FMEA Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Cousin, I understand!

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Xia Yuqing who looked like she just thought of something, turned her head around to face Prince Rui who has been silent since Wan Feng’s departure. Filled with anticipation, she asked, “Prince, what do you feel about this Consort’s zither skills?”

Prince Rui couldn’t restrain himself from distorting his face for an instant. He seriously suspected this innocent, harmless appearance this woman had was just a disguise! Effortlessly she had obtained victory by taking out his general. Yet she still dares to ask him about how her zither skills were?

Seeing that Prince Rui’s eyes were practically about to spout out fire, Xia Yuqing nervously withdrew a bit. Accidentally, she fell into the person who has been guarding her from behind the entire time, Feng Tingye’s embrace.

Feng Tingye immediately took pleasure in the beauty throwing herself into his arms [figure of speech basically saying that when a beauty willingly comes to you herself], in spite of Xia Yuqing’s struggle within his embrace. He even tightly squeezed her to his chest and smiled lightly. ” Since Royal uncle has now experienced Qing’er’s exceptional, incomparable zither sounds, surely you and I have the same feeling and understanding. This life of mine, just Qing’er is enough for me. Thu, even though it is a pity but I can only disappoint royal uncle’s kind intentions. I hope Royal uncle can please forgive me.”

Once those words were spoken, the imperial garden became deathly still.

If they were only part of the crowd standing in a circle and watching, they would think: Wow turns out the emperor likes the Consort with such an intense character. No wonder he only felt disdain beneath contempt towards that songstress. As expected the emperor is the emperor, how could ordinary folk like us be able to compare.

However, the ones knowing the inside story would ridicule the crowd of viewers. In the future following this event, the officials who would want to present woman to the palace, would have to consider it carefully. After all, to be able to play the zither in such an unprecedented brutal way, this terrible talent surely has to be unique in the world. The emperor’s maneuver to deal with that dilemma really is…

Prince Rui’s complexion turned green then white and then from white to green. After interchanging a few times, trying to smile he spat out, “Your majesty’s taste… really stands out from the rest.”

Feng Tingye calmly seized Xia Yuqing into his embrace, “I am the emperor of this country, the ‘son of heaven’. Obviously my tastes cannot be compared to ordinary people. You shouldn’t even speak about me on the same terms as them.”

After explaining the situation and not even taking notice to Prince Rui’s increasingly gloomy face, Feng Tingye lifted his head up to look at the bright moon. “The night is getting darker, the feast has been attended, people have been seen, the wine has been drunk, and the zither music has been heard. Royal uncle is travel worn, you surely must be tired. Lets call it a day for today’s feast. Oh right, royal uncle. Remember to help me address General Wan tomorrow. Since he was also so fond of Qing’er’s zither music, I am also very gratified”

What is god supplementing a knife [Basically implying that he is giving a knife to stab himself with]? This is it precisely! Everyone gave a sympathizing look to the constipated looking Prince Rui who had no choice but to suffer in silence.

Suddenly hearing a plop sound and under this angry, heart impeding moment, in one breath unexpectedly, he became rigid and lost consciousness

“Aa, prince Rui!” Jiang Zhaorou cried out in alarm and quickly rushed forwards.

Huh, why did he suddenly faint? Xia Yuqing opened her eyes big with surprise. Flabbergasted by the sudden fall of Prince Rui, she completely forgot that currently she was being taken adantage of by a certain someone whose embrace she was currently in.

“It’s nothing, Prince Rui must have been travelling day and night to hurry back to the capital. His body and mind is just tired.”

“Pfff…” The Nu Er Hong [kind of chinese wine] in Yan Ran’s hands that were extremely difficult to import, suddenly all dropped to the floor.

“”Aaa, that exhausting. Someone quickly come and take him back to rest.”

“Good, come [来人 = how people with higher social standings call servants], send Prince Rui back to his residence”

Yan Ran couldn’t even form a bitter smile when he looked at the not so distant couple. Sighing with sorrow, ” Following his majesty for so many years, I actually was unaware he had such an incredible ability to distort the truth deliberately. I really admire you.”

