FMEA Chapter 78

Chapter 78 : The best material for prenatal education

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“Xiang Er, come over here quick. Hurry! I have already finished writing this story, you help me find a chance to send this book off. Quickly have them catalog it into a booklet and then send me the sample. Without a magazine to look at, these days have been unbearable.” Xia Yuqing’s face was full of depression as she said it.

The corner of Liu Yixian’s eyes slightly twitched. Not daring to believe what she had just heard, she asked: “Qing Jiejie, you are having baby. Do you still plan on writing it?”

“Of course.” Xia Yuqing looking at her with a puzzled face, eyes full of suspicion.

The corner of Liu Yixiang’s eyes twitched again. Trying her best to convince Xia Yuqing: “But, if this keep continue, won’t this affect the child?”

After hearing Liu Yuxiang’s words did she realize the profound meaning behind them. With a pair of bright eyes, Xia Yuqing excitedly said: “It is because of this reason that we should be even more persistent. In this world, there’s nothing better than prenatal education. Ahhahaha…..”

“Prenatal education?”

“This so-called prenatal education is pre-fetus education. Before birth, the child will be more likely influenced by what he or she constantly sees and hears. Later on this will affect his future characteristics and so on.”

“Oh.” Liu Yuxiang nodded her head even though she did not fully understand. Soon after, she suddenly realized: “Wait….Since that’s the case, Qing Jiejie, you still want to…..”

“Of course.” Xia Yuqing’s mouth sank and she threw an aggrieved gaze at her. “ This is such a great opportunity! Using the little yellow book (porno book) I wrote as the material for prenatal education is really too good to be true. In the future, if I have a baby boy, I will train him to become the best uke ever and to seduce all the rulers in the world. All will bow down under his jeans. If it’s a baby girl, I will raise her to inherit my legacy, turning all the pretty men in the world into gays. We will forever cut off straight relationships. This way, even if one fujoshi collapses, there will still be thousands of fujoshi still standing. Wahahaha…”

*Fujoshi: woman who likes mangas about male homosexual love.

Liu Yuxiang’s whole body trembled from head to toe from hearing Xia Yuqing’s wretched laugher and her sinister appearance during the full flow of her speech. She thought of turning around to run away, but a certain person could see her intention and caught her one step ahead.

“My dear, where are you going?” Xia Yuqing smiled in a strange manner and intimately asked Liu Yixiang.

Xia Yuqing forced out a dry laugh: “I remembered just now that my grandfather seemed to have people send message to have me go back. So I should leave….”

“No need to rush, no rush….” Xia Yuqing quickly grabbed Liu Yixiang’s shoulder and said with a smile: “Anyway it has been delayed already, it would not matter if we let your grandfather wait a little longer.”


“Actually, I know that you are only in such a hurry because you want to go find and inform the Empress Dowager of this secret.”


“Therefore I won’t let you go, at least not now.”


“Alright. After finishing listening to what I have to say, then you can go. If you dare spill about my plan, I will spill out about the bunch of little yellow books you have been reading recently.”


“Okay, now you can go.” Finished speaking, Xia Yuqing let go of Liu Yixiang’s shoulder. Clapping her own hands, she happily turned around.

She hasn’t walked more than two steps yet when suddenly felt her hand being grabbed. Liu Yixiang had a slightly rigid face smiling behind her as she said. “That… I just recalled, grandpa’s matter actually isn’t really urgent. It’s not too late to wait for me go back in the evening and meet him. I’d rather stay and spend more time with Qing Jiejie and the baby.”

Muttering to herself something, Xia Yuqing turned around and pretended to be concerned: “Letting the great general wait for you doesn’t seem right.”

“Er….it is ok. My grandfather stays at home everyday anyway. So no conflict, no conflict.”

Seeing Liu Yixiang’s expression of wanting to cry but having no tears, within her heart, she silently gave herself a thumbs up sign of victory. However, when she turned around she pretended to ask with a distressed sound. “How can this be appropriate?”

Liu Yixiang’s face slightly stiff, bit her teeth as she responded: “Appropriate. Of course, it is appropriate.” However, within her heart she had already shed enough tears to form a river.

Maternal aunt, Imperial Elder Cousin. I am sorry to both of you. I can’t even protect my own nephew.

Sob sob sob, my poor little steamed bun. You haven’t even been born yet, but have already been poisoned by the little yellow book.

“That’s good then. I am telling you, the title of my next book will be called something like ‘Brothers Cross the Wall of the King of Hell’s? The Truth of Love-Hate Relationships, Taking Over the World with All My Might Just for You!’ How is it? How is it? Isn’t it cool?” Xia Yuqing asked with an arrogant tone, her face full of proud.

“….brother? Whose brother?” Liu Yixiang’s pair of eyes widen and asked in puzzlement.

Hearing her question, Xia Yuqing’s arm boldly gave a big slap on Liu Yixiang’s shoulder. “Of course, this is about my Elder Imperial Brother and Second Imperial Brother. The taboo relationship of two brothers, nothing can be cuter than this, ok!”

Xia Yuqing cupped her rippled hand, but Liu Yixiang could only feel darkness in front of her. Her legs almost couldn’t stand. Qing Jiejie, you are freaking savage. After tormenting my Imperial elder cousin and all the civilians and military officials at court, you are still not satisfied. And now to go as far as to not even letting off your own blood brothers. What kind of sins did they commit in their past lives ah?! Please, light a candle for them!

Today, Feng Tingye could be regarded as full of dominant air. With a child in his hand, worldly aspirations and lofty sentiments, he had gotten rid of a useless batch of old court officials that were trying to oppose his idea of conferring Xia Yuqing as Empress. He hated that he couldn’t kill them to appease the wrath of the world. Then he went back to the imperial library with satisfaction. At an unprecedented high rate he swept through all the legislations in one go, then he happily threw away the pile of bachelor ministers and went straight to the Xie Fang Palace.

As soon as he reached the main entrance of the Captured Fragrance Palace, Feng Tingye saw a sign hanging on the entrance. His brows unknowingly shook and then he pretended to be calm while walking inside.

“Your servant pays respect to Your Majesty.” When Lu Rui saw Feng Tingye coming, she hurried over to greet him.

“Where is Ai Fei?”

Lu Rui’s face turned rigid. She then responded with a faint smile: “Niang Niang and Elder Young Miss Liu are having a conversation inside the inner room.”

“Xiang Er also came by? No need to announce, Zhen will go in by myself.” Feng Tingye nodded without waiting for her to respond as he directly went straight into the inner room.

“Ai Fei, Zhen has come…..” Feng Tingye happily pushed open the door to enter, but he was stunned at seeing the scene before his eyes.

The two girls were kneeling on the bed as if they were fighting for something. When they heard the sound of movement, they turned around and saw Feng Tingye’s face. They immediately gasped in shock. The item they were fighting for went into the air. Helpless, they watched as it flew from their hands and dropped…. Right in front of Feng Tingye.


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