FMEA Chapter 229

Chapter 229: Are You F*cking Kidding Me Again!

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The palace was silent for a moment, and then suddenly became noisy. Xia Haotian’s face turned dark, and Xia Mingxuan’s calm eyes narrowed instantly.

Imperial Concubine Roujia looked at the panicked officials and the shocked faces of Xia Yuqing and the others. For some reason, a hint of pleasure surged in her heart, and she burst into laughter: “Yes, you heard it right. This girl is a remnant of the previous dynasty. Her mother was the daughter of the previous emperor and a princess of the previous dynasty. She inherited the bloodline of the previous dynasty and naturally bears the responsibility of restoring it. She married the Ye Kingdom to become the empress of the Ye Kingdom for this reason. Now that she has returned, it must be to plot against the emperor and reclaim Xia Kingdom.”

“…..Your Majesty” Feng Tingye and the others were watching every move at the banquet with great vigilance. Suddenly, they heard a timid voice behind them, and their hearts tightened. They thought someone had been frightened, so they turned their heads anxiously and asked, “What happened?”

“Nothing, I just suddenly realized that I was wrong about you in the past.”

“Huh?” Even Feng Tingye, who was strong-willed, couldn’t react to this.

Xia Yuqing smiled embarrassedly and said, “I used to think that you were the best at reversing right and wrong in this world, but after seeing that woman today, I realized that there are always people better than you. Your skills are nothing special. I was wrong about you before. I’m sorry.”

Feng Tingye, who was worried that Xia Yuqing was frightened by the commotion, suddenly turned purple with anger.

His eyebrows trembled slightly, and he said with a wry smile, “I will reluctantly take Ai Fei’s words as a compliment to me.”

Xia Yuqing was a little dissatisfied, “What do you mean reluctantly? It’s true!”

Feng Tingye’s mouth was suddenly blocked by his own blood.

Su Wuduan, who had just climbed up from below and was ready to help, heard Xia Yuqing’s words and almost slipped and fell. “Junior Sister, do you have the leisure to inquire about this at this time? Why not think about how to get out of this awkward situation?”

Xia Yuqing was stunned for a moment, and then embarrassedly touched her face and said, “I forgot.”

“…What kind of things are you thinking about in your head?!” Su Wuduan thought.

On the other side, the officials who had recovered from their initial shock looked at Imperial Concubine Roujia with surprise and asked, “Your Majesty, you said that the little princess is the bloodline of the previous dynasty. Do you have any evidence?”

“Of course there is, moreover, the Emperor is also aware of this matter. If you don’t believe it, you can ask the Emperor. Your Majesty, did what I just said have even a bit of falsehood?”

Imperial Concubine Roujia’s aggressive words directly pointed the finger at Xia Haotian.

The officials looked at each other, with a few traces of surprise on their faces, and asked respectfully, “Your Majesty, is what the Empress said true? Is the birth mother of the little princess really…”

Everyone present were old ministers who had followed the late emperor in his conquests, and Xia Haotian had always respected them, but also hated them because these people were dedicated to the country, but under the guise of serving the country and the people, they relied on their age and seniority to restrict him. But this time, he could not avoid it.

Xia Haotian took a deep breath and swept his cold gaze over the crowd, finally landing on Imperial Concubine Roujia, and whispered, “It’s true.”

One word woke up the dreamer. The old ministers, who had just seemed to be in a dream, suddenly woke up, and their eyes towards Xia Yuqing were also instantly filled with horror, as if they had seen a living flood beast.

“Your Majesty, the little princess has the bloodline of the former dynasty running through her veins. Now that she and these assassins have appeared in the palace at the same time, isn’t it too much of a coincidence? Besides, since the death of the late emperor of Ye country, there has been little communication between Ye and Xia countries, which inevitably creates some estrangement. Under such circumstances, it is not just a simple visit for the Ye Emperor to come to our Xia country without presenting a gift.”

“Yes, Your Majesty, the Ye Emperor sneaked back to Xia country with the little princess. Obviously, there is another plot.”

“Your Majesty, the little princess has the bloodline of the former dynasty running through her veins. For these years, the remnants of the former dynasty have been causing trouble within Xia’s borders. It is likely that they have something to do with the little princess. If this trouble is not dealt with early, it may endanger the country’s foundation and the future of Xia, and the aftermath will be endless.”

