FMEA Chapter 213

Chapter 213 What stupid thing did you commit this time? 

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“D*mn, at this moment to have the fetus move?” After a short silence, Xia Yuqing cursed. She instantly felt terrible. 

“Going to give birth?” Leng Ruofeng’s paralyzed face shattered for a moment and his eyes were massive. He was at a loss. He turned to ask for help and looked at Feng Tingye and the several people around, “What should we do?” 

“……” Brother, we are also men and we have never had children, okay? How would we know what to do? The faces of several big men changed slightly when they looked at each other.

“Don’t stand there being stupid, since she is about to give birth, she can’t be jolted. Quickly find a place to put the Third Princess down.” Seeing the few men being thrown into a disarray and losing all their energy while standing there with dazed faces, Cui Er, the only one with child delivering experience, finally couldn’t help but whisper. 

A few people were shocked, then they woke up. They looked around, then carried Xia Muyun and rushed towards the nearest remote courtyard. 

“Mm…” Xia Muyun bit her lip and groaned in a low voice. 

Leng Ruofeng clearly felt the slight trembling of the person in his arms. His heart tightened. He leaned over and kissed her somewhat pale face, and whispered: “Yun Er, don’t be afraid, it’s okay.” It was unclear whether those words were to comfort the person in his arms or to comfort himself. 

Cui Er looked around at the several people. She bit her lip, and whispered: “The situation is urgent now, we can only take a risk. Third Princess, I will have to be rude. Niang Niang, you and Miss Yan go out and see if you can get some hot water. You big men will go out and guard first, don’t make trouble here.” 

The big men who were usually omnipotent were thrown into circles by this girl’s instructions. However, they didn’t dare to refute the words. Touching their noses awkwardly, they walked out with Xia Yuqing dumbfoundedly. 

“Prime Minister Da Ren…” Cui Er raised her head and glanced at Leng Ruofeng who placed Xia Muyun on the haystack. He was holding Xia Muyun’s hand tightly, without any intention of leaving. 

Leng Ruofeng looked up at her and pursed his lips, “I will stay with her!” 

Leng Ruofeng’s eyes were full of persistence. Cui Er was stunned, but she didn’t say anything. She only held down Xia Muyun’s moving legs, “Be careful not to let the Third Princess bite her tongue.” 

Leng Ruofeng nodded. He silently stretched out his hand in front of Xia Muyun, actually wanting Xia Muyun to bite his hand when it hurts. 

Xia Muyun looked at the hand close at hand. She was stunned for a moment. She reached out to hold Leng Ruofeng’s hand, and shook her head slightly: “I don’t feel too painful now, that’s not necessary.” 

Cui Er, listening to these words, knew Xia Muyun was still in pre-labor pains. She was a little relieved: “Third Princess, take a break first to gain some physical strength, or else it will be difficult later.” 


On the other side, Xia Yuqing and Yan Tingfang walked out of the house to find a place to boil water.

“This yard seems to have been idle for a long time. It looks so dilapidated. Where can I find something to boil water?” Yan Tingfang was looking for a long time. She choked from the dust and coughed lightly. 

Xia Yuqing didn’t pay attention to what she said. She looked at the yard a little lost. Just now, all her attention was focused on Xia Muyun’s body. Only when she came out did she have time to take a look at the scenery around the courtyard. The more she looked, the more Xia Yuqing felt an inexplicable sense of familiarity. 

“Empress, Empress, Empress?” Yan Tingfang’s soft call brought back Xia Yuqing’s wandering thoughts. She turned her head in a daze to respond: “Yes?” 

Yan Tingfang frowned when she saw her appearance. She asked with some worry. “What’s the matter with you? Your complexion doesn’t seem so good? Are you uncomfortable?” 

Xia Yuqing touched her face, muttering a little absent-mindedly: “Really? Ahahaha, somehow, I feel like this place… is a bit familiar.” And it was a bit uncomfortable. 

Feng Tingye, who followed the two of them, heard Xia Yuqing’s words, and a flash of light flashed across his eyes. 

Before they could continue to explore, everyone heard an unusually noisy shout outside: “Over there, they went over there.” 

“Those imperial troops are catching up.” Xia Yuqing’s face changed slightly. 

“It’s okay, you go and do your thing, we will block them here. We won’t let them disturb you.” Feng Tingye touched Xia Yuqing’s head.

Xia Yuqing glanced at the few people worriedly, then remembered Xia Muyun who was still in the room at the moment. She pulled Yan Tingfang along to find the items.

Feng Tingye watched Xia Yuqing leave, then glanced at the others. Without a word, several people had already moved their gazes towards the chasing soldiers not far away. 

Xia Yuqing forced herself not to listen to the sound of fighting outside. She led Yan Tingfang into a room in the backyard, very skilled in finding what she wanted from the room. 

“Empress, you…” Yan Tingfang stared at Xia Yuqing’s movements for a moment. She had just clearly seen Xia Yuqing enter the room without much thought. She also rushed straight towards the cabinet with the things in it. There was no trace of hesitation, as if she had already known where the things were placed, like she had already known the various furnishings in this room. 

Xia Yuqing realized that something was wrong with Yan Tingfang’s shout. After she saw the yard clearly, she felt that there was something hidden in it. She instinctively felt an indescribable ominousness, which made her feel very uncomfortable. 

“Empress, are you… okay.” 

