FMEA Chapter 200

Chapter 200 Delaying Time 

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Just as everyone took out their weapons one after another, holding their breath, waiting for the imperial army to surround them, suddenly there was a very noisy movement not far away. 

Those imperial troops who had been pressing forward also stopped, seemingly attracted by the movement behind them. 

Not long after, Xia Yuqing and the others heard sorrowful screams, one after another. Several people glanced at each other and leaned out of the mechanism beast. They saw a group of troops dressed in different colored uniforms rushing from the rear. Just one moment later, they were fighting with the imperial troops. 

“How did a group of people suddenly appear again?” Xia Yuqing looked at the team that appeared with a look of surprise, then seemed to discover something. “The one over there… is the little general!” 

Everyone was startled. Looking in the direction Xia Yuqing pointed, unexpectedly, they saw a familiar figure right in front of the group. 

The corners of Feng Tingye’s lips turned upwards and he let out a sigh of relief: “It looks like Jin Lao caught up.”

“Huh?” Xia Yuqing looked at Feng Tingye with some confusion, but saw him stretch out his hand to point at a place. 

In the next second, Xia Yuqing watched a gray-haired old man rushing towards her. 

“Oh my ​​dear little apprentice, master is back, did you miss me?” 

“…” Xia Yuqing calmly moved to the side and made way for the leaping figure. Big Baby was comforting his little sister who was frightened, so he didn’t even notice Jin Lao’s shouting. Big Baby didn’t expect Jin Lao to pounce on him under the watchful eye of the crowd, until he realized that something was wrong.  

“Little apprentice, little apprentice, little apprentice…” Jin Lao held Big Baby contentedly for a while, and his flowing moustache kept brushing the tender round face of Big Baby. It tickled him and made him feel uncomfortable. 

After a short astonishment, Big Baby’s face sank and he punched Jin Lao on the nose. 

Jin Lao didn’t expect Big Baby’s reaction to be so big. He was beaten without notice, and wailed. Clutching his nose, he stepped back several steps. He looked at Big Baby heartbrokenly and said: “Little apprentice, are you hitting your master?” You are being unfair to the master and destroying the ancestors!” (abandoning the original system)

“Unfair to the master and destroying the ancestors?” Big Baby’s narrow and long phoenix eyes that were exactly the same as his father’s raised slightly. He smiled. “That’s a big crime of being unfair to one’s master and destroying one’s ancestor. I think you should expel disciple out of the sect, so that this unfilial disciple will get out of your eyes.”

“!” Jin Lao was startled and hurriedly said, “It’s master who is wrong, master is wrong. How could my little apprentice deceive master and destroy the ancestors? Who would dare say that about my little apprentice? ! ” 

” …… ” Jin Lao, where is your integrity? You are a public figure with a certain status in the State of Shu! Is it really okay to drop your integrity like this? 

If Jin Lao knew what Xia Yuqing was thinking in her heart, he would definitely give her a blank eye. How can that vain reputation be comparable to his little apprentice? You must know that his little apprentice took five days and a lot of time to obtain. It’s been polished with great effort. If he was lost because of this, who would pay him back? 

“The little apprentice must have seen that Master was too happy, but he was too embarrassed to say something! Isn’t there a saying? If you beat someone you are family and if you curse someone, that is love. (parents strict teaching style is out of love for the kid) This must be the case! It’s an honor for Master to be beaten by the little apprentice. From now on, the little apprentice can hit Master as many times as he wants, Master will definitely not be upset, so… little apprentice, don’t ask Master to expel you. Is this okay?” 

“You really won’t be upset when I hit you?” Big Baby asked innocently with a harmless smile as if he had heard something funny. 

“…of… of course.” 

“Oh.” Big Baby bared his teeth, shook his small fist, and walked towards Jin Lao. 

Jin Lao swallowed hard, looked at the shaking little pink fist, and exclaimed: “Wait a minute!” 

Big Baby raised his eyebrows: “Huh? You’re taking back your words?” 

“No…No.” Jin Lao said dryly. With a cry, he gave himself up, “…Can you not beat the face?”


Xia Yuqing rubbed her forehead helplessly. She couldn’t bear to watch these two idiot, master and apprentice, play. She turned her head and moved her gaze not far away to the two opposing sides that were in full swing. 

