FMEA Chapter 204

Chapter 204 Three Foodies Historic Meeting 

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As soon as their foot stepped into the boundary of Xue Country, Xia Yuqing felt a cold current rushing towards her face. Her clothes had also been replaced with warm fur. 

Xia Yuqing was shocked at this time. What is this vision of stepping into the north-south pole? This is still summer. The wind and the snow doesn’t make sense at all, okay? 

However, after seeing the snowflakes flying in Xue country and the crystal clear ice in the river, Xia Yuqing threw the so-called rationality behind the clouds on the spot.

Oooooo, this is the legendary ice world? Putting this in modern terms, it is a wonder that can only be seen in the Antarctic and North and South Pole! Although it’s a bit colder, it’s incredible to be able to see such a rare scene. 

Seeing Xia Yuqing’s attention being attracted by the ice and snow, Shao Zitang was slightly relieved. 

Being regarded as a rare animal by someone looking back and forth at him throughout the journey made his back cold. From time to time, she would be like a spirit and pop up behind him and Yan Tingfang. This humble appearance was so shocking, his soul would have popped out! 

They hadn’t even reached Xue Country and he could already feel that his spine was getting chills. Fortunately, after arriving in Xue Country, Xia Yuqing’s attention was finally removed from them, otherwise he might really become the first man in history who was scared to death by a person from behind. 

In fact, Xia Yuqing can’t be blamed for this. Originally thinking Xiao Shangshu would be guarding the purity of his body for the young general, how could she expect a young lady to appear telling him: Benefactor, I will give births to monkeys for you! 

Xia Yuqing was frozen on the spot! What happened? What just happened? When did Xiao Shangshu and Miss Yan get together? As the head of the gossip sect in Ye Kingdom, she didn’t even get a wind of this. Now she has to watch as the last single member of Ye Country’s bachelor squad gets abducted!? It’s too hard to believe!

So, in the following days, in order to make up for her regret that she did not notice Xiao Shangshu and Ms. Yan’s initial blaze, Xia Yuqing began a strategic campaign of observing the two people with her two children for twenty four hours. 

When Shao Zitang was eating, she hovered behind him. When Shao Zitang was resting, she hovered outside his window. She was almost treated as a ghost by Shao Zitang and exterminated several times. When Shao Zitang took a bath…well, actually Xia Yuqing also wanted to go in and hover, but unfortunately, at this time, she would always be picked up by the Ultra Seme Lord and tormented. However, this did not defeat Xia Yuqing’s ambition. When taking a bath, men and women are not allowed to hang around together, but that doesn’t matter! She could run to Miss Yan and hover around her! 

After being hovered around by Xia Yuqing for a few days, both Shao Zitang and Yan Tingfang had two big dark circles on their faces. People who didn’t know anything would think that they…cough cough, if this goes on, they will definitely become schizophrenic. 

Just when Shao Zitang felt that he could not help but want to slap Xia Yuqing until she dispersed into the air, they finally reached the boundary of Xue Country. Xia Yuqing was finally able to take her attention away from them, which made the two of them greatly relieved. 

This time, Xia Yuqing and the others came to watch the ceremony as the family members of the future empress of Xue Country. In fact, it was not them that Yin Xiang wanted to invite at first, but Xie Enqing’s parents. But no one knew where those unscrupulous parents who left their daughter to travel around the world even ran off to. So in desperation, Yin Xiang could only invite his future brother-in-law. 

In order to show sincerity, when Xia Yuqing and the others arrived in Xue Country, Yin Xiang personally went to the city gate to greet them.

“Although I know that Xue Country is covered with snow all year round and it wouldn’t warm up too much, I wasn’t expecting it to be this cold.” Feng Tingye lifted the curtain and walked out of the carriage. Tightening Xia Yuqing’s fluffy fox fur so it only showed her small face, he led her down from the carriage. 

“The weather in Shu country is still very warm. Compared to Xue Country, they are two extremes. It is indeed difficult to adapt at once, but it should be fine when you get used to it.” Yin Xiang wore a silver fox fur, with the corners of his lips pointed upwards, showing the smile that everyone was familiar with. However, standing in the snow with the dazzling fox fur, he looked even more charming, making it difficult to move their gaze from him. 

