FMEA Chapter 205

Chapter 205 The Informer 

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Xie Enqing leaned against Yin Xiang’s arms. Her face turned red, but she nodded affirmatively. 

“!” Xia Yuqing glanced at Xie Enqing and Yin Xiang in shock. 

What?! Young Master Yin’s speed… She originally thought that getting married in the summer was already fast at the time, but this guy even got the belly of the little doctor’s to become bigger! 

After thinking about it carefully, Xia Yuqing finally understood why she felt something was wrong when she first met Xie Enqing yesterday.

When the little imperial doctor fell yesterday, Yin Xiang had been cautiously holding her waist. At that time, she thought that Yin Xiang wanted to declare his sovereignty in front of Xiao Shangshu because her own beast often did that. Now that she thought about it, it turned out to be… and yesterday, the little imperial doctor wanted to hold the baby, but was stopped by Yin Xiang before she could take her. When she thought about it, he was probably worried that the baby would accidentally press into the belly of the little imperial doctor. At that time, Young Master Yin seemed to say, “There will be opportunities in the future.” At that time, she didn’t think much of it. However, after thinking about it, it is possible that Young Master Yin meant that she would give birth to a baby in the future. 

Xia Yuqing was shocked for a moment. She patronized herself for focusing on eating and not realizing that this small market had been very busy with people coming and going, but the few of them wandering around in this market for so long didn’t feel crowded at all! After taking a closer look, she discovered that Yin Xiang and Feng Tingye had been following behind, and from time to time blocked the pedestrians squeezing over. This was especially the case for Young Master Yin. Basically, every time someone got closer, the expression on his face would change. He treated the little imperial doctor as a child who easily got lost!

What a good man! Xia Yuqing sighed, but shook her head to wake up. No, she shouldn’t be fooled by Master Yin’s sugar-coated appearance! Yin Gongzi, she was really wrong about him. She thought he was sincere to the little imperial doctor, but after a while, he actually got on the train first before paying the fare, what a beast! 

Yin Xiang looked at Xia Yuqing’s contemptuous gaze, the smile on his face froze for a moment. He glanced at Feng Tingye behind Xia Yuqing in a puzzled manner, as if asking, your family’s…what’s wrong with her? 

Feng Tingye looked at Xia Yuqing’s rather resentful expression. He sighed helplessly, stretched out his hand to hold Xia Yuqing’s shoulder and smiled: “Congratulations.” 

Yin Xiang was taken aback, and smiled. His smile was mixed with a bit of sincerity and little complacency: “Thank you, but King Ye is the one with the real blessing. Having a dragon and a phoenix in one fell swoop, it is really enviable.” 

Feng Tingye raised his eyebrows, his eyes were stained with a bit of pride: “This kind of thing depends on everyone’s blessings. If there is no such blessing in one’s life, even if you want it, you can’t ask for it.” 

“Really? Haha.” 


Xia Yuqing watched the two robed beasts look at each other and sneer. She suddenly felt cold behind her back for some reason, and shivered.

Silently retracting her gaze from the two of them, she turned to Xie Enqing, “Ahem, does the little doctor prefer a girl or a boy?” 

Xie Enqing froze for a moment, and said in thought: “Well, as long as it is a child, either is fine. Xiangxiang, do you want a girl or a boy?” 

Yin Xiang was clashing with Feng Tingye’s eyes when he heard the person in his arms ask him a question. He smiled and replied: “Boy or girl, they would both be the same. I would like them regardless.” 

Although it was best to have a boy for the sake of succession to the throne, it does not matter even if it was a girl. As long as it was the child of the one in his arms, he would like it. Besides, they were still young, and it would be a matter of time before they gave birth to a boy to inherit the throne. 

“En.” Xie Enqing didn’t know what Yin Xiang was thinking. She nodded happily several times, then looked at the eldest and second baby on one side, “If the baby born could be as cute as the Empress’s two babies then that would be the best.” 

“Uh…this…” Xia Yuqing glanced at Big Baby who looked like a little adult and who had been clutching the little hand of his sister. The corner of her mouth twitched. 

It would be good if they were like Second Baby, nice and cute. As for Big Baby, cough cough, forget it, one little devil like that is enough. If the little imperial doctor really gave birth to a little devil like Big Baby, Xue Country would have an upset in the not so distant future…

Second Baby and Eldest Baby on the other side did not notice the conversation between the adults, instead, they were currently communicating about something else. 

