FMEA Chapter 215

Chapter 215 I Still Want a Sister 

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After Imperial Concubine Roujia came out of the imperial study room, she returned to her bedroom fuming. The more she thought about it, the angrier she became. She smashed the countless porcelain in her bedroom. 

As soon as Xia Mingxuan, who was temporarily called to rescue, arrived outside the palace, he heard earth-shaking movement inside. He frowned slightly, took a deep breath, and stepped into the house. 

As soon as he opened the door, he felt a suffocating air rushing towards him. Xia Mingxuan reflexively ducked to the side. In the next second, a cup filled with hot tea swept across his face, and broke apart behind him, splashing water stains on the ground. 

“Get out, everyone, get out for Ben Gong!” 

Xia Mingxuan glanced at the messy house. Like a trapped beast, the woman could only calm down her panic and resentment in her heart by roaring. There was a cold light that flashed by in his eyes. 

He picked up the phoenix hairpin on the ground that was thrown out by Royal Concubine Roujia. He walked to Royal Concubine Roujia and comforted her softly: “Why is Mother so angry? What if you hurt your body from your anger? This hairpin was given to you by His Majesty, Royal Mother, you usually like to wear this the most, how come you threw it away in a huff? Quickly put it away.”     

“Hairpin? Haha, I can’t even keep the person anymore, so what use would I have for a hairpin.” Royal Concubine Roujia sneered at herself. Afterwards, as if going crazy, she grabbed the hairpin in Xia Mingxuan’s hand and threw it outside again.     

Xia Mingxuan watched her actions coldly. When her emotions calmed down a little bit, he slowly stepped forward and tapped her shoulders: “Mother, don’t be angry, it’s not worth it to be angry and hurt yourself. Tell your child what happened. What’s the matter, did Father… irritate you?”     

Xia Mingxuan’s voice was magnetic and soft, as if it had a touch of magic. It was able to comfort people and allowed the anger of Royal Concubine Roujia to slightly diminish.

As soon as the anger diminished, Royal Concubine Roujia only felt she was a little sleepy. Since the death of that b*tch, she had not been this angry for many years. And this time, the anger was for the little b*tch she gave birth to. Sure enough, that Mother and daughter duo was her nemesis in this life, the calamity of the entire Xia Kingdom! Why didn’t she choke the child to death after it was born? ! 

Along with sleepiness, there was a deep grievance. As soon as Imperial Concubine Roujia grasped Xia Mingxuan’s hand, she looked at Xia Mingxuan with an aggrieved expression like he was the last driftwood floating in the ocean. “Xuan Er, Xuan Er, how could your Father be like this? Because of that b*stard, that little bitch, he was rough to your Mother. Look at your Mother’s wrists, they were squeezed by your Father. Your Father even threatened your Mother that if I dared to move against that little b*tch, he would do something to this concubine and her family! How could your Father be so ungrateful, why didn’t he remember who supported him to that position, and who it was…” 

“Mother!” Xia Mingxuan frowned when he heard Royal Concubine Roujia say more and more, then finally interrupted her complaint with a halt. 

Royal Concubine Roujia was taken aback by Xia Mingxuan, then she realized that what she said was a bit too much, however the anger and unwillingness in her heart did not dissipate at all.

Seeing her like this, Xia Mingxuan couldn’t help but sigh lightly: “Mother, Father, he is a man. A man above tens of thousands. As long as he is a man, he will not like being held back by others. Maybe the Tuoba family back then did really help him, but this little favor, what do you think is more important in his heart compared to thousands of miles of rivers and mountains? The most ruthless emperor, Mother, even if the Tuoba clan is overwhelmingly powerful, they are still just a minister family. Since ancient times, officials do not fight against the emperor. If you keep using the Tuoba clan to restrain Father, Father will be impatient one day. If this continues, whether it’s Father or Mother or even the Tuoba clan, there will be no benefit, so…” 

