FMEA Chapter 230

Chapter 230: Want to Make a Move on Her? Did You Ask for My Permission?

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Xia Yuqing stared at Feng Tingye with a pale face. After confirming that he was not joking, her expression became even more ugly.

How could the Ultra Seme Lord drop the ball at such a critical moment? People will die, really, people will die! Sob sob! Xia Yuqing looked at the guards approaching like wolves and tigers, tears streaming down her face.

Just when Xia Yuqing felt anxious and felt that she no longer loved the whole world, the hand held by Xia Haotian suddenly tightened.

Xia Yuqing suppressed her emotions and looked up, meeting Xia Haotian’s calm and composed face, as well as his eyes that were slightly comforting.


Before Xia Yuqing could speak, Xia Haotian had already withdrawn his gaze. The momentary softness on his face also disappeared in an instant, and he didn’t hold Xia Yuqing’s hand anymore. Instead, he gestured towards a certain direction.

Click… Click… Xia Yuqing watched a group of black-clad guards falling from above like crows. Before Xia Mingxuan’s people could touch them, they protected them and surrounded them.

“Who are these people…” Xia Yuqing looked at these high-level guards who appeared out of nowhere in surprise, and asked in a low voice.

Feng Tingye chuckled, a hint of interest flashing in his eyes. “Apart from the emperor of Shu Kingdom, which emperor doesn’t have some secret guards around them in case of unexpected situations?”

“…” Ultra Seme Lord, are you openly looking down on Yun Xi’s father? You are being so mean to him while she’s not here. Do you have to be so wicked? Hmm? Wait a minute…

“Your Majesty, are you saying… these people are secret guards, our people?” Xia Yuqing asked in surprise.

“Your father’s people.”


Xia Haotian glared at Feng Tingye, with a hint of coldness in his eyes. He didn’t expect to be calculated by this guy too! However, this was not the time to argue about this.

Xia Haotian passed through those secret guards and looked directly at Xia Mingxuan, smiling lightly. “Xuan Er, since you said that you were raised by me, I will teach you something today.”

Xia Mingxuan narrowed his eyes, his expression unchanged. “I will listen attentively, Royal Father.”

“The wily rabbit has three burrows, especially for those in high positions. You cannot put all your weight on one side. You have placed all your hopes on the Tuoba clan and the heavy troops in your hands. Have you not considered what would happen if they all go wrong?”

Xia Mingxuan’s sharp eyes swept over the crowd, and he smiled lightly. “As long as you don’t continue to delay, they won’t make any mistakes.”

Xia Haotian’s face darkened slightly, and Xia Mingxuan knew he was right. His smile deepened. “Royal Father, do you really think that these few secret guards alone can stop my elite soldiers? Take action.”

With a light sentence from Xia Mingxuan, the guards who had stopped their footsteps rushed towards Xia Yuqing and the others again.

In an instant, the sound of swords and blades colliding was endless. Cui Er and Su Wuduan protected Xia Yuqing and the others as they slowly retreated, but Shao Zitang followed the secret guards into the battle circle.

As soon as Yan Tingfang turned around, she saw Shao Zitang disappear. She quickly looked up and saw someone in the killing formation. Without hesitation, she blurted out, “I’ll go help him.”

“Ah, Miss Yan…” Xia Yuqing wanted to tell Yan Tingfang that Little Shangshu’s martial arts were powerful and there was no need to worry about him, but before she could finish her words, Yan Tingfang had already run away.

Shao Zitang kicked an approaching guard and suddenly heard a familiar voice behind him. He turned around and was stunned.

“Why did you come here? Go back!” Shao Zitang’s face darkened as he whispered.

Yan Tingfang trembled all over, swinging her sword to kill the guard in front of her. She bit her lip and said stubbornly, “I’m not going back.”

“Not going back? You can’t even protect yourself, so why stay here? Are you going to slow me down?” Shao Zitang looked at Yan Tingfang’s stubborn profile and for some reason, an unnamed anger rose in his heart. Without thinking, he said hurtful words.

