FMEA Chapter 214

Chapter 214 Domineering Father-in-law and Son-in-law! 

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Xia Yuqing became stiff. When she reacted, she hurriedly backed away two steps with the baby in her arms. 

Everyone in the room was shocked when they heard the conversation between the two of them. Their hearts that had relaxed a little because of Xia Muyun’s situation once again constricted. 

Feng Tingye quickly stepped forward to block Xia Yuqing behind him. Frowning, he looked at the opposite person. Although from the perspective of Xia Haotian’s previous attitudes towards Xia Yuqing, Xia Haotian shouldn’t do anything unfavorable to Xia Yuqing. But who can guarantee that there would be no accident? 

Xia Haotian coming out like this at this moment, no one could see through his purpose. They were better off being on guard. After all, many people in this country were staring at them from behind him like wolves. 

Xia Haotian had obviously noticed his gaffe. He looked at Feng Tingye’s defensive appearance and Xia Yuqing’s slightly panicked face behind him, his heart could not help but tighten.

Before he could speak, he heard Xia Yuqing reply timidly: “You heard it wrong. Right, you heard it wrong, I didn’t call you Royal Father, I just…” 

“…” Niang Niang (Ai Fei) Can you stop confessing by yourself at this time! Seeing a group of doctors on the side staring at Xia Yuqing in disbelief, Cui Er and the others touched their forehead helplessly. They were defeated by Xia Yuqing’s unreasonable card play once again.     

“Um…that, I didn’t mean that.” Xia Yuqing obviously also dsicovered she had said another stupid thing, the smile on her face stiffened. She laughed awkwardly, “Can you treat it as if you heard nothing just now?”    

“…” There was a suspicious silence in the room.     

Xia Yuqing looked at the dull faces of the people not far away, as well as her family’s embarrassing “what do you think” eyes. She was completely depressed. One hand reached out to Feng Tingye’s shoulder: “Your Majesty, I didn’t mean it! Woo…”     

Feng Tingye sighed, helplessly and playfully replied: “It’s okay, it’s been such a long time, Zhen is used to it.” 

“…” Ultra Seme Lord, even you… Xia Yuqing stared at Feng Tingye’s teasing face. She felt that she was alone and helpless, she won’t love anymore. 

Xia Yuqing’s dejected look that made even her ears hang down caused Feng Tingye to reach out his hand and touch the hair on her head, “Hey, I won’t dislike you.” 

“…” Ultra Seme Lord, do you think you are petting a puppy? Xia Yuqing’s mood did not recover at all, but became more and more depressed.

Xia Haotian looked at the showy affection between the two, and his cold face became a little gentle. But soon this gentleness was completely suppressed by him. The stern eyes swept over to the doctors on the side, and several people shuddered. 

“Zhen thinks that since you guys have stayed in the palace for so long, you should know what to say and what not to say.” The majestic voice was saturated with a bit of coldness and warning, making the expressions of these old women who have been in the palace for many years change. They sincerely and fearfully replied: “Chen heard nothing.”     

Xia Haotian glanced at the few people with satisfaction, and said in a deep voice, “I have something to discuss with the princess, withdraw. Ruihai, go out and tell the Imperial Concubine  and the fourth prince that it is not too early tonight. Have them go back and rest first, we will speak tomorrow.”     

“Yes.” The chief eunuch next to Xia Haotian followed the physicians and retired. But after a little bit, they saw him walking in quickly, “Your Majesty, the Crown Prince and consort are still waiting outside, do you want them…”     

Xia Yuqing and the others were taken aback, a bit of surprise appeared in their eyes. 

Xia Haotian’s gaze scanned the people back and forth: “No, let them in, I have something to ask them.”     

Xia Yuqing and the others’ expressions changed. Looking at Xia Haotian’s expressionless appearance, they all agreed. They had a somewhat bad premonition.

At the same time, after hearing Rui Hai’s announcement outside the door, even though she was a little unwilling to leave, Royal Concubine Roujia helplessly prepared to leave. When she saw Rui Hai walk out again, she looked at Rui Hai expectantly. She was expecting Xia Haotian to change his mind, but did not expect that the gaze of his would not stay on her body. Instead, he walked towards Xia Mingyuan and Liu Yixiang who stood silently on the side. 

“Your Royal Highness and Crown Princess, the emperor invites you two to come in now.” 

