FMEA Chapter 81 Part 2

Chapter 81 Mutual picking off enemies! Part 2

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“But Niang Niang….” Cui Er was a little worried to leave Xia Yuqing alone, giving a glance towards the second royal prince.

“It’s fine. Cui Er, didn’t you say that the relationship between Ben Gong and the second royal prince isn’t bad? There won’t be any problems.” Although Xia Yuqing didn’t know the reasons for why Cui Er was following her around, she did know that she was genuinely concerned for her safety. At least with her mission, there must exist a rule that protected her from danger.

Cui Er gave a doubtful look to Xia Yuqing then took a glance at Xia Mingxi who was pretending to be unperturbed, then finally let out a sigh: “Nu Bi will bring everyone outside to keep watch. If Niang Niang and the second royal prince requires anything, please just call for Nu Bi.”

Unwillingly Cui Er brought everyone out. But before Xia Yuqing could let out a breath, she saw Xia Mingxi running over towards her again. Pouring himself a cup of water he drained it in one go, then afterwards he let out a big sigh revealing his true feelings.

“….” Xia Yuqing once again thought that this person must have definitely been part of the entertainment industry, in fact an oscar winning actor!

“That was suffocating. When I am in Xia Country’s palace, I always have to put on an act. When I leave Xia Country’s palace, I also have to put on an act. Originally I thought that maybe when I arrived at Ye Country I wouldn’t need to. But who would have guessed….boo hoo, why is my fate so painful!?”

Xia Yuqing remained silent as she looked at Xia Mingxi who only spoke a few words yet had already begun wailing. Ruthlessly, she slapped him on the head.

“Cry cry cry, all you know how to do is cry just like some women. Aren’t you a man?!”

“Pu…” Xia Yuqing obviously underestimated her own strength. With that one mistake, she directly slapped Xia Mingxi’s face into the tray.

“Pu… my face…..”

Hearing his howl of grief, Xia Yuqing immediately retreated a few steps. Looking at her hand, the chief culprit, she quickly hid it behind her body and consoled: “Cough cough, it’s fine…. later when you return just tell oldest royal brother you accidentally fell when you were walking…”

“Fell and caused my own face to swell into a pig head?”

“…. cough, isn’t it just damaged just a little bit? Stop sighing or else you have to be careful that I’ll really beat you into a pig’s head!” Xia Yuqing flew into a rage out of humiliation with her tiny fists clenched, giving him pressure.


“….” Xia Mingxi blinked, then surrendered to her might!

Upon seeing this, Xia Yuqing was content and retracted her hand back. Sitting back into her original position she asked quietly: “Speak, what’s your story?”

“What story?” Xia Mingxi covered his aching head, not understanding the question.

“Didn’t you get hit by thunder and got sent here? When you came over to this body, were there no suspicions or accidents?”

“……That was just an accident. Don’t speak as if I got split open by lightning okay?” Xia Mingxi’s mouth twitched. “Hmm… I don’t really understand myself. At that moment everything was dark. When I came to, I was already in this body. Reportedly, the master of this body was riding his horse and wanted to look cool. But with one mistake he fell off the horse and probably fell to his death. Coincidentally I was passing through. So with a freak combination of factors… I reincarnated into someone else’s body.”

“….” Trying to act cool and fell to their death! As expected, it’s just like that phrase about putting on an act. Pput on an act and accidentally get struck by lightning!

“Cough, I was just about the same. The master of this body was pushed into the pond and accidentally…. drowned. Coincidentally I was passing through, so probably… reincarnation into someone else’s body. Is it even possible for no one to be suspicious of you when you crossed over? Let me tell you, nowadays losing your memory is useless. Just from your natural characteristics, how could someone not be suspicious?

If Yan Ran, Lu Rui or anyone else who knew her well heard what she said, they would have definitely rolled their eyes at her, roasting: Niang Niang what qualifications do you have to say those words? Violate your natural characteristics, isn’t that you Niang Niang?!

“That’s unlikely. The original master was someone who had bipolar disorder. Ordinarily, in front of the palace ministers he would act like a refined out of the ordinary noble. But people who really interact him would know that he is actually an energetic and lovable, honest warm hearted youth, just like me. Therefore, I just need to act cold in front of strangers who I don’t know and act like my usual self with people I do recognize.” Xia Mingxi proudly said with a bright smile on his face.

“…..” Someone who was dumb like you! Okay, you win! Xia Yuqing’s mouth twitched. As expected, the cultured and refined image of her second royal brother was all a facade to cheat the unknowing people. Unknowingly prying into this secret and it was solved just like that?

Seeing Xia Yuqing smile… huh this doesn’t seem good.

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