FMEA Chapter 74

Chapter 74 : Retribution!

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“Your Majesty is exaggerating, Chen Qie is unable to accept that praise.” Upon hearing the compliment, Xia Yuqing’s face blushed and she hurriedly bent her head down, flustered.

In an instant, sweet pink hearts could be seen flying out between the two as they stood staring at each other from a distance with a bunch of cupids flying all around. That golden sparkle flashed directly at the crowd on the side, almost blinding their eyes.

“Blarghhhh!!” (vomited sounds), Xia Mingxi was the first one to admit defeat. Silently squatting to one side, he tried to sooth his poor soul that had been shattered by the qin music.

Xia Mingyuan’s complexion also wasn’t good. Looking at the the two people expressing their deep feelings on stage, then shifting his gaze to see the perfectly fine Yan Ran and group, he gnashed his teeth that had a mouthful of blood and said: “Your Majesty’s taste is really like the rumours…so unique. Your Majesty and my younger sister being able to reach this… level of deep affection, if my royal father knew about this, he would definitely be pleased.”

Upon hearing this, Shao Zitang raised his eyebrows. There was a trace of ridicule on his lips: “The Emperor and Niang Niang are a pair of spouse that are very much in love. The imperial court and the imperial harem are living together in harmony and overflowing with happiness. It is the blessing of our Ye’s citizens.”

Xia Mingyuan’s blood once again swelled up to his throat and directly rushed forward from his mouth, oozing out a blood stain at the corner of his mouth. Xia Mingyuan coldly snorted, then got up and slowly walked toward Xia Yuqing.

Xia Yuqing who was coming down from the jade podium saw Xia Mingyuan coming toward her. Her heartbeat immediately dropped and her footsteps slowed down as well.

Seeing this, Liu Yixiang hurriedly wanted to get up and help, but she was stopped by Leng Ruofeng.


Leng Ruofeng shook his head at her then moved his eyes elsewhere. Following his gaze, Liu Yixiang saw Feng Tingye who was not far away from them, slightly squinting his eyes, silently watching the two people. It seemed as if he had not the slightest intention to interfere.

Liu Yixiang let out a sigh. Deciding to not interfere, she returned to her seat.

Xia Yuqing’s heart trembled with fear as she watched Xia Mingyuan walked closer and closer towards her. Calling out with a stiff face: “Eldest Imperial Brother….”

“Eldest Imperial Brother? This prince, cannot receive the honour of Niang Niang calling me Eldest Brother.” Then using a low voice that only the two of them could hear, he sneered: “So, who are you exactly?”

“Er…..” The little person inside Xia Yuqing’s heart had cheeks streaming with tears. As expected, she was exposed?

“Don’t want to say it? That’s fine. This prince will go ask the Emperor, where my real Imperial Sister went?” Xia Mingyuan watching Xia Yuqing’s dumbfounded expression, he coldly laughed and turned around to leave.

Seeing this, in the moment of desperation: “Listen to my explanation….ahh…..” running to catch up to Xia Mingyuan, she did not expect her foot to slip because of her anxiousness…..

Xia Mingyuan who was waiting for Xia Yuqing to admit her defeat, when he heard her calling him anxiously, he smiled and turned around intending to continue his inquiry. However, he didn’t expect what welcomed him wasn’t Xia Yuqing’s panicked face, but a flying…..person!

Bang—-Ouch—–The sound of the landing was mixed with a painful cry. Liu Yixiang and others were watching with astonishing eyes at the unfortunate Xia Mingyuan who was thrown onto the ground by Xia Yuqing, miserably cushioned at the bottom. Silently mourning for him in their hearts for a few seconds. This is why people say never to frighten a person when they are walking down stairs. One careless mistake and you would be bound to face retribution!

“Cough cough…” Xia Mingyuan coughed twice. He could already feel the blood that was stuck in his chest surging up. He stared fiercely at the woman who was lying on his chest: “You….”

His vicious tongue didn’t even get a chance to say anything, when he saw Xia Yuqing’s face twisted in pain, let out a painful moan: “Pain….”

“……” Grand aunt, the one that was thrown down to the ground was me. What the hell are you shouting pain for! The calm and elegant mask on Xia Mingyuan’s face was completely cracked. When he was about to stretch his hand to push off Xia Yuqing, he suddenly felt something moist on his chest.

Xia Mingyuan’s body became stiff and he reached out to touch his own chest. When he raised his hand to look again, his hand was full of….fresh blood.

Seeing the blood in Xia Mingyuan’s hand, Liu Yixiang and the others were also shocked. Feng Tingye’s face suddenly sank. Without a second thought, he got up and rushed down from his seat.

It’s over. The matter has blown over the top! Yan Ran and the rest felt their hearts suddenly drop. All of them had a change in their complexion as they also rushed up to the stairs.

At this moment, Xia Yuqing was already in Feng Tingye’s arms howling: “It hurts….it hurts like hell….wuwuwu…..”

The crowd looked down at Xia Yuqing’s body, and saw the blood gradually flowing down from her white delicate calf. Not long ago, a puddle of blood was gathered on the ground.

Feng Tingye’s face sank deep like water while he picked Xia Yuqing up by her waist and roared: “Where is the Imperial Physician? Imperial Physician! Why is he still not bringing his ass over here yet!”

While saying this, he tighly embrace Xia Yuqing who was moaning in his arms, and viciously casted a glare at Xia Mingyuan: “If anything happens to her, Zhen will use all of my powers to have your entire Xia Kingdom be buried along with her!”

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