At this time when Jin Lao was speaking with Big Baby, the team led by Ji Miaoyan had easily cleaned up those imperial troops. To put it bluntly, war was a gang fight, and whoever had more people had a better chance of winning. Although the number of the imperial Army was large, Ji Miaoyan brought more troops. 

The most important thing is that the Imperial Army was stationed at the palace all year round. It sounds impressive, but in the end, they were basically freeloading and not doing anything. How could they be compared to these true military generals who were stationed at the border all year round defending their homes? Therefore, when the two teams started, the winner and loser had long been determined. 

Relentlessly beheading the last imperial soldier who got in the way, Ji Miaoyan raised his hand and waved the blood-stained sword in his hand. He rode his horse towards Xia Yuqing and the others. 

“Your Royal Highness, are you okay?” Ji Miaoyan first glanced at Yun Xi and made sure that she was not injured, before he was slightly relieved. He turned to look at Feng Tingye and the others, his face was slightly dark, but it was not as bitter as when he had first met them. He nodded perfunctorily. 

Feng Tingye didn’t care either. He knew that Su Qingyan and the others have already told Ji Miaoyan about General Ji. In such a short time, it was impossible for Ji Miaoyan to believe it completely. Ji Miaoyan’s attitude at the moment was already better than he expected. At least, he followed the advice of Su Qingyan and the others and appeared to help Yunxi. This was more important than anything else. 

“I’m okay, these people are General Ji’s subordinates?” Yun Xi glanced at the elite soldiers behind Ji Miaoyan, and asked a little surprised. Although Ji Miaoyan was a general, he was still young in the end. Most of his subordinates should be young generals of the same age, but those behind him were brave experienced generals, some of whom were familiar faces of Yun Xi’s. And as far as Yun Xi knew, the official positions of these people were not lower than that of Ji Miaoyan. Why did they appear in Ji Miaoyan’s army and have Ji Miaoyan as the lead?

“No, they are the confidants of General Wang.” 

“The confidants of General Wang? How could the confidants of General Wang follow you?” Yun Xi was startled. General Wang Mang was as famous as Old General Ji back in the day. He was a famous general, even Yun Zhongli had to be polite to him usually. He was someone he did not dare to neglect in the slightest. Ji Miaoyan was actually able to ask him to show up to help? 

“Does this still need to be said? Of course it is because this kid has the tiger seal in his hand. On top of the fact that this old man personally came to ask for help, how could that old man Wang dare not jump out of his comfortable tomb to help?” Ji Miaoyan hasn’t responded yet, when Jin Lao, who had just escaped the claws of Big Baby, interjected with a triumphant expression. 

Yun Xi was startled. She looked at Ji Miaoyan in surprise: “The tiger seal is with you?” 

“No, it’s with Jin Lao.” 

Ji Miaoyan’s words successfully attracted everyone’s attention to Jin Lao. 

Jin Lao snorted coldly: “Back then, Old Man Ji passed away suddenly, and the boy Yun could not find someone to replace him for the time being, so he asked this old man to keep the tiger seal on his behalf. Later, this old man had a fight with Yun boy and took it with him back to the mountains.” 

“Royal Father asking us to find you, so in fact it was…” 

“Your father asked us to go to Jin Lao, hoping that we can get the tiger seal back. With the tiger seal, we could call the domestic army at will and the odds of winning would relatively improve.”

“Your Majesty, how did you… Could it be that Your Majesty, you already knew that the tiger seal was on Jin Lao’s body, so you allowed him to go with Second Brother…” Xia Yuqing listened to Feng Tingye’s reply and was stunned. She stared at him with wide eyes. 

Feng Tingye didn’t say anything but laughed, which represented his answer. 

Xia Yuqing  furrowed her eyebrows and thought for a moment, then looked at Jin Lao, “In that case, Jin Lao couldn’t give us the tiger seal directly at that time, so he came out with us?” So all this time they had urged him to come out after such a long time, they actually only needed him to hand over that thing? 

“…” Old man Xu’s little apprentice, do you have to throw me away after using me like this? Don’t think that just because you are my baby apprentice’s mother, that I dare not beat you! Wooo… 

Yun Xi did not delve into the matter anymore. At the moment, what worried her most was… 

“Little general, I don’t know where my father and mother have been locked up to by my Imperial Aunt. I’m worried about them…” 

Before Yun Xi finished speaking, Ji Miaoyan interrupted her: “Your Royal Highness, don’t worry. Before I came here, General Hao has already taken a team of soldiers to the place where the emperor and the empress have been imprisoned. I believe that the emperor and the empress will be rescued soon.” 

