FMEA Chapter 216

Chapter 216 To give birth or not?

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Xia Yuqing’s worried little face froze. Her eyes widened and she stared at the serious Second Baby in front of her. After a while, she coughed in embarrassment, “Dun Dun, this matter… ” Let’s wait until we are back in our own rooms first okay? Xia Yuqing continued to receive the baptism of countless lights behind her, and she wanted to cry! 

However, before she finished speaking, she heard a lazy question behind her: “Our little princess wants a little sister?” 

Xia Yuqing trembled, her neck was like a rusty clock. She turned her head very stiffly, and looked at the person behind her who had a smiling expression. She laughed twice, pretending to not know anything.

Feng Tingye put down the chopsticks in his hand. Leaning on the table, he rested his cheek in one hand, and looked at Xia Yuqing not far away with interest. He looked at Xia Yuqing until her hair was all raised up then moved away his eyes magnanimously. 

Then under Xia Yuqing’s slightly anxious gaze, he beckoned to their little princess: “Dun Dun, come to Father.” 

Second Baby was taken aback and hurriedly slipped off her chair. She threw herself into Feng Tingye’s arms, and cunningly called: “Father, baby wants a little sister. Aunt said that baby can ask Father and Mother to give baby a little sister.” 

Seeing Xia Yuqing repeatedly rejecting her,  Second Baby decisively transferred her hope to Feng Tingye. 

Although Second Baby was simple, she was not stupid. In her mind, although she had to listen to Mother, Mother had to listen to Father. At home, baby was the youngest, and the status of big brother and Mother were similar. Of course, this was on the premise that Father did not suppress them. But the unquestionable force with the highest status is her Father! As long as Father agrees, Mother has to agree even if she doesn’t want to agree! Therefore, in order to be invincible in the family, it is most important to find out who is at the top of the food chain. 

Xia Yuqing looked helplessly at her Second Baby’s cute appearance, she didn’t know what to say. She only complain with great resentment. Third Royal Sister, look at your good deeds! I should have known not to take these little trouble makers to see the little baby today, ahhhh, I played myself!

Feng Tingye watched his daughter’s big eyes full of expectation, and the corners of his lips were slightly hooked. He stretched out his hand to sit Second Baby onto his thigh, “Why does Dundun suddenly want a little sister?” 

Second Baby sat obediently in Feng Tingye’s arms. She raised her round head, and said without hesitation: “Because little sister is round, soft, and fragrant… she is cuter than even Meatballs!” 

Second Baby recalled the baby she saw in the princess mansion not long ago. The small baby whose small face was round and bounced back when she pressed it down, felt soft. How would it be like when chewed? 

Thinking like this, Second Baby couldn’t help show a dreamy expression on her face. She sucked her saliva in. Her eyes were firm: “Baby likes little sister and baby wants a little sister to play with!” 

Everyone was stunned when they heard the words of Second Baby. Why did they sound so familiar? Calling the little sister soft, fragrant, very similar to meatballs and meat buns, she liked it very much, so she wanted a younger sister… why was there a feeling that this child wanted her Mother to give birth to meatballs to accompany her?! How much does this kid like to eat! The truth is too cruel, please allow us some peace and quiet! 

Xia Yuqing looked at everyone’s dumb expressions, she couldn’t help but want to cover her face. Oooooooo, Dundun, can you stop speaking about things related to eating?! Ahhh, being a foodie is very stressful, it is even more stressful giving birth to a daughter that is a foodie! 

Compared to everyone’s speechless choking, Feng Tingye was much more calm. With a slightly raised eyebrow, he looked at his exceptionally simple little daughter, “Well, why did Dundun just say that she would not eat meat buns in the future? How is that related to your Mother being able to give you a baby sister? Is there a connection between the two?” 

Regarding the fact that his foodie daughter suddenly stopped eating to use it as an initiative to “negotiate” with Xia Yuqing, Feng Tingye cannot be not curious.

When Second Baby heard Feng Tingye’s question, her little face hung down and the light in her eyes diminished a lot. Even the hair on her head was similar to Xia Yuqing’s when it dropped down. Seeing this, the hearts of the audience couldn’t help but feel tight. They couldn’t help but want to hug this pitiful little person into their arms immediately. 

