FMEA Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Lying with eyes wide open

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After the song was over, everyone was dumbstruck by the surrounding plants, completely dead.

“Ha….” Abruptly, a sudden startling sound broke the dead silence. Everyone turned towards where the sound came from to discover that it was Wan Feng who couldn’t withstand it anymore and suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood.

“General Wan, are you okay?” Prince Rui’s complexion completely changed and rushed to assist Wan Feng who was on the verge of collapsing.

“It.. It’s nothing. Just now… I was trying to circulate the energies within my body to resist, but ended up with Qi Deviation. I’ll be better in a while….” But before he could finish his words, he ended up coughing up another mouthful of blood, scaring Prince Rui to dodge to the side.

“….” Big Brother, how could you say it’s nothing when you have this appearance? What right-minded person would treat blood like water and would continuously spit it out like they don’t want to live?

After the third time of spitting out fresh blood, Wan Feng at last could not bear this heavy burden anymore and hurriedly spoke. “I am sorry but this general will have to leave first.”

Thereafter, he broke into a wild sprint out of the imperial garden, leaving a stunned Prince Rui distressed.

When Xia Yuqing had stopped playing for a moment, she noticed Wan Feng wildly sprinting away. She couldn’t help but turn her head to look at Feng Tingye and innocently asked, “What’s wrong with that guy?”

With that question, everyone’s eyes were focused on Feng Tingye to see him unhurriedly stand up and cheerfully said, “Him? He was just filled with so much admiration for your zither sounds that he felt unworthy to show his face to you and went so far as to leave this place as well.”

“…” Everyone had a sad, frustrated expression as they looked at their majesty. They couldn’t help to exclaim in admiration, WOW! His majesty is like a god at lying with his eyes open, and going so far as to not even let one drop of water to leak out [means doing it so flawlessly], we really look up to you!

“Really?” Xia Yuqing’s eyes brightened up and looked at Feng Tingye expectedly.

Feng Tingye with a face full of resoluteness, not appearing as if he was making a joke at all, gently spoke, “A gentleman would not go back on one’s words, if you don’t believe me ask the others.”

Xia Yuqing thought about it for a bit, then turned her head towards the person closest to her, Leng Ruofeng. With high spirits she asked, “What did you think of my performance?”

Leng Ruofeng’s usual poker face showed a few flaws, coughing a few times then spoke against what she believed. “Extremely good.”

Extremely good? Kidney’s good? Then the waist will be good! Xia Yuqing stared blankly then suddenly reacted. With a face full of pity she gazed upon Leng Ruofeng’s face. This pitiful icy beauty, trying to covertly remind me. Your waist is strong? Too bad even if your waist could get stronger, you have met the Ultra Seme Lord and the only thing you can do is bare with that fact.

Looking at Xia Yuqing’s gaze, the Leng Ruofeng who would only make others feel cold, for the first time felt the so-called shiver up the spine. Extremely uncomfortable, he raised his head to look up towards the moon. As expected to conceal your conscience, to tell any lies of any sort, would definitely get retribution.

“Really….” On the other side, Liu Yixiang was scratching her ears the entire time to finally recover a bit. Then facing towards Yan Ran’s direction, “How do you feel?”

Yan Ran’s smiling expression was a bit stiff, ” I think its not bad!”

Liu Yixiang suspiciously sized him and up and down, seeing how he really appears to have nothing wrong, was a bit disappointed. Suddenly becoming aware of a poke from the side, she turned her head to look. Turning around, she saw Shao Zitang point to someone’s direction: “Look at his hand.”

Liu Yixiang turned her head to look. Yan Ran’s hand that was holding his wine glass was trembling uncontrollably, so much in fact that he has spilled over half of his wine.

“…” Liu Yixiang’s heart felt a bit more soothed with this fact. Then doubling back towards Shao Zitang, “No matter how I look at you, you seem to be completely fine? Even General Wan ended up with Qi deviation, how are you still able to casually joke and around and converse? Doesn’t that mean you are comparable to General Wan’s martial skills?”

“If he is so easily affected by the Zither sounds to even have Qi deviations, how could you even compare him on the same terms as me? Hmpth!” Shao Zitang snorted. Subsequently while Liu Yixiang was dumbstrucked, from within his ears he plucked out two cottons balls.

