FMEA Chapter 81 Part 8

Chapter 81 Mutual picking off enemies! Part 8

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With a big smile, Feng Tingye said,“Your royal highness doesn’t have to worry about that. Emperor Xia is generous. Zhen believes that he certainly wouldn’t let this event influence the relationship between the two countries.”

“……..” Your Majesty, are you changing into a narrow minded chicken to mock him, that’s not really being generous right?

“No matter what you say, Xiang Er was indeed in the wrong. However prince wasn’t completely on the right. At that time you were disturbing the marketplace, so it was difficult to avoid a misunderstanding.”

“………” So because he had sat in the wrong carriage, now he has to suffer such a punishment?

“How about this.” Feng Tingye looked at the extremely unsightly Xia Mingyuan and smiled slightly: “For Zhen’s sake, how about we all take a step back? Prince doesn’t blame Xiang Er anymore. As a compensation, during the period time that you’re recuperating, we will have Xiang Er serve you and make sure the prince is well cared for.”

“What? Who wants to serve this guy? (Who wants this person to serve me?)” Two voices immediately called out at the same time, then they turned to give each other a dirty eye.

“You’re not happy? Ahahahah, okay! Allow this lady to serve this weak chicken, this lady is scared you might have your life shortened.”Please support this novel by reading at lazygirltranslations dot com

“Ahahahah, fine! This prince was thinking the same thing. Allowing someone as clumsy as you, who isn’t nimble at all, to serve me? This prince still wants to live for a few more years!”

“Who did you say was clumsy?”

“You! I’m saying you!”Please support this novel by reading at lazygirltranslations dot com

“You weak chicken!”Please support this novel by reading at lazygirltranslations dot com

“You shrew!”Please support this novel by reading at lazygirltranslations dot com

“……”Can you guys be any more childish?

“……Actually, from looking at you guys, you seem to be match pretty well!”

Fearlessly, Xia Yuqing inserted that one statement, reaping both sides to attack her: “You shut up!”

“……” Xia Yuqing silently withdrew to Feng Tingye’s embrace for comfort. Naturally, Feng Tingye happily received the beauty. However, this matter ought to be dealt right now.

“Fine, Zhen won’t force you on this matter. Zhen can see there are quite a few people here. How about this? To prevent outsiders saying that Zhen is using his position for personal use and bullying both of you, let’s have a vote. If you agree with my suggested resolution, please raise your hand.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the hands of the crowd sprung up like bamboo after the rain; they all came sprouting up one after another. Even the silent Xia Mingxi had weakly lifted up his own hand.

Seeing this, Feng Tingye smirked and spoke with a steady voice: “Majority rules. Zhen is a generous person, so this is the final decision.”Please support this novel by reading at lazygirltranslations dot com

“……” The two people involved: WTF, this is what you call not forcing us?

“Now that the matter has been dealt with, everyone break up. It is already getting late. Xiang Er, you can stay here tonight. Zhen will send someone to let your grandfather know so he won’t be worried.”

“……Okay.” Following Feng Tingye with her eyes, Liu Yixiang silently cried. This isn’t good. If her grandfather found out she got herself in trouble again, she’ll suffer a calamity!

“Ah, to save face for this country’s emperor, this prince will reluctantly allow you to wait upon me. You’d better serve this royal highness well, otherwise… aaa….. Come help this royal highness stand to take a bath.” Seeing matters had finally settled down and that there was no room to save the situation, Xia Mingyuan decided to make sure to enslave her well. However, he had obviously underestimated her…..Please support this novel by reading at lazygirltranslations dot com

“Okay, then Nu Bi will care…..fully….. serve…. His royal highness.” When Liu Yixiang extended her hands to hold him, she made that comment that made one’s hair stand. Then, step by step, she headed towards Xia Mingyuan.

A moment afterwards, within the resting place, a sad shrill voice burst forth shaking the crows crying in the horizon ——

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