“Baby wants a little sister, but Mother said that Mother and baby eat too much. Father is already having difficulty raising Mother and baby. If we have a baby sister, Father will not be able to support them and Baby can’t eat as many delicious things as we want now.” 

As soon as Second Baby finished speaking, Xia Yuqing felt a bunch of gazes from the side. Everyone’s expressions were exactly the same as when Big Baby heard Xia Yuqing’s refusal. They seemed to say: You are quite self-aware! 

Seeing the message from everyone’s eyes clearly, Xia Yuqing burst into tears once again. Gosh, give me a piece of tofu! It’s better to let me die being smashed by tofu now than to accept the attention of such a group of beasts! 

Of course, the sky doesn’t just drop things like pies often, let alone dropping some tofu at random, so Xia Yuqing could only resign to her fate and to shrink smaller and smaller under the X-ray vision gazes of everyone.

On the other hand, after Second Baby finished speaking, it seemed that it was not enough. She twisted around in her little clothes and looked up at Feng Tingye firmly: “Baby likes little sister. It doesn’t matter if baby eats less in the future, as long as Father and Mother give birth to a little sister for Baby. Baby can give all the delicious food to younger sister. Therefore, Father don’t worry about not being able to raise little sister. Baby can help Father raise little sister. 

Looking at Second Baby with the appearance of a serious little adult, everyone present was once again moved by her cuteness. 

What a touching sisterhood! Being able to make the foodie, Second Baby, give up what they regarded as the delicious food of life, how touching! Everyone present, after listening to the childish words of Second Baby, expressed their Motherly nature. With red eyes, they looked at Second Baby and made a vow. Then, they silently shifted their gaze to Xia Yuqing’s body, silently giving her condemnation: Your daughter is already speaking like this, do you have the heart to let her little wish come to nothing? 

Xia Yuqing was so scared by everyone’s green gaze that she took two steps back, and the corners of her mouth twitched. 

Xia Mingyuan took advantage of this moment and satirized Feng Tingye: “I didn’t expect that a big country like Ye country actually can’t even support raising little Royal Sister and two daughters. It really makes people worry about the future of Ye country! “

Feng Tingye didn’t expect to get such an answer. He was stunned for a moment. After recovering, he ignored Xia Mingyuan’s sarcasm, and touched Second Baby’s head affectionately: “Dun Dun, don’t listen to your Mother. That said, Dun Dun doesn’t eat much at all, so Father still has money. Even if Father needs to raise a few younger brothers and sisters, Father can still afford it, so Dun Dun doesn’t have to worry about it. 

“…” Dundun doesn’t eat that much? Your Majesty, can you still open your eyes and talk nonsense like that? (they say people who lie blink, etc) Also, it doesn’t matter, you can raise more younger brothers and sisters? What is this tone of a nouveau riche with loads of money? It’s not like it’s you who has to give birth! 

Xia Yuqing felt desperate in this world. She was too tired, she can’t love anymore! 

Second Baby didn’t know that she had pushed her Mother into a desperate situation. After hearing Feng Tingye’s assurance, her eyes were bright and flashing again. The luminosity of them was almost a few kilowatts, almost blinding everyone on the spot. 

“Then even if I have a little sister, baby will still be able to eat a lot of delicious food with little sister in the future?”

“…” Dundun, you are worried about whether you and your little sister will have any delicious food in the future, but did you worry about whether your Mother will have anything to eat in the future? You haven’t even seen the shadow of your little sister yet and I’ve already fallen out of favour? This does not make sense at all! 

“En, of course.” 

Second Baby, who was assured, cheered and hugged Feng Tingye’s neck and shouted loudly: “Long live Father, long live Father, baby wants a little sister, a little sister…” 

Second Baby’s persistence towards this little sister was really eye-catching, so Liu Yixiang couldn’t help but curiously approach Second Baby and ask: “Why does Dundun want a little sister so much? Is a little brother bad? A little brother is also very cute!” 

Liu Yixiang’s questioning successfully attracted everyone’s attention once again. Everyone immediately pricked their ears, wanting to hear how Second Baby would answer. 

Unexpectedly, Second Baby hugged Feng Tingye’s neck and was silent for a long time. She looked at the two Xia brothers not far away timidly. She pursed her lips, and said unreasonably, “A little sister is cuter. I want a little sister, not a little brother!” 