“Uncle Hao is back?” Yun Xi asked in surprise. 

“Well, after learning about the situation in the capital, General Hao brought back troops to the capital. Now General Hao has entered the palace, and General Wang is leading his troops to the gate of the city to join the troops there. As long as the city gate is stabilized and  the emperor, empress and your highness is rescued, we…” 

“We’ll win?!” Yun Xi shouted with excitement.

“…” After listening to Ji Miaoyan’s methodical explanation, Xia Yuqing and the others sighed at the reliability of Ji Miaoyan. They silently moved their eyes full of disgust to Su Wuduan, who was completely indifferent to it. 

The look in their eyes seemed to say: “See, see, the former enemy, General Ji, is so awesome, but why are you just dragging us down?”

Being stared at by everyone, Su Wuduan felt a chill run down his spine. He defended himself aggrievedly: “What are you looking at me like this for? Have you forgotten who just appeared in front of you at the critical moment and saved all of you? If it weren’t for me, no matter how great this guy is, would you be able to last until he appeared?”

“…Who had the mechanism beast in his hands, and was being crushed and beaten by a group of people?” → This is Xia Yuqing who would kick a person who was already on the ground. 

“…Who dropped the ball at the critical moment due to lack of raw materials, and almost scared everyone to death?” → This is Yun Xi with an innocent look. 

“Who obviously promised the emperor to secure rescue soldiers, but in the end only brought a pig, and…a pig that died halfway.” → This is Cui Er who was expressionless, stabbing at the wound, straight where it hurts. 

“…Wife, why are you…” Su Wuduan held his chest and looked at Cui Er in disbelief. 

Cui Er ignored his tricks and raised her eyebrows calmly: “I’m just telling the truth.” 

With a click, he was blown to pieces. 

“Since Uncle Hao has gone to find my Father and Mother, let’s hurry up and meet them. I haven’t seen my Father and Mother in a long time, and I don’t know how they are.” Yun Xi laughed in a low voice. The tension of being chased just now dissipated a little, and now she had some worry.

“Well, as long as Yun Xi, her father and Aunt Yue are rescued, the Eldest Princess will have nothing to threaten us with.” 

“Yeah.” Yun Xi nodded repeatedly. 

“Unfortunately, you no longer have this opportunity.” 

“Royal Aunt!” Yun Xi’s expression changed slightly. She turned her head to look behind her and screamed.

At the two ends of the long palace road, who knows when, the imperial army had completely surrounded it and blocked the front and back exits. 

Upon seeing this, Feng Tingye and the others were on guard and reflexively blocked off the girls. They looked at Yun Shan who was slowly walking over. 

Yun Shan’s gaze went back and forth several times on the people there, and finally fixated on Ji Miaoyan’s body. She became cold: “Miaoyan, why didn’t you stay nicely in the house? Why did you come here?” 

Ji Miaoyan being called suddenly, was shocked. After a moment of silence, he pursed his lips: “Aunt, stop it, don’t make any more mistakes.” 

“Mistake? What mistake did Ben Gong make?” Yun Shan’s eyes sank. She glanced at Ji Miaoyan coldly, then smiled, “Miaoyan, if you return to aunt’s side right now, your aunt will not blame you and we can still be the same as before. Aunt has no children. You are Aunt’s son. When Aunt inherits the throne, you will be the prince of Shu, the future emperor of Shu.” 

Yunshan’s temptation did not make Ji Miaoyan change his mind. Ji Miaoyan looked straight at Yun Shan’s loving face. He gritted his teeth, and finally turned his face away: “Aunt, your nephew is ignorant that he can’t be qualified for the position of crown prince. Moreover, the emperor and the crown heir of Shu is still here. Both of them have not lost their way. Auntie is also not suitable for becoming the king of Shu. Aunt, don’t make anymore mistakes and stop.” 

Ji Miaoyan’s outright refusal made the smile on Yunshan’s face completely restrained: “Miaoyan, are you insisting on being an enemy of your aunt?” 

Ji Miaoyan’s face was pale, but his eyes were surprisingly firm: “Aunt, please stop.” 

“Miaoyan, you have changed. You are not so well behaved as before. Before, you didn’t dare to disobey Aunt like this.” Yun Shan’s slightly lowered tone had become a bit dangerous. 

