FMEA Chapter 54

Chapter 54 So this is how you use this plug-in!

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With the pride and ambition of not going to hell, Xia Yuqing patted the shoulders of Yan Ran and was about to step in to console him. Yet before she could take those few steps, she suddenly had a head on collision with a bunch of letters to the emperor.

“Ouch…” Xia Yuqing covered her head with her hands and squatted down. It took her forever to build up that courage, but it was all smashed away.

Hearing Xia Yuqing’s painful cry, Feng Tingye stopped his movements. Following the sound, he wanted to check on Xia Yuqing’s injury. Yet, he didn’t want to lose face so he awkwardly asked: “Why did you come?”

His tone wasn’t as intense as it was just now, it was just his face that still seemed like as if someone owed him millions.

Shao Zitang and Leng Ruofeng keenly discovered that since the appearance of Xia Yuqing, someone’s anger has finally dropped a bit and they were both relieved at the same time.

You think that I had nothing better to do and was happy to come?! Xia Yuqing squinted her eyes at Feng Tingye. Reaching out her hand, she picked up a letter. Once she lifted her hand up, she was able to get the blueprint to slide out.

“Huh? What’s this?” Xia Yuqing picked up the drawing and stared at it. “Is this the construction plan for the dam?”

After Feng Tingye and the others heard what she said, they stared blankly. They had not expected that when randomly throwing some items, they had accidentally thrown the blueprint for the dam. Just when he wanted to retrieve it, he saw Xia Yuqing scan the entire drawing and spoke a bit too reluctantly: “If the dam were built on this blueprint, it would collapse…”

“…” Feng Tingye and the others who was moving towards her suddenly paused. Looking at Xia Yuqing’s extremely innocent face, they were utterly speechless.

After a long while, Feng Tingye, astonished, asked: “Do you understand this drawing?”

Insensitive and thick skinned, Xia Yuqing did not realize the change in the atmosphere and blurted out: “I can’t speak about other things, but for this kind of thing…of course I can read it…”

When the words were spoken, Xia Yuqing felt that several eyes had projected on herself causing her body to feel hotter causing her to react.

How could a princess who has lived in the palace for a long time be able to read the design drawings of this huge building? Damnit… she’s exposed!

Xia Yuqing was a fujoshi and an otaku. She had even lived nearly 30 years hidden within the comforts of her home, happily becoming an older ‘leftover woman’.

The life of a parasite is very repetitive and very free. However, at the same time, the life of a parasite is also very hard. As a parasite that does very little and eats a whole lot more, they would often have to worry about their food. There is always a day where there could be no food left.

But Xia Yuqing didn’t have to worry about this at all because she had her old woman who had opened a travel agency. She would fly all over the world for free all the time, and the money would be charged on her own card. At the same time, she also had her old man. He would climb mountains and wade through rivers, going all over the place to survey the geology. From time to time, both her mother and dad would join hands to wander the horizon and leave Xia Yuqing alone at home nibbling on some extra grains. Over time, apart from food and clothing, she would only use her bank card for her fujoshi cravings, the number of purchases completely unreasonable.

However, this is not the point. The point is whether it is because of heredity or her family environment. That year when Xia Yuqing was doing her college entrance exams due to a sudden decision that came to her brain, with no turning back, she had filled out a form for a profession that girls rarely choose: architecture.

Facts have proven that some people’s talents are indeed different from ordinary people. Xia Yuqing not only selected this dying profession populated with men, but she had also mixed into the profession as if she was a fish in water, standing on top of the pyramid. But sometimes if the plug-in is too obvious, it will inevitably attract the envy and hatred of some people. Therefore, after being tossed to the side countless of times, Xia Yuqing just felt too tired.

The world outside is terrible. The world outside is really tiring. Therefore, after graduation, Xia Yuqing picked up her bags and rejected several powerful companies that had been inviting her to work in the company before graduation, and began her happy life. Every day in addition to visiting the forums, playing small games, chasing a few of her beloved ** novels, she would also occasionally accept a few cases to subsidize her own wallet. Life was so smooth sailing, onlookers would be envious.

The topic seems to be getting sidetracked. Cough cough, but after that time of being hit by thunder and crossing over, Xia Yuqing thought that her only cheat would be covered in the dust of that dishonest world, but unexpectedly… at her darkest hour, her cheat could also be used like this?

Dreams are full, but reality is skinny!

Xia Yuqing looked at the fierceness of his eyes and found herself pressed further and further into the corner by the Ultra Seme Lord and the other Da Rens. Unaware, she swallowed the saliva in her mouth. Why is it that when others cross to other worlds, they are figureheads hanging above everyone else as it should be, but when it is her turn, it was as if she was at a joint hearing? This was because she was a sad one full of grief, hovering around the Ultra Seme Lord and his small crowd of ukes as cannon fodder. Terrible! Absolutely terrible! The great god of crossing through worlds, I want to make an appeal!

“Ai Fei, did you just say…” Feng Tingye’s eyes were locked onto Xia Yuqing, the image looking like a big gray wolf eyeing down a fat white rabbit.

Xia Yuqing hurriedly interrupted Feng Tingye’s words and laughed, “Ah ha ha ha, what did Chen Qie say just now? The emperor must have heard wrong.”

“The emperor heard wrong? Can it be that us several people all got it wrong together? We just all heard Consort Qing say that if this dam is built on the basis of the drawing…. it will collapse.” Shao Zitang face had a smile on it yet he wasn’t smiling and successfully smashed apart Xia Yuqing’s lie.

Xia Yuqing could sense the energy of the gazes being focused on her because of Shao Zitang’s words causing herself to heat up. Her heart had long been in tears. Mr. Government Official really is nasty and out to get people. Wah, wasn’t it just two days ago that I just teased you to get a few pieces of rock candied fruit to eat? Avenging private matters in public will get retribution!

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