FMEA Chapter 58

Chapter 58: Zhen is your man

Shoutout to our editor pulling through! So here are the three chapters for the rest of August!

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Xia Yuqing had finally come to realize the seriousness of the matter. Her two cat pupils began to water and her body also began to tremble.

Although Xu Lao was looking up and posing as if no one else mattered, out of the corner of his eyes he would sneakily peak at Xia Yuqing.

Seeing the expression on her face slowly turn from astonishment to admiration to panic, and finally to the expression of bitterness that made her look like she was about to cry, his vanity was finally satisfied to a certain extent. Mercifully coughing a few times: “Your Majesty, Lao Chen thinks that the consort has outstanding qualifications and is very talented, entirely suitable to inherit this old man’s legacy. I do not know whether His Majesty will consent to allowing Consort Qing Yan to come and accept this inheritance?”

“…..” Inheriting a legacy? Taking in a master? Because of the unexpected turn of events and being burned outside by the thunder, the trio, looked completely out of it. Is it really the case nowadays that fortune favours fools? Why is it that when tasty meat pies fall out of the sky, they fall on reckless, simple minded second hand goods? As expected… wise people are no longer suitable to survive in this broken world.
* This is sort of a pun because the ‘Ting’ in Feng Tingye means clap of thunder so being burned by thunder is referring to Feng Tingye

“Xu Lao wants to accept Consort Qing as a disciple to inherit your legacy?” The only one who was still aware was Feng Tingye as he once again looked at Xia Yuqing with eyes stained with a bit of inquiry. He had really looked down upon this Ya Tou, to go as far as being noticed by Xu Lao. How many things does this girl have that he has not discovered? He is really looking forward to it!

Originally still complaining about herself and lamenting her bad luck, Xia Yuqing barely heard Xu Lao’s words. The Great God didn’t care about her rudeness and even wanted to accept her as a disciple?

In addition, this kind of “ talented child who in the future will be the center of this field, please join my house to receive my legacy,” senior accepting a disciple scene, what is this? Shouldn’t this glittering story happen to the Ultra Seme Lord? Or even if it doesn’t, shouldn’t it fall to those Da Ren? For it to brush onto this invisible body… this doesn’t make sense!

After a short delay, Xia Yuqing was completely moved. The god is really a god. He could be so broad-minded unlike some people who are narrow minded and would take advantage of others’ wrongdoings whenever he has a chance. But……

“Lao Yeye, if you want to take me as an apprentice, shouldn’t you ask me if I would like it or not? Why would you ask …” Before Xia Yuqing could finish, she felt a cold light sweep over.
Lao Yeye = paternal great-grandfather or a way to address an older senior

Feng Tingye grinned as he stared at Xia Yuqing, speaking asa matter of course: “Because Zhen is your man.”

“…” lying b*stard! This man! This overbearing dictator, I want to protest.

Feng Tingye seemed to understand the grief in the eyes of Xia Yuqing. Calm and collected, he gave her a look that said: protest invalid.

Xia Yuqing gave him a returning look: I want to appeal!

Feng Tingye yawned: appeal dismissed!

“…” This wicked capitalist, overbearing superior, Xia Yuqing silently cursed him in her heart.

The group of people present silently watched the two people who were exchanging glances to one another: making a public display of affection, please control yourselves, this is blinding them!

“Cough cough…” Xu Lao, who couldn’t stand it anymore, couldn’t help but interrupt the two of them. Young people nowadays really don’t know the meaning of restraint anymore.

Xu Lao looked at Xia Yuqing’s reluctant expression and coldly said: “Could it be that Consort Qing doesn’t want to accept this Lao Chen because he looks similar to a ghost, unworthy of the public, therefore you are unwilling to pay respect to this Lao Chen and become my disciple?”

“…..” How could these words sound so familiar? She was still too naive. God, your narrow mindedness does not help you at all in establishing that tall lofty figure of yours, so please don’t make any more trouble!

Xia Yuqing stiffened and commented flatteringly: “How could it be? Lao Yeye, you must have gotten it wrong. What I just said was that you have both bright and affable eyes, when you were young, you must have been such a handsome romantic, a distinguished elegant noble. When you laugh, your kind eyebrows resemble Maitreya Buddha who is loved and revered by the entire world. How could you even put your face in the same subject as those kind of ghosts?”

“…” Consort Qing, how could you change your face so fast! Do you think that with a few flattering lines will cause that stubborn and tough old man who is madder than a mad cow to be bought by you? You’re too naive!

But the fact is…

Xu Lao smiled and stroked his gray mustache and looked at Xia Yuqing with a look of appreciation: “Child, you are truly a well taught maiden, this old man really appreciates you.”

“…” Could it be that this isn’t the real Xu Lao who is standing in front of them today? Iis it actually a counterfeit product with a human skin mask!?

“Ahahahaha, to obtain Lao Yeye’s appreciation is my honour.” Xia Yuqing smiled stiffly.

Xu Lao seems to have discovered something, his face sinking: “Lao Yeye? Is this man so old?”

The smile on Xia Yuqing’s face was frozen: “Of course not, you are not old at all. Really! You look even younger than my royal father! Lao Yeye is just my name for you to demonstrate my respect that is like the continuous water that flows in a river. But, if you don’t like it, you can change it. If I don’t call you Lao Yeye, what should I call you? Shi Fu?”
Shi Fu = Master

Xia Yuqing reflexively looked back to glimpse at Feng Tingye and saw that he didn’t have any changes causing her to make a slight sigh of relief. But subsequently.. She froze….

When had she started to care so much about that soulless person’s reaction?

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