FMEA Chapter 83 Part 4

Chapter 83: Showing public displays of affection will make you die quicker! Part 4

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“Qing Jiejie, once I’m gone make sure you burn your Palace Gates: Behind the scenes volume edition for me. Don’t forget! Otherwise I’ll become a ghost and I won’t forgive you.”
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“Okay, not a problem…..huh?” Xia Yuqing repeatedly nodded her head and echoed her response; After agreeing did she lift her head up and looked at Liu Yixiang strangely.

“You said so. I want the golden collection edition. Last time you said you would give it to me, but then you just left without settling this. Now that there are so many people here as witness, you can’t renege on this.” Liu Yixiang eyes lit up. Holding onto Xia Yuqing’s hand and with that lively appearance caused Xia Yuqing to think that this Ya Tou…. was giving off her final radiance.
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“Liu Yixiang!” A voice like storm clouds approaching concealed a strong taste of anger and…. Murderous aura.

Liu Yixiang felt an acute murderous aura coming towards her. With a flash she disappeared from her spot. At the same time a certain someone’s feet had stopped right in front of Xia Mingyuan’s chest right where Liu Yixiang was originally lying. If Liu Yixiang didn’t dodge quickly, it would’ve really been too late for her.
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“My god, my royal cousin. Aren’t you too cruel? If that feet were really to land, won’t your little sister really be left with half her life if not dead!” Liu Yixiang opened her eyes wide and followed the leg upwards she found herself staring directly into Feng Tingye’s blackened face.

Feng Tingye slowly placed his leg away. Giving her a soft smile: “Didn’t you want to die? Zhen will send you off. Don’t worry. That Palace Gates: Behind the scenes, Zhen will help Ai Fei burn it to you. After all that is your death wish, right?”
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“Ahahahah……” Giving a hollow laugh, Liu Yixiang only then noticed the seriousness of the matter and quickly replied: “It’s just a joke. Just a joke.”

“How can you use these matters as a joke? Xiang Er you…..” Xia Yuqing had a heartbroken appearance while her eyes were like faucets turned on, eyes full of water ready to burst at any second. In the next moment, everyone’s sympathy began to change into resentment as they looked at her in anger.
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Receiving so many angry stares, Liu Yixiang shivered from head to toe and a cold sweat slid down her forehead.

“Niang Niang don’t be upset. Being upset won’t be good for the baby. Nu Bi will prepare your most loved Dongpo pork shoulders. In a while, you’ll be able to have it. I will go help you make it right now.” Lu Rui directly bestowed Liu Yixiang a roll of her eye and coaxed Xia Yuqing.

“Yes, Niang Niang. Don’t be upset…..” a group of Ya Tou’s all gave Liu Yixiang a rebuking glance and hurried to comfort Xia Yuqing.
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“Because of that chaos just now, Ai Fei must definitely have received some shock. If as a result, you accidentally injure the royal baby, that would not be good. Imperial physician, please come take a look at Ai Fei first.” Feng Tingye seized Xia Yuqing’s waist and intercepted the old imperial physician who was gasping for breath from rushing over.

“……. Then what about Xiang Er?” Xia Yuqing pointed at the not so far Liu Yixiang who still had a hand dripping with blood.

Feng Tingye gave her a cold side eye: “She’s healthy and active, nothing serious at all. Moreover, how could she be more important than Ai Fei and the royal baby? Naturally, we will treat Ai Fei first.”
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“……” Royal cousin, I am still present you know. If you’re this obvious in being bias, aren’t you afraid that I will make life difficult for you in front of Gu Mu?

Xia Yuqing took a glance at Liu Yixiang’s twisted expression then silently placed her head on Feng Tingye’s chest revealing a crafty a smile.

Who told you to lie to me? Who told you bully me directly? If you were to play people you should have given me a warning first, yet you played even me.
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It cannot be avoided but birds of a feather flock together and naturally group up. Not just Feng Tingye and Yan Ran, but Xia Yuqing’s heart did not see much more than them.

“Ah, don’t forget Gorgeous Grand Tutor. He also fell into the trap. What should we do? How about we let the imperial physician first…..”