“… “ Little Shangshu, are you really a man speaking to your future wife like that? Be careful, if Xiao Xi knows, she might team up with Lu Rui and treat you like they did to the Gorgeous Grand Tutor!”

Xia Yuqing, who was not far away, listened to Shao Zitang’s low roar and silently thought, is Little Shangshu’s emotional intelligence similar to that of the Gorgeous Grand Tutor? Even if Miss Yan’s martial arts are really not good, he shouldn’t have said it so directly. It’s too easy to offend people.

“… “ Niang Niang, why do I hear a little bit of delight from others misfortune in your words? Do you still want Miss Yan and Shangshu to get along peacefully?”

After Shao Zitang finished speaking, he realized he had misspoken. However, he had never comforted anyone since he was born, let alone a woman. He didn’t know how to make up for his mistake.

Shao Zitang was at a loss, while Yan Tingfang remained silent, and the two of them fell into an awkward stalemate. They could faintly hear the panicked shouts of the officials and the screams of terror.

In an instant, Yan Tingfang’s face turned pale and she said, “I understand.” After speaking, she turned around and left.

Shao Zitang’s face changed slightly, and he wanted to speak to stop her, but he didn’t know how to stop her.

Just as he was feeling particularly troubled, he suddenly heard a loud shout not far away, “Be careful.”

Shao Zitang trembled all over, and when he turned his head, he saw a shiny dagger heading straight towards Yan Tingfang.

Shao Zitang’s face changed slightly. Without thinking about anything else, he pushed away the guards who had come to protect them, directly pulled Yan Tingfang back, and raised his right hand, wanting to knock down the dagger. However, he still missed it slightly.

The sharp dagger slashed across Shao Zitang’s arm, the fresh red blood immediately staining his sleeve.

“Poo…” Xia Yuqing, who had been ready to find a place to watch the development between the two, couldn’t help but burst out at the scene.

What the heck, how did this dog-blooded romance drama, which went from a tortured love affair to a hero saving the beauty in a second, happen? How could someone suddenly get splashed with blood without any warning?!

Shao Zitang pursed his lips and didn’t mind the wound on his arm. Instead, he looked up in the direction where the dagger had flown from and quickly spotted the calm face of Xia Mingxuan and the hand that had not yet been retracted.

His eyes narrowed slightly. After a moment, Shao Zitang looked away and asked in a low voice, “Hey, are you okay?”

Yan Tingfang’s face turned slightly pale. After reacting, she saw the wound on Shao Zitang’s arm and exclaimed, “Your arm!”

“I’m fine.” Shao Zitang quickly tore open his sleeve to reveal the cut and bandaged it up.

Turning his head again, he saw that Yan Tingfang’s face had become even more unpleasant. Shao Zitang frowned slightly and glanced around. He realized that more and more people were coming, and it would be even more dangerous to run around. So he said, “Stay by my side and don’t run around.”

Yan Tingfang was stunned, and her hand hanging by her side tightened slightly. She responded softly, “Okay.”

“Your Majesty, is it really okay that the little shangshu is injured?” Xia Yuqing saw Shao Zitang and Yan Tingfang relying on each other while fighting with the guards, and she frowned in worry.

“It’s fine. Hold on a bit longer,” replied Feng Tingye.

Hold on a bit longer? Does that mean something will happen later? But didn’t this guy just say that the reinforcements hadn’t arrived yet?

Xia Yuqing looked at Feng Tingye in confusion, only to realize that the smile on his face had disappeared without a trace. He raised his handsome face slightly, his sharp eyes staring at the dark night sky, seemingly waiting for something.

With more people on his side, Xia Mingxuan’s guards and Shao Zitang’s group were evenly matched at first, but gradually, they began to favor Xia Mingxuan’s side.

