FMEA Chapter 82 Part 4

Chapter 82 Part 4

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“Since the Grand Tutor is reporting some matters, I estimate that he won’t be coming out anytime soon. You don’t need to wait here for him.. Right now, the sun is most deadly. If you continue waiting here, I’m scared you’ll get a stroke by the time the Grand Tutor comes out. Why don’t you come to Ben Gong’s to sit down first and wait for the Grand Tutor to come out. Beng Gong will let him know to come pick you up.”
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Yuan Er was stunned. Thinking for a long time then she obediently nodded: “Then excuse the intrusion.”
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“Your not intruding at all, come rise.” Xia Yuqing lifted the crouching Yuan Er up. Feeling the soft sensation in her hands, she couldn’t help but think: “Ah, sure enough it was soft. This makes me want to pinch her cheeks even more.”
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In high spirits, Xia Yuqing dragged the young scholar to Xie Fang palace. But, Liu Yixiang was still standing at her original spot staring at the spot where that certain someone had been.
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Wasn’t there something drawn on here earlier? Liu Yixiang was still thinking when she suddenly heard a call: “Xiang Er, what are you doing? Hurry up.”

“Okay, coming.”

“Qing Jiejie, aren’t you worried about bringing this Ya Tou back? No matter what if she was an assassin!” Regarding the young scholar at Yan Ran’s place, Liu Yixiang had heard all about it. Now, seeing Xia Yuqing gradiosely bring that person to her place, Liu Yixiang couldn’t help but worry.

“It’s fine, it’s fine.” Xia Yuqing lowered her voice. “Didn’t she lose her memory? Look how obedient she is. If this wasn’t the case, why else would Gorgeous Tutor be relaxed enough to bring her into the palace? Moreover, you’re also here. Even if she didn’t lose her memory, she wouldn’t be able to beat you in a fight, right?”

Not to mention there was Cui Er that expert martial artist. Xia Yuqing didn’t feel the slightest pressure.

Liu Yixiang’s eyebrows were scrunched up in thought. Thinking what Xia Yuqing said was reasonable, she nodded her head and didn’t continue.

Seeing Yuan Er inquisitively look everywhere then touch her chin in thought, the corners of her mouth lifted up in a smile: “Lu Rui, come over….”

Lu Rui had just finishing steeping the tea when Xia Yuqing had call her, so she dropped all her tea equipment and rushed over.

“Niang Niang, is there something you need?”

Using her finger, Xia Yuqing gestured Lu Rui to bring her ear over and whispered to her a few things.

“Just that. Okay, no problem. Nu Bi will go help Niang Niang look for it.”

Looking at Lu Rui’s back as she left in a hurry, Liu Yixiang asked curiously: “Qing Jiejie, what mysterious thing did you get Lu Rui to do?”
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“You’ll figure it out in a moment. Yuan Er, come over here.”

Hearing her name, she turned around to give Xia Yuqing a look. Then Yuan Er pointed at herself puzzled: “Niang Niang, do you need something?”

“Ben Gong has something to request of Yuan Er. Since Yuan Er is so obedient, you definitely won’t reject Ben Gong right?” Xia Yuqing had the biggest wolf smile on her face, looking remarkably like a woman trying to kidnap a pretty boy.

Yuan Er felt worried, but her expression still had an obedient smile: “Of course, Niang Niang what do you need help with? Nu Bi will do all that I can.”

It was only when Xia Yuqing had pressed her down in front of the dressing table did Yuan Er react: “Niang Niang, what are you doing?”

“You just obediently sit and don’t move.” Seeing Yuan Er want to rise, Xia Yuqing hurriedly pushed her down and smiled. “It’s actually nothing. Just a few days ago, the internal affairs department had sent some of the latest spring and autumn clothing over. However, now that Ben Gong has become pregnant and the belly is becoming more obvious, I can’t wear any of the clothes at all. Beng Gong thought that this was so unfortunate and was planning on bestowing it to Xiang Er, but Xiang Er’s build is just too different from Ben Gong. However you’re different. Yuan Er’s shape is similar to Ben Gong’s before she was pregnant. There’s no harm in trying on Ben Gong’s clothes. If the clothes fit well, then I’ll even gift them to Yuan Er. This will not squander beautiful clothing and is Ben Gong’s king intentions.”
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Xia Yuqing’s expression was dignified and earnest, yet in her heart she was rolling around laughing. In fact, she just thought that this child’s face was just too cute and if she was dressed up, she would definitely look amazing. As for why she made a move herself? Hahaha, being a person who placed a lot of importance on appearance as well as a person who is a fan of adorable shotacons or girls, there is nothing better than personally molding one. Most importantly, when she is dressing up the Ya Tou she could take the opportunity to pinch her cheeks. Those rice balls, wait for me!

Yuan Er obviously had no idea what was in Xia Yuqing’s mind. She was stunned by what Xia Yuqing said, but by the time she had regained awareness, Xia Yuqing was already doing her eyebrows.

“Ah…..” Yuan Er seeing Xia Yuqing suddenly being in such close proximity to her face, shouted out in shock.

Xia Yuqing paused, then asked in concern: “What is it?” Could it be that when she was taking advantage of her, it was too obvious and she was discovered?!

“Ah, its…’s nothing.” Realizing that she had forgotten her manners, Yuan Er embarrassingly replied: “Besides my mother, Niang Niang is the first to apply makeup on my eyebrows. Therefore, Yuan Er felt…. somewhat overwhelmed by this favour.”

“Oh, is that the case?” Xia Yuqing let out relaxed breath. That’s good, that’s good, I didn’t get discovered. “Where is your Mother now?”

Yuan Er’s complexion changed slightly as she lowered her head and spoke: “My Mother…. passed away when I was 8.”

“Ah, I’m sorry. Ben Gong didn’t know…..” It’s over. How could I be sooo stupid to mention that subject. I’m done for!

Seeing Xia Yuqing’s flustered appearance, she couldn’t help but smile. Just like the rumours, Consort Qing really does stand out from the masses.

“Niang Niang, aren’t you going to help Yuan Er fill in her eyebrows?” Yuan Er took the initiative to change the subject.

Stunned, Xia Yuqing nodded her head and concentrated on taking advantage… cough cough, incorrect, concentrated on drawing on Yuan Er’s eyebrows until…..

“Xiang Er, is there some yellow flower (cosmetic powder for forehead) over there? Could you help me bring some over?” Seeing the empty case on the dressing table, Xia Yuqing yelled over to Liu Yixiang who was standing still not so far away.

Seeing that Yuan Er was staying still and not doing anything strange, she became slightly more relaxed and responded, “Where is it?”

“It’s just in the cabinet to the right, the second opening. I’ve seen Lu Rui take some out from there before.”
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“En, you wait for me. I’ll go grab it.”
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Seeing Liu Yixiang turn towards the door, Yuan Er seamlessly moved. In a flash from her sleeve out came an exquisite dagger.
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