Xia Mingyuan and Liu Yixiang looked at each other. They nodded towards Ruihai, and smiled politely when passing by Royal Concubine Roujia. 

Unexpectedly, this slightly perfunctory polite smile turned into a provocative ridicule in the eyes of the enraged Concubine Roujia at this moment. 

This evening, Royal Concubine Roujia felt that she had experienced a cold reception and shock that she had never experienced before. First, at the banquet held by the two children, she watched Xia Haotian take out the dragon jade, which indirectly admitted the future status of Xia Mingyuan and his son. Later, he met Xia Yuqing, the little b*tch she hated. Now the emperor didn’t even look at her, and after driving herself away, had summoned Xia Mingyuan and the others to join him. This sharp contrast made her taste an unprecedented humiliation.

Royal Concubine Roujia stood on the spot and clenched her hands firmly. She was trembling with anger, when she whispered in a low voice: “One day, Ben Gong will trample all of you under my feet until living would be worse than death, especially for that little b*tch!” After speaking, Royal Concubine Roujia waved her sleeves angrily and turned to leave.     

Regarding the angry Royal Concubine Roujia, she didn’t notice that Xia Mingxuan, who was closest to her, stared at her while she said these word, and a cold flash appeared quickly in his eyes.     

After a while, Xia Mingxuan retracted his gaze and turned to look at the closed door behind him. His eyes showed confidence in winning.     

As soon as Xia Mingyuan stepped into the door, he felt the atmosphere in the room. His heart trembled. Letting go of Liu Yixiang’s hand, he walked to Xia Haotian and greeted him: “This child greets Royal Father, Royal sister…” 

Xia Haotian glanced at him. Stern eyes stared at Xia Muyun who was still weak after giving birth. Her face was pale. Leng Ruofeng stood beside her, as well as Xia Yuqing and Feng Tingye who also slid over. He finally returned to Xia Mingyuan, and sneered: “Everyone is here, good! Yuan Er, can you tell your father what is going on?”     

“Father…” Xia Mingyuan was about to speak, but he was interrupted by Xia Haotian: “Royal sister? Is the Royal sister in your mouth the one who is not able to move much now, or the one in front of you?”     

Xia Mingyuan saw Xia Haotian’s eyes rest on Xia Yuqing’s body. He was shocked when he heard Xia Haotian’s words this time. Could it be that father had already seen through the identity of the little Royal sister, and now he was ordering himself here to punish him?     

Although Xia Mingyuan faintly knew that Feng Tingye and the others may have already exposed themselves when he rushed over and this night would not turn out better, now facing Xia Haotian’s anger, Xia Mingyuan still couldn’t help shaking.     

A layer of cold sweat appeared on the palm of his hand, but Xia Mingyuan still managed to maintain his composure: “Father, I don’t understand what you mean, I just wanted to ask how Third Royal Sister was? How could there be another Royal Sister here…” 

With a loud bang, the only table in the room that was intact collapsed. It raised a lot of dust in the room.     

Xia Yuqing shrank behind Feng Tingye like a frightened little rabbit. D*mn! Her cheap father was angry and was going to release the carnage! Accompanying one’s sovereign can be like accompanying a tiger, people from the ancient times can’t afford to be offended! Sure enough, all the high-risk occupations are around the emperor nowadays!     

Xia Muyun took a deep breath. She heard the movement and sat up: “It’s none of their business. I don’t want to stay in this palace anymore, I don’t want to see you again, so I asked them to pick me up. If you have any dissatisfaction, you can come to me, don’t bother them.”     

“Yun Er…” Leng Ruofeng’s face changed slightly. Just when he wanted to speak, he saw Xia Muyun leaning to the side with exhaustion and hurriedly helped. After taking her hand, he took Xia Muyun into his arms and looked at Xia Haotian with a guarded expression.

Seeing Xia Muyun’s frail appearance, Xia Yuqing twisted her eyebrows slightly. She was “a little bit” afraid earlier, but now it was thrown into the clouds in an instant. She stuffed the baby in her hands into Cui Er’s arms, then she rushed in front of Xia Muyun. She opened her arms and looked up at Xia Haotian, “Third Royal Sister just gave birth to her baby, you can’t blame her. Also, although we are wrong to trespass into the palace, did you do nothing wrong? If it weren’t for you breaking up the loving couple, imprisoning Third Royal Sister in the palace for no reason, and even trying to mess with the loving couple by having her marry a person she didn’t even like, why would we take the risk and break into the palace?” 

