FMEA Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Bandits plucking the Chrysanthemum

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A pain in the ass life doesn’t require any explaining, the fact proves the quote of ‘When you try to gain an advantage, sometimes you only end up worse off’, these words absolutely have some sense to it.

Early the next morning, Xia Yuqing had two dark circles underneath her eyes. In the midst of being bathed and made presentable by a group of maids, she once again resolutely thought of her final intentions before passing out last night.

No matter what, I cannot become a pleasure parasite again. I will not happily watch that beautiful man engage in homosexual practices. She needs to… leave the palace! Otherwise, she will die, she will definitely die!

After finishing freshening up, Xia Yuqing supported her lower back. She couldn’t sit, couldn’t stand, filled with fury and rage, she exerted all her strength to stab at her usual favourite of simmered meatballs turning it into something resembling a wild animal’s brain.

The maids who were on the side waiting upon Xia Yuqing, watched as their Niang Niang with a murderous face jabbed her long chopsticks into the meatball. Without exception, everyone became stupefied. Subsequently, their eyes sympathetically looked at the innocent meatball suffering in those poisonous hands. Silently looking towards the sky, they thought: we did not see anything, we did not see anything at all!

“Lu Rui!” Xia Yuqing shouted out loud.

Being called out, Lu Rui’s whole body trembled. With fear and trepidation, she went over to Xia Yuqing’s side and softly spoke. “Niang Niang, what instructions do you have for me? Is the dish this morning not suited to Niang Niang’s taste? If that’s the case this Nu Bi can get someone to exchange it for something else.”
[Nu bi= slave/ servant]

Lu Rui’s attempt at flattery did not yield any results. Xia Yuqing sorrowfully asked. ” This royal wants to ask you, where is this royal’s ** book?”

“Book?” Lu Rui was confused for a moment, then suddenly recalled the book above Xia Yuqing’s bed. That book was originally something that Xia Yuqing had told her to bring back.. face becoming red, she stammered. “Nu Bi doesn’t know. When Nu Bi is helping Niang Niang tidy up her bed later, maybe I will see it.”

Xia Yuqing’s face sank. “Then what time did the emperor leave last night?”

“Reporting back to Niang Niang, the emperor left early this morning.” Mistakenly believing Xia Yuqing thought that Feng Tingye did not favour her by leaving early, Lu Rui hurriedly consoled her. “Niang Niang, the emperor has many daily tasks and is constantly busy with politics and the government. On average, compared to a normal person, he has way less free time. Niang Niang should empathize with the emperor. From what this Nu Bi sees, his imperial majesty’s heart definitely has you within it. Just this morning when his majesty was leaving the palace, he even specially ordered me to take care of you and make sure that Niang Niang had a good rest. This consideration isn’t given to everyone, Niang Niang…”

Craackkkk… the crowd of maids heart trembled, looking at the porcelain plate in front of Xia Yuqing unceasingly wail for help and unable to carry the burden cracked completely open.


Did I tell you to torment me! I called you to hand over my little yellow book [basically a book you need to leave the country; a book filled with proof of vaccination, etc.] Did I tell you to torture me then pat your bum and leave!

Xia Yuqing coldly humphed. Taking the silver chopsticks within her hand she threw it on top of the pile of plate pieces. Then she fetched her embroidered handkerchief and carefully wiped her delicate fingers.


With another shout, Lui Rui had tears streaming down her cheeks, why is it always me suffering!

“Niang Niang.”

“This royal wants to ask you. With the women who has entered the palace, do they have any opporutnities to leave?”

“Leave the palace? Does Niang Niang want to leave the palace?” Distracted, Lu Rui quickly forgot her nervous state and dazedly asked.

“You just need to say if or if its not possible.” Xia Yuqing squinted her eyes and humphed. How dare you bully this old lady, this old lady will definitely leave this palace!

“It’s not like it’s impossible. The only thing is that once imperial concubines enter the imperial palace they are considered people of the palace. If you want to leave the palace, then you would need to obtain the emperor’s permission.”

Getting that beast’s approval?! Xia Yuqing’s face darkened. Her exterior resembled the black clouds in the sky, extremely dreadful.

This time Lu Rui was able to read what was happening. Their Niang Niang obviously had a dispute with the emperor!

Being a loyal responsible personal maid, at that moment, she had to express her first rate professional integrity. Acting as a considerate friend during the middle of this split in emotions, she attempted in helping patch things up.

Lightly coughing, Lu Rui replied in earnest. “Niang Niang you want to leave the palace? Nu Bi recently heard that these days the ouside hasn’t been peaceful. It would be better for Niang Niang to give up on these kinds of thoughts.”

“Not safe?”

“Yes, Nu Bi recently heard that at the capital, a group of sinister bandits have appeared. Quite a few pretty misses of government officials have been met with misfortune under their evil schemes. Nowadays those bandits are in hiding outside of the capital. Everyone is in danger. WIth Niang Niang’s gorgeous appearance, if you left the palace, I’m afraid that you would immediately catch their eye.”

“Bandits?” Xia Yuqing’s eyes widened, unconsciously she felt her cheek with her hand. If it was the face from before she arrived here, she was afraid that face would have been put to the side. Walking down a street, most people would not even take more than a few glances. However, with her face now, there is no option but to admit that it really is the case… there was that saying, ‘Someone who is really beautiful but can’t be seen is a good thing’!

Seeing the hesitation on Xia Yuqing’s face, Lu Rui looked delighted. Quickly giving a meaningful look to the other maids, the other maids rushed forward. “”Yes, Niang Niang. Recently the capital has indeed been not safe. Earlier today, Nu Bi heard that yesterday Grand Tutor’s residence met with bandits. Luckily they discovered them early so nothing much was stolen. But in order to catch the bandits, the Grand Tutor received some injuries. Early this morning, he announced that he has fallen ill due to last night’s events…** and is unable to come to court.”

“Yeee, saying it like this, it really does seem to be very dangerous. ” Even Gorgeous Tutor won the lottery [got targeted by the bandits]. It seems like these bandis are absolutely not people you could underestimate! Wait….

Suddenly, Xia Yuqing looked like she caught on to something. Her mouth turning into an ‘o’ shape. “What did you say? The Gorgeous tutor… **?!”

Bandits? Met with bandits? Reported illness**? Could it be that those bandits plucked Gorgeous Tutor’s chrysanthemum that belonged to the Ultra Seme Lord?
[chrysanthemum = another way of saying anus; basically asking if the bandits popped Gorgeou’s tutor cherry]

“OMG!” Meanwhile, Yan Ran who was lying comfortably on his own soft bed suddenly felt a chill run up his back. A waft of dense chilliness coming from his back caused him to become rigid and shiver a bit.

Staring out the window unaware, he looked at the courtyard being illuminated by the sunshine. This is strange, it’s only mid-autumn, how could it become this cold all of a sudden?

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