FMEA Chapter 212 Part 2

Chapter 212 Really going to give birth 

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Xia Yuqing and the others finally found Xia Muyun and prepared to take the person out, while at the Prince’s Mansion, they had just started the main topic at hand. 

On the long table, there were all kinds of treasures, antiques, pens, inks, papers and inkstones. It was really dazzling. Compared with the time that Xia Yuqing and the two babies had their Zhua Zhou ceremony, it was not to be inferior in any aspects.

Xia Mingyuan and Liu Yixiang stood at one end of the table holding the two children, and whispering something. The two children glanced at the adults everywhere. They rarely acted so obediently.

“It’s almost time, let’s start.” Xia Haotian walked down from the main seat, step by step to the side of the long table, then he placed a crystal clear jade pendant on the table top.

“That’s…” Someone beside him gasped. Although the others weren’t as grotesque as him, their expressions changed more or less. 

Royal Concubine Roujia, who was following Xia Haotian, saw the jade pendant and her eyes tightened suddenly. The noble and virtuous mask on her face couldn’t help but show a few cracks. Her teeth gritted together, wishing to bite through silver teeth. 

The jade pendant Xia Haotian took out was not a normal item, but a dragon pendant symbolizing the status of the supreme ruler of Xia Kingdom. With this jade pendant, one could give orders to the army and its effect was second only to the jade seal of the Kingdom. Taking this thing out at this time, has Xia Haotian determined that he wants that b*tch’s son to sit on the throne? Why? That b*tch has been dead for so long, why does he still favor her child so much? One b*tch is enough, why can’t she even compare to this one? How can she be reconciled, how can she be reconciled? 

Xia Mingxuan in comparison was much calmer compared to Imperial Concubine Roujia’s impatience. Although his heart wavered after seeing the jade pendant, the habits he had cultivated over a long period of time has allowed him to remain calm at this moment. 

Xia Mingyuan and Liu Yixiang were naturally surprised to see the jade pendant, but this emotion did not stay in their eyes for long. It is indeed a great fortune that Xia Haotian took it out, but it really depended on whether it could be picked up by these two children. 

Thinking of this, Xia Mingyuan could not help taking a deep look at Xia Yuze who he was holding in his hands. Xia Yuze seemed to feel the eager gaze of his father and turned his head to give him a bright smile.

Xia Mingyuan was taken aback for a moment, then the corners of his lips couldn’t help but lift up. Yes, his son was smart, there was no reason why he would leave the great Jiangshan (throne). That jade pendant, this father and son duo were bound to win! 

Xia Mingyuan and Liu Yixiang followed Xia Haotian’s instructions, placed the two children on the table, then whispered: “Hey, Xiao Ze, Hanhan, get what you want most.” 

“Anything?” Xia Yuhan looked up at Liu Yixiang, and asked with an innocent expression on his face. 

Liu Yixiang was startled. She nodded: “Well, as long as it is on the table and as long as Hanhan wants it, anything is okay.” 

Xia Yuhan nodded happily and took the lead to crawl not far away. Xia Yuze was unwilling to lag behind when he saw this. He rushed towards a short distance with both hands and feet. 

In an instant, everyone’s eyes were focused on the two children. If it was said that this Zhua Zhou ceremony was more extravagant compared to normal, now that Xia Haotian threw the jade pendant as one of the objects, it has already become an extraordinary battle for the throne. The one who will really control the victory… is precisely these two milk dolls that have just turned one year old ?? 

Xia Yuze quickly climbed to a place of gold and silver jewelry, and grabbed a golden lock piece from the top.

In an instant, the atmosphere in the courtyard condensed. Royal Concubine Roujia gloated at Xia Yuze and the golden lock piece in his hand. The expressions of Xia Mingyuan and Liu Yixiang were a bit ugly.

Just when everyone thought the eldest son of His Royal Highness would have no relationship with the throne and that he can only be an idle prince, Xia Yuze satiating everyone’s appetite, grinned innocently showing the little white tooth that has not fully grown. The golden lock piece was then thrown back and hit a slightly relieved official behind him, directly smashing the relief into his face. 

Xia Mingyuan and Liu Yixiang couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief when they saw this, but the people who had just breathed a sigh of relief once again raised their hearts and watched with horror as Xia Yuze crawled towards another place, and then grab another item. After looking at it for a while, he threw it back, then crawled to another place, picked something up, then threw it… picked something up, then threw it… 

After a few times, the smile on the face of Royal Concubine Roujia became more and more stiff. The expressions on Xia Mingyuan and Liu Yixiang’s faces became more and more helpless. 

Xia Haotian’s eyes flickered as he watched Xia Yuze playing with everyone’s expectant face. A smile appeared on his cold face. This kid was really smart. 

Xia Yuze played for a long time. He glanced at his younger brother who was turning over something not far away, and breathed a sigh of relief. Feeling that it was almost done, he turned around and crawled step by step towards a short distance. 