Xia Yuqing stood in front of Xia Muyun with a face that said, “Obviously you made the mistake first. If you prevent others from falling in love, you will be kicked by a donkey. We didn’t even ask you to settle that account, yet you dare to come to find our fault?” She looked straight at the opposite person without fear. The people on the side were sweating coldly, for fear that Xia Haotian would be unhappy and that he would be so furious that he would have Xia Yuqing arrested and put in jail. 

Xia Haotian looked at the stubbornness and blame revealed in Xia Yuqing’s clear eyes. He couldn’t help feeling a little dazed, but it was only for a moment. After a short while, Xia Haotian recovered and raised his eyebrows: “So, it’s Zhen’s fault?” 

Xia Yuqing’s eyes lit up. Her small face stretched taut. She gave Xia Haotian a cold look, a “If it’s not you then who” look. 

Xia Muyun was frightened when she saw this. She nestled in Leng Ruofeng’s arms, and whispered anxiously: “Royal Sister…” If Xia Yuqing was hurt because of her, then her guilt would be really severe. 

“Royal Father, Royal sister has been away from Xia country for a long time, so she doesn’t remember the rules of this palace. If she offended Royal Father, I ask that Royal Father will  forgive her. Don’t lower yourself to argue with her, Royal…” Xia Mingyuan frowned slightly and hurriedly stepped forward to bow down and apologize.

How can he know that before he finished speaking, he heard Xia Haotian reply coldly: “Zhen is speaking to her, why are you butting in? Didn’t you just say that besides Yun Er, there were no other Royal Sister? Yuan Er, Zhen sees that you have been too comfortable these past few years and have forgotten what kind of sin it is to deceive the emperor, and even forgotten who awarded you your status. If Zhen has a way to give you supreme Glory, naturally there are ways to take it back.” 

Xia Mingyuan’s face paled. He knew that Xia Haotian was using Xia Yuqing to warn himself to be aware of his limitations and duties. Although he had obtained the dragon jade now, he was still far from the point where he could be overwhelmed with joy. 

The talent in front of him was the true emperor of Xia Country, the one who held the power of life and death for all of them. As long as he said a word, his long-term efforts may be in vain in an instant. 

Feng Tingye looked at the undercurrent between the father and son duo. The corners of his lips were slightly hooked. He stepped forward and held Xia Yuqing’s slightly chilly hand. He secretly smiled. This girl was not as fearless as she was on the surface. He looked up to Xia Haotian: “The Crown Prince can’t interrupt, but as the husband of this Ya Tou, Zhen definitely has the right to say a few words to King Xia. After all, since Qing Er married into Ye Kingdom, she is already my person. Zhen speaking for Zhen’s own people should be understandable, right, Father-in-law?”

Feng Tingye said this and instantly pulled everyone’s attention away from Xia Mingyuan. 

Xia Haotian looked at his nominal Son-in-law and narrowed his eyes: “Zhen remembers the time Zhen saw you in Ye Kingdom. You were only a half a child.” 

Feng Tingye smiled slightly, “Leaving aside our relationship as son and Father-in-law, perhaps I should call you Shi Bo.” (Uncle; affectionate call)

Shi Bo?! Xia Yuqing was startled, she couldn’t help feeling a little surprised. Her family’s master and her cheap father had known each other a long time ago? Why didn’t she know at all? 

Shao Zitang was also taken aback, but then he remembered the reason why Feng Tingye and Xia Yuqing were married. It was because the emperor had an agreement with the Xia emperor to form a familial relationship. With this kind of agreement, the relationship between the two definitely was not simple. 

“Since you called me “Shi Bo”, you should know that I am your elder. Was that your attitude towards an elder just now? Back then, even your Father would not have dared to speak to me in this tone.” 

As soon as Xia Haotian said this, everyone obviously felt that the air in the room suddenly became a little heavy. 

However, Feng Tingye was not frightened. Feng Tingye didn’t change his face as he faced Xia Haotian’s anger, “You also said “before”. The times have changed, many things are quite different. Back then, the country of Shu was still a small border country that needed to be attached to Ye country, now it dares to take advantage of the weakness within Ye country, so what else is impossible?” 

Xia Haotian seemed amused by Feng Tingye’s remarks. He chuckled. “What you mean is that you are also going to take advantage of my weakness?” 