Tsk tsk tsk, no matter when, where, and from which angle, Young Master Yin is really so similar to the Ultra Seme Lord. He is a full 360 degree, beautiful man without any dead ends! 

Xia Yuqing was sighing when Yin Xiang had already moved his gaze to her. He smiled softly: “I heard that Xiao Yuan say that Empress Ye likes snow very much. Before, the empress said she hoped to come to Xue Country to enjoy it. That’s perfect. Take advantage of this time. Empress Ye can take a good look at the beautiful scenery of Xue Country, so it would not be a waste coming here.” 

“I will, I will. Why don’t I see Miss Xie?”

“Oh, Empress Ye is asking about Qing Er? She is a little unwell today, so Zhen had her rest in the palace first. Once you have settled, Zhen will take her to see you.” 

“Oh.” Xia Yuqing nodded thoughtfully. Unwell? Is it what I think? Moreover, Yin Gongzi called the Little imperial doctor in a very intimate manner, in all likelihood…… 

Some people were speaking when suddenly from a distance there came a familiar call: “Cousin, Empress……” 

The few heard the sound and turned their head towards the source. At a glance, they saw a fluffy cloak not far away, with a girl with a blushing face rushing towards them.

“Oh…” Suddenly, the girl who had been running let out a cry of surprise. She leaned forward, as if she was tripped by something and lost her balance. 

“…” Little imperial doctor, your problem of falling down while walking is really the same! 

“Enqing…” Shao Zitang was startled before he came back to his senses. He wanted to step forward to help, only to find that someone had rushed forwards to Xie Enqing before she fell to the ground. Holding her waist, they embraced her in their arms. 

Yin Xiang sighed and looked at the person in his arms with a dazed face. It was obvious they hadn’t recovered from the misfortune event just now. He touched her head helplessly, “Didn’t I tell you not to keep running so fast? What should I do if you fall? Did you hurt yourself anywhere?” 

The gentle reproach contained helplessness and indulgence and was mixed with a little bit of obvious pampering. There was no annoyance and complaining anywhere to be seen. 

Xie Enqing slowly came back: “It’s okay, nothing got bumped into… Isn’t Xiangxiang here? How could I fall so easily?” 

“!” Xiangxiang? Oh d*mn, not only did Young Master Yin change his name for Little Imperial Doctor, but his name also changed drastically from Young Master Yin. But why is it so….. cheesy? ! 

“You…” Yin Xiang smiled and shook his head. He stretched out his hand and gently tapped the tip of Xie Enqing’s nose. There was endless tenderness from his little whisper, making Xie Enqing giggle. 

“…” Xia Yuqing and the others looked at the pink bubbles in the distance with a dull expression. Those two were trapped in their world of two, and the people who were forced to watch their public displays of affection were collectively speechless.

The onlookers expression: our eyes are going to be blinded soon. Excuse me, can those two please be aware of their surroundings? Showing off your public displays of affection at the entrance of the city will cause you to easily get retribution! 

“Kacha…” Xia Yuqing clearly heard the whip in Shao Zitang’s hand. 

She stared at the two people who were not far away that were immersed in their own world. She lit a few candles for Yin Xiang. Master Yin, you should restrain yourself. Don’t you see that your brother-in-law’s face is blue? If this continues, could you still be happy in-laws? 

“Ahem…” Feng Tingye obviously discovered this too, and he kindly coughed to remind the two people not far away that there were still guests like them here. 

The smile on Yin Xiang’s face was constricted. He raised his head and glanced at Shao Zitang, who was not far away, with a blank face. He was startled, and his eyes flashed. 

Xie Enqing in his arms suddenly woke up. She was a little slow like before, thus did not notice the abnormal atmosphere among the people. She happily had Yin Xiang embrace her waist and walked towards the people: “Cousin, you guys are finally here!” 

“En.” Shao Zitang nodded with an ugly face. He looked up and down Xie Enqing for a while to make sure that she had not suffered any harm. On the contrary, it seemed that she had become a little bit fatter since arriving. 

However, after seeing Yin Xiang’s hand that seemed to declare sovereignty on her waist, his face immediately became a little ugly again: “Enqing, this… King Xue just said that you were unwell. Did you catch a cold? Or…” 

“I’m not feeling well?” Xie Enqing was taken aback and looked up at Yin Xiang, “I’m not sick, I just overslept a bit.”