Just as the two sides were fighting fiercely, a deafening explosion suddenly sounded, followed by a gorgeous firework display that shot up into the sky from an unknown location. The neon lights illuminated everyone’s faces, causing the people in the midst of the fight to instinctively stop their actions.

“Such beautiful fireworks, where are they being set off at this time? That direction seems to be…” Xia Yuqing murmured softly as she looked at the fireworks blooming in the sky.

“That direction is… the east gate,” said someone.

“That’s right, it’s the east gate.” Before Xia Haotian could finish, Xia Mingxuan interrupted him, “These fireworks are very beautiful, but unfortunately, you may never see them again in the future. Hahaha, Father, didn’t you just tell your son not to put all his eggs in one basket? Do you know what these fireworks are for? They’re used to send a message. Lighting these fireworks at this time means that the East Gate has fallen into the hands of the Tuoba clan and my army…”

Upon hearing this, Xia Haotian and the others turned pale and were unable to speak. Another firework shot up into the sky from a different direction, followed by another and another…

Countless brilliant fireworks bloomed in the sky, but no one had the leisure to enjoy them.

“East, west, south, north,” Xia Mingxuan pointed at the flames rising quickly from different directions, with an air of confidence as if he had everything under control. “Royal Father, regardless of how the gate is now, at least the palace has already fallen completely into my hands. I advise you to be sensible and let go early, so that you can avoid some suffering.”

The expressions of Xia Yuqing and the others became even more serious because of Xia Mingxuan’s words, but one person’s tightly pursed lips slowly relaxed at this moment.

“That’s not necessarily the case.”

“What?” Xia Mingxuan’s smile froze on his face, and Xia Yuqing and the others all looked at the person who had spoken up.

Feng Tingye smiled without saying a word, pointing towards the night sky where the fireworks were blooming, and a hint of satisfaction appeared on his face, making Xia Mingxuan instinctively feel a little uneasy.

Sure enough, with the brilliant fireworks falling, a completely different kind of flare suddenly rose from the same directions where the fireworks had been earlier. It was like a winding snake, soaring into the sky, overlooking the earth with its arrogant roar.

“These are…” Xia Mingxuan’s face changed.

“Didn’t the Fourth Prince just say that the gates of the entire palace have fallen into your hands? If that’s the case, how could you not know about these things?” Feng Tingye smirked.

Xia Mingxuan’s face turned pale, realizing that he may have been tricked by Feng Tingye again.

“What are you up to?” Xia Haotian looked up at the signal flares that were still rising above their heads, squinting his eyes and asking in a low voice.

“Father-in-law has asked, how can I not answer as a son-in-law?” Feng Tingye laughed, “Now, the troops from Shu and Xue have come to our aid after suppressing the rebels who plotted against the palace gate.”

“Xue and Shu?” Xia Haotian was taken aback. He thought the people coming were from Ye Kingdom, but he didn’t expect…

Seeing what Xia Haotian was thinking, Feng Tingye smiled slightly and said, “The Ye Kingdom’s army is too far from the Kingdom of Xia, so I had to settle for borrowing some troops from Shu and Xue to come and help.”

“…” The Emperor of Ye can just borrow troops from Xue and Shu so easily? Is this world really a fantasy? They’ve lived for so long and never heard of the good relationship between Ye, Shu and Xue!

“Your Majesty, didn’t you say… the reinforcements wouldn’t arrive so soon?” Xia Yuqing looked at Feng Tingye, looking a bit confused.

Feng Tingye seemed to have expected Xia Yuqing to ask this and innocently smiled, “Didn’t Ai Fei ask about our reinforcements? Our Ye Kingdom’s reinforcements are still on the way, it’s the reinforcements from Shu and Xue that have arrived.”

“…” Xia Yuqing was stunned for a moment before she realized what Feng Tingye meant. This guy was definitely doing this on purpose! She was worried and afraid for so long, afraid of being caught by the Fourth Prince as a lab rat. But it turned out to be a false alarm! No, this guy must compensate her for her mental distress!