“Don’t misunderstand me, Father-in-law, Zhen is just speaking about the matter as is. Zhen is not an unreasonable person. As long as Father-in-law respects Zhen, Zhen will respect Father-in-law. However, there is one thing Zhen still hopes that Father-in-law can remember…” 

“Oh, what is it?”

“Zhen is Zhen, not Zhen’s father.” So using the same strategy that was used against his Father back then to deal with him, the ugly person to die in the end would definitely not be him! 

Xia Yuqing clearly felt that as soon as Feng Tingye finished speaking, the atmosphere in the room became strange and unpredictable again. 

Xia Yuqing glanced at Feng Tingye, then at Xia Haotian again. She suddenly seemed to have understood something. 

Oh my, could this be the legendary Father and Son-in-law showdown comparable to World War III? After such a long time, my cheap daddy didn’t compete with Iceberg Prime Minister, but got into a bloody storm with the Ultra Seme Lord? Ooh, this is a veritable matchup between two kings! At this time, it would be great if she could sit down and take out some peanuts to watch the show! 

Xia Yuqing should be grateful that there was no such thing as mind-reading in this world. Otherwise, with her thoughts, it is very likely that the confrontation that might have occurred would have evolved into a strong alliance to abuse her alone. 

Xia Haotian looked at him without fear. He was a very rebellious young man. The corners of his lips raised slightly: “Newborn calves are not afraid of tigers. You are much braver than your Father.” 

Feng Tingye did not pay attention to the irony in Xia Haotian’s words. He said with a shameless smile: “Father-in-law, there is a saying, the pupil will surpass the teacher. Of course Zhen should be braver than my father. Otherwise, this generation would not be as good as the previous generation, and the future of Ye Kingdom should be worrying.” 

“…” Ultra Seme Lord, are you showing your displeasure with my Father-in-law who I had never seen in a secretive manner? 

Xia Haotian chuckled and shot back: “So you used your extraordinary courage to hack into the Xia Country imperial palace in an attempt to take my daughter away?”

Feng Tingye stretched out his hand to embrace Xia Yuqing’s waist and laughed: “Father-in-law, I think you have misunderstood again. We can only be regarded as a private intrusion into the palace. We only accidentally learned that the Third Princess of your country and our Prime Minister Leng Ruofeng privately had made a pledge to be married without their parents’ approval. In fact, she was even pregnant. Ruofeng missed his wife and children dearly, so since today coincided with the full moon ceremony of Father-in-law and his two Royal grandchildren and this incident was urgent and sudden, we didn’t have time to send a message. We could only sneak in privately to meet his wife and child. Meeting to relieve the suffering of lovesickness is human nature. Now that you are back now, Father-in-law, why don’t we have a good talk. How about we have Third Princess marry to Ye country?”

 “!” As soon as the words came out, everyone was taken aback. All eyes widened and looked at Feng Tingye in disbelief. 

This kid was setting himself up from the beginning! Xia Haotian’s face became dark. His slightly squinted eyes were also stained with a bit of concealed danger. 

Xia Yuqing nestled in Feng Tingye’s arms had her mouth become O-shaped long ago. Oh d*mn he truly deserves to be the Ultra Seme Lord! With just a few words, he abruptly beautified their blatant charge into the palace into a loving tragedy-ridden couple. Because they were separated in two different places, it was difficult to restrain themselves and they had no choice. Breaking into the harem, risking his life just to see his wife and child, what a touching love story… Shoot, this ability to reverse black and white, I give up! Ultra Seme Lord, please receive my bow and worship!

“Marriage? What if Zhen doesn’t agree?” Xia Haotian stared at Feng Tingye’s eyes, his eyes flashing with danger. 

Feng Tingye was unmoved. He spread his hands, and said with an expression that was like a dead pig not afraid of boiling water: “If Father-in-law doesn’t agree, I can’t help it. But now that the child of Third Princess has been born, although Father-in-law will try his best to conceal it, it would be difficult to guarantee that the gossiping women in the city will not spread the news out at that time. This might seriously damage the reputation of the Third Princess. Not to mention, the Third Princess and Ruofeng have a love as deep as the ocean and would not marry anyone else. By the way, even if Third Princess really agreed to Father-in-law’s arrangements to marry someone else, it is difficult to avoid gossip in the husband’s house. People are terrible, and presumably Father-in-law would not want to see the daughter he loves so much to be gossiped behind her back right?” 