Xia Yuqing pursed her lips and smiled reluctantly: “It’s okay, let’s boil the water first, we’ll talk about the rest later.” 

“En.” Yan Tingfang could see that Xia Yuqing didn’t want to speak about it. Although there were some doubts in her heart, she nodded and stepped forward to help. 

Feng Tingye looked at the courtyard surrounded by groups of soldiers and a bit of coldness flashed across his eyes.

“That fellow Ruofeng marries a wife and gives birth to a child causing this, no, this can’t do. When he has his wedding day, we must pour him a few glasses in order to dispel my anger!” Shao Zitang glanced at the imperial army who were about to move not far away. He spoke jokingly, but if you looked closely, you would find that there was not much of a smile in his eyes. 

“Hehe, I think Master Shangshu, you are jealous of the Prime Minister’s quick moves. Not only does he have a wife, but he is about to give birth to a child now, but you… tsk tsk, one is up in the sky, while the other is on the ground. I would also be in a state of disequilibrium.” Yun Zhong Yue chuckled, jokingly. 

Shao Zitang narrowed his eyes dangerously. He looked at Yun Zhongyue for a while, then grinned with big white teeth: “No matter how bad I am, at least I am better off than the Fifth Prince, who hasn’t touched their hand once.” 


Feng Tingye glanced faintly at the two people who were ridiculing each other to ease their tension. He didn’t bother to join them. But he didn’t want to interrupt, or else some people wouldn’t let him go so easily. 

Seeing that Shao Zitang’s side wasn’t going well, Yun Zhongyue shifted his target to Feng Tingye’s body. He snorted coldly: “Your Majesty, King Ye, I’m helping you all right now! No matter what, with me blocking them here, the Prime Minister inside should owe me a favor. As the saying goes, an older brother’s debt is paid by a younger brother. Although you are not real brothers, you can be considered life brothers. I will not ask too much. As long as you go back to Ye Kingdom and remember to bestow a marriage with Lu Rui to me, to allow us to become two happy lovers, then that is enough.” 

“…” Fifth Prince, can you have thicker skin? Shao Zitang looked at Yun Zhong Yue with contempt. He thought: A shameless person really is unrivaled! Happy lovers? Why can’t he see it at all? If the two loved each other, why would he need Feng Tingye to bestow marriage to him? This person really has the heart of Sima Zhao, everyone understands it! (a person’s supposed hidden intention is so well known that it is not really hidden)

Faced with Yun Zhongyue’s rogue request, Feng Tingye only rolled his eyes and said calmly: “Nowadays, real brothers calculate accounts with each other, let alone life brothers.” 

“…” The smile on Yun Zhongyue’s face stiffened. His eyes widened and he looked at Feng Tingye with disbelief. 

Feng Tingye seemed to not have finished. He added: “Moreover, Lu Rui is a person under Ai Fei, so Zhen can’t make the decision.” 

“…” Brother-in-law, don’t you have Junior Sister on a leash? At this time, why are you acting shameless and pretending to be henpecked?! 

Yun Zhongyue thought that no one in this world would have thicker skin than his two sect brothers, but today he now knew what it meant to always have people outside one’s own sky! Brother-in-law, you are treacherous, do you know that? 

Shao Zi Tang glanced at Yun Zhongyue’s expression from Feng Tingye ruining his opportunity, and snorted disdainfully. This Fifth Prince was really courageous, he even dared to negotiate terms with Feng Tingye? That was pure death. He should know that this man whose heart was black from the inside out had never suffered a loss from anyone since he was five years old. Even the previous emperor was often trapped by him and was basically forced to ascend to heaven, yet he dared to point his gun over? Being played to death would be a matter of minutes. 

A few people were like this for a while. It dissipated the tension in the surrounding area by a lot, but the situation did not change in the slightest. 

Feng Tingye and the others watched the Army approaching gradually, then their smiles slowly disappeared. They unanimously stretched their hands out to their weapons. 

Just as the two teams were finally about to start a head-to-head confrontation, there was another rush of footsteps not too far away. 

Is it possible that another group of reinforcements have arrived? ! Feng Tingye’s face changed slightly, and he glanced at the other two, his face becoming more solemn.

“Everyone stop for Zhen!” A majestic low halt came from the back of the team, shocking everyone present. 

The army who was facing the swords of Feng Tingye and the rest were all shocked. They all consciously dispersed, making way for the people behind. 

Feng Tingye looked at the man approaching from the back of the team with a wary face. Instead of retracting the hand stroking the weapon, he held it tighter. 

Xia Haotian saw Feng Tingye and several people and was stunned for a moment. He shouted in surprise: “It’s you!” 

Feng Tingye didn’t answer, his slightly squinted eyes passed over Xia Haotian’s face, thinking: How likely was it for them to escape the city if Xia Haotian was held hostage? 

The emperors of two different countries looked at each other like this, and no one took the next step until… 

There was a bang, then there was a sound of an overturning water basin in the room. Everyone heard a quick brisk walk rushing out of the room and a person said anxiously, “What should we do if the amniotic fluid is broken? What should we do…” 

Xia Yuqing’s exclamation stopped abruptly. She stared blankly at the man who suddenly appeared in the yard. ——Her cheap daddy in name. 

“You…” As soon as Xia Haotian saw Feng Tingye and the others, he already had some guesses in his heart, but he really saw Xia Yuqing. When he saw Xia Yuqing in this place, his face was still awkward. It contained a bit of surprise, could it be…

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