FMEA Chapter 81

Chapter 81 Mutual picking off enemies! Part 1

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Early the next morning, Feng Tingye brought the pile of tiny yellow books and left in a bright happy mood. This left Xia Yuqing behind in a flood of tears and biting down on the bed sheets with hidden bitterness while looking at his rear view. Mourning, she had once more throttled her prenatal education material.

“Niang Niang, these are the tonics gifted by the Da Rens from the previous generation. In addition there are also gold, silver, pearls, and jewelry from others that have just been delivered. How should we deal with this Niang Niang.” Just when Lu Rui was serving Xia Yuqing her breakfast, she was swarmed with a pile of congratulatory gifts.

Xia Yuqing looked at those items that still smelt fragrant. Her eyebrows pinched together: “Take all those tonics and feed them to Xiao Bai. For those gold, silver accessories you guys divide them. What is there besides those? Hm, what did those several Da Ren send?”

Lu Rui stared blankly at her for a second then realized who those Da Ren Xia Yuqing was referring to. Smiling lightly, she replied: “The Prime Minister sent a dragon jewel inkstone, the High Minister sent twelve purple jade hairpins, the general has sent a dazzling Buddha bracelet, and the Grand Tutor had sent a picture of Guanyin.”

Xia Yuqing laughed mischievously. Indeed those few were more reliable. “Take the dragon jewel inkstone and give it to my master. The purple jade hairpins will be left for Xiang Er, the buddha bracelet hmm… my Royal Imperial Mother believes in Buddhism, send this to her. The drawing shall be hung in the interior halls of the palace.”

She was slow, but she wasn’t dumb. Although there was no fighting within the harem, but the number of people from the previous generation who coveted her position wasn’t small. Thus, she wasn’t willing to eat those tonics, who knew what would happen if she did. As for those several Da Rens nice gifts, haha. Instead of her being happy alone, why not everyone be happy together. Just let her use their gifts to win favor from other people!

“Niang Niang….”

“En?” Xia Yuqing looked up.

“There’s too much medicine. If we give it all to Xiao Bai to eat, Im scared that Xiao Bai will morph from a dog to a wolf.” Lu Rui stiffly said.

“…. It can’t handle supplements?”

“That isn’t the problem….. Niang Niang, you need to look at what they contain….” Lu Rui embarrassingly handed over the tray she was holding.

When Xia Yuqing saw it, she nearly choked. Bull’s penis….tiger penis…… deer penis….

She was pregnant, not lacking in strength! What kind of evil intentions do these people have to send these over?!

Xia Yuqing’s face reddened as she lightly coughed: “Throwing it away is also a waste. It’s just in time. Let’s find Xiao Bai a partner and give birth to a nest of puppies. Afterwards, when the royal prince is born then he’ll have a pet to play with.”

Xiao Bai was a small white dog that Xia Yuqing had picked up by chance. From head to toe, it was snow white resembling a dango, super adorable. With such an adorable dog, unexpectedly today it would suffer and have it’s flower plucked. Storm passing through, this is a human’s tragedy!

“….. okay.” Lu Rui bitterly clasped the pile of medicine and silently left. In her mind, she was mad. In this absolutely empty palace, where in the world would I find a female dog for Xiao Bai!

“Niang Niang.” As Lu Rui left, Cui Er hurried in.

Xia Yuqing turned her head and asked in suspicion: “Is there something?”

“Niang Niang, the second royal prince has requested an appearance.”

‘Second royal prince?” Xia Yuqing’s eyes shone. Her comrade-in-disaster had finally arrived. “Quickly let him in.”

As soon as she spoke, she saw a silhouette flying over: “My dear royal sister, your elder brother has come….!”

“…….” Seeing the two siblings extraordinary manner in public stunned everyone around.

Cui Er squinted her eyes, then seamlessly kicked her feet at a nearby chair and successfully blocked the flying silhouette from touching Xia Yuqing. This caused him to roll around the ground for a few turns, His untainted pure white clothing in a short while became polluted with dust and dirt.

Good Job! Xia Yuqing’s eyes shone at Cui Er’s wise move. Subsequently she gave a sympathetic look towards Xia Mingxi who was rolling about on the ground.

“That’s strange. Where did this chair come from? I swear I didn’t see one a second ago.” Xia Mingxi scratched his head as he climbed back up and asked suspiciously.

Xia Yuqing coughed lightly and quickly changed the subject: “That, second Royal brother, knowing that you have come to visit me, makes me so delighted. However, your sister is now currently pregnant. These kinds of dangerous moves should be better avoided next time.”

From Xia Yuqing’s reminder, Xia Mingxi abruptly realized this person before him now was currently extremely precious and valuable. Thinking back to the day that Xia Mingyuan had caused her to bleed and having to suffer such a cold reception afterwards, Xia Mingxi at once shivered. He rejoiced yet also had some lingering fear.

“Cough cough, it was royal brother’s lack of consideration, narrowly harming my royal sister. That day royal sister got injured, royal brother was so concerned. How is royal sister now? Are you better?”

Xia Yuqing was astonished by the immediate change from the ‘fool’ like man to the ‘educated and refined demeanor’ of a worldly prince. The contrast…. it nearly caused the pear that Xia Yuqing was nibbling on to fall to the ground.

“Cui Er, you guys step down first. It is such a rare occasion that my royal brother could come for a visit, Ben Gong would like to have some one-on-one conversations with him.” After a brief shock, Xia Yuqing coughed twice and directed Cui Er to bring everyone else out.

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