Xia Haotian’s face turned darker again. His gaze at Feng Tingye became more and more unkind. This kid knew Yun Er would be reluctant to marry anyone else since she met that man. Now that the child had been born safely, he couldn’t even threaten her with the child. He had no choice but to compromise with her. 

“It seems that you are not only much braver than your father, but also a lot smarter than your father.” 

Feng Tingye grinned and laughed at such compliments, “My Father-in-law is exaggerating. Nowadays, if you don’t learn to be smart, it’s easy to die young. So Zhen will definitely live longer than Zhen’s father, and not die as early as he did.”

“…” Ultra Seme Lord, stabbing the previous emperor like this, aren’t you afraid that Royal Mother will hang you up and beat you when she discovers this? 

Xia Yuqing looked at Feng Tingye speechlessly. She suddenly found that Feng Tingye was also invincible in being shameless! This thick-skinned… Ultra Seme Lord, look at your feet! Your morals have been discarded all over the ground! 

Xia Haotian also seemed to be shocked by Feng Tingye’s cheeky response. He was taken aback for a moment before he sighed. He stepped past Feng Tingye and the two, and walked towards Xia Muyun. 

“Third Royal Sister…” Xia Yuqing was startled. She wanted to step forward but was pulled back by Feng Tingye first. She raised her head in suspicion, but saw Feng Tingye smile and shake his head at herself. 

Seeing Xia Haotian walking towards her, Leng Ruofeng hurriedly held Xia Muyun in his arms. A bit of guard appeared on his face, so the temperature in the whole room dropped several degrees. 

Xia Haotian first set his gaze on Xia Muyun’s body, but Xia Muyun leaned her head on Leng Ruofeng’s shoulder. She didn’t want to look at him at all. Xia Haotian had no other choice, so he turned his gaze to Leng Ruofeng’s body. They stared at each other for a long time, his eyebrows slightly twisted. When everyone thought he was going to be angry again, they heard him say something serious. “From now on, if Zhen hears that you have been bad towards Yun Er, even if Zhen has to exhaust all the power of Xia Country, Zhen will definitely make you suffer worse than death.” 

Xia Muyun raised her head quickly. She looked at Xia Haotian in surprise. Is he allowing them to be together? 

Leng Ruofeng was startled. Staring directly at Xia Haotian, he replied earnestly and sincerely: “I swear by my life, I will spend my whole life with Yun Er and our daughter, making them safe and happy forever.”

Xia Haotian humphed and said no more. He turned and walked back to Feng Tingye, “This is the end of this matter, I will not pursue anything tonight. Yun Er and Ye Kingdom’s marriage, let’s wait until Yun Er’s body recovers a little bit.” 

Xia Haotian said this and glanced at Xia Yuqing’s group: “Even though Zhen said that and wants you to stay for the time being and have Yun Er sent over later, you probably won’t be able to leave without worry. So, let’s do this. During this period of time, you will first live in Yuan Er’s Mansion. Zhen will conceal the identities of the others except for the Prime Minister. You should also pay attention to yourself. Zhen doesn’t want to hear that the emperor of Ye Kingdom suddenly appeared here causing Xia Country’s domestic reputation to waver.” 

Feng Tingye heard the profound meaning of Xia Haotian’s words and his eyes went cold. 

After Xia Haotian finished speaking, he took a look at Xia Yuqing and turned around, “Send the Third Princess back to rest. You guys also go back to where you came from.” 

It wasn’t until Xia Haotian left the gate of the courtyard that everyone woke up like a dream: “Is this over? Emperor Xia was this easy to convince?” 

Easy to convince? Feng Tingye thoughtfully looked at the person who didn’t realize anything in his arms, and his eyes flickered. A large part of the reason why that man was so easy to convince was probably because of this girl here! The man’s attitude towards this girl was really interesting. 

What everyone didn’t notice was that there was one other person besides Feng Tingye who found Xia Haotian’s treatment towards Xia Yuqing unusual.

Xia Muyun pursed her lips and recalled the look Xia Haotian had given Xia Yuqing just before leaving. Did she make a mistake? She always felt that the expression in the eyes of her father towards little Royal sister did not look like he had been negligent and dismissive of her for many years. 

The fact that Xia Yuqing and the others breaking into the palace wasn’t made a big deal under Xia Haotian’s deliberate concealment and finally ended, anyone who knew the inside story would think that Xia Haotian deliberately favored Xia Muyun. Although there were some criticisms about Xia Haotian’s actions, no one dared to say it clearly, except… 

“Your Majesty, the Imperial Concubine requested to see you.” Late in the morning, there was an announcement from outside the Imperial Study Room. 