Feng Tingye eyes narrowed and he smiled coldly: “It’s fine. Isn’t it just rolling around on the ground a few more times. Someone come, please send the imperial physician to the palace.”

Seeing the still present worry on her face, Feng Tingye added in: “If worst comes to worst, Ai Fei can send him pig trotters stewed with ginseng and red dates tomorrow. This will moisten his throat and he’ll be fine, he won’t die.”
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“……..” Your Majesty this is clearly forgetting one’s friends once you’re smitten with love! If the Grand Tutor were to know this, he would definitely cry!

“……..En.” Xia Yuqing nodded her head. No longer struggling, she obediently followed Feng Tingye’s arrangement.

Liu Yixiang stood where she was and then slowly retreated, yet not a single person extended a hand to support her. Silent, she had nothing to say. This time she had overstepped her limit becoming the court’s public enemy.

Xia Mingyuan’s complexion also wasn’t that good. Recalling that he had gotten worried over this barbaric shrew, he felt something stuck in his chest causing him to feel resentment.
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Facing Liu Yixiang, he snorted one word and turned to leave. Discovering that Liu Yixiang wasn’t following him after walking for a while, his face turned black. Impatiently he muttered: “Shrew, what are you dilly dallying for?”

Turning around with an annoyed expression, what entered his eyes was Liu Yixiang limping. Mournful stature with a pale complexion, her eyebrows were scrunched up in pain.

The satire on his lips froze and he swallowed it back into his stomach. Hesitating for a second and without thinking about it further, he discovered his legs had already walked over to Liu Yixiang.

“Hey, Shrew….. You’re……” Xia Mingyuan walked before Liu Yixiang wanting to inquire more. Yet he couldn’t bare to throw down his pride. His gloomy face scrunched up together, his tone wasn’t that gentle either.
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With difficulty, Liu Yixiang dragged her leg forwards. A sudden gust of a black cloud, she lifted her head up to found herself facing Xia Mingyuan’s black face. Hearing his unfriendly questioning, at once she thought that he was attacking her while she was down.

With her mood already not being so good and now also facing her sworn enemy, Liu Yixiang naturally wasn’t pleasant. She replied impatiently: “Are you blind? Do you not see that I’ve twisted my leg? Move aside. Don’t block the path.”

Xia Mingyuan’s eyebrows pinched together, yet he didn’t move aside as Liu Yixiang asked. On the contrary, he asked: “Did you twist it when you kicked the assassin?”

“When else?” Liu Yixiang had an ugly expression on her face. If it wasn’t for the fact that she twisted her leg when she kicked the assassin, why else would she have to be humiliated to run headlong into this weak chicken’s chest. How frustrating!

Xia Minguan’s face got heavy. Sweeping over Liu Yixiang’s bloody hand with his eye he coldly said: “Wait right here, don’t move.”

Liu Yixiang paused. Just when she was about to complain, she saw Xia Mingyuan had already turned around and left. Going to a palace maid nearby, he asked: “Excuse me, Gu Niang. Would you be willing to lend your handkerchief to Ben Dian?”

“Huh? Of course.” the palace maid said looking at Xia Mingyuan’s gentle expression. Blushing, she hurriedly passed her handkerchief to him. Her gaze still lingering on Xia Mingyuan’s body, she felt that his body looked remarkably like a young maiden.
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“……” Liu Yixiang had a shocked expression seeing the two’s interaction. Her heart suddenly becoming heated. You are telling this lady to wait so you can go pick up chicks. Xia Mingyuan, how dare you!

Liu Yixiang’s entire face showed her irritation as she tried to move. Before she even took two steps, she was pulled back by a person. Spun around, she came face to face with Xia Mingyuan’s sulking face: “Didn’t I tell you to wait here?”

“You……” Stay in the original spot and watch as you flirt with another girl? This old women has no carefree time to do that. Just when Liu Yixiang was preparing to abuse him verbally, she froze from Xia Mingyuan’s next movement.

Her hand that was bleeding was held up, thereafter a soft item was gently used to cover the wound that was still a bit painful. Stunned, she looked down to see that the handkerchief was the one Xia Mingyuan had just taken from the palace maid.
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The reason he went over to get that was to wrap her wound? This thought caused her heart to start throbbing.

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