Xia Haotian’s jade pendant was added last, and it was placed on the table by Xia Haotian himself, right in the center of the entire long table, in front of him.

Xia Yuze’s big eyes rolled around, it was unsure what he was thinking. As he crawled in the direction of the jade pendant step by step, some people’s hearts suddenly rose to their throats, while others had some expectation. 

However, to everyone’s surprise, Xia Yuze crawled straight past the jade pendant, without even intending to touch the jade pendant. 

As soon as Xia Yuze crawled over, he heard one after another, let out a loose sound of comfort and regret. Xia Yuze turned his head and glanced at his father. Not surprisingly, seeing the faces of his father and of the people around him, a little smile appeared on his round little face. 

After he had had enough fun, he turned around again, and crawled in front of the jade pendant. 

Royal Concubine Roujia just breathed a sigh of relief when Xia Yuze crawled past the jade pendant, but after seeing the child crawling back, she felt her whole person not feeling well. Her self-confident and dignified smile on her face could barely be held. 

Xia Yuze didn’t do any tricks this time. He grasped the jade pendant in front of Xia Haotian tightly in his hand. 

Throw it, throw it, throw it like the things earlier! Seeing Xia Yuze’s movements, Royal Concubine Roujia screamed wildly in her heart, but this time she was destined to be disappointed. 

Xia Yuze grabbed the jade pendant in his hand and played with it for a long time and didn’t throw it away. Instead, he saw the red tassel on the jade pendant and hung it on his wrist. The intention could not be more obvious. He wanted this jade pendant. 

Xia Haotian took a deep look at Xia Yuze’s eyes that were very similar to him and Xia Mingyuan. His eyebrows stretched out rarely, and under the eyes of everyone, he hugged Xia Yuze from the table, and said clearly and concisely: “Good.”

Xia Haotian’s “good” had a double meaning. Everyone present was shocked by the straightforward words. It was not only the recognition of Xia Yuze, the eldest grandson of the emperor, but also the recognition of the future succession of the Crown Prince Xia Mingyuan. 

In an instant, the expressions of all the people present changed. This night, some people were destined to be happy and sad. 

The smile on Concubine Roujia’s face could no longer be stretched, but she couldn’t complain about Xia Haotian at this moment. She had to bite her lips tightly and swallow the bloody smell from her mouth back into her belly. 

The slight smile on Xia Mingxuan’s face was also temporarily restrained. He looked blankly at everything that looked like a farce in front of him. He couldn’t help but feel a little ridiculous. He struggled with Xia Mingyuan for many years, yet he finally relied on a child to win. What a joke. 

This is a war without gunpowder. The decisive victory could be decided by just a single thought.

Xia Mingyuan smiled and carried Xia Yuze back from Xia Haotian’s hands. There was a momentary meeting of Xia Mingxuan’s eyes, an exchange of sharp edges that only the other party could read. 

Although the main event of the Zhua Zhou ceremony had ended, there was still a child on the table who was constantly looking for something he liked.

The officials finally eased up a bit after experiencing a lot of ups and downs. They turned their heads and continued to look at the other child who was busy at the table. They were a little curious about what His Second Majesty would choose in the end. 

Xia Yuhan, who was focused on finding his favorite object, didn’t notice the undercurrent here. He was still persevering in searching through the piles of things. Suddenly, Xia Yuhan seemed to have discovered something. His eyes lit up suddenly, and he crawled towards the very simple Buddha beads. 

“This…” Xia Yuhan happily held the string of Buddhist beads and waved it under the stunned gaze of everyone. 

“…” Everyone’s expressions were blank for a second, then there was a thought in their minds. The Second Highness of the Prince’s family grabbed a string of Buddhist beads? Does this mean… the Second Highness will convert to Buddhism and become a monk who is incompatible with the royal family…? 

Liu Yixiang obviously thought of this too, her face turned blue. She quickly stepped forward and hugged Xia Yuhan. Her expression was unkind: “Hanhan, there are so many beautiful things on this table, why have you grabbed such a thing?” Who threw the Buddha beads here, d*mn it, if her son really becomes a monk in the future, she must destroy that person’s family and let their family be rid of offsprings and grandchildren! 

“Mm, didn’t Mother say that as long as it is on this table, as long as Hanhan likes it, Hanhan can take it?”

“…That’s right.” 

“Then that’s it, Hanhan will take it.” Xia Yuhan touched the buddha beads in his hand, looking like he wouldn’t put it down. 


Liu Yixiang still wanted to speak, but Xia Yuhan had already quickly escaped her. He rushed to a small corner not far away, yelling as he walked: “Little Jiejie, little Jiejie, see if this thing looks like meatballs, your favorite meatballs.” 

Meatballs?! All the officials’ eyes almost popped out of their sockets. Buddhist beads are similar to meatballs? How does that hard thing resemble meatballs? ! 