“Your Majesty…”

“Your Majesty…”

On a clear summer day, Xia Yuqing witnessed the scene of court officials remonstrating for the first time. Her only thought was, d*mn, they say a woman can argue as fiercely as five hundred ducks, but now she knows that when a man argues, it’s like he’s dealing with five hundred women! It was so intense that even she, the one being argued about, felt like she deserved to die.

However, all this talk about rebellions by remnants of the previous dynasty had nothing to do with her. She only recently found out about her own unfortunate background. So, this so-called remonstration by court officials was just turning black into white, wasn’t it? Enough is enough!

Just as Xia Yuqing finished complaining, she heard someone shout out what was on her mind.

“Enough!” Xia Haotian’s low shout silenced the group of officials who were clamoring to speak.

“Your Majesty, this concubine thinks that these old officials are speaking reasonably. They were all heroes who fought alongside the late emperor in establishing the Xia dynasty. They are the ones who have the deepest understanding of the affairs of the previous dynasty and have the most right to speak on this matter. Your Majesty, please…”

Before Imperial Concubine Roujia could finish speaking, she felt a sharp pain on her cheek.

With a crisp sound that echoed throughout the palace, Imperial Concubine Roujia was suddenly slapped to the ground by the unexpected force, holding her swollen cheek in disbelief, “You hit me?”

The old officials who were still preparing to argue were suddenly silenced by the Emperor’s wrath. Even they, the experienced courtiers, dared not easily resist.

At this moment, Xia Haotian didn’t even want to waste the energy to spare a glance at anyone. He looked down on her and said, “My domestic affairs are none of your business as an outsider.”

“Outsider?” Imperial Concubine Roujia was completely stunned, forgetting even to cry. With tears in her eyes, she looked at Xia Haotian in disbelief and asked, “You call me an outsider?”

Xia Haotian remained silent, his face gloomy as he turned his head to glance in the direction of Xia Mingxuan, who had been observing coldly without a word from the beginning to the end.

Imperial Concubine Roujia’s face turned pale as if she had been pricked by something. Her heart trembled. It’s impossible, he couldn’t possibly know. How could he know?

Xia Haotian ignored Imperial Concubine Roujia and warned the crowd with a glance before walking towards Xia Yuqing and the others.

As he passed by Feng Tingye, Xia Haotian paused and whispered, “You shouldn’t have come back.”

Feng Tingye shook his head helplessly and replied, “If I could, I wouldn’t have come back. But Ai Fei couldn’t feel rest assured about her brother and insisted on coming back. I couldn’t do anything about it.”

“…” Is the Ultra Seme Lord shirking responsibility and distancing himself from the situation, leaving a weak woman like me to shoulder the blame? Is this what a real man would do?” 

Imperial Concubine Roujia glared at them angrily.

Xia Haotian and Xia Mingyuan were taken aback by the words.

Xia Mingyuan asked in confusion, “What’s going on?”

Feng Tingye glanced at Imperial Concubine Roujia, who was still giving them an angry look, and then leaned in to whisper their reason for coming.

Xia Mingyuan was slightly stunned and his gaze suddenly fell on Xia Mingxuan, who had been silent in the corner the whole time.

Xia Haotian gave Xia Mingyuan a glance, but didn’t dwell on the topic any further. He walked towards Xia Yuqing.

When Xia Yuqing saw him coming, she suddenly felt a bit afraid for some reason. Perhaps it was because this was the first time they were facing each other up close. Although he had pulled her along before, their identities had not been revealed at that time. After they had cleared things up, she rarely had any close contact with Xia Haotian, let alone being this close.

Xia Haotian’s concern for Xia Yuqing was never mentioned by Feng Tingye, so in Xia Yuqing’s consciousness, she always thought that Xia Haotian didn’t like her as his daughter. This was even more confirmed after she learned about the identity of the previous owner’s bloodline. Xia Haotian could have concealed it because of his liking for Royal Mother and created another identity for her. However, after Royal Mother’s death, he ignored the original owner and treated her with indifference, perhaps because of her bloodline. But what she didn’t expect was that Xia Haotian was on her side at this moment.

