FMEA Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Please straighten my crooked neck

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A night of tossing from side to side, Feng Tingye practiced what he preached and demonstrated to Xia Yuqing what it really meant for a gentleman to not go back on one’s words. The whole night was like a potsticker getting tossed and turned continuously, only when it was very late into the night, then did it finally become silent, so she was able to lie down and tearfully fall asleep.

Right before she lost the last little bit of her consciousness, within Xia Yuqing’s mind was just one thought: I can’t possibly continue withstanding these days! This old woman has to leave the palace!

As darkness fell and enshrouded the whole world, a dim light from the gentle moonlight seeped in through the window. Dense smoke filled the air within, with a tinge of mysteriousness.

Feng Tingye was gently caressing the blue butterfly birthmark on Xia Yuqing’s smooth shoulders with a gloomy face that was difficult to read.

Suddenly, from outside the palace hall came a quiet knock on the door. His pupils narrowed, At this hour, were it not for an urgent matter, they certainly would not send people to bother me. Is it possible that…

Slowly standing up and putting on his clothes, before he departed he didn’t forget to help tuck the quilt back in for the deeply sleeping person. Gazing at her serene face sleeping, completely opposite of her usual childish immature nature, Feng Tingye couldn’t help but lift the corners of his mouth and smile. Then turned around and left.

“What’s the matter?” Right when he left the palace hall, Feng Tingye’s tender smile swiftly converted to his usual cold, detached expression he had in front of his civil and military officials.

“Informing Master, the Grand Tutor’s residence has met with a mishap.”

Feng Tingye arched his eyebrows. The obscure guard hurried over and leaned close to Feng Tingye’s ear muttering a few sentences.

His complexion heavily fell. A short moment after, his lips lifted up in a sneer. “Finally couldn’t hold back that temper, huh?”

Crash—— A sharp sound broke the midnight tranquility. Within Rui Wang Fei’s [Prince Rui’s wife] chamber, lying down on Gui Fei’s [Gui Fei = senior concubine; imperial consort; basically Prince Rui’s wife’s chair] chair, neck somewhat tilted to one side, the man’s face was red through and through. Glaring with his tenacious tiger eyes at the delicate maiden in front of him, he was practically spouting out fire.

“This is your so called strategy? Isn’t it good now? All those people that were helping you have now landed in Yan Ran, that bastard’s hands. As long as they slightly loosen their mouths, perhaps early tomorrow morning, Your Majesty’s imperial army will be able to come to this royal’s mansion door and cause everyone at this royal’s mansion to be eliminated in one swoop. All the scheming done these past few years, wouldn’t it all have been a waste of time? Is that the sincerity from Xue Country? To dispatch some useless people to harm this king’s plans, are you guys here to help this king or are you helping Feng Tingye that bastard? Useless, you guys are all fucking useless!”

Jiang Zhaorou seamlessly dodged to the side to avoid the object that Prince Rui hurled over. Usually with eyes that felt like they were as deep as a reservoir of water, a wisp of a cold and gloomy light shone out. “Wang Ye [Wang Ye = prince; marquis; nobleman] you don’t have to worry about these matters. This matter is not as bad as Wang Ye imagined. The people dispatched by Xue Country are all specially trained death soldiers. Being captured is probably just a careless mistake, I trust they will be able to think of a method to escape. Even if they weren’t able to, with the practices of a death warrior, even if they were to die they will definitely not leak out anything about Wang Ye’s matters. Let’s not forget that in this world there is nothing more reliable than the silence of a dead person.”

Having heard that, Prince Rui who looked distracted, had a moment of hesitation, dissipating the anger flaring from his eyes. “All those people were really death warriors?

Jiang Zhaorou laughed: “Wang Ye, we could be considered to be in it together, for better or for worse, in the same boat. If your boat was to be overturned, I wouldn’t be in any better shape. So why would I lie to you? Being in our line of work, you should know that if it wasn’t for adding that blood to the tip of the sword that day, if even that bit of realization went over our heads, those people wouldn’t have felt reassured to send us over here to do this strenuous and unrewarding task?”

Prince Rui’s complexion started to clear up a bit, seeing that Jiang Zhaorou’s gaze wasn’t like the beginning where she looked unwell. “”This royal naturally trusts you,  that those people wouldn’t sell us out. In that case, what news did your distinguished country’s emperor tell you to bring back?”

