FMEA Chapter 81 Part 3

Chapter 81 Mutual picking off enemies! Part 3

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Xia Mingxi just felt a chill down his spine and asked: “Then what about you? How did you become a consort in the harem and became with child? With child! Was the child something that happened before or something that happened after….”

Hearing Xia Mingxi ask this, Xia Yuqing’s smiling face froze. But after a short period of time her face switched into one with great hatred: “That matter if I spoke about it, it would definitely be a long story!”

“Then make it short.”


As a result that so called make a long story short became her talking about it in a passionate manner from morning until the mid afternoon. With Cui Er’s reminder, they ate their afternoon meal. But then afterwards in one go, they talked from afternoon until sunset.

When Lu Rui came back carrying two dango/ cotton nose bleeding Xiao Bai back, she saw from a distance the originally elegant prince had unexpectedly seemed to have suffered from a dangerous situation and had become a pathetic flower. Two eyes expressionless, he was gazing towards the thing ahead of him that was like a broken record.

Lifting her ear to listen, Lu Rui then heard him say: “What? So it turns out that the emperor of Ye Country is actually a homosexual? Ye Country’s high official is also a homosexual? The grand Tutor is also a homosexual? Even that prime minister we met that day is also a homosexual, they’re all…. homosexuals!”

“…..” Lu rui poked at Cui Er at the side then quietly asked: “What’s going on?”

Cui Er wiping her forehead sighed: “I also don’t know. After speaking with Niang Niang the entire day, then did he become like this.”

“……” Lu Rui’s eyes widened, then turned to look at Xia Yuqing who was sitting with one leg over the other.

Xia Yuqing once again gulped down her hot cup of tea and placed her cup down onto the table. Strategically patting Xia Mingxi’s shoulder, she dropped the final bomb: “Actually, it’s not just them. Even our eldest royal brother is also a homosexual.”

“……” Xia Mingxi became petrified!

“Actually…. our eldest royal brother has feelings towards you.”


“Actually, in this world you are destined to be…. the perfect uke.”

“…… therefore, I passed through to this **np literary?” Xia Mingxi’s face was obviously distorted. The world’s most tragic man isn’t the one who passed through by getting struck by thunder. Instead, it is a straight man who passed through and discovered himself in a world filled with the most tyrannical homosexuals and being the world’s most desirable Uke!

“Bingo.” Xia Yuqing had a face as if she was delivering all living things from suffering. Looking at Xia Mingxi in a loving manner, it was as if she was deliberately being a provocative child: “Brother, take care.”

“……Mama, I need to go home.” Xia Mingxi was in tears. Finally feeling that he cannot bear life, he covered up his face and ran out.

Xia Yuqing pinched her handkerchief and choked out in sobs: “My pitiful child, life is a really strong x. You can’t resist it. You can only enjoy it. Why can’t this child understand? Whatever, I still need to go look at my Dong Po Ru*. Dong Po Ru, here I come!”
* = stir-fried pork

“……..” Lu Rui’s face was dull as she saw Xia Yuqing act leisurely, while in the other eye saw the lifeless Xia Mingxi. In her heart she silently lit up candles for him, giving him tribute….

After Xia Mingxi flew away, Xia Yuqing’s mood was a lot better. The words she had been holding back for so long has finally been expressed. But there is a perfect saying to describe this. People who take advantage of others will get taken advantage of by others. Real soon a certain someone won’t be able to smile any longer!

“Niang Niang, Your Majesty had requested your presence in the study room.”

“……” Xia Yuqing’s hand that was reaching over to the Dong Po Rou suddenly froze. Lifting her head, she was in a daze as she stared at Lu Rui: “His Majesty, wants Ben Gong to go over now?”

“Yes, Niang Niang. Now that you are pregnant, your majesty just wishes to bring you with him everywhere. See, you guys haven’t seen each other for just a short time and he is already thinking about you.”

However this person doesn’t want to get recalled in that someone’s memory! Reluctant to part, Xia Yuqing waved goodbye to her pot of Dong Bo Rou. Incidentally she passed by the listless Xiao Bai and headed off towards the study room.

When Xia Yuqing had arrived at the study room, Feng Tingye was just reciting a poem. Looking from afar, the youngster wearing a bright yellow outfit with his long slender body and fair skin, every single movement of his was full of composure of a monarch. Just from watching, one can feel the hegemony filling the air, making it so others find it hard to approach.

Suddenly, the youngster felt a gaze on himself. Slowly lifting his head up, he smiled causing everything else in the background to look colourless in comparison. It’s a pity that in the next second this dream like scenario shattered like the mermaid turning into bubbles. With one pop… it was gone.

“……..” Xia Yuqing was in a daze as she stared at that person wagging a finger at her. In her heart, she was furious. Wagging, wag your sister! Everytime you treat me like an animal and wag me over to you. Do you really treat me like a cat or a dog! I must have been blind for a moment to even think that this man was… a bit charming.

“Your Majesty, did you call Chen Qie for some important matter?” Xia Yuqing unwillingly went over to Feng Tingye’s side and asked.

“Come, help Zhen grind ink.”

“……” So you rushed me over here to just get me to help you grind ink! You even costed me my beloved Dong Po Rou!

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