FMEA Chapter 55

Chapter 55: Unconvinced so let’s fight!

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Xia Yuqing looked miserably at the sight of the few people watching her covetously. She shrugged her shoulders, finally yielding: “Fine, Chen Qie does understand what’s written on there.”

When Xia Yuqing spoke, the four people were taken back. As soon as they looked at each other, Feng Tingye said, “If Zhen remembers correctly, Ai Fei, you never leave the palace. How could you randomly understand all this? Only experienced people within this field would be able to understand these intricate designs.”

Xia Yuqing glanced at the four men who were staring at her fixedly, trying to escape direct eye contact she turned her eyes away and sighed: “It’s a long story.”

“Then Ai Fei can make it short.”

“…..” Xia Yuqing almost choked, coughing a few times to clear her throat. “Does Your Majesty still remember the Nai Niang that Chen Qie had mentioned before who had raised Chen Qie.”
Nai Niang = wet nurse

Feng Tingye raised his eyebrows: “The one who kept on warning you to pretend to be a fool? The Nai Niang you call mom?”

Xia Yuqing’s gave Feng Tingye an aggrieving glance, without having an enmity, I myself wouldn’t have known the inside information and said something wrong. Yet, Ultra Seme Lord, you still remember it now? Ultra Seme Lord, your eye to detail is even sharper than a needle!

“That is her. The emperor has no idea, but my Nai Niang was not to be trifled with. My Nai Niang was born in a family of craftsmen, and had followed her parents travelling everywhere from childhood. Thus, she was very rather good at these kinds of thing. But unfortunately she had a senior in her family who was blinded by greed. Using his position for personal gain, he would deduct construction materials for his own use, and eventually caused the building to collapse, resulting in heavy casualties.”

Xia Yuqing secretly glanced at a few people, then seeing that they had no particular expression on their face did she then let out a sigh of relief. Anyways, construction back during the ancient period were all rubbish projects. Her Nai Niang was just a fabricated character, she might as well walk down this path until it became black. She really doesn’t believe they could figure out anything since she was this ambiguous with her explanation.

Within Xia Yuqing’s heart, she was rolling around 360 degrees without any dead ends. Huh, how could I be so intelligent and clever?

Xia Yuqing’s inner heart was full of waves, but her outward appearance was still deadly earnest: “Afterwards things were exposed, my father became angry and ordered her to be punished severely. My Nai Niang suffering from guilt by association was sold as a slave into the palace. At this time was when she was coincidentally placed as Chen Qie’s Nai Niang. Then when I was young, one day I discovered my Nai Niang describing these sort of architectural design in the palace and I immediately became curious. Knowing that I was curious, she praised me that I might have a gift for this and if I wanted to learn. Chen qie thinking that she was bored anyways, why shouldn’t she try learning a bit and see how it goes.

Therefore, this is why Chen Qie was able to see from the design… the flawed designs. ”

“Flawed design? Ai Fei, this blueprint was drawn by Ye Country’s most respected senior within this field. But Ai Fei is saying that this design is flawed…..”

Xia Yuqing could understand that Feng Tingye was still doubting her ability. As a youthful professional within this field bursting with personal integrity, Xia Yuqing could tolerate people doubting about her character, however she could never tolerate anyone doubting her ability.

In a fit of fury, Xia Yuqing’s head became hot and she made a move that made her extremely regretful. Walking over to Feng Tingye’s desk, she aggressively slapped the table and righteously said: “This kind of hydraulic engineering projects are related to the lives of thousands of people. There can’t be even the slightest mistake. Since the emperor does not trust Chen Qie, the emperor can just invite that senior to the palace to discuss this blueprint with Chen Qie. Whoever is right or wrong would be easily seen at a glance.”

This time, the several men there were all stunned and looked at each other for a long time. Is this girl being… provocative?

Looking interestingly at the certain someone who was aggrieved with a face full of arrogance and indignation at the table ready to battle it out, his lips curved up into a smirk: “Ai Fei, it is as you said. This is related to lives and deaths of millions of people so we really need to think twice before doing anything. Ruofeng, go bring Xu Lao to the palace. Zhen wants to see how capable Ai Fei is.”

Leng Rufeng and Shao Zitang looked at each other, concern in their eyes. Although the matter of building embankments and dams was not the top secret in the country, but no matter what it is still a major thing in the country, how could a small and weak woman intervene? Rather…… from Qing Fei Niang Niang’s previous convictions, is His Majesty not afraid that Qing Fei Niang Niang to the country’s jewel, Xu Lao,….. infuriate him to death?

“Rufeng, just go.” Yan Ran seeing the hesitation between the two, leisurely whistled, and placed a hand on his shoulder and smiled. “I would also like to see if our little kitten who is about to explode will be able to become a big tiger. Looking at her appearance, that Ya Tou seems to have a card up her sleeve, it can’t be certain but it could possibly be the case that she’s right.”

Hearing what he said, Leng Ruofeng’s mouth drew out into a straight line. His heart couldn’t help but ridicule him: Could it be that you forgot the last time she played the zither, that kitten you were talking about was also full of confidence and arrogance? And what was the result then……

Yan Ran looked back and saw the expressionless face of Leng Ruofeng, then heaved a sigh: “Poker face, don’t forget. Right now, it still a sensitive time, the emperor and us can’t afford the slightest error.”

Leng Ruofeng, distracted, suddenly seemed to realize something. Nodding his head coldly, he turned to go pick up Xu Lao and bring him back to the palace.

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