FMEA Chapter 75

Chapter 75 : He really has a ball!

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Xia Mingyuan’s complexion drastically changed. As he tried to explain himself, Feng Tingye had already rushed past him with Xia Yuqing in his arms to the nearest palace.

Yan Ran and others were also startled by Feng Tingye’s sudden outburst of anger. But at this moment, nobody had the mind to say Feng Tingye was being too impulsive. They threw a glance at the frozen Xia Mingyuan and then took a look at the bloodstains on the ground, everyone’s faces sank. Each and everyone of them gave Xia Mingyuan a dirty expression as they waved their sleeves in fury and quickly stormed away.


The flickering lamp lights lit up the dark, silent night. The eunuchs and the palace maids walked back and forth outside anxiously. With worried expression on their faces, they waited for news eagerly. Even though Consort Qing on a day to day basis was a bit inane, a bit mischievous, and always created a lot of chaotic mess for them, causing them to be beaten black and blue and constantly frustrated…

However, it was undeniable that since Xia Yuqing had arrived, the originally deserted imperial harem has became more exciting. Most importantly, it was said that Xia Yuqing always treated the palace servants with kindness, never acting arrogant. The consequences of playing together so often had unintentionally caused Xia Yuqing to capture the hearts of all the eunuchs and palace maids.

Now that someone had hurt their lovely Consort Qing, it means they share the same bitter enemy, everyone unanimously joined together to feel anger against this person.
Therefore when Xia Mingyuan was kicked out from the Palace of Heavenly Purity by Feng Tingye in a fit of anger, what he received right after was a bunch of people rolling their eyes at him with bitter resentment.

Xia Mingyuan’s face immediately sank down. All day trying to beat down the wildgoose, but was pecked in the eye by the wildgoose. If he wanted to blame someone, he had to blame himself for being too negligent. He thought that that girl who looked harmless would be weak and easy to bully!

Thetense pressure outside the door was still continuing, until….

“What? You said our Beloved Consort, she….” Feng Tingye in disbelief looked at Xia Yuqing on the bed whose mouth was wide-open from being incredibly shocked. He could not help but ask again for confirmation.

“Your old subject has been practicing medicine for decades, this kind of pregnancy pulse has never been missed. Consort Qing is really two months pregnant……”

As soon as the words has fallen, the old doctor with the white beard was pushed to the side by a fierce strength. While he was just about to stabilize his body, another hurricane struck and blew him back to the other side. His elegant gray beard suddenly became a feather duster, but he still couldn’t get angry because the person who bumped into him was someone he dares not to provoke!

“Qing Jiejie, did you hear that? Wow, there’s a little baby in your belly. Little baby, little baby.” Liu Yixiang’s pair of eyes projected out a dazzling bright light like the stars as she stared at Xia Yuqing’s tummy which was not yet visible, and she couldn’t help but reach out her hand to touch it.

“…..” Liu Yixiang’s stare caused Xia Yuqing to feel a chill down her spine, unconsciously shrinking back. Xiang Er, you’re not a pedophile, right? Sob sob sob, you being like this resembles a crazy aunt ah!
“Ai Fei, you really do give Zhen a pleasant surprise every time.” Without any consideration at all, Feng Tingye mercilessly pushed Liu Yuxiang aside and inserted himself in. Holding Xia Yuqing’s hand he spoke with deep affection: “This child appeared too suddenly, but this is a matter of course. This is a gift from the heaven to us. Zhen certainly will love him and give him everything that Zhen can give.”

“…..” If others were to hear this kind of touching word from Feng Tingye, they would probably have died from being so touched. Mothers relied on their child to gain her noble status, so indeed it would be the most ideal. However, Xia Yuqing was not an ordinary person, Feng Tingye’s statement made her come to realization, she is really pregnant….pregnant….

Pregnant! A 21st century left over old women like her! In her previous world even holding hands with men was something she had never experienced. Once she was transported over, her virginity, something she had been guarding for many years, was taken in less than half a year. She was unfortunate enough to hit the target. Two month ago…two month ago wasn’t it at that one time she was tossing back and forth by Great Seme Lord’s swindling trick?!

Ahh, with the baby. In the future, when she wants to go see the BL passionate show, she would have to carry a huge ball, how can she enjoy the play? Sob sob sob, the most important thing is giving birth is very painful! She was most afraid of pain!

Feng Tingye knitted his eyebrows as he looked at Xia Yuqing’s expression like dark cloud covered all over her head as if the sky about to fall soon. Seeing this, he asked, puzzled: “Ai Fei, are you not happy?”

Of course, she is not happy! Although she loves children that are soft and adorable, but that’s only if she wasn’t the one giving birth!

But obviously a certain someone dared not say such treasonous words. Therefore, staring at the culprit before her, Xia Yuqing swallowed her bitter defeat, the tears silently flow down inside her, she replied: “No, Chen Qie is extremely happy.”

Feng Tingy’s eyebrows lifted up: “Ai Feei’s expression doesn’t seem so happy.”

“Chen Qie was just so overjoyed for a minute that I didn’t know how to react. Ahhahaha…..”


Unable to bear watching the two express their love as if no one else present, Yan Ran lightly coughed reminding them: “Niang Niang had just fallen down a while ago and lost some blood. Your Majesty, you may….”

This immediately jolted Feng Tingye to remind him of the frightening scene a moment ago. The good news of having a child was so sudden that it made him temporary forget what happened. Now recalling the event, his face immediately sank: “Imperial Physician, how is Consort Qing’s body? She fell just now, did it harm the baby?”

After finishing with diagnosis, the old Imperial Physician who has been serving as the background the whole time, when hearing the summons, his soul was shaken a bit and he quickly stepped forward to speak: “Please, Your Majesty, rest assure. Earlier because Niang Niang’s movement was just too sudden, it had moved the fetus a little. The first three months of pregnancy are the most important. Niang Niang should pay more attention in the future, don’t be so careless at this time. In a bit, this old subject will write a prescription for Niang Niang. If Niang Niang takes this supplement and rests well for a few days, there will be no issues.”

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