“Brother…” Second Baby looked at Eldest Baby clutching her hand. She tilted her head in confusion. 

“Baby had a decayed tooth some time ago, Uncle Su said that you can’t eat too many sweet things in the future.” Big Baby said with a sullen face. 

Second Baby was stunned for a moment. She glanced at the candied haws in her hand, then turned to look at the serious Big Baby. Then, remembering the appearance of Xie Enqing just now, she swallowed her saliva and looked up pitifully: “Brother, just one piece.”

“…” The seriousness on Big Baby’s face cracked for a moment, but he still fought to toughen up and remain calm. 

Seeing his appearance, Second Baby’s big eyes stared wide. Tears began to roll in her eye sockets bit by bit. It was ready to become a flood at any time. 

“…” The corner of the Big Baby’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch. In the end, he couldn’t resist his sister’s pleading gaze. He sighed and compromised, “Okay, just one.” 

“Mmm, brother is the best!” Second Baby cheered. With a big sound, she threw herself over, directly into the arms of Big Baby. She gnawed at the small face of Big Baby. 

“…” Xia Yuqing, who watched the interaction between the two steamed buns, was completely petrified. She even forgot to chew the candied haws in her mouth. 

Dudu, how many times has mother told you, don’t coax your sister with this kind of coaxing that is meant for one’s girlfriend, it’s easy to get into trouble! Xia Yuqing reluctantly raised her forehead to the sky, she didn’t know how to save her broken views. 

Feng Tingye fought with Yin Xiang for a long time with his eyes, then finally retracted his gaze. He looked up at the hot sunlight above his head, and smiled: “We have been out for a while. Since Miss Xie is pregnant, we shouldn’t get her too overworked. It’s not early now, so let’s find a place to rest, eat, then continue shopping later.” 

Yin Xiang looked down at Xie Enqing and nodded, “En, that’s fine. There happens to be a good restaurant nearby. Let’s go there first.” 

The two decision-makers spoke, and the few naturally had no objections. 

The restaurant was not far from the market, just a cup of tea’s work time for the few people to walk into a private room of the restaurant. 

“Wow, this restaurant looks so high-end, there are calligraphy and paintings in the elegant room.” Xia Yuqing looked at the landscape painting in the room and exclaimed.

“Xue King and Miss Xie seem to be regular visitors here.” Feng Tingye took the cup of tea that Yin Xiang poured for himself, opened the lid and blew it. 

He noticed it just when he entered the restaurant. When Yin Xiang brought Xie Enqing into the restaurant, the shopkeeper personally greeted him. Yin Xiang also didn’t say much, but the shopkeeper seemed to have insight and led the several people into this wing room, as if he had already known Yin Xiang’s intent. 

Yin Xiang did not hide it: “Ah, Qing Er likes a dish called beggar’s chicken. Before, I would often take her here, so the people in the building are more or less familiar with us.” 

“Beggar’s Chicken?” Xia Yuqing was taken aback. She turned to look at Xie Enqing inquiringly. 

“Yeah, the chicken here is specially soaked in dried lotus leaves transported from a different place and wrapped for roasting. It tastes tangy and delicious.” Xie Enqing said with bright eyes. 

Listening to her description, Xia Yuqing and Second Baby couldn’t help swallowing their saliva. They looked at her expectantly, like two kittens waiting to be fed. 

Looking at the appearance of the three of them, Yin Xiang couldn’t help but laugh out loud: “Qing Er, how about you take Empress Ye to sit and order some dishes.” 

“Mm, can I order the drunken shrimp that I like?” Xie En Qing looked at Yin Xiang expectantly, and asked with a smile. 

“Yes, but you can’t eat too much.” 

“Okay!” Xie Enqing cheered excitedly, then she took Second Baby and Xia Yuqing down.

Yin Xiang made a look at the guard who was shadowing them. Feng Tingye also gave a look to Cui Er who had been following Xia Yuqing. Cui Er nodded knowingly, smiled and turned around to follow Xia Yuqing downstairs. 

Big Baby seemed to sense something, so he turned his head, didn’t say anything, and ran in the direction of his sister. 

The door closed again, leaving only Yin Xiang and Feng Tingye sitting across from each other. 

Yin Xiang picked up the teapot and poured a cup of tea for himself, and said with a faint smile: “If King Ye has anything to say, feel free to speak. This teahouse is my private restaurant. No one will come near here. At this point, King Ye can feel rest assured.” 

