FMEA Chapter 57

Chapter 57: Fighters in the Gray Machine

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Feng Tingye and the rest had quickly changed their positions, and moved to the outer hall as soon as the two had started fighting.

At this moment, seeing the more and more harmonious dialogue between the two people, the group of them were stunned by this unexpected development.

Opening his paper fan and starting to fan himself, Yan Ran clicked his tongue, saying: “Surprisingly, she was able to appease this usually difficult and fiery Xu Lao. This small… Cough cough, Consort Qing really is incredible. In fact, did Xu Lao take the wrong medicine? After listening to Qing Qing speak about everything in disorder and not knowing what she was driving at, he didn’t even reveal any impatience. Usually, if we even spoke to him a few superfluous words, we would be beaten by him with his words. This difference is too obvious!”

Feeling it beneath his dignity, Shaozi Tang sneered and ridiculed: “How could Consort Qing resemble some certain person idling and speaking nothing but nonsense? Did you not see Xu Lao’s look of approval and high spirits? What Consort Qing spoke of was exactly what Xu Lao wanted to hear. A certain person just couldn’t understand it because they didn’t have that ability. Having low IQ but still blaming other people, no wonder when they were receiving someone they were kicked out of their home. ”

Yan Ran and Shao Zitang were just like explosives and matchsticks. Every time they meet each other, they would light each other up. Shao Zitang’s two sentences were exactly like a fuse, causing Yan Ran to burst his hair. “Who did you say had low IQ?”

Shaozi Tang whispered: “I didn’t name anyone, why are you rushing to take the criticism for yourself?”


Seeing that the two men were about to fight again, Leng Ruofeng sighed and said, “Don’t quarrel. Let’s hear what the emperor has to say.”

“Your M ajesty ……”Leng Ruofeng’s sentence caused the other two people’s eyes to fall on the calm and unperturbed man who was silently lifting his cup of tea.

“Your Majesty, is the Nai Niang that Consort Qing mentioned real?” Leng Ruofeng frowned and watched Feng Tingye who had a look as if the matter was of no concern to him.

Feng Tingye placed the tea cup in his hands aside and yawned lazily: “The last time Consort Qing had brought it up, Zhen had sent someone to sneak into the State of Xia to investigate. The result was that… there was no such person.”

“No such person in the investigation… then what Consort Qing said was ……” Yan Ran asked in an astonished manner.

Feng Tingye lazily glanced at him: “The words she said? Half true and half fake.”

“Then does Your Majesty think… the words of Consort Qing are credible and not credible?”

Feng Tingye covered his mouth and yawned again: “What is credible and not credible? The words she said, Zhen does not believe a single word she said.”

“Then Your Majesty, earlier…. ” Earlier he was so aggressive and overbearing to prove her words, he did not even hesitate to call out the dragon who was hidden within his nest all year round.

As if he had heard the voices of those several people, Feng Tingye rested his chin on his hand and smiled: “Don’t you think that Ya Tou’s panic-stricken face, that had obviously made a mistake, but still thinks highly of herself when she tells a lie super amusing?”

“…” Not at all. We just think that you for this Ya Tou, ordering us to go around in circles is not amusing at all!

By all means, please don’t tell us that the first day of roaring was because you wanted to see us lose our head out of fear thus intentionally made us go through that.. After three hours of unrest, the three people’s heart were incomparably mad.

Feng Tingye watched how in a few moments all of their faces distorted. Squinting his eing, he sneered, “My beloved officials, you guys asking in this manner… you wouldn’t have really believed in Consort Qing’s argument?”

“…” They swear that they absolutely saw something called ridicule in the eyes of this bad man! Turning the tables, after all, who was the one who gave them the illusion that someone deserved to be believed, even dared to laugh at them at this time, could they still play happily? !

In the inner hall, the several oblivious Da Ren have almost been completely played by someone’s bad taste of messing with Xia Yuqing. At present, she was looking in amazement at the insufferably arrogant old man with the trembling long mustache: “Grandpa, how did you know the Ji Guan Shu?”
Ji Guan Shu = technique for operating mechanisms

Hearing the mention of the mechanism, the people outside finally found a way to enter the conversation. Feng Tingye lightly coughed: “Ai Fei, Xu Lao is one of the few descendants of Ji Guan Shu within the four countries, so he is proficient in various types of techniques. Although the other three countries are eyeing him covetously, they all want to lure him into their country as a guest for their own benefit, Xu Lao insisted on staying in his own country, which is our State of Ye.”

After listening to Feng Tingye’s introduction, Xia Yuqing’s mouth formed an o-shape. With a pair of bright eyes and increasing worship, she stared at the arrogant man across from her with his chest pushed out and head raised.

Could it be that the person in front of her is the legendary master of masters, the fighter in the gray machine? Even the Ultra Seme Lord was being courteous to this master. Pitifully, she was blind like a frog in a well, and she had even argued with such an amazing character for such a long time, this can only be regarded as a complete offense.

Recalling the moment the old man’s appearance had caused her to feel a righteous indignation when he had first entered the palace gate, and afterwards her mercilessly swearing at him…. She’s finished. God, I am just a poor peasant. I didn’t know any better, please don’t hold me responsible, please let me off!

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