Yun Shan’s words undoubtedly touched Ji Miaoyan in a certain way. Ji Miaoyan’s hands hanging beside him clenched slightly. 

“Isn’t aunt the one who changed? My aunt from before would never be so ambitious, let alone be frantic, cold-blooded and ruthless…” Ji Miaoyan raised his head abruptly, staring at Yun Shan’s eyes and shouted: “Back then, was Grandpa’s death related to you?”

Yun Shan obviously didn’t expect Ji Miaoyan to ask this question at this time. Her eyes shrank. The surprise on her face flashed away and she narrowed her eyes and asked: “Who told you this? Did they tell you this? Miaoyan, these people sneaked into the Kingdom of Shu secretly, plotting. They are unruly enemies and plotting to rebel, how can you believe their words? They are instigating the relationship between you and I by slandering your Aunt. Aunt has always loved you the most. At this time, you would rather believe them than trust your Aunt?!”


“…” Xia Yuqing looked at Yun Shan’s distressed appearance and was astonished. In her heart she thought, she was indeed a big boss that was difficult to conquer. It was completely different from the previous level. She can speak human words to people and ghost words to ghost (says different things to different people). Look at her distressed look… At this time, playing the family card is basically cheating! 

“Whether it is to instigate discord or not, the Eldest Princess should know in her heart. The Eldest Princess must not know this, but it was not made up by us, but your Third Royal Brother. The Third Prince who was beheaded said this himself. In addition, the Third Prince was afraid that you would not admit it and left some very concrete evidence.” 

“Evidence?” Yun Shan’s face was pale, a guilty conscience appeared under her eyes. 

Although it was only for a moment, Feng Tingye still keenly caught this point. A bright light flashed across his eyes, and he said with a chuckle: “The Third Prince had a close relationship with the Eldest Princess usually, so naturally he knew something that ordinary people didn’t. But he himself probably never thought that even if he was in the same boat with the princess, he still couldn’t get rid of being a scapegoat and be abandoned in the end. Let alone think that the princess didn’t trust him from the beginning, planted a deadly chess piece by his side, ready to have it lead his neck to death at any time.”

Yun Shan’s faint smile on her face was completely gone, her face was gloomy and a bit terrifying. She stared at Feng Tingye for a moment. “Ben Gong doesn’t understand what you are talking about, what chess pieces… Ben Gong has a deep relationship with the Third Prince, so why would Ben Gong put a chess piece beside him? That’s just doing more for nothing.” 

“If your relationship is that deep, then you wouldn’t have stabbed him in the back and then pretended to be innocent.” Feng Tingye stared at Yun Shan quietly with a pair of deep eyes. His pair of apprehensive still eyes, as long as someone saw them, they would never forget it. 

Being stared at by such a pair of eyes, there was a gloomy feeling as if one was being stared at by a snake, deep and cold. It was as if all their secrets were exposed in front of the other party unsuspectingly, with nowhere to hide! 



“Xizeyan is the chess piece you set up beside the Third Prince.”

“Huh? Didn’t Lord Xi escape from the Third Prince because he received the Eldest Princess interest? How did he become the spy that the Eldest Princess placed next to the Third Prince? Could it be that…” Xia Yuqing heard Feng Tingye speaking of Xizeyan and she was slightly startled, and interjected with some surprise.

Feng Tingye glanced at her with a faint smile, and continued: “Everyone may think this is the case, but it is not. When I first saw Xizeyan, I felt something was wrong. Even though it was stated that he was favoured by the Eldest Princess and there was indeed some pride, his bearing was still too much in regard to showing off his abilities. It’s fine if it’s outsiders, but Jiang Zhaorou is also Ji Miaoyan’s person. He was a minister who barely escaped from death, yet he dared to unscrupulously point at her, and not put her in his eyes at all? If he wasn’t crazy and dumb, there would be only one explanation…” 

Feng Tingye raised his head and glanced at Yun Shan’s expressionless profile with a faint smile. “He was sure from the very beginning that the Eldest Princess would save him because he was yours from the beginning. Not only yours, but a subordinate whom you valued very much. That’s why he subconsciously felt that he was superior. Having lurked around the Third Prince for so many years for the Eldest Princess, even if he has no credit, he still had done hard work. Thus expecting better prestige is only right.” 

The Eldest Princess pursed her lips subconsciously, but still remained silent. 