Something flickered across Feng Tingye’s eyes and he smiled, “Xue King is really quick to talk. Now that you have spoken, I won’t be stubborn. You personally sent an invitation to let us come over, what is the real purpose of this?” 

Yin Xiang didn’t mind Feng Tingye’s cold inquisitive eyes: “What is King Ye talking about? I invited you to come here, of course, for me and Qing Er. Qing Er is also a member of your Ye country. If there are no relatives and friends present on the day of the wedding, she would be timid and nervous. Moreover, Qing Er is also Shao Shangshu’s cousin, while King Ye and Shao Shangshu are brothers. With things related to Qing Er, is it possible that King Ye would not help with such a small favor? If so, then Zhen has been inconsiderate.”

Feng Tingye’s eyes became more chilled as he listened to Yin Xiang’s speech. He sneered: “People in the light don’t speak hidden words. Xue King is a sensible person, and Zhen also doesn’t want to waste time with Xue King on these trivial things. If Xue King is really just worried about Miss Xie being nervous when getting married, then you don’t have to spend so much time and effort. You can just invite Zitang to come here as a member of Miss Xie’s mother’s family. But Xue Wang, your invitation clearly says that Zhen and the others must show their faces to attend. If it’s not something that can be easily and clearly stated in the letter, then Xue King would probably not risk causing criticism at this important moment when the current situation has just stabilized, and invite us to come and watch this ceremony.” 

Yin Xiang listened to Feng Tingye’s mocking words and his smile on his face narrowed slightly. He took a sip from the teacup on the table and regained his smile. It’s just that this smile was completely different from the gentle smile Xia Yuqing and the others have seen usually. It brought out some obvious calculations and cunning within its gentle demeanour. 

“King Ye is really courageous.” Yin Xiang caressed his palms and smiled, his eyes were stained with a fierce look that was somewhat similar to Feng Tingye’s, “In this case, I won’t say much extra. Zhen is not someone who likes to owe favors to others. Although Qing Er was one of our trading conditions at the time, no matter what, I still owe a favor to Empress Ye. In addition, Qing Er is a member of your Ye country, so we are now considered relatives in name. For Qing Er’s face, and in order to repay the favor of Empress Ye, I think it is better to tell King Ye about this matter.” 

Feng Tingye raised his eyebrows and chuckled: “Oh? Xue King thinks this information is comparable to the kindness of my Ai Fei sending your newlywed Empress to you? Or, is the Xue King sure that I would be interested in this matter?”

Yin Xiang chuckled indifferently and looked at Feng Tingye, “King Ye can be assured of this. As long as it’s something about Empress Ye, you won’t be uninterested in coming.” 

Feng Tingye’s eyes were cold. He held his chin with one hand, slightly squinted his eyes and looked at the opposite person somewhat dangerously. He said solemnly: “What’s the matter?” 

Yin Xiang seemed to have expected Feng Tingye’s reaction a long time ago. The smile on his face deepened: “I heard that King Ye and Empress Ye went to the Kingdom of Shu a few days ago, and also helped the King of Shu and the crown heir of Shu to quell a rebellion. Moreover, the instigator of that rebellion happened to be the Fourth Princess of the Kingdom of Shu.” 

Feng Tingye’s face sank when he heard the words. Yunshan’s involvement was deliberately concealed by Yun Zhong Li, except for some important court officials, basically no one knew about the matter. 

Yin Xiang was able to know everything that even the people in the Kingdom of Shu didn’t know, especially when they were still quelling the rebellion. Sure enough, this man might be more difficult to deal with than imagined. 

“Xue King’s news are really well-informed. You even know secrets unknown to other countries, admirable.” 

“King Ye is exaggerating, Zhen is just being on guard in case anything happens. It’s always better than not knowing anything and being stabbed in the back by an enemy.”

Feng Tingye raised his eyebrows, and said indifferently: “Xue King is far-sighted, but Xue King shouldn’t just want to talk to me about the Shu rebellion today, right?” 

“Of course not.” Yin Xiang smiled, “King Ye must have heard some rumours too about Shu country that Her Royal Highness and the previous Xue King actually had some secret connections. At that time, thanks to King Ye’s actions in Shu, the time when the Eldest Princess became emperor in Shu was delayed, otherwise the Eldest Princess would have taken advantage of the time and bit Xue Country and Zhen wouldn’t have been able to take Xue Country so quickly.” 

“In this way, Xue King still owes me a favor.” Feng Tingye glanced at Yin Xiang, and his eyes flashed with some obvious calculations. 