“…” If you have the skill, try to not stuff your ears with cotton balls and test out if you could handle the zither music without having Qi deviation? Wait, cotton ball? Suddenly her eyes shrunk.

Yan Ran almost vomited out a mouthful of blood, emotionally gripping onto Shao Zitang’s arms, he questioned, “Where did you get this cotton ball?”

“From the top of your head.” Shao Zitang indifferently shot a glance above Yan Ran’s head. When Xia Yuqing had played the first sound, he immediately shot forward like a thunderbolt to grab the cotton ball and stuffed it into his ear. Someone else also did the same thing… Shao Zitang glanced over to the royal seat where the emperor had on a flowery smile with dimples on either side of his cheeks.

Yan Ran fished out a copper mirror from his sleeve and held it above his head to look. Oh my god! The white tiger crown above his head was missing the pair of eyes, from who knows when was it picked out, and has become two round cavities. Looking at this he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“YOU!” Yan Ran exasperatedly put away the copper mirror. Unwilling to be the only one cheated, he waved his hands towards his side where the man was just joyously knibbling on the marinated pork knuckle and swatted his head. “Why are you fine?”

Both were generals yet one spat out blood out like water, while the other unexpectedly was still nibbling on marinated pork knuckles, what kind of nonsense is that?

He Wenzhong bewildered, lifted up his head and asked “What?”

“The zither sounds just now, did you hear it?”

“Did I hear it? I’m not even someone who understands the basics of music, what’s the point of asking me?”

“…” Yan Ran looked face to face with Liu Yixiang, both silent. Could this be the legendary playing the lute to the cow [this means offering a treat to an unappreciative audience]? Fortune favouring the fool?

“Then… what did you think of the performance?” Yan Ran unwilling to accept this fact, asked again.

“The performance?” He Wenzhong bewildered, looked at a few people around him. Not understanding why people were asking him, bluntly replied, “It was pleasant to hear”

After that comment, Yan Ran and the others didn’t even have enough time to be surprised. They only immediately felt a hurricane rush past them and astonishingly turned around to see Xia Yuqing to have arrived in front of He Wenzhong. Gripping his hands tightly and shaking them with all her might, her eyes revealed how touched she was.

“Such a simple and honest child, to go as far as to speak out in such a sincere manner, I really like to hear such words.”

“…” Several few people were so shocked that they suddenly received an internal injury.

“As the proverb goes, money is easy to obtain but a good, intimate friend is hard to find. Just from those words of yours earlier, from now on I won’t call you a big blockhead. From now on you will be my intimate friend aaa.. my close companion!” Xia Yuqing’s pair of eyes lit up and attentively fixed its attention to He Wenzhong in a sincere manner.

Blockhead, blockhead, BLOCKHEAD! He Wenzhong’s marinated pork knuckles fell into the bowl with a thump. Shaking off Xia Yuqing’s grip to the side, he squated down in silence drawing circles. His mouth unceasingly murmering, “Blockhead, how dare she call me that…”

Everyone was silent. “…”

“What’s wrong with him?” Xia Yuqing stared at the back of He Wenzhong, wondering.

Feng Ting Ye came to her side and seized her by the waist. He coldly glanced towards the big bear who didn’t even realize he just ate someone else’s tofu [basically means taking advantage of Xia Yuqing who belongs to him], and refreshingly smiled, “He was just scared by your passion. Don’t just look at Wenzhong’s big size, his mind is actually very delicate.”

Everyone made a sad frustrated face again. Your majesty, your lying with your eyes wide open has reached an even higher realm. Is this kind of thing really good?

Xia Yuqing pondered deeply, then her pair of eyes suddenly brightened up. Could it be the legendary elegant maiden heart? Heroes are passive and accepting to a gentle lady?

“Aaaa, I understand. I understand. In the future, I will be sure to remember.”

I don’t believe they believed it! Everyone was speechless and just followed the prime minister in looking up towards the sky. The way they were looking at the technique must have been wrong. Your majesty, don’t tell me you didn’t see how Prince Rui’s face got so dark it was like century old sewer water?

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