FMEA Chapter 83 Part 5

Chapter 83: Showing public displays of affection will make you die quicker! Part 5

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“I told you this already. It’s better for women to stay at home and raise flowers, not earn how to fight and use swords. I don’t believe you even came in front to block. Do you think you have several lives? Don’t try to show off!” As Xia Mingyuan wrapped her wound he looked completely sincere and earnest.
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Looking at the side of his face, without knowing her face suddenly became a bit flushed. Flying into a rage out of embarrassment: “You’re so long winded. Just now, didn’t I show off and save you? Otherwise the person on the ground now would be you! You can’t even tell the good from the bad.”

It was hard to come by a Xia Mingyuan who wouldn’t argue with Liu Yixiang. He just lifted his head up to look at her for a long while until she felt a bit uncomfortable and turned away.
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Before she could react, her body was suddenly lifted up into the air. Originally supporting her injured leg, the tension was lifted. Flabbergasted she opened her eyes wide open. Not daring to believing what was happening, she cried out: “What are you doing? Let me down.”

“Don’t move. If you fall down, this Beng Dian won’t help you.” Xia Mingyuan jolted the person within his arms causing her to quickly grab onto his neck. His lips slowly curved upwards: “Don’t move. I’m going to bring you to see a doctor.”

“Where? Where are we going?” Returning back to normal, Liu Yixiang became more and more embarrassed. Holding on wasn’t right and letting go also wasn’t right. She might as well keep her head down like an ostrich and not look at Xia Mingyuan. “Isn’t your leg basically all better now? Why aren’t you letting me go? My royal cousin had said that once you recover then I will have completed my task and can return.”
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Now that she has become like this, this man still wants her to continue serving him? As expected he was an immoral and despicable person!

Xia Mingyuan stopped moving and lifted up his eyebrow: “Ben Dian’s wounds are about all healed up. One matter for another, this case is all settled. However, you just saved Ben Dian’s life. Ben Dian isn’t an ungrateful person would forget this. Since you have been injured on Ben Dian’s behalf, then Ben Dian won’t just sit idly. Therefore for the next little bit, Ben Dian will take care of you until you get all better.”
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Liu Yixiang was stunned. After being silent for a while, she gave up and stopped bothering: “As you please.”

Rarely seeing Liu Yixiang this meek and docile he couldn’t help but laugh: “You being delicate is definitely a lot better. A girl should act like a girl.”

“Are you saying that I usually don’t appear like a girl?”

Showing no quarter as Xia Mingyuan held that certain person with injury he replied: “Just like a mother tiger.”

Liu Yixiang’s veins bulged. The charming gentle atmosphere was cleared off in an instant: “Xia Mingyuan, you dead chicken. Go die!”
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“Look, you’re angry again. Now tell me what part of you looks like a girl?”

“Xia Mingyuan, if you have the guts you wait until I get better. Let’s see how badly I’ll beat you up.”

“Let’s talk about those matters when you have recovered. Don’t toss around. Does you wound hurt?”

Xia Mingyuan’s words reminded Liu Yixiang and she immediately stopped moving around: “Snort, don’t think that I’ll forgive you that easily. I’ll definitely take care of you later on.”

“Ben Dian will wait.” Xia Mingyuan smirked and lifted her into his arms. Taking steps forward, he didn’t even notice the stunned palace maids who were looking on. He also didn’t discover that the people behind him who were constantly looking at them and listening to their arguments looked a bit pensive.
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“Your Majesty, what are you looking at? Are you lost in thought?” When Xia Yuqing came out from inside she saw several people looking in the distance and curiously questioned.

Feng Tingye retracted his gaze then looked at Xia Yuqing to ask: “How was it? What did the imperial physician say?”

“He said the baby is doing fine and wasn’t affected. Where’s Xiang Er?”

“She’s already returned, don’t worry.” Feng Tingye’s lips curved into a deep smile. The people behind seeing this smile felt a shiver run down their back. Your Majesty, what are you planning now?!
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“En, oh right. Where’s my master?” Hearing Liu Yixiang had already left, Xia Yuqing nodded her head then swept her gaze on her surroundings. Discovering that Xu Lao wasn’t present, she asked in a puzzled manner.

“Xu Lao had some urgent matters to attend to and returned first.”

“What urgent business? He couldn’t even wait until after he asked how I was?” Xia Yuqing looked disappointed.

“Xu Lao’s intimate friend had arrived. Naturally, he ran off even quicker than a rabbit.” Shao Zitang looked at Xia Yuqing and calmly shocking words.

“Intimate friend? Master has an intimate friend? Could it be that Master had a wife that I didn’t even know about?” Xia Yuqing’s mouth formed an o. Looking at Shao Zitang in excitement, she tried to get him to expose more information.
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“Cough, cough. This is just what I heard. Whether this is true or not, it would be better for you to ask Xu Lao.” Shao Zitang was almost blinded by Xia Yuqing’s sparkling eyes. Moving away from her line of sight, he earnestly replied.

