FMEA Chapter 52

Chapter 52 Treating this girl as a fire extinguisher

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Zhang Sunshi looked at Xia Yuqing’s undisguised surprise and couldn’t help but laugh out loud. Her eyes reminiscing: “Since Ai Jia had given birth to Ting Er, my health has consistently been not so great. The imperial doctor had said that if I had another pregnancy, he was afraid it would injure my body. The previous emperor would no longer let Ai Jia risk her life to bear another child for him. Finding out Ting Er’s disorder, Ai Jia had urged him consistently to change his mind.”

Although Zhang Sunshi’s tone was calm, Xia Yuqing could still see her happiness through her eyes. The empress dowager must have also been deeply in love with the emperor!

“For Ai Jia, he had already committed a heinous crime and has devoted his entire life to treasuring Ai Jia only. There is no other imperial concubines within the royal harem. If it was once again because of Ai Jia that there is no heir due to problems with my fertility, it would affect His Royal Majesty’s name. Ai Jia would have to bear the blame. But no matter what, His Majesty would not agree. He just kept saying that our child is the best, there is no need to do more than this. He was also saying how he didn’t agree with Ai Jia risking pregnancy.”

“The previous emperor did this because he loved Gu Mu very much and wasn’t willing to bear the slightest risk of losing Gu Mu.” Liu Yixiang saw the atmosphere suddenly become a bit gloomy, and hurriedly consoled the empress dowager.

Zhang Sunshi heard this and smiled: “He really was an overbearing man who was also considerate and gentle at the same time. After knowing Ting Er’s problems, the late emperor did not avoid the two of us at all. Instead, he treated us even better. We were a little unaccustomed at first, but after a long time we discovered because one cannot see the face of another, it took a lot more thought and care to see through a person. Over time, it developed into a habit of peeking into people’s hearts, and for a monarch the most important thing is to understand what the people are yearning for. ”

“These words of the late emperor sounded very reasonable.” Although Xia Yuqing was an otaku girl, she had still experienced a variety of things in the 21st century.

Being tired of seeing the many complicated falsehoods in her past twenty something years, after graduation she had chose to dwell at home and be happy being a self-sufficient parasite, carefree and without worries. Zhang Sunshi’s remarks… she had no choice but to admit that it coincidentally poked at her heart.

However, Zhang Sunshi did not know Xia Yuqing’s thoughts, and only smiled and continued: “This is how it is, but still having people know about Ting Er’s disorder in the end would be troublesome if it got spread around. So after that, the emperor began to work out a strategy. Yan Ran and the others were personally selected by the previous emperor from his own trusted civil and military veterans’ children. From childhood, they were sent to the palace to serve as a companion to Ting Er and they learned the way to govern the country together. When it was time for Ting Er to be enthroned, they would help him pay attention to every move in the hall and listen to all directions.

So the feelings between those Da Ren and the Ultra Seme Lord is childhood sweethearts! No wonder they have such a great bond! Hey, childhood sweethearts, entering the palace, learning together ….. she suddenly had a sense that the previous emperor was raising future daughter-in-aws for his son, how rotten? !

“The first emperor really cared for Gu Mu and my cousin .”

“Yes, it’s a pity that however much Ai Jia and the first emperor planned, we had never counted on something like this happening.” Zhang Sunshi sighed: “Ai Jia has been thinking for the past few years that the reason Ting Er is so repulsed by women might perhaps because of that.”

Wha…what? ! Xia Yuqing’s ears suddenly perked up to hear about the big event of how the Ultra Seme Lord felt repulsed by women. Hey, could she have inadvertently once again touched the truth of a shameful fact?

Looking at Xia Yuqing’s curiosity that was affixed on her face, Zhang Sunshi couldn’t help but smiling a bit: “When Ting Er was ten years old, a royal uncle who had ideas about taking the throne had bribed his nursemaid and his personal Bi Nu, and poisoned his meal. Even though they found out early and Ting Er was rescued, but after that, Ting Er had distanced himself from women. Except for Ai Jia and Xiang Er, he wouldn’t willingly have any contact with other women.”

Liu Yixiang made a slight snort. It was because her cousin had never treated her like a woman!

Xia Yuqing’s eyes were bright. So as expected, the Ultra Seme Lord has a psychological shadow that has made him this way, so …… Ultra Seme Lord please don’t mind and go ahead and engage in male relation, engaging in them is your correct path!

Zhang Sunshi did not know Xia Yuqing’s thoughts and jokingly smiled. “For this reason, Ai Jia has always been worried that Ting Er would never have a companionship in his lifetime. Fortunately, Qing Er, you have appeared. Ting Er that child is just like his father, extreme affection must be from the royal family. Ai Jia can really tell that Ting Er really likes you! If there is anything in the future, you will have to forgive him.”

Zhang Sun shi’s speech had made Xia Yuqing blush. She remembered the words of Feng Tingye’s comments a few days ago: “Zhen said…. Zhen can clearly see your face. In this entire world, except for my mother, Zhen can only see your face!”

“Ai Fei, Zhen will repeat it one more time. I don’t like men or women because Zhen only likes you.”

“Qing Jiejie, what are you thinking of? Your face is so red.” Liu Yixiang’s teasing voice sounded out causing Xia Yuqing to feel embarrassed and unable to reveal her face. Throwing out a mahjong, she whispered: “Look at your hand, Yi Tong.”

“Gang, hahaha. Blooming flowers on Gang. Ai Jia has another winning hand!” Zhang Sunshi had inserted herself to directly take Xia Yuqing’s dealt tile.

“…” Xia Yuqing looked at her traitorous hands and remained silent. Empress dowager, to take advantage of someone else’s difficulties, this is just too immoral!

When they playing in full swing, suddenly a rush of footsteps came from outside.

“Nu Cai pays respect to the previous empress, Consort Qing, and Liu Da Xiao Jie.”

Xia Yuqing looked toward the sound, but was surprised that it was actually one of the little eunuchs who was always beside Feng Tingye called Si Xi. Because this name was similar to the Si Xi meatballs, it had made Xia Yuqing ridicule it for a while, leaving an impression and thus easily remembering him.

“Si Xi, why are you here? Could it be the emperor…”

“Consort Qing, Nu Cai has come to rescue the soldiers. Something bad is happening. The emperor is currently furious at the senior generation, and the several Da Ren are unable to stop him. That is why this Nu Cai has come to find Niang Niang before it’s too late!”

“…” The emperor was angry and the several adults couldn’t restrain him? If she went looking for him now, wouldn’t that be bumping into the muzzle of a gun. You guys are really treating me as a fire extinguisher?

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