Chapter 28

Chapter 28 Shout until one’s throat is damaged

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Once Xia Yuqing heard about the Grand Tutor’s ** matter, she immediately forgot about her great ambition of leaving the palace. Instead, she only had the thought of going to the Grand Tutor’s residence to go see the excitement.

Ordering someone to quickly go to the imperial kitchen and bring a pot of tonic, then bringing along a group of maids, she headed straight from the study room to the Grand Tutor’s residence in a grandiose manner in hopes of visiting the meritorious injured person.

At that moment, Feng Tingye had just left court and have just returned to the imperial study room. Before he even warmed up his seat, he received news from the eunuch outside. The eunuch informed him that Consort Qing had requested to see him.

Feng Tingye’s appearance showed his apprehension. Since Xia Yuqing had entered the palace, the times that she had taken the initiative to look for him could be counted on one hand. Suddenly wanting to visit him, there must be something fishy.

Telling someone to invite Xia Yuqing into the palace, in the short duration of greetings, with Xia Yuqing’s blatant and subtle hints, Feng Tingye was able to figure out the purpose of her visit.

Ai Fei wants Zhen to approve of Ai Fei leaving the palace. In addition, the reason for it is to go visit the Grand Tutors residence ** and allow you to help cure his illness?” Feng Tingye expressionlessly asked and unconsciously his eyebrows trembled a bit.

“That is precisely so. Your Majesty, Grand Tutor for the sake of catching those bandits has sacrificed himself to benefit the citizens of this country. Not sparing to use his sexual appeal to seduce those bandits to appear, ultimately, he had the strength but was in perilous danger ** being caught underneath the wolf’s claw. This virtuous act to sacrifice his own interest for other people, this sort of moral character, it is extremely inspiring and tragic. Once Chen Qie heard of this matter, I was extremely moved. If he hadn’t done those things, the hearts of everyone would be restless. Therefore, Your Majesty, please permit Chen Qie to leave the palace to pay a visit to the Grand Tutor to represent all the female in the world’s appreciation of the Grand Tutor.

After her entire speech, Xia Yuqing raised her head and looked at Feng Tingye with eyes displaying hidden bitterness. Ultra Seme Lord, Gorgeous Tutor ** is definitely in the human world’s hell right now. You wouldn’t be abandoning Gorgeous Tutor now just because someone other than you has taken his flower away! Starting this relation and then abandoning him in the end, you’ll get striked down by the thunders from heaven.

This time, Feng Tingye did not mind Xia Yuqing’s sincere stare that is capable of causing a person’s whole body to raise in goose bumps.

Contemplating for a moment, Feng Tingye’s corner of the mouth lifted a bit into a subtle sly smile. Narrowing his eyes to give rise to his plans to implement his evil intentions. “Ai Fei, what you said is correct. Seeing that Ai Fei is so considerate to my right arm official, it really makes Zhen reassured. During court this morning when I heard about the Grand Tutor, Zhen was also incessantly concerned. Now that Ai Fei has once again mentioned it…. how about we do this. Zhen will accompany Ai Fei to go visit the grand Tutor to see if he is as bedridden as the rumours say he is?”

Xia Yuqing eyes brightened. Sure enough, the Ultra Seme Lord does still cares and misses the Gorgeous tutor. Paying no attention to the fact that the Grand Tutor has been taken advantage of, he is still absolutely infatuated with sweet tender sentiments and wants to console his love. His love is really too great, he really can’t deny it!

Thus under the present moment where one person’s heart harboured sinister designs while the other was full of high spirits, they brought a large group to grandiosely advance to the Grand Tutor’s residence. Along the way, they even brought the icy prime minister and the brave general.

Yan Ran was currently lying on his couch, holding the extremely bitter medicine. With a worried expression was pondering on how he would be able to evade the deadpan housekeeper by his side, so he could throw the medicine onto the already ruined Nippon Lillies.

Suddenly hearing sounds coming from outside, his eyes widened in surprise, then taking advantage of the moment his old housekeeper turned his head, he speedily threw out the medicine. Following the housekeeper turning back his head towards him, he nonchalantly placed his bowl back on the tray. Coughing a few times, he closed eyes on his guilty conscious.

All the maids and eunuchs standing at the side all stared at their master silently roasting him. Could you be anymore childish? How can you be so scared of taking medicine, you’re not a three year old anymore right? Furthermore, do you treat all of our eyes as decorations? Don’t you know that the housekeeper has eyes on the back of his head?