With a clatter, the little spoon in Xia Yuhan’s hand fell on the table. Looking at the resisting face of Second Baby, he suddenly felt that he was shot two arrows in his little knee. As soon as his face fell, his whole person became listless. 

Although Second Baby didn’t say it clearly, which one of them wouldn’t understand after seeing the two children like this? Feng Tingye’s eyes flickered. He immediately cast an implicit and profound look at Xia Mingyuan, which meant: Look, the son you gave birth to is really not just an ordinary person inviting others dislike, even our little princess doesn’t even want to give him an eye. 

Xia Mingyuan received Feng Tingye’s provocative gaze, and the chopsticks in his hand creaked. He almost crushed his teeth. He made a secret decision in his heart, hmph, your daughter looks down on my son? Just watch, it will definitely be my son who will take down your daughter in the future! Let’s see how you’ll cry then! Let’s wait and see! 

The gazes of the two changed. Fire was everywhere, murderous intentions were everywhere. 

Therefore, the two mighty proud sons of heavens once again pushed their children to some strange place, 囧…

Liu Yixiang obviously didn’t expect such a result, so she was embarrassed. Just about to change the subject, she heard her cool, handsome and tyrannical cousin ask with a chuckle: “Does Dudu like a younger brother or younger sister?” 

When Feng Tingye said this, everyone’s eyes turned to gather on Big Baby who was not far away. 

The corners of Big Baby’s mouth twitched slightly, recalling the little sister he saw at Xia Muyun’s not long ago and Second Baby’s expectant eyes as she laid on Feng Tingye’s shoulders. Then, he looked look at the dregs of the two Xia brothers and said without hesitation: “Sister.” 

Feng Tingye seemed to have expected it. He raised his lips with a smile: “It just so happens that Zhen still wants a son. Since this is the case, it doesn’t matter if Ai Fei gives birth to a boy or a girl. There is no pressure. We can just give birth a few more times if we fail to give birth to them all in one go.” 

“…” F*ck, Ultra Seme Lord, can you make such a reckless decision? What about my opinion? Obviously, I am the key person who is going to have the baby, so at least ask for my opinion! Also it doesn’t matter if you have a boy or a girl, you don’t need to be pressured? The thought of having a baby is very stressful for me, OK? ! 

Feng Tingye ignored Xia Yuqing’s resentful gaze and placed Second Baby back to Big Baby’s side. He turned around and picked up Xia Yuqing and walked to the backyard bedroom. 

Xia Yuqing did not think  Feng Tingye would be so simple and crude, she was stunned for a while. When she recovered, she made a hard struggle: “Your Majesty, what do you think you’re doing? Let me go!” 

“Of course, we are following our little princess’s request to give birth to a little brother and sister.”

Feng Tingye’s as a matter of fact answer made Xia Yuqing almost vomit blood. Her small face distorted for a moment, then she finally recovered her voice, and protested: “We are still at someone else’s house and it’s daytime, we haven’t eaten any food yet!” 

Ultra Seme Lord, can you not be so impatient to make a family at someone else’s home? ! 

Feng Tingye paused. Just as Xia Yuqing raised a glimmer of anticipation, he looked down at herself and said with a faint smile: “Of course, the sooner you have a child, the better. I think they would be able to understand. As for the meal, Ai Fei doesn’t have to worry, Zhen just needs to eat you.” 

Xia Yuqing was stunned for a moment when Feng Tingye’s charming smile flashed in her eyes. It was just a moment, but it was enough for the big bad wolf to completely catch the little white rabbit in his trap and eat her whole. 

When Xia Yuqing recovered, it was too late. Before being swallowed by the big bad wolf, Xia Yuqing had only one thought. Who cares whether you eat or not, this Lao Zi is saying that I haven’t eaten yet! Yiiii, Third Royal Sister, you really hurt me this time! 

At the same time, in the princess’s mansion, Xia Muyun, who had been greeted several times by her relatives, suddenly sneezed. The Iceberg Prime Minister, who was coaxing their daughter, who had become a twenty-four-seven filial husband, held their daughter and rushed to Xia Muyun’s side and asked worriedly: “Have you caught a cold?” 

Without waiting for Xia Muyun to answer, he reached out and touched Xia Muyun’s head. His face stretched coldly: “I’m going to see Dr. Su. Wait and don’t move.” 