Xia Haotian’s sudden display of intimacy made Xia Yuqing even more at a loss. Before she could react, her body had unconsciously taken two steps back.

Xia Haotian reached out to touch Xia Yuqing’s hand, but it stiffened in mid-air. For a moment, under Xia Yuqing’s slightly timid gaze, he grasped her hand and said, “Qing Er is my daughter, with the pure blood of the Xia dynasty. Whoever dares to mention the previous dynasty again will be punished severely.”

“Your Majesty!” As soon as Xia Haotian spoke, the officials who had finally quieted down were like fireworks lit again, jumping up and down.

“Your Majesty, the foundation of Xia country was painstakingly built by the previous emperor brick by brick. Now Your Majesty’s actions are openly disregarding the safety of the entire Xia country.”

“Yes, Your Majesty, the previous emperor worked hard for the prosperity of Xia country. Your Majesty cannot neglect it for the sake of a princess!”

“That’s right, Your Majesty, the previous emperor devoted his whole life to the country. If he knew that you were sheltering the princess like this, how would you explain it to him after a hundred years?”

“Your Majesty…”

“…” My goodness, Royal Father said not to mention the previous dynasty, and these officials didn’t even mention a single word, yet still managed to criticize her. This is the legendary art of language! Xia Yuqing thought to herself, feeling bewildered.

Xia Haotian’s face darkened and he shouted, “Shut up, all of you!”

Those old ministers suddenly fell silent, but their eyes clearly shimmered with unyielding resistance.

Xia Haotian looked around at everyone and sneered, “How come I didn’t know that a small princess would require all these old ministers to rise up and attack? Qing Er, your face is even bigger than your father’s, isn’t it?”

“…” Cheap dad, are you sure you’re helping me and not trying to bring me down? I’d rather not have this kind of face, thank you very much.

Xia Yuqing froze with a small face, and awkwardly replied, “I didn’t expect to have such a big face, haha…”

Xia Haotian held her hand, his grip was gentle, like that of a father loving his child, but it made Xia Yuqing feel even more uncomfortable.

Xia Haotian glanced at the old ministers who had held court for many years, sneered, and said, “You people keep chanting about the former emperor. Do you think I’m not doing as well as the former emperor? Am I dishonoring his reputation? Did you think that after I go to the underworld, I won’t even have the face to see my father?”

As soon as Xia Haotian spoke, those old ministers who had been confident moments ago changed their expressions and all knelt to the ground in panic, “Your Majesty, we dare not have such rebellious thoughts.”

“Dare not? Is that all you can say? Hah, I thought after serving in court for so many years, you would have forgotten all manners and etiquette,” Xia Haotian said.

The old ministers trembled all over and lowered their heads even more.

“I respect that you all fought with the former emperor to establish this country and have worked hard, but don’t be too shameless. You should know that I am now the ruler of Xia Kingdom, not my father!”

Xia Haotian’s words were like a heavy hammer pounding on the hearts of those old ministers. As Xia Haotian had said, years of lying low and accumulating strength, combined with their past merits, had made them too complacent. They had forgotten who the true ruler of this country was, and had reversed the order of things. But today, this matter…

Imperial Concubine Roujia looked coldly at Xia Haotian, who had frightened the old courtiers into silence. She couldn’t help but laugh slowly and cover her mouth, saying, “Your Majesty, Your Majesty, you are right, you are the emperor, you can silence these old courtiers, but do you have the ability to silence the millions of people in Xia country? If the people of Xia country knew that their emperor not only married a princess from the former dynasty disregarding the safety of the country, but also wanted to protect the remnant traitors who tried to assassinate himself, how heartbroken they would be!”

Imperial Concubine Roujia’s almost frenzied exclamation made Xia Haotian’s face suddenly darken, and it also rekindled the spirits of the old courtiers.

Seeing this, Feng Tingye’s eyes narrowed dangerously, his eyebrows slightly twisted. He seemed to sense something and shifted his gaze to the assassins who had been thrown aside, his eyes flashing slightly.

“Imperial Concubine Roujia keeps saying that father-in-law is protecting us. I don’t understand, what exactly is father-in-law protecting us from?” Feng Tingye withdrew his gaze, smiled slightly, and asked.