Feng Tingye let out a sigh of relief when he saw this, “It’s a pity that he doesn’t know what’s important. For many years, he endured being used by the Third Prince and then when the Third Prince descended and he went the Eldest Princess, he had created an illusion that wherever he went, he would receive your pampering. This forced the Eldest Princess to think of a way to put him in place, thus the appearance of my beloved Ai Fei was the perfect opportunity.” 

“…” I was wondering why the Eldest Princess would have fallen in love with herself, so it turned out she was using herself to stimulate Master Xi! 

“However, it is only because he is still useful to you, would you still rack your brains over him. Otherwise you would not waste so much energy on him. Zhen guesses that as long as the Eldest Princess has successfully achieved your goal, he would be the first one to be cleaned up.”

Yun Shan smiled. In the end, she couldn’t bear keeping silent, “Should this Ben Gong say that your imagination is rich or should I lament that you are too sensitive?” 

Feng Tingye didn’t care about Yunshan’s comment and retorted: “The treason that caused the Third Prince to be executed, the real leader behind the scenes is actually you the Eldest Princess, right?” 

Yun Shan was shocked. She turned around to look at Feng Tingye. 

“Obviously, he was only an accomplice, but in the end he was executed as the mastermind, while you, the mastermind, was at large and was never implicated. No matter how slow the Third Prince was, he should have realized that he was being tricked by someone. When Jiang Zhaorou said that the Third Prince handed over the evidence to her, Zhen was a little surprised. It stands to reason that after the Third Prince was arrested, if he really wanted to bite you back, the first person to think of should be Xizeyan. No matter what, it shouldn’t fall to Jiang Zhaorou. The only possibility is… The Third Prince had discovered that Xizeyan was yours at the time, so he deliberately avoided Xizeyan and decided to take a gamble on Jiang Zhaorou.” 

“You spoke for such a long time, but there is still no evidence…” Yun Shan just wanted to interrupt Feng Tingye’s words, when she saw Feng Tingye stretch his hand into his sleeve and pull out something. 

“This thing should be familiar to the princess, right?” Feng Tingye smiled and watched Yun Shan’s face turn pale. 


Feng Tingye handed the things in his hand to Ji Miaoyan, “This is a memorial written by Yan Cheng to report the impeachment of the princess. But this memorial was not given in time. Instead, Prime Minister Yan’s family suffered a catastrophe. Prime Minister Yan died in his study, and dozens of people from Yan’s family were also beheaded the next day, except for Prime Minister Yan’s daughter, Yan Tingfang, and her close servant. Besides them, all had died. The Eldest Princess thought that this thing fell in Yan Tingfang’s hands, so she always wanted to find Yan Tingfang to kill her. Who would have thought that this thing would be in the hands of the Third Prince from beginning to end.”

Ji Miaoyan accepted it in surprise. After receiving the memorial that Feng Tingye handed over, and seeing the contents of the memorial clearly, his eyes widened. He looked at Yun Shan incredulously: “Aunt, you…” 

Yun Shan was silent. At that time, a painful voice came from not far away: “Yun Shan, is what King Ye said true? The affairs of Prime Minister Yan’s family and the affairs of Old General Ji…” 

Yun Shan was taken aback. She raised her head to look at the end of the palace road behind Feng Tingye and the others. 

A series of muffled noises and screams came from behind the encirclement of the imperial Army. Not long after, Hao Gongfang was seen guarding Yun Zhong Li and Helian Mingyue walking over from behind. 

“Father, Mother, Uncle Hao!” Yun Xi screamed in surprise when she saw the visitor, and couldn’t wait for the few people to approach. She rushed towards them. 

“Xi Er!” Yun Zhongli hurriedly reached out to catch Yun Xi. As soon as he saw Yun Xi, his majestic pressure was taken back. He asked with a smile, “How are you, Xi Er? Are you injured?” 

Yun Xi shook her head. Seeing that her parents were all right, her face flushed with excitement. A little embarrassed, she said: “I’m fine. Thanks to General He who has been protecting me, I am not injured.”

“General He?” The smile on Yun Zhongli’s face stiffened. He patted Yun Xi’s hand and paused. As soon as he raised his head, he saw He Wenzhong scratching the back of his head. The expression on his face sank immediately, as if he had eaten a fly. He snorted and turned his head away.

“…” The smile on the poor stupid man’s face was also stiff. He was a little at a loss. 