Jiang Zhourou watched as Prince Rui’s complexion, similar to the weather, irregularly fluctuating, a streak of loathing appeared on the surface of her face but quickly retreated into a sweet smile. “My country’s emperor has already dispatched several tens of thousands of elite troops to secretly proceed towards the southwest border. When Prince Rui’s side is ripe, then we could coordinate outside and inside offensives. Then we will strike at Ye Country’s emperor while they are unprepared. When that time comes, Xue Country will assist Wang Ye in seizing the throne. Just don’t forget what you have promised to Xue Country.”

“Naturally, this royal is one who would do what he says. As long as Xue Country assists this royal in obtaining the title of emperor, the promise of giving that thing to Xue Country will definitely be fulfilled. Not even a single part of the deal will be missing.”

“If thats the case, Wang Ye please wait until the time is ripe and then make the call.”

“Wait until this royal’s health is a bit better, then I’ll immediately assemble the troops. At that time besides taking that baby boy’s emperor title, this royal will also get his revenge on that bitch.” Prince Rui stated this indignantly, then proceeded to slap the armrest of Gui Fei’s chair. Producing a fit of pain in his neck region, his facial features immediately distorted.

During the day of the welcoming reception, in a fit of fury he had fainted to the ground. Coincidentally he landed right on top of the white jade stone step. Now to this day, his neck is still crooked and sore. With this extraordinary shame and humiliation, how could he just swallow this down?!

When Jiang Zhaorou’s gloomy eyes saw how Prince Rui distorted his face, she sneered inside. Consort Qing was just a common petty female, but who would have thought this man would have such a narrow breadth of mind.

“Wang Ye, it’s getting late, so if you do not have any other matters to discuss, Qie will go back now.”

“Ok, you can go back and rest first. Tomorrow this royal will come again to look for you to discuss some important matters.” Supporting his hand with one neck, he waved his other hand to signal Jiang Zhaorou, she could leave.

Jiang Zhaorou bowed and retreated. The instant she stepped out of the room, her footsteps stopped. Lifting her head to look at the roof, with a light jump she gracefully climbed up.

“Wang Ye, do you really trust the words of this songstress?” Inside the room, Once Jiang Zhaorou left the room, Prince Rui’s trusted aide who was also his housekeeper immediately softly asked.

“Aaa, she is just merely a songstress who can’t even go on the big stage. She is Xue Country’s mole hidden in the Country of Ye for many years, but in the end she is simply just a prostitute. So many years of being immersed in wine and women **, I’m afraid that she has probably long past, tossed those large plans to the back of her head. How could this royal so easily trust her? This royal isn’t a fool, isn’t it just exploiting her and the Country of Xue to assist this royal highness’s big conspiracy plan. Once this royal has finally succeeded, once my name and reputation has become illustrious, how could I seriously sell out my own country in exchange? For this royal’s reputation, when the moment comes then to that little songstress, we could just bite them back… “

“Wang Ye is brilliant, so brilliant. Your servant understands now.”

Master and servant, both believing themselves to be infallible, looked at each other and started laughing. On top of the rooftop, Jiang Zhaorou also couldn’t hold back her sarcastic smile. With ease she pulled out a small nail from the rooftop and easily shot it out like a bullet.

“Ai ya, Wang Ye, what happened? How did the chair suddenly collapse? Wang Ye…” The housekeeper’s alarmed yell caused Jiang Zhaorou to sneer, then she turned and left.

“Aaa, this royal’s neck… NECK! Why aren’t you hurrying over to help support this royal up?”

“Wang Ye, Wang Ye please don’t move. Your neck.. your neck… I think it’s becoming straight, it’s straight again!”

“…” Once Jiang Zhaorou who just recently left the the garden area heard those shouts, her pace suddenly slowed, the corner of her mouth twitching a bit. In the end without doing anything more her face turned complicated and she left the area.

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  1. Tool of a “prince”. Colluding with other countries to backstab his own to steal the throne. Wonder why incompetent people love to be rulers so often?

    Luckily, a certain someone else is much smarter and has all the plot armor in this novel. This is going to be a good show later.

    • Is there a more honorable goal than to sit in the “BIG” chair , wave your hands as you shout out orders,expend valuable resources wastefully , kill innocents, and have lots of sensual play time?This is the fantasy held by many dim witted royals


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