“Naturally, he is protecting you from the matter of assassinating the emperor,” Imperial Concubine Roujia replied, choking on her words.

Before Imperial Concubine Roujia could finish her sentence, Feng Tingye interrupted her, “These assassins haven’t even been interrogated yet. I wonder why you are so sure that we are the masterminds behind these assassins?”

“Who else could it be besides you? If it weren’t for you intentionally plotting to harm the emperor, how could you appear here in the palace at this moment?” Imperial Concubine Roujia felt a bit uneasy under Feng Tingye’s gaze.

Feng Tingye raised his eyebrows and laughed softly, “I feel that Imperial Concubine Roujia’s targeting of us is quite suspicious. It seems that you are trying to cover up the true culprit’s suspicion.”

Feng Tingye then made eye contact with Shao Zitang. After so many years of following Feng Tingye, how could Shao Zitang not understand what he wanted to do? With a slight smile on his lips, Shao Zitang rushed towards the direction of the black-clad assassin.

Imperial Concubine Roujia was startled and was about to retort when she saw a dark figure rushing towards her. She was so scared that she took two steps back.

Xia Mingxuan saw through Shao Zitang’s intentions and wanted to intervene, but was a step too late.

Imperial Concubine Roujia composed herself and pointed at Shao Zitang, saying, “Your Majesty, did you see that? That man dared to do that in front of you, not to mention…”

She stopped abruptly, because Shao Zitang was holding the waist badge in his hand.

“You’re all people from Xia, so you should be familiar with this waist badge taken from the assassin, right?” Shao Zitang raised the spoils in his hand and asked with a smirk.

Everyone looked at each other in confusion. Before long, someone shouted from the crowd, “I’ve seen this thing before. It’s the waist badge of the guard at the Fourth Prince’s Mansion!”

With this remark, the palace instantly erupted in noise again, and everyone’s attention shifted from Xia Yuqing to Xia Mingxuan.

Imperial Concubine Roujia’s face changed drastically, and she tried to maintain her composure, saying, “Your Majesty, how could Xuan Er do such a thing? These rebels must have deliberately framed him to avoid punishment.”

“Tsk tsk tsk, calling someone a rebel really sounds harsh.” Su Wuduan dug his ears and said helplessly, “Are all women nowadays so eloquent when they curse like fishwives? Instead of calling them cheap little things, they call them rebels. Indeed, people in high positions are different. They curse people so… Junior Sister, how does that saying go?”

“High-end, stylish and sophisticated.”

“Yes, yes, high-end, stylish and sophisticated. We rough people really can’t compare. It’s really heart-wrenching.”

“…”Senior Brother, are you openly and secretly insulting Imperial Concubine Roujia as a fishwife? Although she does look quite similar to one, you should still leave her some face, right? You should know that this woman is very scary, and a woman who loses her temper and throws tantrums is even scarier!”

“You… “

Before Imperial Concubine Roujia could even get angry, Feng Tingye interrupted her again: “Why are you so agitated, your Majesty? The Fourth Prince is the one involved in this matter and he hasn’t even spoken yet. If you are so nervous, it’s easy for people to think you are guilty.”

Imperial Concubine Roujia was speechless and glared fiercely at Feng Tingye and the others, wishing she could bite her teeth.

Xia Haotian paid no attention to the quarrel between the few people, only turning his gaze to his youngest son and asking in a low voice, “Does Xuan Er have anything to say?”

Xia Mingxuan stepped out of the corner and walked towards Xia Haotian, looking him straight in the face and smiling slightly. Then, in front of everyone, he picked up a cup of wine from the table and looked around before saying, “Royal Father, on this Mid-Autumn Festival banquet, I offer you a cup of wine.”

Xia Mingxuan stood tall with the cup in his hand, while Xia Haotian held Xia Yuqing’s hand motionless.

The two father and son confronted each other face to face, and everything around them seemed to stop at this moment.

After what seemed like a century, Xia Mingxuan smiled and took back the cup, saying with regret, “Royal Father is always so heartless. I finally offer you a cup of wine, but you don’t even want to drink it. Are you afraid there’s poison in it?”