“…” Overslept? ! 

Xie Enqing looked at Yin Xiang with a bit of resentment, and complained: “Xiangxiang clearly said yesterday that he would wake me up for today, but he ran away first by himself. If I wasn’t worried and had little fox wake me up today, I might not have been able to catch up to see my cousin and everyone.” 

“Little fox?” Yin Xiang smiled slightly, as gentle as before, but Xia Yuqing instinctively felt a chill behind them. They couldn’t help taking a few steps back. Why did they feel that Young Master Yin became very dangerous? This was the same expression the Ultra Seme Lord had when calculating against people? ! 

At the same time, a certain cute little silver fox who was thrown into the bedroom by its owner suddenly sneezed. A pair of beast pupils were immediately covered with a layer of watery mist. He tilted his head in suspicion, and called out. Then its ears drooped. Alas, when the master is not here, it feels so lonely! 

Yin Xiang’s slightly dangerous smile flashed away and he changed it back to his former gentle smile: “I saw you sleeping so soundly in the morning and I didn’t want to wake you up.” 

“……” So, what you just said about someone being unwell was actually just because someone was in deep slumber and you didn’t want to wake her up? Please don’t make oversleeping sound like a reasonable excuse, okay? What about everyone’s three views? ! 

Ah, that’s not right! Xia Yuqing suddenly woke up. What did Young Master Yin and the little doctor just say? Master Yin was asked to wake the little doctor up? ! In that case, the little imperial doctor now lives under the same roof as Young Master Yin, or were they even in the same bed? ! Oh shoot, why does this feel like he jumped from first base to home run? Although you are about to get married and will become a family soon, you still haven’t got married yet! Didn’t you two see how dark Xiao Shangshu’s face was? He could basically squeeze out ink!

In fact, the two of them really didn’t notice. To be precise, a guy with short brain muscles had no time to notice the surrounding things. While for the girl, only Yin Xiang’s gentle words echoed in her mind. Her face was slightly red. Against the snow-white fur, it became even more charming. 

“Well, I’ll forgive you this time. Next time, you can’t do that,” 

Yin Xiang smiled: “En, there will be no next time.” 

The pink bubbles between the two began to float up again. 

Xia Yuqing, who had always been the one to show off her affections with Feng Tingye and blinding others, has finally for the first time in her life been blinded by someone else’s public displays of affection. She twitched and took two steps back, sighing: “Why do I have the illusion that Young Master Yin treats the little imperial doctor as if he was raising a child?” 

“No, Niang Niang, that isn’t an illusion.” 

“Pu, then why do you guys not look like you find it strange?” Xia Yuqing turned her head with suspicion. Cui Er glanced at her, with an obvious smile: “Because the emperor also treats Niang Niang like that, so we are used to it.” 

“…” Cui Er, you have been led astray by Senior brother! 

Fortunately, Yin Xiang didn’t completely forget the purpose of coming out today. After comforting Xie Enqing, Yin Xiang turned his head and glanced at Xia Yuqing and the others and smiled: “You all must be tired travelling here. Let’s do this. Zhen has asked the people below to prepare the post house for everyone in advance. Everyone will go to the post house to rest first. The wedding is in three days. So, during the next few days, everyone can take a good look at Xue country.”

“Yes, that’s right! Empress, let me tell you, this place is much more fun than Ye Kingdom, especially since there are many delicious things that Ye Kingdom does not have. I will take you out to eat some delicious food in person tomorrow. Okay?” 

“Delicious food?” The sleepy Second Baby, who was originally wrapped in a ball and held in Xia Yuqing’s arms, heard delicious and her small ears stood up sharply. Her two big eyes lit up. Like a groundhog, she got out of Xia Yuqing’s arms. She raised her round face, and looked at Xie Enqing with bright eyes, “Is there a lot of delicious food?” 

Xie Enqing stayed in Xiefang palace, but the time was very short, especially since during that time she had been patronizing and communicating with Xiao Bai, thus she had never seen the two babies before. As soon as she saw the round Second Baby, red hearts appeared in both her eyes: “What a cute kid, so cute!” 