As the saying goes, a lean camel is still bigger than a horse, but it is only bigger in size than a horse. Compared with the real beast, it would just be insignificant. (idiom about camel = people who have special expertise in one aspect, even if they suddenly become poor in this aspect, are better than some people who have just come out in this aspect)

A monarch has been restrained by a so-called big family for so many years, how can he not have a sense of resistance? For so many years, that man has been invisible to the Tuoba clan and little by little had built up his status. Yet this woman in front of him, who had been in the palace for so many years, thinks that this man will still be in her grasp just like many years ago? That he would willingly be controlled? That her future status will be preserved due to her backings? Thinking about this, Xia Mingxuan’s eyes on his Mother were also stained with a bit of obvious disdain.

Although Royal Concubine Roujia was unwilling, she had to admit that Xia Mingxuan made a lot of sense. 

She was actually not stupid, otherwise it would not be possible for her to climb to where she was today. It’s just that the smooth days of these years paralyzed her sensitivity. The sudden change messed with her, especially when the change involved familiar people, which made her feel even more unbearable. 

“You make sense, but are you just going to be indifferent to that little b*tch… As long as I remember that she is safe and sound in Xia country and that she may come out and bite us at any time, your Mother can’t sleep or eat!” Royal Concubine Roujia gritted her teeth, and the hatred in her eyes didn’t seem to be a joke at all. 

Seeing her like this, Xia Mingxuan became more puzzled. He pursed his lips, and tentatively asked: “Mother, why are you so tormented by little Royal Sister, she…” 

“Little Royal Sister?” RouJia looked up at Xia Mingxuan. The obvious shock and disappointment in her eyes stung Xia Mingxuan, causing him to take a step back unconsciously: “Mother.” 

“What Little Royal sister, she is just a…” At the critical moment, Roujia paused, “She is just a lowly b*stard born from a lowly girl. She is a shame to the entire royal family. Don’t interfere in this matter, your Mother will take care of it. You just have to think about how to regain the favour of the emperor. That’s fine. Xia Mingyuan, that little beast, did he really think he would be fine if he got the dragon jade? Huh, just watch. In the end, the one who will sit on top of the throne must be you, my Tuoba family’s blood!” 

“Yes, your son understands.” Xia Mingxuan heard the tension in the words of Royal Concubine Roujia. The doubts in his heart continued to increase. He didn’t believe that a little b*tch’s daughter would make his Mother so jealous. It seemed that he should take a good look at what grievances existed between his Mother and the b*tch in her mouth.

Imperial Concubine Roujia, who was already somewhat guilty in conscience, saw that Xia Mingxuan stopped asking more questions, and secretly breathed a sigh of relief. She did not see that Xia Mingxuan’s interest in his eyes did not diminish at all.

Since it had been reported from the palace that Xia Muyun was to marry to Ye Country, then her marriage to Taishi Daren naturally ended. 

People were full of spirit at the happy events. Xia Muyun also felt very happy after knowing that not only did she not need to marry the young master who she does not like, but she could marry Leng Ruofeng as she wished. She couldn’t wait to immediately follow everyone back to Ye Country, but it’s a pity that after giving birth to the little princess, there was still a lot of damage to her body. 

Knowing that Xia Muyun was desperately trying to leave Xia Country, the great doctor Su Qingyan, who delivered the baby, only rolled his eyes and threw at her: “You’re looking for death? Did you know how hard it was to pull your foot that stepped into the h*ll’s gate back, and now you’re anxiously to step in?” 

Needless to say, thanks to Su Qingyan’s words, they collectively were poisoned by Leng Ruofeng’s air-conditioning for a whole day. They almost turned into a pile of ice sculptures on the spot. 

Later, the genius doctor added another word: “The Third Princess has a great injury and needs to be well rested, otherwise it will easily become a problem in the future.” Then, Xia Muyun really experienced being treated as a ceramic doll. 

