FMEA Chapter 82 Part 5

Chapter 82 Part 5

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Lifting up her head to concentrate on Xia Yuqing who was applying makeup on her, a sudden flash appeared in her eyes. After a moment of hesitation, she quickly pushed down the thought.
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Little by little she drew out the knife. Just when she was about to have taken the entire thing out, the figure in front of her suddenly moved.
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“Oh…… puke…..” Xia Yuqing suddenly pressed down on Yuan Er’s shoulders forcibly causing the knife that had the majority of it exposed to be pressed back.

Yuan Er’s wanted to withdraw but it was too late. Xia Yuqing had already fallen on top of her, the hand on her shoulder began to tighten causing her to almost shout out in pain.

“What’s the matter? What’s wrong?” Hearing the sounds, Liu Yixing ran back in. Seeing Xia Yuqing leaning entirely on Yuan Er and unwell, she was scared. Nervously rushing forward, she went to help support Xia Yuqing.

Feeling the weight being removed off her body, Yuan Er relaxed and quickly hid away the dagger again.

“What happened?” Liu Yixiang supported Xia Yuqing as she puked. Seeing that she was unwell, she worriedly asked.

“Nothing, nothing. The imperial physician said this is normal. It’ll almost be 3 months soon. It’s bound to cause some disturbance for a while.” Xia Yuqing helplessly touched her belly that was gradually getting bigger. It was only just a few days ago that she started having morning sickness. It was then she really did feel that she had a life inside her belly.
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“You little bastard. You haven’t even come out yet and you’re already tormenting me.” Xia Yuqing helplessly rebuked it. Although she was grumbling, everyone who could hear her talk could hear the proud and tenderness of a mother.
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Upon seeing this, Yuan Er seemed a bit absent minded. Within her brain a similar figure suddenly appeared. Once before, she also had someone that intimate who grumbled about her: “At that time when Yuan Er was in mother’s belly, I surely must have tormented mother. Now that I think about it, it must have been really painful.”

Because they are both mothers, won’t their mental state be the same?

“Oh, I’m fine. It was just earlier….” A moment after, Xia Yuqing had at last recovered. Suddenly recalling that she had just pushed down hard on Yuan Er’s shoulders, if it was a normal person it’s nothing to be scared of but with her strength…..

“Yuan Er, did i hurt you?” Xia Yuqing asked worriedly.

Yuan Er’s face became stiff. Touching her shoulder, which she had thought was going to shatter, she lightly laughed: “It’s…. fine.”

Seeing Yuan Er’s unnatural appearance, Liu Yixiang couldn’t help but smile. Xia Yuqing’s strength was obvious to all within their group and this Ya Tou being squeezed by her, it must definitely be aching.

“Qing Jiejie since your body isn’t feeling the best. How about you sit on the side and rest. I’ll help finish grooming her.”

Pouting her lips, Xia Yuqing was finally convinced and obediently sat to the side.
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Seeing Xia Yuqing finally sit behind her, Cui Er let out a slight sigh: “Then we will have to inconvenience Lady Liu.”

After a quarter hour, Liu Yixiang looked at the makeup of the person before her and lightly smiled: “Perfect.”

“Hm, actually something seems to be missing. Oh, I know. If we sweep the hair to the side and add an ornament it would look even better. With Yuan Er’s fair skin tone, you would be completely compatible with the phoenix hair pin that the empress gave me two days ago. Xiang Er, can you go grab it. It’s in the small box beside my bed.

:”En, okay.” Not thinking much about it, she turned around and entered the bedroom.

Not long after, Liu Yixiang’s voice could be heard calling out from within:“Which box is it? There are quite a few in here.”

Xia Yuqing, after hearing her question, replied: “It’s the one with the Begonia flower engraved on it.”
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At the same time, Yuan Er had taken in a deep breath and slowly stood up. Turning around to face Xia Yuqing, she slowly approached her step by step. The dagger that was tucked within her sleeve once again slipped out.

Just when she was just a few steps away from Xia Yuqing, a lovable figure suddenly came bounding towards them from outside joyously hollering: “Niang Niang, Nu Bi has returned.”

Yuan Er was shocked. The dagger within her hand was retracted once again, narrowly injuring her own hand.

“So you finally returned. Come over here quick.”

Oblivious that she had taken a trip to the gates of hell, she excitedly greeted Lu Rui.

“Yuan Er, come choose. Which one do you like the best?” Xia Yuqing turned around to ask Yuan Er.

Yuan Er’s tiny face stiffened, unsure how to respond.
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Xia Yuqing’s eyebrows knitted together and asked: “Yuan Er, what’s wrong? Do you not like it?”

Yuan Er was still rigid but she forced herself to smile: “No…. it’s just I haven’t worn female clothing in such a long time, I don’t know how to choose. Which one does Niang Niang think suits Yuan Er the best?”

“So it’s like this. Yuan Er grew up well, you would look good in anything. But, to match that piece of hairpin, wearing purple would be the best. From Lu Rui’s hand, Xia Yuqing fished out the purple flowy dress. Then, she urged Yuan Er inside to try it on.

Yielding after resting for a little bit, Yuan Er entered the bedroom. Clutching the soft clothes, she twisted her right hand so the dagger was finally able to see the light of day.

Yuan Er looked at the dagger for a long while, then the corners of her mouth started to move upwards. Her cold appearance was shattered. Letting out a breath, she helplessly shook her head, her face looked as if she was mocking herself.

Sure enough, she was too soft hearted. If she truly wanted to kill that Ya Tou then she wouldn’t be hesitating over it like this and missing all the opportunities. Well whatever, let’s treat it as…. Giving that child face and setting her free. In any case, killing others is the same. As long as that person can be the fuse for the dispute between the two countries, then it doesn’t matter who dies.

After dilly-dallying for a long time, Yuan Er was finally clothed and took bashful steps out of the room.
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When they all saw Yuan Er come out, everyone all agreed that they thought she was quite stunning.
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Walking out with her painted eyebrows, jade like nose and cherry lips on an innocent pure face that was the size of a palm, this revealed how a beauty is capable of causing the downfall of a city. With intelligent phoenix eyes her stunning beauty revealed a tinge of cuteness. Because she was shy, there was even a light blush on her cheeks causing everyone to want to tease her.
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Aaghhh…. My adorable girl adorable sister! Xia Yuqing’s eyes shone with her heart howling. Doesn’t she look just like a doll? Don’t you want to just take her home? Don’t you just want to take advantage of her?!

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