FMEA Chapter 72

Chapter 72 Love Hate Relationship

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Considering everything up to this point, Yan Ran and everyone else’s eyes fell on Xia Yuqing’s who was still oblivious to the seriousness of this situation and was still looking dazed.

Evidently, Feng Tingye also thought of this. There was a chill in his eyes surfacing, but he continued to remain calm and expressionless.

Xia Mingyuan swept a glance at the complex look among the crowd, then faintly smiled: “That’s right, Xia Kingdom does have the plan to have another marriage alliance with Ye Kingdom. But this time courtesy demands reciprocity. My Emperor father’s intention is hoping that Ye Kingdom could do the same thing as our Xia Kingdom did to you and send a princess to go back to our country and marry my Emperor father.”

Undoubtedly, Xia Mingyuan’s response was like another bombshell directly blowing everyone away, completely frying them. It turned out that their guesses were wrong? This time, Xia Kingdom’s intention is not to send a person here, but to take a person away?

After a brief surprise, the faces of Yan Ran and others became more and more unsightly. The Emperor of Xia was already near sixty this year. There were already countless beauties within his harem, but he wasn’t able to produce anything in the early years. Later, in the prime of his life, he slowly was able to produce a few offsprings causing him to become more and more unbridled. Despite his ability of managing the state affairs being adequate, as a man he is a completely rotten bastard. Based on his age, he should already have one foot in the grave, yet he still wants to add more beauties into his harem…..

Nevertheless this is not the main point. The most important thing is our Xia Kingdom doesn’t have a suitable princess for marriage ah!

Upon hearing Xia Mingyuan’s words, Xia Yuqing also thought of this point. Hesitating for a while, she couldn’t help but poke Yan Ran who was the closest to her. Asking curiously: “Gorgeous Grand Tutor, does the Emperor have any female cousins?”

Yan Ran was stunned, pondering for a moment, “ The Emperor has a total of four Imperial Uncles. One had died early, the other one was Prince Rui who had no descendants, and the other two uncles all have….sons.”

“……” This was clearly a case of excess yang and declining yin ah!

“How about the late Emperor, did he have any sisters?” Royal Grand Princess is a princess, in fact, their ages are also a better fit, but it just so happens that they are different generations.

Yan Ran hesitated for a bit before muttering: “The late Emperor indeed have an older sister. She’s about fifty this year and hasn’t married yet….”

Xia Yuqing’s eyes brightened: “She’s the one. She is already this old and has not married yet. This is indeed the will of heaven ah! It turned out, Xia Emperor…no, my Emperor father’s aims is this one. Falling in love in the autumn of one’s life, how romantic!”

“……” Yan Ran’s mouth twitched, knowing that Xia Yuqing must have misunderstood again. He hurriedly explained: “Niang Niang, there is a misunderstanding. This Grand Royal Princess because of severe chronic illness years ago has let go of life and went to the West.”

“Then it’s like the movie ‘Ghost’. Damn, the romance is even more intense.”


“Wait, you said that the Grand Royal Princess is already dead?” It took Xia Yuqing quite some time before she reacted and asked with a startled face. “Then who should be picked for this marriage alliance?”

“……” How am I supposed to know? Anyhow, it would definitely not that Grand Royal Princess who is already buried under the ground!

Xia Yuqing touching the chin with a profound face. “The imperial household of Ye Kingdom out of question has zero suitable candidate, there is no reason the Xia Kingdom wouldn’t know about this fact. In this case, what is their purpose of proposing this marriage alliance?”

What could be the purpose? Shao Zitang and Leng Ruofeng who were silently listening in to the conversation between the two glanced at each other. Then they both simultaneously looked at Xia Mingyan who was smiling with full content on his face not far away. Seeing this, their eyes immediately became a lot colder.

Fully aware that the Xia Kingdom had no princesses, they not only especially stressed that the selected candidate for this marriage alliance had to be a princess but also went to a lot of troubles to send people here to personally bring the person back. What is this all for? This must be them trying to make things difficult for our new Ye Emperor who has ascended the throne not long ago!

Feng Tingye calmly look at Xia Mingyuan’s gaze for a moment before replying with a faint smile: “Ye Kingdom and Xia Kingdom has always got along with each other. For Emperor of Xia to have this kind of intention makes Zhen feel really happy. Since Xia Emperor himself is the one going to accept this marriage alliance, then this marriage matter must be handled carefully. We must carefully take our time to make the decisions and treat the matter with due consideration.”

Xia Mingyuan gave out a soft smile: “Your Majesty has a point. This matter cannot be rushed. It just so happened that this prince and Second Imperial Brother intended to take advantage of this opportunity to enjoy and appreciate the local customs and practices of Ye Kingdom. Your Majesty shall have plenty of time during this period to make the proper arrangements. This prince will quietly wait for the princess’ carriage.”

“Naturally,” Feng Tingye replied with a smile. The two were having a face-off causing sparks to fly in the air. The weather started to change color as well with a strong smell of gunpowder filling the air with crackling sounds.

In response, everyone quickly withdrew their heads, yet there was one person who was so excited that they almost fell forward.

Tsk tsk, look at this intense firework. They haven’t even met too long ago, yet there is already such a fierce chemical reaction. Could it be that when she wasn’t watching, the Ultra Seme Lord had done something to make that loyal dog Imperial brother feel a sense of crisis from a strong rival? Two semes locked in a fierce battle for the sake of an uke?

However, ╮(╯▽╰)╭ why did she feel something was off. She had a feeling that when these two men were staring at each other with their fiery eyes it created a spark that felt like what true love should feel like!

Could this be the legendary encounter of two great semes, one must submit to be the uke! This freaking love-hate relationship, it is too moe, it’s dying my face red. The two Seme Lords, please don’t get carried away on fighting for the top position! But a true man is the one that is capable of overwhelming another seme! I will absolutely support you mentally and spiritually!

Fortunately, there was no mind reading in this world. Otherwise, if they knew that Xia Yuqing had been quietly fantasizing about both of them in her mind to this extreme, these two men who were placed on the wrong side together would definitely spit out blood in front of Xia Yuqing.

Tired from glaring at each other, the two men finally smiled with stiff expressions and slowly went back to their original position. The night had gradually darkened, the banquet has finally come to an end.

Lightly coughing twice, Feng Tingye gave Yan Ran who was at the side a meaningful glance. Yan Ran immediately understood what he meant and stood up with a faint smile: “Tonight under blooming flowers and full moon, such beautiful scenery and warm atmosphere, it’s rather monotonous to just watch the palace’s performers sing and dance. How about we invite Consort Qing to play a song for us? What does everyone think?”

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