Just as Xia Yuqing was about to vent her anger, she heard a displeased complaint from the side, “They are really slow. Hmph, if you were a minute later, I might have been chopped into pieces. That d*mn smiling tiger had this plan all along. Hmph, when I return to Ye Kingdom, I’ll lead troops to Xue and bring Enqing and my nephew back to their mother’s house.”

“…” Little Shangshu, do you have to be so ruthless?” It was only a little late, and he is already planning to take away someone’s wife and child! Isn’t this just revenge?

Xia Yuqing looked at the indignant Shao Zitang, who had pulled Yan Tingfang back to their side when no one was paying attention. But come to think of it, if Shao Zitang and Yin Xiang had a conflict, who would really be at a disadvantage?

As Xia Mingxuan listened to the indifferent discussion of Feng Tingye and others, his face grew increasingly ugly. He was just about to give the order to let the guards and Feng Tingye perish together when suddenly he heard Feng Tingye laugh and say, “Everyone is here, why are you still hiding?”

Upon hearing this, both Xia Mingxuan and Xia Yuqing were surprised and followed Feng Tingye’s gaze to a row of unusually dense trees on the edge of the palace. The tree shadows that were swaying in the wind suddenly trembled violently with Feng Tingye’s words, making everyone’s hearts skip a beat, afraid that some kind of monster might suddenly emerge from the trees.

With a loud noise, the thin branches were forcibly bent and then rebounded, and several black figures swiftly flew out from among the swaying tree shadows, landing on the roof ridge above the palace with their clothes fluttering. The cool black clothes were reflecting the moonlight, which made them look even more fascinating.

The originally noisy banquet was now dead silent because of their sudden appearance. Xia Yuqing widened her eyes in amazement and whispered, “Third Senior Brother.”

Standing aside, Xia Haotian was also surprised to see that Xia Yuqing knew so many extraordinary people. He looked at the young man standing on the roof, who had an extraordinary temperament, and narrowed his eyes.

Hua Nongying heard Xia Yuqing’s call and smiled, gracefully fluttering down from the rooftop. Xia Yuqing was overjoyed and broke free from Xia Haotian’s hand, rushing towards Hua Nongying. However, before she could reach him, she heard Hua Nongying shout, “Stop!”

Xia Yuqing was stunned, her running figure stopped abruptly, and she looked at Hua Nongying in confusion, “What’s wrong?”

Hua Nongying looked her up and down for a while and waved his hand towards his nose with disdain, “Little junior sister, keep your distance from me. Your body has a strong smell of blood, which is really unpleasant.”

“…” Third senior brother, are you born in the year of the dog? Your nose is so sensitive! I’m a good youth, at most, I stayed in the encirclement for a few minutes and didn’t even get any blood on me. Yet, you say I have a strong bloody smell! d*mn Virgo cleanliness obsessed male!”

Hua Nongying breathed a sigh of relief when Xia Yuqing didn’t pounce on him, and his peacock-like arrogance returned in an instant. He tilted his head and said triumphantly, “Junior sister, were you enchanted by my godlike entrance just now?”

“…” So you were just trying to make a stunning entrance, third senior brother? Don’t you know we’re still in a dangerous situation? Are you so reckless that you’re not afraid of being beaten up? I really don’t know how you managed to survive as the master of the top killer’s organization in jiang hu, are all of your subordinates blind?”

Xia Yuqing’s veins on her forehead inevitably began to throb, and she restrained the urge to punch that smug face.

“Hua Gongzi, if we remember correctly, we didn’t call you over here to stand aside and watch,” just as Xia Yuqing’s anger was about to explode, they heard Feng Tingye’s slightly annoyed questioning from not far away.

Hua Nongying wasn’t frightened by the faint killing intent in Feng Tingye’s words at all. He helplessly raised his hands and reproached, “Your Majesty Emperor Ye, if you hadn’t betrayed me, I would still be comfortably watching the situation from the tree.”