“King Ye is really unwilling to eat any loss.” Yin Xiang smiled and shook his head. “However, King Ye be relieved, after hearing what I have said, I’m afraid that King Ye will not be asking me for this favor. Zhen actually found another thing when Zhen took over Xue Country. It turns out that in addition to the princess of Shu, there are two other people who are also involved with the previous Xue King.” 

Yin Xiang spoke to the critical point and deliberately paused. He laughed, “Is King Ye not curious about who these two are?” 

“Who is it?” Feng Tingye frowned, a little displeased with Yin Xiang’s slightly teasing question. 

“It’s the Royal Concubine of Xia Kingdom and the Fourth Royal Prince.” 

Feng Tingye was startled, and finally a faint surprise flashed across his eyes: “It’s them?!”

“That’s right.” Yin Xiang answered affirmatively, and continued. “The royal concubine of Xia and the fourth prince colluded with the previous Xue King, and the Eldest Princess of Shu. This time, during the rebellion of the Shu Kingdom, I heard that the identities of King Ye and Empress Ye were once exposed. All of the spies that Ye Kingdom arranged in Shu Kingdom for many years were arrested by the princess. Isn’t King Ye curious about how the princess could catch all of you by surprise even though you had hidden so well?” 

Feng Tingye’s face sank quickly, a layer of frost was quickly revealed in his eyes: “You mean…someone leaked out the news?” 

“En, that’s right, and the whistleblower is Xia Country’s Fourth prince.”

Feng Tingye recalled Yin Xiang’s words and his face was a little heavy. The fourth prince of Xia was the one he met in Xia at that time… The most important thing is how did the fourth prince of Xia know their whereabouts? 

The fact that Feng Tingye left the kingdom of Ye and went to the kingdom of Shu was completely confidential to the outside world. It is reasonable to say that the people of the Xia country should not know this. Could it be said that the fourth prince was in the territory of Ye country at that time? 

Something flashed through Feng Tingye’s mind. Feng Tingye’s face changed slightly, and he wanted to grasp onto it, but finally missed it. 

“King Ye?” Yin Xiang saw that Feng Tingye’s face was a little ugly, and he hadn’t answered for a long time, so he called out to pull him back. 

“En, continue.” Feng Tingye recovered, but did not continue to explore the figure that flashed in his mind. 

“After learning about this, I deliberately investigated the fourth prince, but I didn’t expect to find out… the real purpose of this person’s whistleblowing was Empress Ye. In addition, the royal mother of the fourth prince, that is, the imperial concubine of the Xia Kingdom seemed to be very interested in Empress Ye.”

Feng Tingye’s face became more and more ugly upon hearing this. He suddenly remembered that time when she was in Wei Mansion that day and what Hua Nongying said to him. Someone in Xia Country had once hired a famous killer organization in Jiang Hu in an attempt to harm Xia Yuqing. Although this matter was eventually pinched in the cradle by Hua Nong Ying, it still made Feng Tingye alert. Yet, he had not expected for the actions in Xia country to be this fast. 

Was it the imperial concubine or the fourth prince who bought the killer and wanted to kill Ai Fei? But what is their purpose for doing this? Xia Yuqing was just a princess of Xia Country who got sent out for marriage. She is still an unfavored princess. In the eyes of others, she was nothing more than an abandoned child. Why did they want to put her to death so badly? 

Wait! Feng Tingye seemed to have discovered something, his eyes constricted. The unfavored princess sent for marriage? In the eyes of people who don’t know the inside story, Xia Yuqing must seem to be an unfavored and imprisoned princess, but King Xia had a strange attitude towards Xia Yuqing when he was in Xia Country… 

“King Ye, you…” Yin Xiang watched Feng Tingye’s face change several times, then he finally returned to the expressionless face at the beginning. His eyes were so deep that people couldn’t see what he was thinking. 

“It’s okay, I just thought of something suddenly. This is what King Xue wanted to tell me?” Feng Tingye’s face reappeared with his usual smile on his face.

Yin Xiang was stunned. Knowing that Feng Tingye had a plan in his heart, he smiled back, “Well, what does King Ye think about what I just said as repaying the favor of King Ye and the empress?” 

Feng Tingye glanced at him sideways and smiled: “It does have value, but Zhen is a little curious, is Miss Xie only worth this much in Xue King’s heart?” 