“I’m really fine. That quack doctor is just exaggerating. Can’t you see that I’m all good? I can walk, jump, and run.” Xia Muyun was forced to stay in bed for several days and felt stiff from lying down for so long. Seeing Xia Yuqing and the others come over, she hurriedly pulled them over to complain. She lifted the quilt and had to get out of bed to demonstrate it in person. Xia Yuqing and Liu Yixiang hurriedly stepped forward and held her down. If the Prime Minister saw this, they didn’t even want to imagine what kind of trouble he would cause.

Xia Yuqing wiped the cold sweat on her head: “Royal Sister, you should stop. You almost died several times when you gave birth to the child. Those of us who were watching outside felt terrified, let alone the Prime Minister who was standing by your side and witnessing everything.” 

As soon as Xia Yuqing finished speaking, Liu Yixiang also hurriedly added: “That’s exactly right! Let me tell you, the month after childbirth cannot be taken carelessly, otherwise one will suffer a lot in the future. Moreover, Isn’t RuoFeng concerned about you? If you have a slight disturbance, Ruofeng won’t hesitate to fly to you right away. I grew up with him, and I am used to seeing him look cold and be cold about everything, but I haven’t seen him care about anyone so much. You should pity him, don’t always let him be frightened.” 

Xia Muyun listened to the two talking back and forth and her face blushed. She became sulky, but her face was a little embarrassed as she proudly said: “He’s too fussy.” 

Xia Yuqing and Liu Yixiang looked at each other. They smiled, and did not reveal Xia Muyun who was saying one thing but thinking another. They teased: “From what I see, it’s not the Prime Minister who is making a fuss, but Third Royal sister. You just can’t wait to be the bride of the Prime Minister. That’s why… didn’t I say, you can’t get away from your marriage, so you don’t have to be so impatient. Prime Minister is a cooked duck, do you think he can still fly off?” 

Xia Muyun flushed when she was poked at the center of the matter. She almost blended in with the red clothes she was wearing. Annoyed and angry, she wanted to reach out to catch Xia Yuqing, but was avoided. She even wanted to lift her quilt and get out of bed.

Liu Yixiang saw her intention and hurriedly stepped forward to stop her, “Don’t don’t, Qing Jiejie was just making a joke, don’t be angry.” 

Xia Yuqing looked at Xia Muyun’s blushing little face that was about to smoke. She stuck her tongue out, she really didn’t expect Xia Muyun’s face to be so thin.

In order to avoid angering her Third Royal Sister and having to face a high-powered cold wind, Xia Yuqing voluntarily asked for forgiveness and changed the subject: “Third Royal Sister, I was wrong, I will not dare joke around anymore. Right, where’s the little princess? We haven’t seen her since we arrived. I heard that she has grown up a lot these days, so hurry up and show us.” 

Seeing Xia Yuqing mention her baby girl, Xia Muyun didn’t care about getting angry anymore. She smiled: “She’s next door, probably still asleep. You can go look, but don’t wake up the child.” 


Xia Yuqing and Liu Yixiang happily went to the next room, but they didn’t expect a few people to be one step ahead of them. 

The luxurious baby cradle was covered with all kinds of soft material to make the baby in the cradle lie more comfortable. 

Less than a month after she was born, she was still very weak. Her whole body was small, and even the sound of breathing was faint, as if she could be easily disturbed by anything. 

At this moment, on the side of the oval baby cradle, she was surrounded by four little peas that were slightly larger than the baby. The small hands on the edge of the cradle were accompanied by four pairs of watery, clear eyes curiously staring at the cradle. 

“Oh, how did my little sister become like this? The last time I saw her, she was still red and as ugly as a monkey!” Xia Yuhan was at the place closest to the baby’s head, looking surprised. Compared to before, the little baby has changed a lot from half a month ago.

When the child was first born, several children heard that they had an extra little sister and were very curious and excited. The boys were full of expectation, hoping that the little sister would be as cute as Second Baby, while Second Baby, who was the only baby girl before, was very happy that she finally had a little sister. 