“Watching from the tree? Heh, does Hua Gongzi plan to bring these high-level experts with you to watch the show and pick up the spoils at the end?” Feng Tingye sneered, glancing at him and asking with a smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes.

Unexpectedly, Hua Nongying had a natural look on his face as he said, “Of course, Your Majesty. Don’t you see the cruel scene of blood flowing like a river down here? If I intervened, wouldn’t I have to fight these small fry? I’m not afraid of them, but brawling in a crowd like this would inevitably result in being covered in blood. As a pure and chaste person like myself, how could I endure that?”

Hua Nongying glanced at Feng Tingye with an expression of “How could you understand the high moral principles of someone like me, a pure and chaste person?” This made everyone’s expression turn purple: “…”

“…” Afraid of getting splashed with blood? I was just splashed with blood all over my face by third senior brother! Just because of this petty reason, you refused to help us? D*mn narcissistic cleanliness obsessed male! How did you even become the master of the killer’s organization? So tired, I feel like I can’t love again!”

Indeed, her senior brothers at home are unreliable one after another. Compared with them, her master is still considered normal, at least he won’t turn a blind eye to those who are dying! So, is this what they mean by “the student surpasses the master”? Master, please take a rest!

Feng Tingye shared the same feeling as Xia Yuqing. Looking at Hua Nongying’s confident and righteous appearance, Feng Tingye’s face turned black. He deeply felt that his two biggest mistakes in this life were these two senior brothers. He shouldn’t have believed Su Wuduan’s wickedness back then, and now he even naively believed in this guy who shares the same bloodline with Su Wuduan!

Xia Yuqing took a deep breath and suppressed the impulse to beat someone up. She asked in a low voice, “Third Senior Brother, didn’t you go with Second Senior Brother to pick up two children at the Crown Prince’s mansion? Why did you come here? How are the children?”

“Oh, those two children have already been taken away by the Third Princess, and they are safe now. You don’t have to worry,” said Hua Nongying.

Upon hearing this, Xia Mingyuan and Liu Yixiang couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. Since they knew Xia Mingxuan’s true intentions, they had been worried that he might harm the two children. They were anxious but helpless. Unexpectedly, Feng Tingye and his group had taken the children away before them.

Compared to the relief of Xia Mingyuan and Liu Yixiang, Xia Mingxuan was more angry and irritable. He never expected that his well-planned scheme would be uncovered and defused one by one by these people. Indeed, none of these people should be spared!

“We just escaped from the pursuit of those chasers and took the Third Princess and several children to a safe place. Second Senior Brother led the troops from Shu Kingdom to the palace gate and fought with the others, while Leng Ruofeng, that icy man, led the troops from Xue Kingdom and clashed with some people at the city gate,” said Hua Nongying.

Xia Yuqing suddenly realized that these people had planned everything in advance, and she was the only one who was kept in the dark.

“You don’t need to make such a fuss. How could the troops from Shu and Xue Kingdoms enter my Xia Kingdom’s territory so easily, and even penetrate deep into the capital? Do they really think that all the people in my Xia Kingdom are dead?” Xia Mingxuan shouted, drawing everyone’s attention and shocking them all.

Feng Tingye seemed to have anticipated his struggle before dying, and chuckled, “Yes, generally speaking, that’s how it is. But what if there’s a military token?”

“Military token?” Upon hearing this, everyone was shocked again, even Xia Haotian couldn’t help but look at Feng Tingye with some surprise. “How did Xia’s military token end up in your hands?”

Feng Tingye smiled slyly, “Father-in-law should know who had the original military token, right?”

“It’s with the Grand General of Cavalry, but he should still be in Fancheng, which is a considerable distance away. Even if he travels day and night, it will take three days to get here.”

“Father-in-law, you don’t know that we just happened to pass by Fancheng on our way back, and then coincidentally met the Grand General…”

Xia Haotian’s eyes narrowed slightly, “Would the Grand General easily hand over the military token to you?”