Seeing that the housekeeper’s expression was as deep as water [he can’t read his face], he turned to fix his attention onto himself. On the verge of pretending to be Tang Seng [Buddhist monk from Journey to the West], something moving forward as if they were escaping resembling a rabbit. All of a sudden, a silhouette from the housekeeper’s side forcefully brushed by, and threw themselves straight into Yan Ran.

“Gorgeous Tutor, you have suffered! Really bitterly suffered!” Three weeping phrases in a short while shook everyone in the room.

Yan Ran’s face twitched, then looked down at the person hanging on his body. Xia Yuqing had a face full of tears and snot streaming down and was conveniently using his body to wipe it off.

Little kitten, although I am certainly glad to have you come visit me, but I only suffered some light injuries. Speaking about it so gravely, it is at most second degree wounds. Is it necessary to cry like I became a corpse in the wilderness that no one is concerned about?

“Gorgeous Tutor, aren’t you usually a chatterbox? Why aren’t you saying a single thing today? Could it be that you are still grieving, mind becoming like dead ashes, changing to walk down the dejected route?” Having howled for a while yet not hearing a single thing from Yan Ran, Xia Yuqing finally figured out that something wasn’t right and asked him suspiciously.

Having heard what was said, Yan Ran nearly choked on his own spit. Chatterbox? Who is a chatterbox? If it wasn’t the case that he temporarily couldn’t utter a sound, he definitely would have cursed that person until he wouldn’t even recognize his own eighteen ancestors. It’s a pity, that currently he is only able to have his face flush and turn towards Xia Yuqing beating his chest and stomping his feet.

Xia Yuqing hurriedly jumped back a step in fright, which so happened to be jumping straight into Feng Tingye’s bosom. Flabbergasted she asked: “What’s wrong with him?”

“You’ve upsetted him. Anyone who encountered a similar event would not feel well. Not to mention, just now you were so blunt about it, upsetting him. Restrain yourself a bit… “ With a look of being highly principled, Feng Tingye had a massive smile planted on his face when he patiently guided Xia Yuqing. Yet, the several bodyguards behind him couldn’t help but shiver from head to toe, what could His Majesty be planning now!

Someone’s out of luck!

“Ah, restrain a bit.” Xia Yuqing comprehended a bit of what Feng Tingye was trying to explain and shrugged off his embrace. Gripping Yan Ran’s hand to completely contain it within her own, she spoke tenderly. “Gorgeous Tutor, I know you are broken-hearted. But as the proverb says, Losing one’s chastity is a small matter, losing your life is a big matter. Isn’t it just the loss of your chrysanthemum that’s been stolen? Wait until you catch that bandit, I will speak with Ultra Seme… no I mean speak with His Majesty to ask for permission so that he would give mercy and allow you to retrieve the flower back from that bandit’s body. Don’t fret over it too much and waste time on an insignificant problem, it would hurt your body. It’s not worth it!

Once the last word was spoken, the room couldn’t avoid becoming dead silent.

“…. That is the legendary restraint….” That was the bodyguards standing behind Feng Tingye.

“Lost chastity, so Master’s current appearance is because of last night…..” That was the stunned maids from the Grand Tutor’s residence.

“I wouldn’t have thought, that Gong zi last night unexpectedly… Master and Madam in heavens, this Lao nu has failed you! Lao nu does not have the ability to preserve Yan family’s last direct bloodline, Lao nu has neglected his duties!” That was a several fold shock! Trembling and with cheeks streaming with tears, the housekeeper started to self-criticize himself.

“….” Left speechless, the already furious victim was about to spit out white foam.

Within the room, there were still two people who were clear-headed. He Wenzhong a bit bewildered asked: “What does lost chastity mean?”

Leng RuoFeng with a cold appearance and twisted brows finally spoke. “Consort Qing where did you hear such rumours? Grand Tutor Yan just shouted a bit last night causing some minor damage to the throat and temporarily can’t speak. When did it become mixed up with losing his chastity?”

“Shouted all night? Shouted until he damaged his throat? Until he can’t make any sounds? No wonder Grand Tutor is unusually quiet today. It is because last night he was making someone happy, and was moaning the entire time until he lost his voice? No wonder, Gorgeous Tutor is in such a haggard state. It’s seriously tiring.” With a sympathizing look towards Yan Ran while saying these words, it caused Yan Ran to break the tea cup within his hands.

“…..” Everyone hearing this couldn’t have that one breath come up, their heart blown over the top. Consort Qing, where are your thoughts and focus coming from!

Knife! Where is the knife! The pitiful Grand Tutor’s heart had been driven mad. God, someone please come help him and cut down this Ya Tou or if you can’t kill her, just kill him!

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