Shao Zitang coldly humphed, “A pot is a match for a lid. The reason why it previously did not appear was because there was no partner that deserved him to misrepresent the facts.”

Shao Zitang swept a glance at Xia Yuqing who was currently monopolized within Feng Tingye’s embrace. There was no choice but to admit that this foolishly adorable person was integral. In the critical moment, this little kitten was able to expose her claws to defend her territory. Not to mention, it is hard for many to resist teasing this little kitty.

With an order from the emperor, the imperial bodyguards keeping watch beside Prince Rui swarmed around him. At a rapid pace, they eagerly lifted him up and rushed out of this place of quarrel.

Jiang Zhaorou felt unresigned and twisted her the handkerchief in her hand. Turning her body, she dashed to the jade platform and extended her hand towards the zither. Suddenly the strings on the zither snapped. The rebound of the force caused the fine strings of the zither to become as sharp as a blade and directly cut open a deep, profound gash on Jiang Zhaorou’s palm.

Scarlet red blood rolled down her finger, dripping down onto the zither, issuing a crisp soud.

The originally tranquil midnight, once again was filled with a long screech. “My ancient zither heritage…”

Leng Ruofeng expressionlessly looked on as Jiang Zhaorou grieved as if she wish she were dead. His eyebrows lifted up slightly with a tremble. As expected, even that ancient zither was unable to endure that someone’s ravage. Instead it had chosen to take it’s own life to revert itself back to it’s original pure origin.

Jiang Zhaorou’s sorrowful and heartbroken demeanour did not alarm the scattering crowds of people. Everyone simply bestowed her a sympathizing glance and continued off on their own ways.

With a beauty in his embrace, people who he wanted to reject was rejected, people he wanted to annoy was annoyed, and the people he wanted to teach a lesson was taught a lesson; Feng Tingye’s mood right at this moment could be described as the clear skies after a rain. Thousands of miles of pleasant weather, so nice it would cause others to be envious. But, soon he will not be able to smile!

“Ultra Seme… no, I mean your majesty. Your majesty, you also think I played really well right?” At present, Xia Yuqing’s attention was solely focused on her previous demonstration of skill and did not have the slightest amount of self realization that she herself has been treated like a tofu being eaten one meal after another. With two shining eyes glistening like the moon she looked expectantly at Feng Tingye.

Without any change in expression, Feng Tingye confidently answered, “Naturally! My lovely wife’s zither skills are matchless in the whole world, there is no comparison.”

“Then I’m going to let Cui’er to go find a zither to bring to my residence.”

Feng Tingye stopped moving suddenly, lowering his head towards Xia Yuqing he asked, “Look for a zither to put in your residence, what for?”

“So that when you are free and come to my residence, I can play it for you to hear!”

Finally, cracks appeared on Feng Ting Ye’s smile. Upon seeing this, Xia Yuqing suspiciously looked at him. “Didn’t you just say earlier that my zither sounds are incomparable in the entire world? Then why do you have such an appearance now? You wouldn’t be lying to me are you?”

Feng Tingye coughed and dignifiedly stated, “Of course not, I just feel that my wife’s words are too good. My wife’s zither sounds are exceptional and unforgettable, if I were to hog you to myself, I would really not know how to use things sparingly and would be wasting wonderful treasures. How about when you, my love, wants to play a song, I will call the grand tutor, the prime minister, the strategist and as well as the general to appreciate it together. With more people, it’ll be way more exciting and livelier. What do you think, my love?”

Hearing this, Xia Yuqing had bright, glistening eyes. “Do they also enjoy my zither sounds?”

“Naturally, naturally.” Xia Yuqing’s face lighting up with happiness. Others dying is fine but I don’t want to die; if there are difficulties, everyone will face it together. As Feng Tingye thought this, he did not in the least bit feel the mental pressure being emitted by the men standing behind him, who were itching to push him into a ditch for dragging them all into this disaster.