“Heh heh, obviously not. But fortunately, my wife’s second senior brother is a renowned thief in Jiang Hu. There are only things in this world that he doesn’t want, nothing he can’t get.”

Xia Yuqing was stunned and looked at the faint smile on Feng Tingye’s face. Suddenly, she had a strange feeling that black smoke was billowing behind someone, and two small black wings were trembling one by one. Sob, it turned out that her husband, the boss among bosses, was the most difficult to deal with. He was like a fighter jet among bosses and an NPC among villains!

Xia Haotian was stunned for a moment, and then murmured, “The young are really impressive!”

As for those ministers of Xia country, they were shocked by Feng Tingye’s words, feeling like they had been struck by lightning. Can you not talk about stealing military tokens from our country as if it were something as casual as eating a few bowls of millet porridge this morning? Are you looking down on our Xia country? Right, right!

Feng Tingye ignored the slightly horrified gaze of those officials, chuckled softly, looked at Xia Mingxuan, and raised his hand. “If the Fourth Prince still doesn’t believe it, you can see whether the people behind us are yours or mine.”

As soon as Feng Tingye’s words fell, everyone heard hurried footsteps coming from outside.

Everyone’s hearts jumped into their throats as they held their breath in anticipation. Before long, a group of people rushed over aggressively from not far away.

“Second Senior Brother!” Xia Yuqing exclaimed in surprise upon seeing the leader of the group.

“Oh, little junior sister, you guys actually managed to hold on until now, it’s really not easy!” Yun Zhongyue looked at Xia Yuqing, who was unharmed and intact, and praised her.

“…It’s really a pity that you didn’t get injured!” Second Senior Brother, do you really want me to be cut with ten or eight knives? You guys are all deadweights, deadweights!

Upon hearing Yun Zhongyue’s voice, Feng Tingye’s lips curled up slightly. He exchanged a glance with Xia Mingxuan, then decisively gestured for those people to join the battle.

The situation underwent an earth-shattering change in an instant. As the saying goes, fortunes rise and fall, and the previously suppressed and beaten down dark guards instantly gained control with the arrival of reinforcements.

Imperial Concubine Roujia was scared silly by this sudden turn of events. After regaining her senses, she grabbed onto Xia Mingxuan’s arm with a frightened expression and asked, “Xuan Er, what do we do now?”

Xia Mingxuan glanced at the crowd with a gloomy expression, and finally fixed his gaze on Xia Yuqing, who was standing on the side with a determined look in her eyes.

“Your Highness, be careful!” At this moment, Cui Er’s cry of alarm drew everyone’s attention.

Xia Haotian’s expression changed slightly, but it was already too late for him to rush over.

Upon hearing Cui Er’s cry, Xia Yuqing reflexively turned her head and saw Xia Mingxuan pouncing directly towards her. She couldn’t help but gasp in shock. She wanted to run away, but her body seemed to be entangled in something and couldn’t move at all.

Just as Xia Yuqing thought she was doomed, two bright lights suddenly flashed past her, stabbing towards Xia Mingxuan’s face and the hand that was trying to grab her.

Everything happened in just an instant. By the time everyone looked over, Xia Mingxuan was already standing across from them with a gloomy face, holding his bleeding hand. Behind Xia Yuqing stood a young man in black who was gently stroking the black cat in his arms, while another man stood in front of Xia Yuqing, holding a sword with a fierce expression on his face.

When Xia Haotian saw the person behind Xia Yuqing, he was slightly taken aback, but then he was relieved to see that she was unharmed.

“You finally decided to show up.” 

Xia Yuqing said in surprise, realizing that Xia Haotian was addressing the young man behind her, Ye Shuyan.

“!” What? Little Shuyan knows martial arts? Furthermore, from her father’s words, it seems like Shuyan and Xia Haotian had known each other for a long time, but what was going on?

Feng Tingye, who was standing in front of Xia Yuqing, ignored the tension and looked calmly and forcefully at the man across from him. “If you want to make a move on her, have you asked me first?”

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