FMEA Chapter 82

Chapter 82 would rather offend a vile person than a woman

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“……..” The people that just left the resting house couldn’t help turning back to look at the lit bedroom, their faces disturbed.Please support this novel by reading at lazygirltranslations dot com

“Ai Fei, you go into the carriage first. Zhen still has to say some words to these Da Ren.”Feng Tingye lightly smiled and released Xia Yuqing’s hand, allowing her to board the carriage first.

“Okay……” Xia Yuqin suspiciously looked at them, but didn’t question further and obediently went in the carriage.

“Your Majesty, is leaving Xiang Ee at Xia Mingyuan’s side safe?” If this continues, someone’s going to die!!

“It’s fine, Xiang Er knows what to do. It would be better to have someone’s eye on Xia Mingyuan.” Moreover, this man causing someone to bleed, Liu Yixiang selling herself out, he had written this all in his heart!

These two people who don’t have a liking towards each other, it will be a good show to watch! In fact, by drawing Liu Yuxiang away, that Ya Tou within the carriage will know her place better too. Killing three birds with one stone.

Seeing Feng Tingye’s mouth forming a devilish grin, the Da Ren couldn’t help but shudder. They wisely decided to overlook that question.

“That Yu Shi deputy…..”Please support this novel by reading at lazygirltranslations dot com

“I’ll leave it to you guys. Before you put him to death, make sure you figure out the real reason behind Xia Mingyuan’s visit. Also, Yan Ran, your assassin…..”

“It’s all in the palm of my hands.” Yan Ran had a smug face causing everyone to agree that they wanted to beat him up.

“Zhen is just going to warn you. Don’t suffer another defeat.” Feng Tingye lifted his eyebrow and replied.

“Yes, don’t be like last time where you damaged your throat and caused a misunderstanding.” Shao Zitong said, taking the opportunity to give him a stab. It has always bugged him that he wasn’t able to ridicule him from last time’s mistake.

“…….” Yan Rans face became rigid. He once again regretted befriending such a bad friend.

Xia Mingyuan discovered that he’d been having really bad luck these days. No, he should actually say, since he took step into the soils of Ye Country and had met Xia Yuqing, he hasn’t had any lucky encounters.

First, because Xia Yuqing had little confidence and weak legs, she had fallen down the stairs herself. Not even mentioning him being her cushion, but she had also caused everyone to look at him in a hostile manner. Now, just because he was sitting in Yu Shis carriage and met a sudden disaster, Liu Yixiang had come flying with a kick, causing him to be almost paralyzed. Not even pointing that out, now he had to face that gloomy b*tch’s face. Why is he suffering such a treatment!

Following that, something must have hit his second royal brother who had once revered him in the head. Why would he give him such a secretive, grudging look that gave him goosebumps. His brotherly love caused him to be concerned and want to ask what was the matter.Please support this novel by reading at lazygirltranslations dot com

But, who knew that when he approached him, that fellow acted like an innocent unmarried woman, covering his chest while guarding against him, an evil tyrant.

Covering your chest? Yes, you didn’t see it wrong, he was covering his chest! A real man used both hands to cover his chest. And giving him such a look and reaction, does he think he is a woman?

As expected, Ye Country and him should not be mixed together. He has suffered so much, this country absolutely….. must have demonic aura!

Thus, for the next few days, while Xia Mingyuan was critically worried that he would be ravaged of his good looks and suffering from clinical depression, he finally welcomed the dawn of a new era.

“If you walk over in that direction… you can see the free and unfettered master Xu Lao?” He had not expected that, while he was in the Ye imperial palace, he would be able to meet the renowned senior of the four countries. Xia Mingyuan’s eyes lit up and he immediately went happily over.Please support this novel by reading at lazygirltranslations dot com

Xu Lao, hearing sounds of movement, turned his body around. As his gaze fell over to Xia Mingyuan’s side, his face lit up with a bright smile and he took the initiative to welcome them.

Seeing Xia Mingyuan stumped for words, the smiling expression on his face couldn’t help but deepen a few inches. It seems like this senior has also heard of his reputation and, thus, was happy to see him. As expected, rumours can’t be believed. Rumours say that this senior is demanding, troublesome and as stubborn as a nail. That must be from jealous, nameless, untalented youths that this senior didn’t look well upon!

Thinking highly of himself, Xia Mingyuan even extended his hand out, preparing to show off his modest polite and refined behaviour to win a favorable impression. Unexpectedly, Xiu Lao didn’t even give him a second glance and was like a gust of wind rushing by him. He didn’t even react to him at all.

“Liu Ya Tou, Liu Ya Tou, how is my disciple and my disciple’s baby? Why don’t I see her with you? I haven’t seen her for half a month already. I’m really missing her to death!” Xiu Lao excitedly grasped Liu Yixiang’s hand.

“……” Xia Mingyuan’s hand was frozen in the air, his expression indescribably bleak.

Liu Yixiang immediately rushed to support Xiu Lao’s body which was somewhat shaky from running over and gently spoke: “Xiu Lao, please don’t rush. They are very well. But, I haven’t been to the palace in awhile, so I haven’t seen them either.”

“If you haven’t seen them in a while, how would you know that they are doing well? Don’t I usually see that you and my disciple are inseparable? Why is it that you haven’t seen each other in ages?” Once he heard her comment, Xiu Lao was unhappy and looked at her as if to rebuke her.Please support this novel by reading at lazygirltranslations dot com

Liu Yixiang wanted to cry out in grievance and couldn’t help but have her gaze drift over to the culprit of this.

Seeing her not speak and feeling something was up, he followed her gaze. His eyes widened as he shouted: “Who is this reckless fool? You wouldn’t be Liu Ya Tou’s mistress would you?”

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