The actions of Xia Haotian paused: “Let her come in.” 

Royal Concubine Roujia had a stomach of anger last night. Thinking about how Xia Haotian would deal with Xia Muyun and those who trespassed in the palace, she didn’t expect to wait left and right, but after waiting for a long time, she didn’t hear the news she wanted. Instead, she heard the news that the Third Princess was preparing to marry to Ye Kingdom. Understanding something all at once, Royal Concubine Roujia’s complexion changed. The fire erupted after being contained all night. She got up and rushed towards Xia Haotian. 

“Ai Fei coming here so early, is there something important?”

“It’s almost noon, it’s not early, Your Majesty.” With a full stomach of resentment, the tone of Royal Concubine Roujia was not as gentle and moving as usual. She looked at the man at the desk, and said straightforwardly, “I heard that Your Majesty is going to let the Third Princess marry to Ye?” 

Xia Haotian seemed to have expected that Royal Concubine Roujia would ask this, and said bluntly: “Yun Er’s child is Ye’s Prime Minister, is it possible for her to stay here with us and not marry?” 

Royal Concubine Roujia sneered: “Your Majesty, what are you going to do with the rebels who broke into the forbidden palace last night?” 

Xia Haotian raised his head and glanced at her, and replied, “They are here to see Yun Er, and Yun Er’s future husband is among them. Looking at Yun Er’s face, I decided to spare them once, there will be no next time.” 

“Hehe, no next time?” Royal Concubine Roujia looked up and stared at Xia Haotian’s face, her eyes were already stained with a bit of resentment, “Is it for Yun Er’s face or that little b*tch’s face?” 

“You…” Xia Haotian’s eyes shrank. 

Seeing Xia Haotian’s face chang, Concubine Roujia laughed more and more crazily: “Don’t think I don’t know, the man you caught yesterday is the little b*tch that the b*tch gave birth to! Last time I didn’t recognize her, so she was lucky. This time I recognized her so this can be considered her misfortune. If the ministers in the court knew her true identity and knew that she had returned, what would happen Your Majesty?”

Before the words were over, Royal Concubine Roujia only felt her eyes become dark. When she recovered, her hand was held by Xia Haotian, and her whole person was pressed down by him on the desk behind her. All the things on the desk fell all over the floor.

“Ah… Your Majesty, you are hurting Chen Qie.” Royal Concubine Roujia suddenly felt a pain in her wrist and exclaimed. 

Unexpectedly, Xia Haotian had no intention of pitying her at all. With murderous intent on his face, he said coldly: “If you really dare to expose this, it will not just be this pain.” 

“Your Majesty…” Roujia stared blankly at the man with a murderous aura in front of her, feeling that he was unfamilar for the first time. 

“You should know what you have done back then. Don’t think that Zhen doesn’t know anything because Zhen didn’t pursue it. Zhen is warning you if you dare to touch her this time, Zhen will definitely make you regret coming to this world. Tuoba Ye Feng, don’t touch my bottom line again and again. Zhen is no longer the little boy who couldn’t do anything back then. Your Tuoba clan is also not up in the sky like they were in the past. Remember what Zhen said, if you annoy Zhen, the consequences, you…can’t afford it.” 

After speaking, Xia Haotian pulled the hand of Royal Concubine Roujia and threw it to the ground, and shouted, “Get lost.” 

Royal Concubine Roujia looked at Xia Haotian as never before. The face that was shown in front of him was pale. 

A dragon was still a dragon even if it had been confined by chains and slept for many years. And now the dragon was slowly waking up from its deep sleep, and was beginning to break free from the chains, to escape from the cage, ready to soar into the sky at any time.

Royal Concubine Roujia pursed her lips unwillingly, but she got up from the ground and stumbled towards the outside. 

Xia Haotian watched the door of the imperial study room being closed tightly again, and let out a sigh of relief: “Since you’re here, come out.” 

Just after the words were spoken, inside the imperial study room, a breeze blew gently. It blew away the low hanging curtains in the study. 

Xia Haotian turned around and looked at the appearance of the person behind him that hadn’t changed for more than 20 years. He murmured with emotion: “You are finally back, Shu Yan.” 

The black cat in the arms of the person behind seemed to understand Xia Haotian and uttered a lazy greeting: “meow ……”

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