Xia Haotian’s face darkened, and the people around him were surprised by what Xia Mingxuan said.

But Xia Mingxuan smiled as if he didn’t feel anything and said, “It’s a pity for this vintage wine. If Royal Father doesn’t want to drink it, then forget it. There’s no point in keeping it. Let’s just throw it away.”

With that, Xia Mingxuan raised his cup high and smashed it on the ground.

The sound of the cup shattering echoed through the entire palace, and the broken pieces and spilled wine spread all over the floor.

Just as everyone was surprised by Xia Mingxuan’s rare boldness and change of character, they suddenly heard a frantic sound of footsteps outside the palace.

The guards who were originally stationed in the palace suddenly stood in front of Xia Haotian and the others. After a moment, another group of guards rushed in from outside and surrounded them.

The old courtiers who were just full of vigor were scared and retreated at the sight of this scene. The face of Imperial Concubine Roujia turned pale as well.

“Royal Father, since you don’t give face to your son, I don’t need to be too considerate of you either.” Xia Mingxuan stood at the forefront of those guards, looking up at Xia Haotian. The gentle and humble expression on his face had long disappeared, leaving only a wolf cub who had shed its sheepskin.

Xia Haotian narrowed his eyes and looked at this wolf cub that he had raised for more than ten years but had never tamed. He coldly smiled and said, “I don’t know if I am already so old that I need you to take care of me.”

“Hehe…Royal Father, you are still the same as always. No matter what happens, you always have a calm demeanor, as if everything is under your control and nothing can shake you or make you bow your head. But unfortunately, this time, you are destined to lose here. However, even if you lose to your son who you taught personally, Royal Father, you won’t be too ashamed even if you meet the emperor in the underworld, right?” 

Xia Mingxuan finished speaking, and the old courtiers at the banquet became restless again: “Fourth Prince, what are you doing?” These old scholars who had been decayed for half their lives had already worn away their heroic spirit from their days of wielding swords, and now, seeing this situation, they were all consumed by an uncontrollable fear.

Xia Mingxuan looked at these ministers who had not yet figured out the situation with a mocking expression and smiled slightly. “Don’t you have eyes? Of course, it’s a rebellion!”

“…” Fourth Royal Brother, can you not make it sound so casual like buying a head of cabbage? Don’t you see that the faces of those old men have turned green?”

Xia Yuqing looked at those old courtiers with a face of sympathy and once again confirmed that her fourth brother was a more wicked and crazy snake than her husband, so she should keep her distance from him as far as possible!

“Imperial Brother, your actions are disrespectful and show intention to rebel and kill the emperor,” Xia Mingyuan heard Xia Mingxuan’s unreserved words and raised an eyebrow, calmly responding. 

“As the saying goes, the victor is king and the loser is the rebel. Didn’t our grandfather, the emperor, do the same back then? Otherwise, how could the Xia Kingdom have its current prosperity? Furthermore, Imperial Brother, after tonight, the title of rebel and regicide will only fall on your head as the Crown Prince, while I will become the new emperor that the people support.”

Upon hearing Xia Mingxuan’s words, the faces of everyone present changed. They suddenly realized that this was Xia Mingxuan’s true intention all along!

Xia Haotian narrowed his eyes as he looked at his son, whom he had always treated with a bit of caution and dislike. He had to admit that this son of his did indeed have the courage and boldness to sit on that throne.

Although Xia Mingyuan was also outstanding, there was one thing he lacked as a king: the desire to kill and the bloodthirsty nature that a ruler should possess. He had seen this quality in Feng Tingye before, but Feng Tingye had hidden it well and did not need to use it to intimidate people most of the time. He had never expected to find this bloodthirsty nature in his own son, whom he had always underestimated.

Xia Haotian swept a glance at the guards surrounding them and turned to Xia Mingxuan with dangerous eyes. “I’m curious, how did your people manage to enter the palace?”

