FMEA Chapter 82 Part 2

Chapter 82 Part 2

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“Who’s her mistress?! (Who’s my mistress?!)” Both of them spoke in unison as they pointed to each other in anger. Then, with a snort, they both averted their gaze.

“I can see that you guys have quite a strong rapport. Liu Ya Tou, your taste is really nothing great.”

Originally, being put together with Xia Mingyuan had made her angry, but hearing what was said she immediately took joy in his misfortune. Giving him a look, she gave a smirk and explained: “Xiu Lao, you are completely correct. This lady isn’t blind, so why would I take a fancy on this fool? Xiu Lao, let me tell you, this fool came from Xia Country for a visit. He is Xia Country’s eldest royal prince.”Please support this novel by reading at lazygirltranslations dot com

Xia Mingyuan gave her a ruthless look, his heart burning with rage. Yet, he had to hold his anger in since he didn’t want to make a scene while Xu Lao was present. But who would have thought that before he could make a comment, he would receive a blow from a walking stick.

“Aagh….” Luckily, Xia Mingyuan had reacted quick enough and used his hand to block it, thus dangerously avoided a fatal blow.

Covering his throbbing hand, he retreated a few steps and looked at Xiu Lao in shock. Just when he was about to curse, he heard Xiu Lao shout: “The Xia eldest prince, isn’t that the one who almost caused my precious disciple to lose her baby? Watch how I’m going to beat you to death.”Please support this novel by reading at lazygirltranslations dot com

“……”Who had he provoked? Could someone tell him who his disciple is?!

“Senior, I think you have made a mistake. This prince has only come to ye Country for less than half a month. I have never seen your disciple or you disciples baby, so how could I….”

Before he could finish, a familiar voice came from behind him: “Master, it really is you? You returned so early? Why didn’t you tell your disciple, so this disciple could come receive you?”

Xia Mingyuan’s body froze as he slowly turned around. When he clearly saw who was behind him, his eyes looked as if they were going to pop out of his head.Please support this novel by reading at lazygirltranslations dot com

This Ya Tou was Xiu Lao’s disciple? The disciple that is hoisted everywhere where everyone is begging to have as a disciple but no one is allowed to forcefully take him away from Xiu Lao? No, no way. This must be a coincidence. Right, a coincidence. The master this Ya Tou is speaking of definitely can’t be the person in front of him. It can’t be! Then, in the next second, a certain someone ruthlessly smashed Xia Mingyuan’s self hypnotism.

With a whoosh, Xiu Lao who was originally standing in front of Xia Mingyuan flew like a gust of windtowards Xia Yuqing. Completely different than the typical 60 year old man: “Little disciple, I’ve missed you to death. Did you miss me?”

“…… cough, of course. This disciple missed her master everyday.” Knowing this old man’s temper, Xia Yuqing without any pressure acted lovable and cute to gain a good impression.

Just as expected, Xiu Lao hearing this couldn’t conceal his happiness. But in a second he recalled something and his face became gloomy, then feigned anger: “ Little disciple, what did I just hear you call me?”

Xia Yuqing’s mouth twitched and quickly corrected herself “Xu Ge, Xu Ge. This disciple has been waiting for Xu Ge’s arrival everyday to teach me more stuff.”

Completely satisfied, Xu Lao’s blossomed like a flower. Happily patting Xia Yuqing’s shoulder, he said: “Little disciple, you really are coachable. Xu Ge really cherishes you.”

“…… cough cough, this disciple also cherishes you.” Xia Yuqing almost choked from his pat and coughed.

Lu Rui, wanting to look after Xia Yuqing, stepped forward to help block for her, reminding: “Senior Xu, Niang Niang is currently pregnant. Please be…”Please support this novel by reading at lazygirltranslations dot com

“Yes, yes. Look at me forgetting things because I was too happy. Are you okay disciple?” Xu Lao quickly reacted, stepping back a few steps looking nervously at Xia Yuqing’s belly.

Seeing those eyes lit up in that manner couldn’t help but make Xia Yuqing suspect. Does he think that in her belly was some dazzling… ball of gold! o(╯□╰)o

Seamlessly she shifted her body, blocking Xu Lao’s view and changed the topic: “Xu Ge, why did you return so early? I heard from his majesty that you would be out for business duties for at least a month, yet…”

“Once I heard that my disciple is of child, Xu Ge here was just too ecstatic! So I left behind the things to the others and came back to see my disciple, hahahaha….”Please support this novel by reading at lazygirltranslations dot com

“……” So you just directly quit your responsibilities halfway and caught your subordinates unprepared and spinning in circles? Master, your subordinates will cry!

“That… those matters should be very important. Xu Ge wouldn’t it be troublesome for you leave?” If it wasn’t important, they wouldn’t have told master to go in the first place. Now you just leaving like this, won’t it cause a tragedy?

“Don’t worry, don’t worry. That’s nonsense, how could it be as important as my disciple’s child?” Xu Lao said as if it was a matter of course.Please support this novel by reading at lazygirltranslations dot com

“……” Master, are you sure this kind of unruly behaviour is good?

“Speaking of which , I feel that I have forgotten something.” Xu Lao pulled Xia Yuqing to talk about other matters, his passion decreasing slightly. Feeling something was wrong, he looked around suspiciously. When his gaze landed on Xia Mingyuan, he suddenly lit up: “Ah, it was you.”

“……” Senior you finally remembered about this prince? Haering the conversation between Xia Yuqing and you, Xia Mingyuan who was petrified for the longest time was numb from the realization.

“Ah, eldest royal brother and Xiang Er are here as well.” Xia Yuqing upon seeing this said in surprise.

“……” They were always there, it was just Niang Niang didn’t pay any attention to them.

“Little disciple, this is the fool who had caused you to slip down from the stairs and almost harmed your child right?” Xu Lao said, brandishing his walking stick and pointing it at Xia Mingyuan’s nose.

How does he even know that?! Xia Yuqing was stupefied as she watched Xu Lao place his hand on his hip. Ready to help smooth things over she rushed to speak: ‘No, that was all a misunderstanding. That day it was me who wasn’t stable. I accidentally slipped. It wasn’t elder royal brothers fault. Don’t be angry Xu Ge. Don’t you see that your disciples child is completely fine?”

“Really?” Xu Lao looked at Xia Mingyuan suspiciously.

“Really, really. Even more real than pearls.” Knowing that her so-called elder royal brother not long ago had injured his vitality, if he was to be beaten by her own master, won’t he would just die? At that time wouldn’t his pretty boy uke be left as a widow?!

“Okay.” Xu Lao unwillingly put away his walking stick. But he didn’t forget to warn him: “Looking upon my disciple’s plea, this senior will magnanimous and won’t bother with you. But if you dare bully my disciple again, then you better watch out. Hmph~”

“……” Who did he even provoke? That Ya Tou already said it was her fault she fell, but why is it that the crime is still pushed onto him? In fact…. Bullying her?

Although he did bully her before, but who would have thought that this salted fish would suddenly free herself. Nowadays it should be asking her not to bully him, not the other way around. In this second, Xia Mingyuan gloomily felt his heart.. Was bleeding blood!
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