FMEA Chapter 83 Part 3

Chapter 83: Showing public displays of affection will make you die quicker!

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Just when Xia Mingyuan’s heart was incomparably mad as it looked at the dagger become increasingly close, just as he had sighed and given up on his life and was anticipating pain, he unexpectedly heard a cry of alarm.
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“Xiang Er!”

Xia Mingyuan trembled, then lifted his head up to see Liu Yixiang standing right in front of him. Bright red blood was dripping down onto the ground, forming a beautiful blood flower.

“Sh…rew?” Xia Mingyuan stared dazedly at the person before him.

In the next second, he sees Liu Yixiang quickly kick Li Yuan’s chest. This causes the bloody dagger that Li Yuan was holding to retract back a few steps while Liu Yixiang instantly fell backwards.
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Xia Mingyuan rushed forward to catch Liu Yixiang’s body. Seeing her hand still dripping with blood and not knowing where the wound was, his face paled, unsure what to do.

“Xiang Er…..” After a moment, Xia Yuqing called out. In spite of everyone’s obstruction, she advanced towards Liu Yixiang’s side.

“Be careful, Niang Niang.” Seeing Li Yuan hasn’t given up yet and was lifting up the dagger wanting to attack again, Lu Rui was sweating all over.

In a moment of life or death, a delicate yet strong hand suddenly intercepted Li Yuan’s dagger. Thereafter, he easily broke it by snapping it with his fingers.

Everyone only felt a silver light flash by and in the next moment the fiendish assassin… fell to the ground!

Xia Yuqing’s foot paused. Seeing Li Yuan who had fallen onto the ground then seeing the small youngster standing in front of the two, her mouth formed into an o shape.

“Do you have any injuries?” Feng Tingye did not care about the surrounding ****. Stepping forward, he seized Xia Yuqing’s waist. After sizing Xia Yuqing up from top to bottom and determining that she had no injuries, he finally let out a sigh of relief.

“I…. Chen Qie is fine. I didn’t receive any injuries…. But Xiang Er… Xian Er!” Xia Yuqing suddenly recalled the events that just happened and quickly threw Feng Tingye’s hand and rushed towards Liu Yixiang.

Feng Tingye did not mind , he just silently followed. Leng Ruofeng and the rest followed closely behind. Upon seeing this, one after another headed towards Liu Yixiang.

“Xiang Er, are you okay? Where are you injured? Does it hurt? Xiang Er, please don’t scare me.” Rushing to Liu Yixiang’s side, Xia Yuqing clutched Liu Yixiang’s collar and shook her hard. She shook her so hard that she began seeing stars and nearly started foaming.

Still holding Liu Yixiang, Xia Mingyuan couldn’t continue watching. Pushing aside Xia Yuqing’s hand he reminded: “Royal sister, if you continue to shake her in this manner, then even if nothing was wrong before, you’ll shake her until something does become wrong.”

Xia Yuqing froze then looked at Liu Yixiang, who seemed as if she was on her last breath, and let go.

Losing the support, Liu Yixiang fell into Xia Mingyuan’s bosom. With a band two people simultaneously let out a groan.

Xia Yuqing awkwardly asked: “Xiang Er, are you okay?”

Liu Yixiang looked at her with dazed eyes, then had a severe cough. Slowly and delicately she replied: “Qing Jiejie, I’m afraid I can’t….”

Xia Yuqing’s face froze, her eyes widened in disbelief: “How can this be? The imperial physician, please call the imperial physician. Your Majesty please call the imperial physician!”

Feng Tingye seemed to be influenced by the sorrow of the two. Wrinkling his eyebrows, he coldly yelled out: “The imperial physician. Hurry and call the imperial physician over!”
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“It’s too late. Qing Jiejie…..” Liu Yixiang weakly shook her head. Gripping onto Xia Yuqing’s hand she sadly said: “Qing Jiejie, I don’t think I’ll make it. After I’m gone, Gu My will be all by herself. You need to visit her often for me. She’s a person who loves excitement. When I’m gone there will be no one to accompany her. She will definitely be very lonely.”
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Moved, Xia Yuqing tearfully looked at her. Starting to sob, she choked out: “I will, I will. In the future, I will visit her palace every day. I’ll make sure to make enough noise so that she can’t stand me and chases me away.”

“Also, my nephew. Once you’ve given birth to him, please always remind him that he has this aunt. Otherwise, even if I were to pass away, I won’t be able to rest in peace.”

Having heard what was said, Xia Yuqing sobbed: “Don’t worry. I will definitely make sure that every year on this day he will burn a lot of paper money for you. He definitely won’t forget you.”
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“……..” Niang Niang, Lady Liu still hasn’t died yet. Is it okay for you to say these things?

“Okay…. Finally the most important.” Liu Yixiang wasn’t thinking too much. Holding Xia Yuqign’s hand tightly she was panting, pain evident in her face. Xia Mingyuan, who was watching this from behind her, had a strange feeling stir within his heart. It was sour, bitter, and it ached with complex feelings.
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Xia Yuqing hurriedly replied: “Speak. As long as it’s something that you want and I can do it, I definitely will do it.”

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