang, it’s not good, it’s not good, the south courtyard also caught fire.”

“What?!” Uncle Wang’s face turned pale. His wide-open eyes reflected the red flames not far away, it gave birth to an unspeakable panic. 

Although the fire in the south courtyard was the last to ignite, it was larger than the other yards. It not only burned most of the houses in the south courtyard, but also quickly spread to other yards. 

All of a sudden, the princess mansion burst into flames. There were screams, shouts, and an uncontrolled collapse of houses one after another. 

None of the people who were busy fighting the fire discovered that in the center of the princess mansion, above the only tall building that survived, a young man stood, shrouded in a faint brilliance under the moonlight. 

A fierce vulture stood on the boy’s shoulder, accompanying the boy to coldly look down at the struggling crowd below. It let out a scream like death cry.     

The tumbling flames danced in the boy’s eyes. Hearing the sound of the conquest that had already started at the city gate, the corners of his lips slowly curled up. Then, he slowly let go of the torch held tightly in his hand. It fell forward from the roof. Falling from above, a brilliant spark burst out above the haystacks arranged below.     

There was a muffled sound, and an explosion of sound came from below, followed by the uncontrolled fire that began to spread quickly around.     

Ying Yue glanced at the fire that had gathered from all sides of the princess mansion, the corners of his lips were slightly curved.     

At this moment, a cool evening breeze suddenly blew from behind, raising Ying Yue’s clothes and long black hair in front of him.     

The smile on Ying Yue’s lips was chilly. Then as if he noticed something, he turned around and chuckled: “Beauty Bi Xuan still doesn’t listen to me very much, she was actually able to find you so soon. Long time no see, Foster Father.”

Under the high-hanging full moon, a black-clothed young man who looked no more than being in his twenties stood at the top of the eaves. He silently allowed the breeze to blow his long hem. The big red flowers embroidered on his hem fluttered in the evening breeze, giving him an ethereal appearance. A black cat that was much older than before, nestled in the boy’s arms softly and let out a soft sigh. After hearing Ying Yue’s voice, it seemed to have noticed something. It raised its head to Ying Yue and uttered a familiar cry like an acquaintance: “Meow…”     

“It’s nothing serious, just a child of a relative suddenly arrived. They were unfamiliar with the place and the people. Knowing that I was also near Shu Kingdom, they asked me to take care of them.” In the prison cell, Cui Er could not withstand Xia Yuqing’s repeated questioning, and replied with a faint smile.     

As soon as Cui Er said this, Feng Tingye and Shao Zitang, who knew the true identity of Cui Er, changed their faces.     

Few people knew that the true identity of this ordinary girl in front of them was actually that of a member of the Yue family, who were known to be the closest to the gods in legend. The child of this relative in her mouth was most likely also a member of the Yue family. After many years, were the people of the Yue clan once again setting foot in the four kingdoms? They didn’t know whether it was a blessing or… a curse.     

“Child of a relative?” Xia Yuqing was stunned. “Is Cui Er not an orphan? How come there are relatives?”     

The smile on Cui Er’s face did not change. She replied, “Although Nu Bi is an orphan, before entering the palace I was adopted by a family. After Nu Bi entered the palace, the Father and Mother who adopted Nu Bi passed away, so Nu Bi had lost contact with these relatives. This time it was the child of a relative of Nu Bi’s adoptive father and adoptive mother. Before entering the palace, they also took care of Nu Bi. Since their child was unaccompanied here and it was rather pitiful, Nu Bi took the initiative to take care of them, thus Nu Bi was absent for a few days. I hope Niang Niang can forgive me.”     

“It turned out to be like this.” Xia Yuqing realized, “It doesn’t matter. What about the person you are going to pick up? Are they still in the city? If you have the chance, you can bring them to us. After all, it is Cui Er’s relatives.”

Senior Brother, Junior Sister is planning for your future! Cui Er can’t be dealt with alone. If you have a relative to help you, you should have a better chance of winning! In the future, if you become successful, make sure you give me a big matchmaker gift… 

Cui Er didn’t know what Xia Yuqing was thinking, she just smiled and nodded: “Well, they’re still in the territory of Shu. If we have the chance, I will introduce them to the empress.” 

The two talked back and forth and the nervousness caused by the gloomy atmosphere was slightly relieved. Unknowingly, several people had divided into two groups and went to save people in different directions. 