“So this is the case….”

Feng Tingye and Leng Ruofeng shared a glance. Surprisingly the words came out of Shao Zitang and not Yan Ran who doesn’t watch his own mouth. Since this is the case, it must be fairly accurate. But, the most important this isn’t that right now.

“Zitang, that assassin….”

“Don’t worry, she’s still alive. She just fainted.” Shao Zitang looked at the not so distant Yan Ran who was rolling around nonstop in disdain. Unexpectedly this fool had been tricked by this minor character twice. He really deserved it.
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Nodding his head, Feng Tingye turned towards Xia Yuqing: “Ai Fei, I think you must be tired. Go in and take a rest first. Zhen has some important matters to discuss with these two Da Ren.”

This time Xia Yuqing wasn’t like earlier, quietly listening. Lifting her head up, she stared at Feng Tingye and asked: “Is this about Yuan Er’s matters?”

“Yuan Er?”

Xia Yuqing pointed at the assassin that was being taken away. “That assassin. No matter what you say Chen Qie has been almost assassinated by her twice. Knowing some things about her matter doesn’t seem too excessive right?”

Feng Tingye narrowed his eyes then smiled: “Actually now that you mentioned it, Zhen recalls a matter that I have to speak to Ai Fei about.”
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Sensing danger, Xia Yuqing choked on her saliva: “What is it?”

“If Zhen didn’t recall wrong, that time the assassin had come into the palace with the Grand Tutor he was clothed as a male.Why is it that in a wink of an eye he had arrived at Ai Fei’s palace and was wearing clothes that Zhen had specially ordered for you?”

Xia Yuqing’s smile froze and she forced herself to laugh. Under Feng Tingye’s sharp gaze it was as if she was like a leaking balloon: “Okay. Chen Qie saw that a girl was basking in the sun for so long so I brought her to the palace. It was also because I was curious that I got her to dress up in this manner. I got Lu Rui to bring some clothes for her to put. But…. who knew that she had recovered her memories!”
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Xia Yuqing had a face as if she was wronged, yet Feng Tingye’s face was still heavy. How could Xia Yuqing hide her thoughts from him? Before it was fine for her to stay in her palace and draw in males since after all he knew that she wasn’t really interested in them that way. Moreover all those ones she fooled around with were well acquainted close friends who knew to keep a distance. This is why he didn’t criticize her harshly. But now, even with women she dares to do as she pleases. She even picked up an assassin. He really wanted to pry open this Ya Tu’s head and see what is inside that brain of hers! If this continues like this, won’t there be kittens and puppies living all over the palace? No, this time he definitely cannot overindulge her!

Sensing that Feng Tingye wasn’t speaking, Xia Yuqing weighed her options and began to use her killer move – act pitiful!

With a grieving look and big teary eyes, she stared at Feng Tingye. One minute, two minute….

Feng Tingye knew Xia Yuqing’s thoughts, trying to sink the iceberg. However, he clearly overestimated his tolerance of a certain someone and, even further, he underestimated Xia Yuqing’s determination.

After a cup of tea’s work, Feng Tingye sighed, raising the white flag in surrender: “Only just this once.”
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“Then…. Chen Qie also wants to listen.”

Xia Yuqing’s heart was cheering as she raised another request.

“…….” This girl is given an inch and actually wants a foot! Feng Tingye’s complexion sank and didn’t speak again.

The people watching at the sidelines were all trying to guess how long he will be able to last this time.

“What do you say? How long do you think His Majesty will last this time?” Shao Zitang poked the expressionless person beside him and quietly asked.

Leng Ruofeng indifferently swept his gaze over the two people facing each other. His lips twitched: “I think he will last longer than a cup of tea’s work.”
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“….. two cups of tea work. One Tael*.”

* = money

“Three cups of tea work. Ten Tael*.”

“……” These two Da Ren… In front of His Majesty’s face, you are using him and Niang Niang for gambling. Could it be that you’re not scared that the dragon will, in a fit of pique, kill your entire family?

Thus, after one minute, two minutes…. A cup of teas work, two cups of tea work…. The rationality within Feng Tingye’s brain faintly snapped: “Since Ai Fei wants to listen, then that’s fine. Come inside the palace, don’t let anyone else approach.”
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“……” Your Majesty, your patience, your perseverance, and your integrity?! How could you just let a beauty take them away from you? Later on, what will happen to our brilliant leader? You’ll just be poked fun of by the common people! Aaaahh what can we do to save the collapse of our emperor’s image?!

Furthermore can you wait until you guys are by yourselves before you make displays of affection? You guys are going to blind us with your love!

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