Xia Muyun said hurriedly: “No, I just sneezed. I don’t feel any discomfort. Don’t go making trouble to Genius Doctor Su.”

Iceberg Prime Minister’s above average stubborn side was fully expressed at this time. With a calm face and no words, he stared at Xia Muyun’s eyes. 

Seeing Xia Muyun’s defeat, he raised the white flag and begged for mercy: “Okay, go then.  Go early and return early.” 

“En, just wait.” Leng Ruofeng nodded, and quickly turned around and went out to find someone. In his eyes, his wife and daughter were above all else. Any minor illness or pain was a major matter. As for whether a certain genius doctor will be disturbed by a little cold, it is not what he needed to consider. 

Xia Muyun looked at Leng Ruofeng’s hurriedly leaving back with the corners of her lips slightly raised. Her face was filled with a sweet smile that could not be covered: “Occasionally getting sick feels pretty good.” 

On the other hand, due to Feng Tingye and Xia Yuqing’s sudden departure, the atmosphere at the dinner table stagnated for a moment. 

Second Baby grabbed the meat bun on the table again. With a pair of clear eyes filled with suspicion, she stretched out her hand to pull the hem of Big Baby next to her and asked: “Brother, where did Father and Mother go?” 

Big Baby was very sincere as he took the handkerchief that Cui Er handed over to wipe the oil stains on his sister’s mouth: “They went to give birth to baby’s younger siblings.” 

“Pu…” Liu Yixiang’s soup that she was drinking spurted out. She looked at him in a dumbfounded manner. Big Baby didn’t realize what amazing words he said.

Are all children of this age so mature? Also, nephew, is it really okay for you to teach your sister this? 

At this moment, Liu Yixiang felt the malice of the world. Looking at Big Baby’s face that resembled Feng Tingye’s, she sighed in sorrow. He truly deserved to be the son of Royal Cousin! This temperament is the exact same as that brat back then! No, it’s worse than his! 

Second Baby was startled by Liu Yixiang’s sudden spray of water. When she reacted again, her mouth was slumped, a little displeased: “Auntie, you have soiled all the dishes in front of you, now I can’t eat it!” 

Liu Yixiang coughed twice and said with a little embarrassment: “Auntie accidentally choked, Dundun, don’t eat the food over here, eat it from the other places. Auntie will help you get them.” 

“Oh.” Second Baby obediently nodded, but subconsciously glanced at Liu Yixiang with some sympathy. Auntie is already an adult, but she still chokes when drinking soup, she was worse than a baby, how embarrassing for her. 

Second Baby didn’t know that she couldn’t hide her thoughts and that it was all written on her face, clearly seen by the person involved. 

Liu Yixiang looked at the contempt on Second Baby’s face and her face blushed, completely depressed. 

After that, Second Baby ignored Liu Yixiang’s slightly embarrassed face. She turned to look at Big Baby and asked, “Father and Mother are going to give birth to little sister? So does that mean Baby will have a little sister to hug soon? “

Liu Yixiang trembled. To prevent Big Baby from saying anything astonishing, she hurriedly interjected: “Well, Dun Dun, a little sister can’t be born just because one says so, so Dun Dun may have to wait for a while.” 

“Huh, why?” In the pure little world of Second Baby, as long as Feng Tingye and Xia Yuqing agreed to have a baby sister, then she will definitely have a baby sister. Why did Aunt say… 

“Uh……” How can she tell a child that to have a baby sister, they would first have to make her Mother pregnant, then wait until her Mother conceived in ten months before she can give birth to a cute baby, and this baby may not be a girl? 

Liu Yixiang could already imagine her reaction after she says this, so with Second Baby looking at her with a look of confusion and asking how to make her Mother pregnant, this taboo topic, how should she respond?! 

Just when Liu Yixiang didn’t know how to respond, Big Baby once again calmly replied: “Because it is not easy to make a baby.” 

“…” Liu Yixiang was once again burnt to a crisp due to the mature Big Baby. 

Second Baby nodded without understanding, then she silently lowered her head into the bowl without asking any more questions. Liu Yixiang didn’t dare to intervene. She just followed Second Baby and silently ate her rice bowl. 

That’s the end of this episode, but it’s a pity that the calm at the dinner table didn’t last long before it stepped into another episode. 