Xie Enqing reached out and wanted to hug Second Baby, but was stopped by Yin Xiang first. He shook his head resolutely at her. Xie Enqing was taken aback, but this time she did not persist. She only stared at Second Baby with eagerness and regret. 

“Be good, there will be opportunities in the future.” 

Yin Xiang’s comfort obviously worked and Xie Enqing quickly recovered. Taking Second Baby’s hand, she spoke about the various delicacies of Xue Country. 

Although Xia Yuqing felt that the conversation between the two was a bit strange, she didn’t have much suspicion, thus she quickly joined the conversation with Xie Enqing. The three foodies started talking about Xue Country after meeting for the first time. They talked about various kinds of food and discussed what to eat from one street of Xue Country to another.

Cui Er and the others looked at the big shiny eyes of the three foodies with embarrassment. They couldn’t help but sigh towards the sky. Unexpectedly, this Miss Xie was also a foodie. If this continues, with three large foodies slowly approaching the rice granaries in Xue Country, the situation will turn urgent. Warning! 

Suddenly they were a little worried about Xue Country’s granaries. If this Miss Xie was a heavyweight foodie who only eats but does not get fat, like their Niang Niang, the future of this Xue Country… is really worrying! 

Just when everyone’s attention was focused on Xia Yuqing and the two, Feng Tingye and Shao Zitang had their eyes on Yin Xiang, who was watching Xie Enqing with a smile. 

Yin Xiang felt the gaze of the two, so he turned his head and glanced at the two and smiled back. 

As a result, Shao Zitang’s face darkened. Feng Tingye’s eyes flashed with a hint of interest. 

This reception finally ended with the reluctant parting of the mother, daughter duo, and Xie Enqing. They made an agreement to go hand in hand tomorrow to eat all kinds of delicious food nearby. 

Xia Yuqing didn’t realize that Shao Zitang was missing until she was about to eat dinner. After some inquiries, she learned that Xiao Shangshu ran to the palace to communicate with his future brother-in-law to develop their family’s relationship early on. 

Xia Yuqing sympathetically drew a cross for Yin Xiang and mourned for him in silence for a few seconds. She thought that with Shao Zitang’s fighting power, even if Yin Xiang was not half dead, he would definitely not be able to appear in front of them the next day. But it turns out that she was wrong.

The next day, when Xia Yuqing saw the man who appeared at the entrance of their place with Xie Enqing wearing a casual set of clothes that couldn’t hide his charisma, she had only one thought in her heart. It seemed she had made a mistake. Unexpectedly, he was unharmed under the bombardment of Xiao Shangshu. This Young Master Yin is also a dangerous person! 

“Is there anything delicious around here?” As a standard foodie, there was only food in her eyes, thus this was what Xia Yuqing said when she saw Xie Enqing. 

Xie Enqing didn’t mind. She immediately took Xia Yuqing to a bustling snack street not far from the post house. 

“I’m telling you that the snacks on this street are delicious. The pulled noodles in that noodle restaurant on the corner of the street you just came from has a rich soup and chewy noodles. You can’t stop after a bite. There are also the frozen cakes over there. Although it is colder here and it feels a little bit cold to eat, it is really delicious. It’s sweet, soft, refreshing, delicious, and silky smooth. I chanced upon it and the taste was indescribable…” Xie Enqing was a little speechless for a while. 

Xia Yuqing understood her feelings, and said excitedly: “I know I know, that feeling must be like eating ice cream in the winter. Although it feels cold, but…wow, it’s so refreshing.” 

“Ice cream?” Xie Enqing repeated the name of the snack that she had never heard of.

“Uh, it’s something delicious made with ice and fruits. When I have the opportunity, I will get you some.” Xia Yuqing said boldly, although she was not sure if she could make it in ancient times. 

“En, okay.” Xie Enqing did not doubt her, and continued excitedly to introduce the various snacks on the street, “and the bamboo shoots over there, the taste is very fresh, it tastes crunchy and fragrant………And that place also sells Xiao Longbao. They taste fresh and juicy, with thin skin and thick fillings. The juice will flow out as soon as you bite them. So amazing! Also, the fried rice cakes here. Over there…” 

Xie Enqing tirelessly shared the various delicious snacks she had eaten here with the two of them. The few people ate from one end to the other without any intention of stopping. 