Second Baby, who was sitting in a small corner eating silently, heard Xia Yuhan’s voice and wanted to run reflexively, but when she heard meatballs, Second Baby’s steps to escape stopped abruptly. She looked at Xia Yuhan with a blank face and walked in front of him with the string of Buddhist beads. 

Wow, it really looks like meatballs! Second Baby looked at the string of Buddha beads and her eyes brightened. She took the Buddha beads from Xia Yuhan’s hand with a look of expectation. She stared at the beads for a long time. The more she looked, the more she felt as if she saw many meatballs growing, flying around in front of her. She sucked in her saliva… 

Therefore, everyone watched their Second Highness holding the Buddha beads that he had grabbed and run in front of a little girl. The little girl heard the Second Highness say something, and she took the Buddha beads with joy. After watching for a long time, she opened her mouth and bit it. 

“Waaahh…” An earth-shattering cry rang through the sky above the Prince’s Mansion and shocked everyone present.

Big Baby held his sister whose teeth were sore from the Buddha beads and was crying miserably. He scornfully gave Xia Yuhan a roll of his eyes. This fool even took Buddha beads to deceive his sister that it was meatballs? Making his younger sister like this, his younger sister will definitely hate him even more in the future. 

Liu Yixiang looked at Second Baby who was crying not far away and her son who was in a frenzy next to her. She silently covered her face. My son, holding a string of Buddhist beads to seduce a girl, but causing her to cry instead, I am afraid that in the entire world, only a little fool like you can do that! 

Liu Yixiang thought this way, and once again doubted the IQ of her youngest son. How could a person as smart as her give birth to such a stupid son? It must be the weak chicken. Seeing how he was such a fool, how could a child born from him be much better? Ahhh, why did I get on this dubious ship, what a lack of eyesight.

Xia Mingyuan received a bitter gaze projected by Liu Yixiang, and for some reason, suddenly felt a chill behind him. Getting shot for no reason, he was innocent! 

Liu Yixiang the couple were busy exchanging feelings with their eyes when suddenly they heard a magnetic and deep question behind them: “That child…” 

Xia Mingyuan and Liu Yixiang became stiff. When they turned their heads, Xia Haotian’s eyes were twinkling. He was staring at Second Baby who was crying not far away.

Xia Yuqing and the others entered the palace this evening and did not bring the two children with them. They asked the caretakers that took care of the two brothers to take care of the two children. They did not expect that those people would take the two to the banquet, and they were even now standing in front of Xia Haotian. Although Xia Haotian didn’t like Xia Yuqing, he probably hadn’t seen Xia Yuqing before, otherwise he would’ve recognized Xia Yuqing dressed as a boy, but what about that one off chance? 

“Why does Ben Gong feel that the child looks a little familiar?” Royal Concubine Roujia looked at Second Baby for a long time, and said thoughtfully. 

“Uh…” Liu Yixiang and Xia Mingyuan’s faces changed, they forcefully smiled, “This child was born by a distant relative of Xiang Er’s. He has just arrived in the capital recently and is temporarily living in Er Chen’s Mansion. Royal Mother should never have seen them before.” 

“Oh, is it like that? Which relative is it of the prince consort?” Royal Concubine Roujia’s eyes were already a bit aggressive. 

Xia Mingyuan’s complexion changed slightly. Not knowing how to respond, he suddenly saw the imperial army rushing in from outside. They quickly stepped forward and kneeled in front of Xia Haotian: “Your Majesty, something has happened in the palace.” 

Xia Haotian’s face changed, he did not continue to explore the identity of Second Baby. He quickly walked out. 

When Royal Concubine Roujia and Xia Mingxuan saw this, they couldn’t help but be stunned, then hurriedly followed.

Leaving Xia Mingyuan and Liu Yixiang’s faces to turn pale, there was only one thought in their hearts, (Royal Sister) Qing Jie Jie, did they get exposed? Before they could think about it, the two settled down the children and hurriedly set off for the palace. 

At the same time, in the Xia Country Palace, Xia Yuqing and the others had indeed accidentally exposed themselves. At this moment, they were fleeing from the imperial army. 

“D*mn, I knew we shouldn’t have gone from that side. I didn’t expect to bump straight into them.” Shao Zitang looked at the Imperial Army chasing after him with a sullen face, his eyes cold. 

“Don’t talk about it for now, the most important thing is to think about how to get out.” 

Xia Yuqing glanced at the solemn faces of several people, and suddenly seemed to have discovered something, and exclaimed, “Third Royal Sister, are you okay, your face is so ugly.” 

“Yun Er…… ” Xia Yuqing calling out like this made Leng Ruofeng realize the person in his arms was a frightening pale colour.

Xia Muyun’s face was pale as paper. Cold sweat kept slipping down her cheeks. She helplessly clutched Leng Ruofeng’s hand, “I…I think…like I am about to give birth.” 


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