Soon after everyone continued to eat, Xia Yuze, who was sitting next to Xia Mingyuan, suddenly asked: “Father, Aunt and Uncle are going to give birth to a little sister?” 

“Pu…” This time it was Xia Mingyuan who was shocked. He spouted a mouthful of soup. 

Regardless of the disgusting gaze of the people on the side, Xia Mingyuan turned to look at his eldest son and asked: “When did you find out that they are your… Aunt and Uncle?”

Xia Yuze raised his head somewhat proudly. He glanced at his Father in disdain causing Xia Mingyuan to grit his teeth, wishing to hang up and beat up this little kid who didn’t know how to respect his elders on the spot. 

“It’s very simple. Although you always say that they are the two cousins ​​of Mother, the way the two of them usually get along with each other aren’t like how my brother and I get along.” 

“…” If you get along with your brother like they do, then that would be a really big problem!

“On the contrary, they act like how Father and Mother usually get along, plus every time I hug Uncle, I can always smell a sweet scent from her. That smell is also on Mother. So I was even more sure that younger Uncle was actually a woman, and little Jiejie’s Mother.”

“…” You little pervert, since you already knew that your younger Uncle was a woman, why were you still acting cute and holding her thighs all day long? How could I give birth to such a perverted son, my family is too unfortunate! 

Liu Yixiang looked helplessly at her eldest son who was acting triumphantly when talking about his discovery. Once again, she resented the other half of her eldest son’s blood. 

“Then how did you know that they were your Aunt and Uncle?” 

Xia Mingyuan received his son’s roll of his eyes as soon as he finished speaking. It took him a long time before he could suppress the anger in his stomach. This rotten boy, he will settle accounts with him in the future!

“Father, Mother, don’t you know? You’ve leaked it in front of my brother and me several times. We have heard you call little Uncle, Little Royal Sister a few times. Of course, Third Aunt has also called her that. Isn’t the little Royal sister of Father and Third Aunt our Aunt?” 

After that, Xia Yuze also casted a look towards Xia Mingyuan that said: “I’m not a fool, how could I not see it? Father, it’s fine that you are stupid, but don’t think everyone is as stupid as you, okay?”. 

Xia Mingyuan was so angry that he turned around quickly, no longer paying attention to this rebellious son. 

Xia Mingyuan didn’t want to talk to Xia Yuze, but Xia Yuze didn’t intend to let Xia Mingyuan go. He stubbornly repeated the question, “Father, you haven’t answered the question I just asked? Aunt and Uncle are going to give birth to a little sister?” 

“Yes, yes, eat your food. You shouldn’t stick your head in adult matters. There are many things here to eat, you should stuff your mouth!” Xia Mingyuan gave his son an angry look. He raised half of his soup that had been drunk and took another big sip. Unexpectedly, as soon as it entered his mouth, Xia Yuze, who was sitting next to him, once again said another shocking statement. 

“It turns out to be true. Then Father, when will you give birth to a little Jiejie (referring to Second Baby) for me and my younger brother?” 

“Pu…” Poor Prince Xia, the soup still failed to be drunk and got spat out again. 

“Ahem, what are you talking about?” Son, have you Cheng Jing? (metaphor for people who are extremely bad; it is also a metaphor for people who are clever and dexterous and unexpected (mostly referring to children being witty)). Xia Mingyuan widened his eyes and looked at his eldest son in surprise. 

Seeing Xia Mingyuan’s desperate appearance, Xia Yuze said a little strangely: “Is it possible that Father doesn’t want it?” 

Xia Mingyuan choked, glanced at Liu Yixiang not far away, and coughed, “Why do you want to have a little Jiejie?” 

“Because little Jiejie is cute.” 

“But only if they were born first would they be a little Jiejie, now we can only have a little Meimei.” (jiejie = older sister; meimei = younger sister)

Xia Yuze thought for a moment, then reluctantly replied: “Little sister it is then. Father, when will you give birth to a little sister with Mother?” 


Xia Mingyuan froze for a moment, then turned his head to look at Liu Yixiang in embarrassment, and said with a smile: “Shrew, look, our two sons don’t eat much, so even if we give birth to a few more, this prince can definitely afford it, how about we…”

“Waa…” Before Xia Mingyuan finished speaking, he heard an earth-shattering cry that cut him off of his shameless words. 