Yin Xiang’s action of pouring water suddenly stopped. His eyes were no longer smiling. Instead, there was a fierce and shocking anger emitted all over his body. If Xia Yuqing was here at this moment, she would be surprised to find that someone who has always been synonymous with a warm man in her eyes could feel even colder than the wind and snow outside! 

“Did King Ye misunderstand something?” 


“What Zhen meant just now was that it was for Qing Er’s face and not to judge Qing Er’s status in Zhen’s mind.” Yin Xiang looked at Feng Tingye with a gaze already showing a bit of hostility, “In my eyes, there is nothing in this world that can be compared with Qing Er. King Ye had better remember this. Just as King Ye doesn’t like other people having ideas of Empress Ye, Zhen also doesn’t like other people making comments on Qing Er.” 

“Oh?” Feng Tingye was amused by Yin Xiang’s rare revealing of his instincts, the beast showing  his sharp claws. It would only appear when another touches his inverse scale. In such a short time, that girl has become this person’s inverse scale? But this is actually nothing strange. Wasn’t he also the same? He had only seen that person a couple of times and had already taken her as his possession, and did not allow others to touch it.

“It seems that the Xue King is serious about Miss Xie, so I can feel rest assured.” 

Yin Xiang raised the corner of his eyes and sneered: “Zhen also didn’t know that King Ye was also that concerned about Qing Er.” 

Feng Tingye ignored Yin Xiang’s hostility and lazily replied: “Didn’t Xue King just say that Miss Xie is Zitang’s cousin, and I am Zitang’s brother. In that case, I will naturally look upon her as a sister. My little sister, how could I ignore her lifelong happiness?” 

“If that is so, Zhen should thank King Ye for Qing Er.” 

“Haha…” Feng Tingye smirked twice. Not wanting to entangle with Yin Xiang for too long on this topic, he changed the subject, “By the way, Xue King should still remember our original transaction, those two cities…” 

Yin Xiang took a sip of tea and recovered. With a modest smile as usual, he replied: “King Ye is still afraid that I will not follow through on the promise? As soon as I received the throne, I had already sent the two cities to the hands of the prime minister of your country.” 

Feng Tingye’s eyes had a trace of joy of his trick succeeding: “That’s the best.” 

Seeing Feng Tingye doing this, Yin Xiang became a little curious: “Now that the city is in your hand, can King Ye tell the truth? Why exactly is King Ye doing this for? Why did you need those two cities?” 

Feng Tingye saw the curiosity in Yin Xiang’s eyes. He raised his eyebrows pretending to be mysterious, “Xue King really wants to know?” 


Feng Ting Ye nodded. He got up and walked towards Yin Xiang. After whispering a few words in Yin Xiang’s ear, Yin Xiang’s expression changed.

“…Can Zhen use the matter just now to exchange the two cities back?” 

“What do you think?” 


“Yes, yes, I also think that hibiscus cake looks delicious, we must taste it later.” 

“Well, that chicken is also good, I can smell the aroma from outside and I can’t help but want to drool.” 

Yin Xiang was taken aback as he listened to the outside talk, then he smiled slightly. Maybe the person on the other side won the deal, but… he’s not a loser either. 

When Xie Enqing was found to be pregnant, it was a crucial moment for Yin Xiang. If it weren’t for worrying that the situation was too chaotic at that time and someone taking advantage of this opportunity and making a move against Xie Enqing, Yin Xiang would have already married her in. 

But even though it had taken this long, the wedding finally arrived as expected. 

On that day, with splendid makeup and clothing, Xia Yuqing witnessed Yin Xiang lead Xie Enqing into the Golden Temple, just like how Feng Tingye led herself in the past. Then, he declared her status and honor in front of all the officials. 

The bright red happy character reflected the smiling faces of everyone at the wedding banquet, except for…… Xiao Shangshu. He had a black face for the entirety of the wedding banquet, as if people owed him millions. 

In order not to have nightmares at night, Xia Yuqing selectively ignored him. Instead, she focused all of her attention on the various meals at the wedding banquet. 

Uuuu…Finally, I can get my long-cherished wish to make trouble in the bridal chamber at night. Before wreaking havoc in the bridal chamber, I must replenish my strength and prepare well! 

With high ambitions and actively preparing for battle, Xia Yuqing heard a familiar whisper: “Qing Jiejie…” 

“Hey, this voice…” Xia Yuqing was taken aback and turned her head abruptly. At a glance, she saw a girl coming slowly from not far away. But, this girl shouldn’t have been here at this time!

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