Xia Mingxuan seemed to have anticipated that Xia Haotian would ask this question and his expression took on a hint of mockery. “Blame it on your overconfidence, Royal Father. Besides, it’s much easier to infiltrate the palace on a night like tonight, the Mid-Autumn Festival. I simply had my men disguise themselves and they easily passed the inspection of the Imperial Guard. Oh, and there were also some spies I had previously arranged around you and Royal Mother…”

“What? Even by my side…” Imperial Concubine Roujia gasped in disbelief, staring at Xia Mingxuan with widened eyes. She couldn’t imagine that her son had already planted spies around her without her knowledge.

“…” It seems like Fourth Royal Brother is not only cruel but also disloyal to his own kin! Xia Yuqing suddenly remembered the hand that had once gripped her neck tightly. At that time, he had truly wanted to kill her, she was sure of it. Thinking of this, Xia Yuqing couldn’t help but shiver involuntarily.

“I really underestimated you, and the palace guards are indeed too lax.” Xia Haotian glanced at Imperial Concubine Roujia, whose face turned pale.

Xia Mingxuan ignored Imperial Concubine Roujia’s almost frightened gaze and said, “It’s too late to say anything now. When the Mid-Autumn Festival banquet began, the 100,000 elite troops that imperial son called back from the border had already begun to attack the city. And the Tuoba clan in the capital also began looting the four gates of the palace at the beginning of the night banquet. It’s only a matter of time before they reach here. Father, I advise you not to struggle anymore. If you are still hoping for the arrival of the elite troops of the general, you don’t have to, because I have already prepared for it. He cannot make it back in a short time, and even if he does come back, it’s too late.”

Xia Haotian’s face darkened slightly, but his interest in the situation grew stronger. “You’ve also gathered the Tuoba clan under your command?”

This time, not only Xia Mingyuan and others but also Imperial Concubine Roujia looked at Xia Mingxuan in surprise.

“Royal Father, have you forgotten that I still have Tuoba blood? Although family ties are unreliable, they can be quite useful at times. And in this world, no one can resist the lure of wealth, especially the prospect of great rewards.”

“Tsk tsk, I’ve seen sons plotting against their elders many times, but this is the first time I’ve seen such a cunning plan! Little Junior Sister, your father has really raised a fierce wolf.”

“…” Senior Brother, what kind of expression are you making? Don’t forget that the wolf is standing right in front of us! If he bites my father, the next one he bites might be us!”

“We’ve talked enough nonsense. What’s next…” Xia Mingxuan silently shifted his gaze to Imperial Concubine Roujia, “Mother, do you want to follow Father or follow me?”

As soon as Xia Mingxuan spoke, everyone’s gaze immediately shifted to the Imperial Concubine Roujia.

The Imperial Concubine Roujia felt a sudden chill down her spine and looked back and forth between Xia Mingxuan and Xia Haotian. She gritted her teeth and walked towards Xia Mingxuan.

“Hahaha, just as I expected!” Xia Mingxuan laughed mockingly and faced Xia Haotian directly. “Royal Father, since you have raised me for so many years, as long as you hand over the jade seal and the edict, I will serve you well and let you live out your remaining years in peace.”

Xia Haotian raised an eyebrow and sneered, “Do you think that’s possible?”

“In that case, there’s nothing I can do.” Xia Mingxuan’s smile disappeared, and he looked at Xia Yuqing for a moment before slowly raising his hand. “Kill them all except for the little princess.”

What? Kill everyone except for myself? What kind of special treatment is this? Xia Yuqing couldn’t help but feel annoyed. Didn’t he see that everyone around her was giving her deadly looks? Was her fourth imperial brother sure that they didn’t have any grudges?

“Your Majesty…they’re coming!” Xia Yuqing whispered behind Feng Tingye.

“Okay.” Feng Tingye responded calmly.

“What do you mean, okay? Where are our reinforcements?” Xia Yuqing looked at the guards approaching them, feeling anxious. She even wanted to slap Feng Tingye’s head. This was not the time to be calm!

“Our reinforcements? Ai Fei, we arrived at the border of Xia Kingdom and rushed back here without stopping. We only arrived today,” Feng Tingye said, smiling slyly.

“Yes…yes,” Xia Yuqing said.

“The reinforcements from my country have to travel even farther, and there are more of them,” Feng Tingye added.

“So what?” Xia Yuqing had a bad feeling.

“They haven’t arrived yet.”

“…Are you f*cking kidding me?!”

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