A group of children followed their parents to the princess mansion with high expectations to catch a glimpse of the legendary little sister, but after seeing the little sister’s face, everyone was disappointed. The ugly child was red and as thin as a little monkey. It had barely any hair and could not even open her eyes. Was this the little sister they were looking forward to? ! Why were they so cute and beautiful, but the little sister so ugly? ! 

The greater the hope, the greater the disappointment. The four little buns who had been severely abused by reality had never recovered. Even though their Mothers’ had repeatedly ensured that the little sister was just too young and would look better once she’s grown, they couldn’t listen to the explanation.

In the next half month, because of the severe blow and because of Leng Ruofeng, after seeing his freshly born baby girl crying under the hands of many visitors, he finally couldn’t bear it and kicked all the visitors out and closed the door. Thanks to that, the children never saw the baby again. 

If it weren’t for them being idle and them following their Mother around and thinking about looking at the little baby again on a whim… 

Several people were very grateful for this occasion at this moment. If it weren’t for this occasion, they would have missed it. They would have not witnessed this miracle! 

“It’s really the same as what Mother said, little sister has become so cute!” Second Baby grabbed the cradle on the other side, and watched the little baby’s face that had become a lot rounder compared to half a month ago. Afterwards, she still couldn’t bear it and couldn’t help but poke it. 

The child’s skin was tender and slippery as if it had absorbed water to be so smooth. It was immediately dented by Second Baby’s round little finger, and bounced back when Second Baby withdrew her hand.

Second Baby was taken aback. Watching this scene very strangely, her eyes widened, and she pressed the baby’s small face with her little finger, then gently retracted it. She watched the small face return to its original shape. 

Press down, retract, press down, retract. Second Baby seemed to have discovered some novel game accidentally. She happily molested the little baby’s round face until she pressed the little baby’s face to turn a little red. The sleeping little baby moved a little uncomfortably, her small face wrinkled, and her teethless mouth opened up, and she burst into tears: “Waaa…” 

“!” The four little beans in the room went stiff. Staring at the crying baby in the cradle with wide eyes and a look of astonishment, they were collectively stunned. 

“What’s going on? What’s going on?” Xia Yuqing and Liu Yixiang had just come from next door and were about to push open the door to enter. Suddenly they heard the child crying loudly. They thought something was wrong, and were shocked. They hurriedly rushed into the room, and saw… 



The two adults and the four children looked at each other, and the atmosphere in the room was a bit stagnant for a while. 

A moment later, there was another cry of unwillingness to be alone and the six of them woke up like a dream.

The two adults hurriedly stepped forward and picked up the crying baby. They tried their best to coax her, but it didn’t work. In the end, they had to carry the baby back to the Mother’s arms to stop the baby from crying. 

In Xia Muyun’s house, the three boys were standing on the edge, rarely at a loss, while Second Baby was clutching Xia Yuqing’s clothes. She stared at Xia Muyun’s arms with big black grape-like eyes. She was hiccuping and her eyes were red: “I’m sorry, baby didn’t mean it.” 

Xia Muyun was tapping the baby’s back and coaxing in a low voice, when she heard Second Baby whispering apologetically. She raised her head and looked at Second Baby amusedly: “It’s not Dun Dun’s fault. Baby only cries when she is hungry. It is not Dun Dun’s fault, so Dun Dun doesn’t need to blame herself.”

“Hungry?” Now it was not just Second Baby, even the boys who were also somewhat guilty came over with a little curiosity. 

“En.” Xia Muyun touched the baby’s belly, then she called the wetnurse to come in. 

Xia Muyun didn’t have enough milk, after all, she has not recovered from the dystocia yet. Thus, Xia Haotian specifically appointed two nurses in the palace to come over. 

A group of children stared dumbly at the child who was crying miserably in Xia Muyun’s arms. Then as soon as she reached the wet nurse’s arms, she couldn’t wait to nest into the nanny’s arms and start eating. 

The baby’s white skin was slightly pink because she hasn’t seen the sun since she was born. Her eyes were reddened from crying just now, while her little cherry mouth kept sucking milk.

