FMEA Chapter 71

Chapter 71 Prick meets lightning

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After three rounds of alcohol, a middle-aged sorry looking court official sitting by Xia Mingyuan stood up with a faint smile on his face and proposed a toast to Feng Tingye: “This subject, Mu Li, five years ago, had accompanied our emperor to Ye Kingdom as an envoy. At that time, the late emperor was still present and this servant was waiting upon our emperor as an attendant. Thus when we met the Ye Emperor, I had the opportunity to meet Your Majesty who was still the crowned prince back then a few times. Does Your Majesty still remember?”

Hearing those words, everyone at the feast stopped their movements and casted their gazes upon the middle-aged man. Some envied him while others ridiculed him with disdain in their eyes. Amongst these gazes, the officials from Ye Kingdom were the most extreme. As soon as he approached, he’s already trying to establish a relationship through past gratitudes. How shameless!

Feng Tingye frowned, his line of sight lingered on Mu Li’s face for a moment. It was as if he was using a great effort to try to recall whether he had seen this person. After quite a while then did he pretend to sigh with emotion: “Five years ago, my imperial father did indeed bring zhen along to welcome the envoy from Xia Kingdom. But at that time Zhen was absorbed in the conversation with Xia Emperor, so I was not aware of anything else. Moreover, things that are not beautiful… Zhen isn’t willing to let it stay in my eyesight for a long time. Thus…”

As soon as the words came out, Mu Li’s original smug face suddenly became pale. There is nothing in this world that is more humiliating than being given a cold shoulder when you are trying to be friendly. A mouthful of blood was immediately stuck in his throat, and the rest of the words he was going to say was all swallowed back into his stomach. His mouth opened and closed for a long time. Then finally in the end he still chose to close his mouth and staggered back to his seat.

After witnessing what happened, in the crowd’s minds, their respect for their emperor rose up by a few more percent.

The Emperor’s poisonous tongue has become more and more vicious. With just a few words, he struck that minister who was trying to put on airs, completely knocking him out. Our bright guiding star!

When Yan Ran and the rest looked at that minister’s appearance, they couldn’t help but sneer. Followed the Xia Emperor to Ye Kingdom as an envoy five years ago, but five years later he is just following around some small princes as an envoy again. From these five years, his position has not risen nor fallen. This kind of matter, what good is there for it to be brought up? We really want to know if this man’s head was squeezed by a door before!

Among everyone, only one person’s gaze was aimed towards Feng Tingye, silently roasting him.

Oh, Ultra Seme Lord, if you have face blindness and aren’t able to recognize his face, then just say it directly. Is it worthwhile to say that nonsense about not willing to let things that are not beautiful to stay in the eyes for a long time. You are such a prick, do your citizens even know?! There’s a good saying: ‘Don’t be a prick or thunder will strike you’. Ultra Seme Lord, you don’t even have a lightning rod, but you still dare to act like one. Aren’t you afraid you’ll be striked by thunder and travel through worlds like us?!

Xia Mingyuan casted a glance at his subordinates behind his back who were trying to hold back their laughs frightening them so much their whole bodies trembled and causing them to not dare to be so rash again. Thereafter, he gave Mu Li a ruthless glare and coldly said: “Insufficient successes, but plenty of failures.”

His cold words attacked Mu Li mercilessly, so he would never ever be able to recover.

Xia Mingyuan then fixed up his clothes, and swept a look at his incompetent team. Standing up, he let out a sigh as he spoke: “Presumably your distinguished Majesty has already received the letter that was sent by our country and may already know about the purpose of our visit? Xia Kingdom and Ye Kingdom are neighboring countries separated by the ocean, having been at peace with each other for about a hundred years. Moreover, we also have a tradition of alliance marriages. Not so long ago, this prince’s younger sister married into Ye Kingdom and has become the Imperial Consort of Ye Kingdom’s harem. My imperial father hearing that my imperial sister was deeply treasured by the Ye Emperor, felt deeply gratified. Thus, in accordance with the principle of good relations between the two countries, Imperial Father has ordered this prince to visit, hoping to further strengthen the two countries’ friendship by cementing old ties through another marriage.”

“Your Highness’ meaning is….your country want to have another alliance marriage?” At long last they have reached the main topic. Feng Tingye retracted back his earlier laid back casual air. His face becoming heavy, his whole body permeated out a domineering tyrannical and dignified aura.

Ran Yan and others were shocked to hear Xia Mingyuan’s words. They thought that the purpose of Xia Mingyuan coming this time was about the marriage alliance, but they weren’t expecting that it was to propose another marriage alliance!

As everyone knows, Xia’s royal family has four sons and two daughters. Third Princess, Xia Yumu is deeply doted by the Xia Emperor and until now has not been betrothed yet. That time the reason why Feng Tingye had a prearranged marriage was due to go an oral agreement on their children marrying between the late emperor and Xia Emperor. After the late emperor of Ye died, high ranked officials in court brought up this old matter. Thus, in order to fulfill the promise, Feng Tingye decided to marry this most doted on Third Princess. Since it was just a political marriage, marrying anyone from Xia all the same, so why not marry one that would be a better chess piece for him.

The Xia Emperor having stayed in this high position for such a long time, as the saying goes ‘Old gingers are the most spicy’, how could he not see Feng Tingye’s cunning scheme. That year in order to make peace between the two nations, he had made an agreement with the late emperor of Ye to have their children marry each other. The little princess being his precious treasure, he cleverly maneuvered it so the transparent pushed to the side princess replaced the Third Princesses’ place to marry into Ye Kingdom; causing the Ye Kingdom to swallow this grievance in silence. However, they didn’t expect that Ye Kingdom had hit the jackpot. Feng Tingye and Xia Yuqing looked at each other without saying a word. As for today, Xia Yuqing’s other identity is Elder Xu’s only disciple. Along with her extraordinary talent about the water conservation project, if the Xia Emperor knew that he had personally sent such a huge treasure out of his own front door, who knows how he would feel?

Of course, these are all things that will happen later in the story. Today this Eldest Prince said the Xia Emperor had the intention of taking advantage of the opportunity Feng Tingye favors Xia Yuqing by wanting to have another marriage alliance. Within the Xia royal family, there is only the Third Princess left. Perhaps because of the rumors that Feng Tingye deeply treasured Xia Yuqing, could it be that the Third Princess had changed her mind and wanted to place a foot in? Two beautiful sisters serving the same husband? By that time, how will Xia Yuqing who was used as the substitute handle this?

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