FMEA Chapter 80

Chapter 80: Keeping tabs!

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Xia Yuqing felt like she got struck by lightning. Facing such a strong enemy, she retreated back a few steps and took some precautions as she looked at Feng Tingye.

Shoot! How could I forget that the last time the tiny yellow book got taken, the person in front of me had taken this chance to follow all the positions in there and use them on me. Could this time be the same….

“Your …. your Majesty, you just returned from the Imperial study room, if you were to head back now that would be too bothersome.”

“Zhen also had the same thoughts. Therefore that would be for next time. Besides, Ai Fei’s book didn’t only just mention the Imperial study room, the bedroom seems to be mentioned as well. It’s this passage: The red veil flying, Feng Tingye overwhelmed Yan Ran on the crimson bed. Yan Ran who was gasping couldn’t withstand it anymore. Shouting out loud: ‘Elegant butterfly!’ What is this elegant butterfly? Could it be words to liven things up? Maybe later on Ai Fei will also scream out these words for Zhen.”

“…..” Elegant butterfly? Elegant butterfly your ass. You are the elegant butterfly, your entire family is Elegant butterflies. Who wants to *** scream those things. Get lost!

Seeing Feng Tingye close in step by step, Xia Yuqing swallowed her saliva. Then she sacrificed her last trump card: “Your Majesty, the imperial doctor said the first three months of pregnancy is the most vital. Not allowed to have **”

“How about this. You just take a note of it, just keep tabs.”

Xia Yuqing became frustrated. Crap, keep tabs! Ultra Seme Lord, how could your conscience be so small. This small of a matter and you still have to keep tabs? As broad minded as the sky, what vast aspirations? How could you still have time to play around? Also, didn’t we say we’re keeping tabs? Then why are you pressing me down, get lost!

Looking at Feng Tingye in suspicion of wanting to cheat again, Xia Yuqing vigorously rebelled, then ….

Crash, another couple of books came sliding out from the embroidered quilt with a sharp sound.

Xia Yuqing and Feng Tingye’s movements stopped. At the same time they both turned towards the scattered books on the floor, then immediately after, they both pounced towards them.

Of course there wouldn’t be any big changes to the results, so Feng Tingye clasped the pile of books while Xia Yuqing silently bit her handkerchief in tears. Inwardly she had made a firm resolution, when she had time she would write another book. The title will be ‘The sorrows and tragedies of having short arms’. You get bullied too easily!

Completely satisfied, he opened up a book and his expressions once again cracked…..

Inside Palace Details two: The Correct method to Push Down a Strong Hero’s Wife…..

Inside Palace Details three: Waking Up Every Morning to See Your Husband Pushing the Iceberg…..

Inside palace details four: Ultra Seme Lords shotacon cannot be that cute!

“Zhen should’ve known that if there’s one then theres two, and if there’s no three then its not complete. Since there was one, why wouldn’t there be more? Then, Ai Fei, what are you planning on writing for book 5?”

“Obviously overthrowing and being overthrown, the two countries royal household member’s grudges and resentments. Loving each other and killing each other, then it turns out that he….” Xia Yuqings reaction was not fast enough and accidentally let it slip. After speaking, she wished she could just stuff her own mouth. Covering her mouth she stepped back ‘n’ steps.

Feng Tingye’s eyebrows twitched: “Two royal household members? Him?”

“Hahaha, this is just a misunderstanding. Chen Qie didn’t mean that,”

“Ai Fei, Zhen discovered that we have a lot of things we can keep tabs on. Remembering tabs could become our little secret. Once our child is born, we could even share this secret with him. This might not necessarily not be a good thing. What… do you say?”

Xia Yuqing was in tears as she looked at Feng Tingye’s handsome face silently approach. Ultra Seme Lord, casually transforming into a dark state is too terrible and sly.

“Let’s do as Your Majesty had stated, lets… keep tabs.” By the time she needed to pay back the debts, it would be the end of her life!

“Wait, Your Majesty. Didn’t you say we’re keeping tabs? Why are you taking off Chen Qie’s clothing?” Xia Yuqing cried out in fear. Pulling at her garments, she was already weeping at the departure of her clothing.

“Yes, keeping tabs. But the days are long. Zhen had better collect some interest ahead of time. Ai Fei don’t worry. Zhen knows what to do. Therefore Ai Fei… you just obediently comply to Zhen.”

“….” This is why from the start, this was all just a way for that two-faced man to amuse himself. This was the epiphany of being dispatched by the opponent. One night seven times…. Elegant butterfly!

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