Yan Ran eventually couldn’t help but stand up to speak, “Your majesty, this loyal servant remembered that just now Consort Qing had mentioned that the Six Arts that she has learned could only be performed in front of her husband, for his entertainment only. I, a simple ordinary person, could not accept the Consort’s heavenly sound.”

After he had spoken, Feng Tingye took a note of this with his indifferent eyes sweeping towards them: if we’re brothers we will sacrifice oneself for each other, face difficulties together, and withstand misfortunes together. Yet, why are you trying to escape right before the battle?

Yan Ran had a bitter expression: We don’t see you sharing your fortunes with us, ordinarily? This type of girl who can’t even differentiate between enemies and friends, I, your servant really cannot withstand it.

Xia Yuqing did not realize the meaningful glances that were being exchanged before her, she only cared about the words that Yan Ran had just spoken and humbly smiled. “Gorgeous tutor you don’t have to keep those formalities with us, we are one big family. Don’t speak as if you’re an outsider. At that future performance, you must show up!”

Once these words had been said, the men’s face darkened instantly.

“Family?” Feng Tingye raised his eyebrow. It seems to him that his little kitten ought to have some extra ** to conduct herself appropriately. At least that will allow her to understand, who is her real family.

When Yan Ran received Feng Tingye’s icy death glare, his heart was crying in silence. Trying to contain the tears of blood and bitterness from revealing on his face, he thanked Xia Yuqing. “…. Thank you Consort for your graciousness. This subject will definitely remember this kindness and will accept this shamelessly.”

Xia Yuqing was completely satisfied. She happily turned around to follow Feng Tingye to leave. But when she hasn’t even taken more than two steps, his brows and eyes suddenly collapsed down [basically describing him scrunching up his eyebrows in anger/ dissapointment]

Foolishly she looked forwards, a heavy imposing face belonging to Liu Yixiang was staring directly at the Ultra Seme Lord. Xia Yuqing’s heart cried out in alarm.

Oh no! This lady here won’t be here to settle the scores, would she? Could it be that the words spoken last time weren’t able to convince her? Does she still think I stole her fiance and has prepared to battle it out for the emperor? Wahhhh, This little lady’s body is weak and is easily pushed around. I really can’t stand this Queen’s howl, please just let me go!

Just when Xia Yuqing was trembling in fear, Feng Tingye coldly concentrated his attention. Liu Yixiang with a helpless face walked towards Feng Tingye and patted his shoulder. “Having this kind of beautiful women by your side, no wonder why cousin you were willing to abandon my State of Ye’s innumerable beauties. You would rather become homosexual for your whole life than receive another imperial concubine.”

“Xiang’er, you misunderstood, I…”

Just when Feng Tingye was about to explain, Liu Yixiang had a relieved expression and interrupted him. “Cousin, don’t worry. From now on, I will definitely not be against you rejecting to take a wife. Don’t take these troubles to the heart. Cousin, I understand!”

Once the implication has been set, all the maids and eunuchs who were cleaning up the aftermath of the feast abruptly stopped, stunned, they looked at the odd look on Feng Tingye’s face.

So the gossip that was spread that time was true! Their almighty emperor who was talented and domineering not only has hardcore tastes but is actually a homosexual as well!

With a loud clang, one of the servants dropped the plate in their hands to the ground and immediately smothered their sound of surprise. In a little while, the deathly silence became lively once again, but while each person was doing their own thing they constantly observed each other. Yet their eyes couldn’t resist looking towards Feng Tingye who seemed as if he was looking at some precious animal.

Feng Tingye watched as the person within his embrace looked at Liu Yixiang with a face of innocence and as well as a face that seemed to say it was to be expected that this was the result. While also receiving glances from all around conveying the message of “Your majesty don’t worry, we will definitely keep your secret”, the good mood he had a moment ago quickly dissipated into nothing. In its place, a vein started to bulge out of his head.

Good, it’s going to be like this, huh. Since birth, this was the first time he ever had this thought… the desire to murder everyone, to cause a massacre,

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