“Little doctor, you really know the delicious food around here! Do you often come here?” Xia Yuqing and Xie Enqing held Second Baby by one hand each, while eating a few pieces of newly bought rice cakes. 

“Yeah, auntie is amazing!” Second Baby’s mouth was stuffed, and she nodded in agreement. 

Xie Enqing scratched her little face with embarrassment. She said shyly: “Actually, I don’t come here often, only when I first came to Xue Country. At that time, Xiangxiang often took me to eat delicious food everywhere. I have eaten at a lot of other places, not just this.” 

Xia Yuqing was taken aback. Could this be the legendary ‘If you want to grab the heart of a foodie, you must first buy the stomach of the foodie?” Young Master Yin’s skill in chasing people is really amazing. He is a great man, no wonder he could leave behind Senior Brother and the others several streets! 

“Uncle Yin treats aunt so well, Baby will also look for a boy who will take Baby to eat everywhere!”

“Pu…” Xia Yuqing almost choked on the rice cake in her mouth, her face couldn’t bear it. She once again couldn’t help but worry about the future of her daughter, the foodie, again. According to this situation, it really is possible for anyone to abduct her by bringing a candy haw over. 

“Speaking of which, you really seem to be a bit fatter than before, but your complexion is a lot better than before.” Xia Yuqing looked at Xie Enqing for a while and touched her chin in reply. 

Xie Enqing thought of something, and her face blushed slightly. 

When Xia Yuqing saw her like that, she glanced at her with some doubts. Just about to ask, she suddenly heard Second Baby exclaim: “Mother, candied haws, candied haws…” 

Second Baby pulled Xia Yuqing’s clothes and pointed not far away with excitement. Xia Yuqing looked in the direction that Second Baby pointed to, to face a small stall selling candied haws. 

“Oh, ah, yes, yes, yes, since you came to Xue Country, you must try the candied haws. Although the candied haws in Shu are delicious, the candied haws in Xue Country can’t be eaten in other places. It’s real, ice candied haws! They taste cool and refreshing, sweet and sour, it tastes particularly good.” 

“Mother, Mother…” Second Baby started to drool dreamily when she heard Xie Enqing’s words. Xia Yuqing was also a little moved by Xie Enqing’s words. The two unanimous looked at each other, then went straight to the small stall of candied haws. 

After paying, each grabbed a bunch of candied haws and was about to put it in their mouth, when Xie Enqing and Second Baby were grabbed at the same time.

“Qing Er, have you forgotten what the doctor said? Candied haws are full of hawthornes, you can’t eat too many candied haws now.” Yin Xiang said with a gentle face but rejectedly. 

Xie Enqing was stunned. She glanced at the red candied haws in her hand. She swallowed, and looked up pitifully, “Just one.” 

Yin Xiang looked at Xie Enqing for a long time, then finally compromised: “Just one. ” 

“En, en! “Xie Enqing was overjoyed. For fear that Yin Xiang would take back his word, she hurriedly ate the candied fruit, then obediently gave the remaining back to the hands of Yin Xiang. 

“Why can’t you eat candied haws?” Xia Yuqing took a bite of the candied haws in her hand and asked puzzledly. She felt that the atmosphere between the two people was not right. 

“Hmm…” Xie Enqing was taken aback. With a slightly blushing face, she hid in Yin Xiang’s arms, and did not answer. 

Upon seeing this, Yin Xiang only gently touched her head. He raised his head and smiled at Xia Yuqing, then moved his gaze back to Xie Enqing’s body and downwards. 

Xia Yuqing looked at the place Yin Xiang was looking at confused. The candied haws in her hand then fell to the ground with a snap. 

Yesterday and today, Xie Enqing’s body was not only wrapped in a thick layer of fur, but also a very warm cloak. The whole person was bloated a lot. However, Xia Yuqing didn’t think anything was wrong, because in such an icy and snowy place, many people wore clothed like that. 

But because of the cover of the heavy clothes, Xia Yuqing didn’t notice…the obviously bulging belly of the little imperial doctor. Could it be that …… 

“The small imperial doctor is pregnant?!”

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