The little baby who was eating successfully turned and watched a group of children and adults motionlessly. 

“Mother, Mother, the little baby’s mouth moves, so cute!” Second Baby turned her head with excitement and grabbed Xia Yuqing’s clothes, pointing at the little baby who was eating not far away. 

Xia Yuqing looked at Second Baby whose face was flushed with excitement, and amusedly reached out her hand and touched Second Baby’s head, “Well, Dundun was also like this when Dundun was born.” 

“Really?” Second Baby’s eyes sparkled. 

“En, Dundun was just as cute as the little baby.” 

Big Baby raised his eyebrows as he listened to the conversation between his younger sister and his Mother. He glanced at his younger sister and then at the little baby who was still drinking not far away. He secretly made a comparison. 

En, he admitted, the baby was really cute, however, his sister was the cutest! A certain sis-con brother nodded with a serious face, and reached an unusually firm conclusion in his heart. 

“Dun Dun likes little sister very much?” Xia Muyun asked with a faint smile looking at Second Baby who was standing in front of the nanny and watching her baby eating.

“En.” Second Baby couldn’t help nodding without thinking. Her eyes were full of love for the baby. After hesitating for a moment, she looked up at Xia Muyun with some expectation: “Auntie, can I touch my little sister again?”

Xia Muyun nodded and said lovingly: “Yes, but Dun Dun should be careful. Baby is still very fragile, so Dun Dun should be careful so as not to hurt the baby.” 

Second Baby nodded obediently, and carefully reached out and touched the little baby’s little hand that was sticking out from the sleeve. Her little face was full of novelty and emotion: “Little baby’s small hands are so soft”

Second Baby got closer, arched her nose and sniffed. Her eyes lit up: “She smells nice too.” 

Xia Muyun looked at Second Baby who was touching her own baby with love, and couldn’t help but laugh with her. As if thinking of something, she raised her head slightly and looked at Xia Yuqing with a slightly ill-intentioned look: “Then you should have your Mother give you a little sister or a little brother.”

 “!” Xia Yuqing was stunned. After watching her Second Baby pause for a second, she suddenly turned her head, looking at her very expectantly. She couldn’t help coughing: “Well, Dundun, you must know it is hard for your Father to raise us Mother daughter duo, if we had one more little brother or sister, your Father may not be able to afford it. In this case, in the future we may not eat as much delicious food.” 

Hearing this, Big Baby couldn’t help but look up at Xia Yuqing. The smile on his little face seemed to say: So you have a pretty good self-awareness, Mother! 

Second Baby was taken aback, the anticipation on her face faded a lot, even the light in her eyes dimmed. 

Xia Yuqing felt a little distressed when she saw that her beloved baby was like this, but when she thought of having another child, her face couldn’t help but want to collapse. Hey, she doesn’t want to have a baby anymore, she was afraid of the pain!

Xia Muyun looked at Xia Yuqing’s dreaded appearance when she mentioned the taboo of having children, and she couldn’t help but smile, “Little Royal sister, how come I didn’t know that Ye Kingdom became so poor that you can’t even afford to raise a few children?” 

Xia Yuqing’s face stiffened. She met Xia Muyun’s hidden gaze. She wished she could dig a hole on the spot and bury herself. Oh, sister, can you stop dismantling my station at this time, can you please be nice and let me go!

God seemed to have heard Xia Yuqing’s cry for help, so what happened next successfully shifted everyone’s attention from Xia Yuqing’s body to another person. 

The little baby who was drinking breast milk in silence did not understand what was happening outside. After drinking for a long time, her belly finally rounded up, then she let go of the nurse and yawned, becoming a little drowsy again. 

Just when the little baby was about to continue her happy life of eating, sleeping, and quickly throwing herself into the embrace of Zhou Gong (god of dreams), a black shadow came over. When everyone had no time to react, he hugged the round body of the little baby and gnawed down on the chubby face. 

