FMEA Chapter 77

Chapter 77 : Karma is real!


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Since Xia Yuqing has been pregnant, her body has become all the more precious. Wherever she went, there would be a group of people following her. They were on high alert for every movement of hers. She was like a fragile vase, something that would easily shatter if touched.

“Ai ya, Ai Jia’s precious grandson ah, precious grandson!” Inside Xie Fang Palace, Xia Yuqing who had just moved back from the Qian Qing Palace, her face was like the word 囧 as she looked at the person in front of her smiling widely back like the Maitreya Buddha. The person she almost regarded as a Buddha turned out to be the current Empress Dowager.

“Imperial Mother, how come you are here? Have you had lunch yet?” Xia Yuqing felt uncomfortable by her stare, so she quickly shifted the topic.

“Not yet. Last night when I received the news that you were pregnant, Ai Jia just couldn’t wait to rush over here and see my precious grandson. However, knowing that it was already late at night and if Ai Jia came, it would only disturb you and my precious grandson, I decided not to come. That’s why Ai Jia has been waiting this entire morning for you. But who would have known Ting Er issued an order not to allow any visitor to come disturb you. They kept stopping Ai Jia from coming to visit you. So the moment Ai Jia heard you were returning to Xie Fang Palace, Ai Jia immediately rushed over here before having lunch.”

While saying this, the elder Sun shi was somewhat feeling resentment towards her son. She complained: “Ting Er, this child has become more and more insensible. He didn’t know how to sympathize with the feeling of this elderly at all. He was the best when he was young, so obedient. Ai ya ya, still no matter what Ai Jia’s precious grandchild is best. When he’s born, he will definitely be just as adorable as Qing Er.”

Upon hearing this, the corner of Xia Yuqing mouth twitched. Empress Dowager, are you considering giving the Great Seme Lord a cold shoulder? Now that you have a grandchild, you’re going to forget about your son? Is this behavior the ‘fond of the new and tired of the old’! Most importantly, your adorable grandson hasn’t even been born yet, seeking something far away and neglect what lies close at hand is not what a wise man should do.

Finally, finally, please don’t say I am adorable. Haven’t you ever heard of the phrase: When a girl doesn’t have any better strong points or qualities on her, then you can just compliment her as being….adorable!

Adorable …adorable, just drop it! Therefore, being complimented as being adorable… was not a blessing at all!

“Cough Cough, His Majesty only did this for the sake of Chen Qie. If Imperial Mother wants to blame anyone, just blame Chen Qie.”

Elder Sun shi paused a bit and turned around to deeply look at Xia Yuqing deeply shocking her and giving her a cold chill down her spine.

What is that gaze full of gratification for? Could it be that I am exposed for trying to act like an intimate pure flower?

“Qing Er, you are really….” Elder Sun shi took a deep breath and continued, “too considerate. For Ting Er to be able to marry such a wonderful wife like you is his fortune. Like Ai Jia had said before, this empress position should have been given to you long time ago. Ai jia has no objection about this at all.”

“Huh…..” The deep breath scared Xia Yuqing’s little heart, but after hearing Zhang Sunshi’s words, Xia Yuqing once again became dumbstruck.

It….it has been decided just like this. The establishment of the empress position shouldn’t be decided so recklessly! Suddenly it felt like the position of Ye Kingdom’s empress was really cheap like damaged goods!

“Cough cough….Imperial Mother, you’re flattering me. Chenqie hasn’t had lunch yet. Since Imperial Mother also hasn’t eaten, why don’t you accompany Chenqie here and have lunch together?

Once hearing her offer, Zhang Sunshi was brimming with joy: “Qing Er hasn’t had lunch yet ah! That’s perfect! Before Ai Jia came here, I had specially went to the imperial kitchen to bring you tonic soup. You should quickly drink it while it is still hot. Don’t make Ai Jia’s precious grandson be hungry. Mei Xi, quickly come over.”

Xia Yuqing nodded. She knew that Zhang Sunshi just really adored her child, Xia Yuqing couldn’t help but express a sincere heartfelt smile on her face. However, really soon…. Xia Yuqing’s smiling face will become rigid!

What came out from the brocade box was something red and golden in color. Wasn’t this the same tonic soup she sent to Gorgeous Grand Tutor’s mansion a while ago….Stewed pig trotters with red dates and dang shen?!

“Imperial Mother, this tonic seems to be for….producing milk.” Xia Yuqing said slowly with trembling voice.

“That’s right! Because it can produce milk, it is why Ai Jia brought it over for you. You are still in the early stages of pregnancy and have to be properly supplemented. The earlier you supplement yourself, the better it is. So quickly drink up.” Elder Sun shi’s was full of affection and without further ado urged her to drink the tonic.

“……” She…she was speechless. Looking at the very expectant look on Zhang Sunshi’s face, Xia Yuqing’s face became rigid. In the end, holding up the porcelain bowl, she silently drank up the tonic with silent tears.

But, her heart had already become a river of tears. So you are in fact the Ultimate Boss of that group. Countless experiences tell us, as a person, you should not do any wicked or immoral thing because one day you will pay for it!

With great difficulty, finally Xia Yuqing finished accompanying Zhang Sunshi for lunch and sent her off with tears in her eyes. While Xia Yuqing didn’t even have time to breath out a sigh of relief yet, she saw Liu Yixiang with a foolish smile on her face rush in.

“Qing Jiejie, Qing jiejie, quickly let me see my little nephew, little nephew….”

“…….” Xia Yuqing quitely squatted down at the corner of the wall. Sure enough, it was the case that once you have a child, the mother is forgotten. Each and everyone of them are truly hurtful.

“Lu Rui, go out and hang a plate that visitors need to present a requested letter.”

“Huh?” Liu Rui who was startled by the situation asked surprisedly in a daze.

“Shut the door and decline seeing guests. People who are here to wish congratulation must not be allowed to enter.”


After saying this, Xia Yuqing silently went to hide herself inside the inner room. This left the dumbfounded Lu Rui behind crying in tears silently. Niang Niang, is it really ok to do that?!

“Qing Jiejie, where are you going? The sky isn’t even dark yet. Do you want to sleep already? Or do you feel uncomfortable?” Seeing Xia Yuqing ignore her, she thought Xia Yuqing was probably not feeling good, so she asked with worry. Inside her heart, she once again quietly cursed Xia Mingyuan a thousand times.

“No, I am fine. I just want to find some spiritual food to soothe my injured heart.” Xia Yuqing replied with a sorrowful face.

“….” With a blank face, Liu Yixiang watched Xia Yuqing look for something under the bed. Squatting down, she fished out some exquisitely wrapped books.

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