FMEA Chapter 81 Part 7

Chapter 81 Mutual picking off enemies! Part 7

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“Huh?” Liu Yixiang suddenly lifted her head. Not daring to believe what was said, she looked at Feng Tingye, then at Xia Mingyuan. Finally, her glance was fixed on the not so distant person who had merged with the background…. Yu Shi Da Ren.

At that time when she collided moving quickly away, when she had kicked the carriage door she had seen Xia Mingyuan and Yu Shi Da ren sitting inside. Naturally she recalled the site of that man causing Xia Yuqing to bleed immediately. With this new incident adding on to it, it had fueled on her fire. She naturally did not confirm who the carriage belonged to. She had just immediately kicked Xia Mingyuan. Now that she thought about it…. That carriage is Yu Shi Da Ren’s wife?

Yu Shi Da Ren felt Liu Yixiang throwing her murderous gaze towards him. This caused him to get goosebumps and immediately shrink back, reducing his existence even more. Waahhh, I’m innocent!

“Ah, so the truth has been revealed? So now we know that this prince is innocent? How are you planning on compensating this prince for his leg?”Please support this novel by reading at lazygirltranslations dot com

Hey, are you trying to take advantage of me? Do you believe that I’ll….” Liu Yixiang just couldn’t approve of Xia Mingyuan’s exploiting the opportunity to ridicule her, and his arrogant face. Clenching her fist, she wanted to go and hit him but was held back by Feng Tingye.Please support this novel by reading at lazygirltranslations dot com

“The fact is true that Xiang Er is hot-headed. However, Zhen is curious. Eldest royal prince has only been here for a few days, so how come you are so close with Zhen’s subordinate Yu Shi Da Ren? You two were even in the same carriage. Today, Yu Shi Da Ren’s car was alarmed and narrowly injured Xiang Er. Xiang Er was only defending herself so injuring the people in the car is understandable. Eldest royal prince, why bicer with a young Ya Tou?” Feng Tingye’s gaze fell on Xia Mingyuan and Yu Shi for a period of time. This caused Yu Shi who was not far away to start trembling.

Xia Mingyuan’s face changed, his eyes showing his lack of confidence, but his face was deadpan: “This prince and Yu Shi Da Ren just met by chance. Yu Shi Da Ren saw that this prince was tired from strolling around so offered to send this prince home since it was on the way.”Please support this novel by reading at lazygirltranslations dot com

“On the way?” Feng Tingye laughed, “The residence of Yu Shi is in the exact opposite direction. So how could the road Yu Shi Da Ren was taking be on the way!”Please support this novel by reading at lazygirltranslations dot com

“In fact, just now weren’t we speaking of Xiang Er and eldest royal brother being injured? Eldest royal brother why are you so worried about being in Yu Shi Da Ren’s carriage? Why does it seem like you’re hiding something?” Xia Yuqing asked suspiciously.

Xia Mingyuan’s face changed. Looking over at Xia Yuqing’s gaze, he immediately became chilly. Is this Ya Tou actually an idiot or is she just…. pretending.Please support this novel by reading at lazygirltranslations dot com

Suddenly scared by his conspicuous gaze, Xia Yuqing shut her mouth in a flurry and retreated behind her supporter.

Feng Tingye seamlessly covered her bringing him into direct eye contact with Xai Mingyuan. At the same time, sparks were shooting everywhere, the entire atmosphere in the room became intense once again.

“Consort Qing is correct, your Majesty. We are currently talking about Lady Liu being injured, while the prince sitting in Yu Shi Da Ren’s carriage is another issue.”

Originally it was two quite different things. Unfortunately, while Xiang Er was being frightened and injured the other person, the two different things have become one.” The actual meaning of what he said was, if you weren’t sitting in Yu Shi Da Ren’s carriage when the carriage was started and crashed into Liu Yixiang, then Liu Yixiang even if she was furious, she would not have injured you. Thus your injury is purely…. reaping what you sow,

Feng Tingye’s gaze flashed, then he turned around to ask the person behind him: “Yu Shi Da Ren, do you agree?”

“Your…. Your Majesty, Chen….. Chen doesn’t know anything. I don’t know anything at all.” Yu Shi Da Ren suddenly being mentioned, he narrowly fell down to the ground from his trembling legs.

“Deputy Yu Shi, there is no need for such ceremony. His Majesty isn’t blaming Da Ren, why is Da Ren so nervous?” Receiving news, Yan Ran quickly following and just coincidentally heard the conversation between the two. Can’t hold back his smile, he taunted him.Please support this novel by reading at lazygirltranslations dot com

“Today if the carriage held a normal citizen or normal official and it had drove recklessly in the marketplace injured people, according to the laws, we should first keep you in prison, then based on the damages we will declare a punishment. Yet, the one in the carriage today was the eldest royal prince. Not only did he alarm the Emperor and the rest of the officials, but someone who doesn’t even admit fault, have no repentance at all, should be punished. There is a saying, if an emperor broke the law, he should be punished like a commoner. Even though the eldest royal prince is respected and of nobility, but this is Ye Country, it is not a place where you can behave recklessly.

Moreover, eldest royal prince isn’t even giving face to our Majesty. You must really think well of yourself.” Shao Zitong had his arms crossed in front of his body, sneering at Xia Mingyuan who was still lying down. That look made it seemed like he was watching a monkey fool around.

One versus three, Xia Mingyuan was at a clear disadvantage. A mouthful of blood lodged in his throat, he didn’t know if it wanted to come up or go down. His face became green then white, then white then green. “ Your Majesty have you determined that you want to protect this Ya Tou who injured this prince. You do know that this prince’s leg is still injured right? If this were to spread and my father found it, Xia Country and Ye Country’s relationships won’t be good.”

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