“!” Everyone in the room was taken aback by this sudden change. They stared dumbfounded at what was happening before them, forgetting to react, until… 

“Waa…” The little baby who had with great difficulty stopped crying earlier, started crying again. Everyone hurriedly stepped forward to take back the little baby who had been taken advantage of less than a month after her birth. 

As the culprit, Xia Yuze had no regrets at all. On the contrary, he looked at the chaotic adults triumphantly, and said domineeringly: “This little master likes this girl, and I will marry her as a wife in the future. You can’t compete with this master!”

“…” How could Eldest Royal Brother give birth to such two extreme sons? I must be drunk! And little boy Xia, you are already with our family’s Dudu, yet you dare to step on two boats at the same time and climb the wall in front of our family’s Dudu (have an affair). You’re too reckless and daring. Be careful that our family’s Dudu might blacken and drag you to a corner, then you will really get hurt all over! The words of Xia Yuze caused Xia Yuqing, who saw her daughter-in-law climb the wall, be completely delirious. 

“…” Shoot, how old is this kid to take advantage of my daughter? Does he think her Mother is dead? This is Xia Muyun who was extremely angry and smiling back fiercely. 

“…” This is not my son, this is definitely not my son! No matter how one looks at it, it is his Father’s fault. Yes, it is his Father’s fault. It has nothing to do with me! This is Liu Yixiang who covered her face silently, wishing to dig a hole and bury herself. 

There was dead silence in the room for a long time. One could only hear a little baby faintly crying. 

After a while, everyone heard Xia Muyun slightly gritt her teeth and ask: ” Sister-in-law, can I throw this kid out?” 

Liu Yixiang’s face was pale, a little embarrassed: “Do whatever you want.” 

Therefore, Xia Yuze, that kid was ruthlessly thrown out of the princess mansion by the owner on the day when the little baby was insulted. Since then, he had become an unwelcomed guest at the princess mansion’s who was refused entry. Big Baby only gave him a blank eye and one word: “Idiot.”

Because of Xia Yuhan’s intrusion, Xia Muyun instigating Second Baby to persuade Xia Yuqing to have a second child that day was interrupted. But what Xia Yuqing didn’t expect was that this matter had not ended there. 

During dinner that night, Feng Tingye clearly noticed the abnormality of his baby little princess, and asked with some concern: “What’s wrong with Dundun? She doesn’t seem to have any appetite.” 

With Feng Tingye’s reminder, Xia Yuqing also noticed the abnormality of Second Baby. Second Baby, who usually ate aggressively in the past, actually grabbed the meat bun and was in a… daze? ! 

“Dun Dun, are you feeling sick? Or is today’s food not to your appetite? Why are you eating so little?” 

Xia Yuqing’s worried question successfully attracted everyone’s attention at the dinner table. Everyone usually saw Second Baby eating everything clean, but today she actually barely touched the dishes in front of her. Everyone became nervous. 

“What’s the matter with Dundun? Are you not feeling well? Tell your aunt what you want to eat, and I can ask the kitchen to make it for you?” Liu Yixiang couldn’t help feeling a little distressed when she saw Second Baby’s very disappointed appearance, so she stepped forward to coax her. 

“Is your stomach not hungry? Are you dizzy?” Xia Yuqing became more nervous when she saw Second Baby not saying anything. She reached out and took Second Baby into her arms, tested the temperature of her forehead, and confirmed that she did not have a fever. “Is there anywhere uncomfortable? Do you want Mother to have Uncle Su come see you?” 

The always well-behaved Second Baby compared to the trouble stirring boys easily recruited everyone’s love and pampering. Thus, losing her usual energy, a group of people became nervous and took turns stepping up to check in on her, even Xia Yuhan stepped forward to show his concern.

After asking for a long time, Second Baby stared at the meat bun in her hand motionlessly and said: “This bun is not as soft as little sister.” 


Second Baby said a little pitifully and aggrievedly. She handed the bun to Xia Yuqing, with a firm face: “Mother, baby will not eat meat buns in the future. Will you and Father give birth to a little sister? Baby wants a little sister!” 


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