FMEA Chapter 53

Chapter 53 Villains are just cannon fodder!

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Even though Xia Yuqing’s heart was extremely tangled, she was still unable to compete with the eunuch’s offensive eyes. Defeated, after speaking to Zhang Sunshi and Li Yixiang, she immediately departed for Qian Qing Palace

The imperial eunuchs of Qian Qing Palace for the first time were looking forward to Xia Yuqing’s arrival. Just from seeing her from afar, they began to look cheerful.

When Xia Yuqing reached the doorstep, she heard him pleasantly surprised, “Consort Qing, you have arrived. Go in, go in. The emperor and the several Da Ren are waiting for you.”

Xia Yuqing’s footsteps suddenly stopped, quite a bit suspicious, she looked at the small eunuchs at the door. Why does it feel like she was about to fall into the den of a bunch of wolves? Ultra Seme Lord, what could you have possibly done? Scolded everyone so now she was treated as their possible savior.

But, how could they know from just looking at the scenery, that in fact, she was just a cannon fodder. One carelessness will certainly cause her to be bombarded with no remains left. Please let her go QQ!

Seeing Xia Yuqing stop, the small eunuch turned around puzzled: “What’s wrong, Niang Niang? Let’s go in. The emperor is waiting for you.”

Xia Yuqing smiled with a stiff face. Just when she wanted to say okay, suddenly there was a loud noise coming from inside. It was also mixed with the rarely seen roar from Feng Tingye.

“…” Xia Yuqing and the little eunuch invariably shrank their necks back.

Staring at the floor that had shaken a few times, Xia Yuqing swallowed hard and looked up at the sky: “Ah, this day seems to have changed. Ben Gong remembers the several drunken imperial consorts in her yard are the most afraid of this type of awful weather. No, Ben Gong must…”

Xia Yuqing’s soles want to escape in stealth, but did not expect that before she could take a step she was unable to make a single move.

Xia Yuqing looked down and saw that the little eunuch at who knows when had clasped her legs like he was holding on to her for dear life. “Consort Qing, please pity Nu Cai! Nu Cai has an eightyish year old mother and multiple younger brothers and sisters who had just became adults and a few newly born children who are waiting to be nursed. They all depend on this servants rations. However, if this servant is killed for being brave and righteous, it wouldn’t be just one corpse for two lives but many lives gone with one corpse! Niang Niang, you are so gentle and kind, how could your heart bear this!”

While the little eunuch was still putting on this act and wiping the tears on his sleeves, he looked at Xia Yuqing with his teary eyes.

Xia Yuqing’s mouth twitched. Do you really think I’m stupid and that I can’t see that you have hidden chili water in your sleeves? Also, an 80ish-year-old mother, your younger brother and sister who just turned into adults. Was your old woman in her seventies when she gave birth to your siblings? Do you not know that women still have menopause? Children crying piteously for food, aren’t you a eunuch? What kind of eunuch in this world can have children?! Are you saying that you are amazing or do you mean that you are a fake eunuch?! If what you said is true, then that would be magical, but otherwise you are just a lying duping eunuch. Finally, one corpse for two lives, that phrase isn’t used that way. Do you think you are a woman?

Xia Yuqing was still very affected. In the end because she couldn’t stand the eunuch’s terrible wailing, she abandoned herself to despair and turned around and set foot into Qian Qing Palace.

The small eunuch who was left behind had two eyes red through and through with tears falling down uncontrollably. Damn it, I used too much chili water!

Just when Xia Yuqing had walked to the front of the door of the side palace hall, she heard a low whisper: “Those group of damned old stubborn misers! Didn’t Zhen just tell them that the floods on the south bank of the Huai River have been severe during the past few years. To ensure the safety of the people of the Huai River and to save the people injured, Zhen had intended for a dam to be built on the south bank of the Huai River. Let the ministers who have money to offer money, and ministers who have no money to put in physical labour. As a result, do you know what those misers who only know how to read books and covered with the odor of copper said? The state treasury is empty and that the construction of the embankment would be a waste of money and resources. Please think twice before proceeding. ”

There was another sound of something falling down in the room. “When all is said and done, aren’t they just afraid that Zhen will ask for money from them. Ever since my father had inherited the throne, he has been good at ruling the country. When had the treasury ever run short? The only reason Zhen had opened his mouth was so that they know their place and could do something for the people. But one by one, they used all sorts of excuse. Do they all simply not want to do it? Then Zhen will send them all back to their hometowns to retire tomorrow. Zhen will not support their incompetence!”

Hearing all this, Xia Yuqing shivered, then she carefully opened the door and gently walked in.

The first person to discover her was Yan Ran who was about to call out to her. Just when he was about to shout, Xia Yuqing quickly made a gesture to tell him to keep quiet.

“What’s going on? How did the emperor become so angry?” Even though she was separated by a distance, she was still able to see the sparks flying out. The people who were close had to be aware otherwise they might be roasted accidentally.

Yan Ran pressed his voice down and leaned over towards Xia Yuqing: “What else could it be? The south bank of the Huai River have caused floods and tens of thousands of people are in dire straits. The emperor is in a hurry. Seeing that the river has not been flooding for several years, the emperor thought that after the earthquake disaster they should build a dam on the Huai River and let the hundreds of officials to put in some effort. Who knew that after all these years of living like princes, which one of these officials would want to accept this strenuous work. Each and every single one of them used all sorts of excuses. When the emperor proposed to raise money for disaster relief, one by one, they all started complaining about their poverty and how the emperor was too stingy! Shouldn’t the emperor be mad?”

Xia Yuqing listened and her heart shook. Some time ago, from the results of Prince Rui’s case, these officials had not learned from this lesson. If this goes on, the government will surely become a river of blood. In that case…. no matter what the original intention was, the dark Ultra Seme Lord would be bound with the title of being a killer tyrant! What kind of terrible heartbreaking matter is it for this sinister person to turn towards the direction of a villain? No, she absolutely cannot allow the Ultra Seme Lord to become a villain. After becoming a villain, what would happen to his 3,000 ukes in the palace, their sexual happiness? You know that … all villains are cannon fodder!

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