Xia Yuqing watched this scene and hid her face silently. Yun Xi’s father, what time is it now? Can you stop being so arrogant? Didn’t you see that the face of the princess opposite was almost black? 

Helian Mingyue being more reliable, coughed to remind the father and daughter duo that this was not a good time to complain. 

Hearing a cough, Yun Zhongli woke up. He looked at Yun Shan, who was sullen on the opposite side, his face changed slightly, then he repeated what he had just said: “Yun Shan, was what King Ye said true? You… ” 

Yun Shan raised her eyes slightly, and glanced at Yun Zhongli: “I really underestimated you, you were actually able to find Royal Brother and Sister-in-law in that place.” 

Yun Zhongli’s face was blue, but Yun Shan’s eyes were no longer on him. She turned to look at the memorial in Ji Miaoyan’s hand, then laughed: “Hahahaha…hahaha…” 


“You said that Ben Gong has never believed in Third Brother, but when did Third Brother ever believe in Ben Gong? If he believed in Ben Gong, how could he hide such an important thing, and have it hidden for so many years? Hahaha, no matter what, he still had one hand over Ben Gong, one hand!” 

“So…it’s true…on there, the things he said just now…”

“Yes, it’s all true.” Prime Minister Yan was killed by Ben Gong, and your grandfather was also poisoned by me personally. He did not die of being angered to death. Also, the thing with Third Brother, hahaha, yes, I made him take advantage of Royal Brother and Xi Er not being in Shu Kingdom, to usurp the throne!” 

“Aunt, you…” Ji Miaoyan took a few steps back with a pale face, looking like he was hit hard. When Su Qingyan was talking about it, although he was shocked, he still had a little hope. But now that Yun Shan admitted it, his only hope shattered in his heart. 

“Damn b*tch, I’ll kill you!” When Xia Yuqing and the others were shocked by Yun Shan’s unexpected and astonishing words, they suddenly heard a scream from above their heads. 

Everyone looked back reflexively, and saw Shao Zitang flying down from the roof with Yan Tingfang in his arms. Yan Tingfang’s red eyes wanted to rush towards Yun Shan, but Shao Zitang was firmly grasping her. 

“Xiao Shangshu, you guys are back. Did anything happen? Ah, Xiao Shangshu, you are injured.” Xia Yuqing was relieved when she saw the two return, but she was shocked again when she saw the blood on Shao Zitang’s shoulders. 

“It’s okay, it’s just some light injuries.” Shao Zitang said, but raised his head and nodded towards Feng Tingye. 

Feng Tingye was taken aback for a moment, but he was relieved. His usual strategizing smile was put on his face again.

“Yan Tingfang?” Yun Shan was also startled when she saw the girl who suddenly fell from the sky, then laughed, “What a good day today is, so many old acquaintances have all come out!” 

“Aunt, why?” Ji Miaoyan was still a little unwilling to accept the situation. He looked at Yun Shan with despair and sorrow. 

“Why?” Yun Shan twitched her lips and sneered. “Anyone who stops me from destroying the two countries, Ye and Shu, are my enemies, d*mn it! Miaoyan, Aunt didn’t want to touch you, you will have to blame yourself for not being obedient. And this Aunt doesn’t like children who are not well behaved, so…” 

Yun Shan glanced at the archers on both sides of the palace wall who had gathered for some time. She smiled sweetly: “Since everyone is here, Ben Gong will not waste time speaking nonsense with you. That’s it, you can all go to h*ll to meet.” 

Yun Shan raised her hand slightly, and the archers on both sides of the palace wall all aimed their bows and arrows at the people below. 

Xia Yuqing and the others gasped, their faces couldn’t help showing a bit of panic. 

These expressions obviously pleased Yun Shan. When she was about to let the archers release their arrows, she heard a low laugh. 

“I’m afraid, this time the Eldest Princess will have to be disappointed.” 


Feng Tingye glanced at the night sky not far away and smiled: “Finally caught up. Zhen is glad that Zhen’s saliva was not wasted dragging this out for such a long time.” 

As soon as Feng Tingye’s voice fell, everyone heard a loud crackling sound from where the imperial army blocked the palace road not far away. Then, a violent hurricane directly swept into everyone’s sight. 

The light and shadow were separated. Everyone could vaguely see a blazing fire reflecting on Feng Tingye’s long figure. Being enveloped by the blaze, Feng Tingye’s lips curved into a faint smile on his lips. He appeared evil, enchanting, domineering and arrogant.

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