“Xiao Shangshu, they should be fine.” 

“Well, don’t worry, Zitang and Yan Tingfang both know martial arts, even if there are any accidents, they can cope with it. Let’s go to Master Lan and Fifth Prince first.” 


Lan Yingran was not far from where Yun Yuli and the others were imprisoned, but the trouble was that Lan Yingran had already suffered a lot of injuries during the previous torture. 

“Lord Lan, Madam Lan…” Feng Tingye told Xia Yuqing and the others to step back a few steps, then whispered towards the cell. Then, he took out a sharp dagger and swiped it against the lock on the cell. The seemingly strong lock fell in response, falling to the ground. 

“You are…” Madam Lan and Miss Lan were sitting next to Lan Yingran, handling the injuries on his body for him. They were taken aback when they saw several people, and asked with some suspicion. 

“Your Majesty, and…the empress…what are you…” Lan Yingran heard the voice and woke up from his discomfort. Seeing Feng Tingye and Xia Yuqing, he was startled and exclaimed in surprise.

“You are…” Madam Lan was like the Lan siblings back then, and was a member of the Ye Kingdom’s secret guards. At this time, hearing Lan Yingran calling out to them, she was a little confused: “Your Majesty, Empress?” 

Feng Tingye pushed open the door of the cell. He glanced at Madam Lan, and stepped forward to support Lan Yingran, “Madam Lan doesn’t need to be polite. The situation is urgent now. Let’s go out, then talk.” 

Lan Yingran listened to Feng Tingye’s words, but at the last moment, he knelt down in front of Feng Tingye, upset: “Your Majesty, this minister… this minister is guilty. I dare not have the emperor and the empress to save this guilty minister personally. However, this minister dares to beg the emperor and empress to take my wife and little girl from the prison. As for this guilty officier, please let this sinned official stay in this cell…for atonement.” 

“Master (daddy)!” 

Feng Tingye raised an eyebrow and stared at Lan Yingran’s kneeling figure. His eyes were cold: “What’s going on?” 

Lan Yingran was surprised. Not looking at Feng Tingye’s eyes at all, he replied, “A few days ago, the princess threatened this minister with his little girl. This minister had no choice but to tell the identity of the emperor and the empress to her. Now, the Eldest Princess…” 

“Just this?” Xia Yuqing leaned out from behind Feng Tingye. “I thought the princess knew our identities a long time ago, but I didn’t expect her to find out from others. Why do you feel awkward?” 

Xia Yuqing commented in surprise. She was unaware that her sudden interruption had changed the stagnant atmosphere between the few people. 

Feng Tingye looked at Lan Yingran’s surprised appearance and the corners of his mouth curved upwards, “Even if you didn’t say it, it was time for the princess to know our identity anyways. Not to mention, we were the ones dragging you down to become trapped and threatened by others. Okay, time is running out. Now is not the time to discuss who is right and who is wrong. Where is the Fifth Prince and Fifth Princess?” 

Lan Yingran was silent for a moment. He knew that saving lives was more important and did not continue to persist: “The prince and Ying Yao are further inside, in a secret room three or four rooms away from here.”

Feng Tingye nodded, then turned to look at Xia Yuqing: “Ai Fei, wait with them obediently. I will come and go quickly.” 

“En.” Xia Yuqing obediently replied. 

Since Lan Yingyao entered the cell, her body had been uncomfortable. She was lying on the simple straw bed to rest and Yun Yuliu had been by her side to take care of her. Suddenly he heard a movement outside, the expressions of both of them changed. 

“This sound seems to be coming from my brother. Will something happen to my brother and sister-in-law?” Lan Yingyao suddenly sat up from the bed and asked worriedly. 

“Don’t move, Royal Sister is eager to find those rebelling against her. She shouldn’t have the leisure to deal with your brother and us.” 

“But…” Lan Yingyao wanted to say more, but she heard footsteps from not far away. 

Yun Yuliu’s face became dark. He placed Lan Yingyao behind him, and looked at the sound source with a guarded expression. 

Not long after, he saw a figure gradually fading out of the darkness, with a faint smile on the corners of his lips. After glancing back and forth between the two of them, the pair of eyes were fixed on Lan Yingyao who got up from the bed. 

“Aunt Lan, it’s been a long time.” 