Xia Mingyuan was startled. He turned his head and looked around. It was Second Baby who saw his two sprays of water just now, which caused most of the dishes on the table to be inedible. This caused her mood to worsen. Tears rolled in her big eyes for a long time. She couldn’t help crying loudly. 

“Woo, Uncle is bad, Uncle is bad, Uncle soiled baby’s delicious food and baby can’t eat it now, woo…” 


When Second Baby cried, the ambiguous atmosphere in the room faded, cleanly. 

Xia Mingyuan didn’t give up and wanted to finish speaking. Just when he cried out: “Shrew…” He saw the person opposite stand up. Wiping Second Baby’s hand with a handkerchief, she didn’t even look at Xia Mingyuan. Picking up the crying Second Baby from the chair, she said in a low voice, “Dun Dun, you can’t eat the food here. Auntie will take you to the small kitchen to eat. They will be more delicious than the food here. Dundun can have everything she wants to eat, just have the chef grandpa cook it for you.” 

Second Baby listened to Liu Yixiang’s coax and she calmed down a little bit. She laid down on Liu Yixiang’s shoulders with a sniff. Then, she nodded obediently: “En.” 

Xia Mingyuan watched Liu Yixiang turn around and leave without reluctance while holding Second Baby. From the beginning to the end, not even a tiny glance was given to him. He was broken into pieces on the spot, falling to the ground unable to stick back together. 

When Big Baby saw Liu Yixiang holding Second Baby and leave, he gracefully took the handkerchief on the table and wiped his chubby little fingers. He slipped off the chair, and dropped the sentence “I’m full, you guys can do as you please.” Then he followed in the direction where the two were leaving.

Upon seeing this, Xia Yuhan hurriedly stuffed the last bite of meat bun into his mouth. He slid off the chair, clattering about like a puppy that smelt meat and bones, then followed in the direction of the few people. 

Most of the food on the table was ruined, so the others had no appetite. They left the table one by one. After a while, only Xia Mingyuan and his son were left. 

Xia Yuze looked at his Father, who was covered in dark clouds not far away, his whole person buried in the shadows. Then he recalled the man who had just lifted his Aunt away. 

The comparison between the two, Xia Yuze couldn’t help but sigh in his heart: They were both men, so why was he so much worse? Alas… 

At this moment, Xia Mingyuan, who was busy repairing his broken glass heart, did not realize that he had been looked down upon by his son. Oh, this prince also wants to have a lovely daughter…daughter…

The next morning, Xia Yuqing, who was tossed back and forth all night, had two panda-like dark circles hanging underneath her eyes. She supported her waist and got out of bed weakly. In her heart, she was torturing the culprit who had tossed her countless times. 

Xia Yuqing sat in front of the mirror and yawned, again and again, letting Cui Er deal with her messy hair at will. Her head kept replaying everything that happened last night. 

“Ai Fei, seeing how Dundun is so young and wants to have a little sister so much, do you have the heart to let her grow up alone?” 

“Huh, alone? How can Dundun be lonely with Dudu? If she wants a little sister, Dundun can play with the little sister of Royal Sister’s family. Why do I have to give birth to one…” 

“Boys and girls are different. Although the little sister of Third Princess is also very cute, in the end, they’re not blood-related, it’s still a level apart. Taking advantage of the fact that baby is still young, we should give birth to someone to accompany her. If we wait until she’s older, it might be…” 

Just because of Feng Tingye’s dignified words, Xia Yuqing wavered. After that, it was a complete tragedy!

Xia Yuqing recalling that she had been pressed down by someone yesterday and how that beast wouldn’t let her off, she nearly rushed out to pierce the small person. (dolls to curse people).

“Niang Niang, it’s done.” 

Cui Er’s voice successfully pulled Xia Yuqing’s mind back. As soon as she recovered, Xia Yuqing found Cui Er standing next to her, still and silent, so she asked with some suspicion: “Cui Er, what’s the matter?” 

Cui Er hesitated for a while, then asked in a low voice, “Does Niang Niang remember that Nu Bi in Shu State had once mentioned a child from a relative’s family…” 

“Oh, yes, yes…” Xia Yuqing remembered when Cui Er had mentioned that, “I also said that if there is a chance, I wanted you to bring him over to show me.” 

“En. ” Cui Er’s eyes shimmered up, “He also recently came to Xia country, Niang Niang…… do you want to meet him? “

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