Lan Yingyao shook her when she heard this claim. She raised her head and looked outside of the cell in disbelief. This appearance was very different from her memory, but she can still see the resemblance vaguely. Towards the young man who she saw a sense of familiarity, she asked with uncertainty: “Your Royal Highness? No, I should called you… the emperor?” 

“Aunt Lan still remembers Zhen.” Feng Tingye heard Lan Yingyao’s soft call and smiled, but answered her question. 

“You…you are…” Yun Yuliu asked aloud when hearing the conversation between the two. His brows narrowed, then his eyes moved back and forth between the two.

Lan Yingyao was stunned and remembered that Yun Yuliu was still here. She was a little embarrassed: “Yuliu, this is… the emperor of Ye Kingdom.” 

“The emperor of Ye Kingdom? Why is the emperor of Ye Kingdom here in Shu Kingdom, and visiting the Punishment Prison of Shu Kingdom?” The alertness in Yun Yuliu’s eyes continued to increase. His gaze toward Feng Tingye became a bit hostile. 

After a brief astonishment, Lan Yingyao also reacted somewhat. She turned her head to look at Feng Tingye, “Yes, why is the emperor here? Is it possible…” 

“Well, Zhen had long arrived in the Kingdom of Shu. I’ve already met Master Lan a long time ago.” 

“Why didn’t brother mention it to me?” Lan Yingyao’s face changed slightly, but she was even more surprised. 

“This time I came here because of the grievances between the princess and the country of Ye. I also came here to find out the mastermind behind the murder of Yun Xi. I only wanted to ask Master Lan for some news and didn’t need too many people involved, besides…. Aunt Lan is doing well now. Lord Lan and I didn’t want to disturb Aunt Lan’s life because of this.” 

Feng Tingye glanced at Yun Yuliu next to Lan Yingyao. Just with this one glance, a thoughtful light flashed across Feng Tingye’s eyes. The Fifth Prince of the Shu Kingdom has been suffering from chronic illness, and was forced to stay in his residence for an extended period of time. However, the man in front of him was handsome. Although his face was a little more pale than that of an ordinary person, his eyes were bright and calm. It also contained a bit of chill, not at all like the eyes of a person with chronic illness should have. 

Yun Yuliu seemed to be aware of Feng Tingye’s gaze. He raised his head to meet Feng Tingye’s look. Feng Tingye calmly nodded towards him, then took back his gaze. 

“I’ll talk about these things later, Zhen will save you first. Master Lan is already waiting for us outside, we have to get out of here quickly.” Feng Tingye drew out the dagger that had just cut the lock, and easily cut the chain above the prison door.

“Brother, are they all right?” Lan Yingyao rushed forward when she heard Feng Tingye’s words and asked anxiously. 

“Master Lan suffered some physical injuries, Madam Lan and Miss Lan are fine.” 

Lan Yingyao breathed a sigh of relief. As soon as she raised her head, she saw Feng Tingye raising an eyebrow to look behind her. She turned around to find Yunliu not coming out of the prison. 

“Yu Liu…” Lan Yingyao looked at Yun Yuliu’s unresolved guard, and became a little awkward. It was indeed a fantasy to have a prince of the Kingdom of Shu trust an emperor who can be said to be from an enemy country. 

“Aunt Lan, your complexion seems a bit unpleasant. It’s very cold and clammy here. I’m afraid staying here…” Feng Tingye glanced at Lan Yingyao’s somewhat pale face. 

Yun Yuliu pressed his lips together. He raised his head and glanced at Lan Yingyao’s face. In the end, he walked out of the prison and held Lan Yingyao’s hand and said: “Let’s go.” 

Feng Tingye’s lips bent, but there was a smile across his eyes. It seems that Lan Yingran is right. The Fifth Prince is still very fond of Lan Yingyao. 

After Xia Yuqing and the others waited for a cup of tea’s time, just when everyone was a little worried, Feng Tingye finally walked out of the room with the two of them. 

“Let’s go.” Feng Tingye whispered, holding Xia Yuqing’s waist. 

Several people nodded and followed Feng Tingye towards the door of the prison. After only a few steps, Feng Tingye and Yun Yuliu discovered the strangeness. 

This prison… was too quiet. It can be said earlier that the silence was caused by the changing of guards, but now it’s been too long. It doesn’t make sense that the guards have not returned yet. The only explanation was…..

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