FMEA Chapter 84 Part 2

Chapter 84 My Cherished Life, stay away from the person with the poor sense of direction Part 2

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Feng Tingye’s line of sight swept over the two people in the room. Both of them innocently shook their head. They really had no idea about this matter. There is only one more person who knows about this matter. Could it be……
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Three people looked at each other in the eye, all thinking about that one person who couldn’t keep his mouth shut — Yan Ran!

No one discovered the secret conversation between them, Xia Yuqing’s heart was filled with pride. Lifting her head up and sticking out her chest, she gave them a glance and smiled: “Don’t tell me you’ve never heard of the thing — gossip?”

“So….” The three all turned towards her at the same time.

“So gossip is basically when some secret people spread by mouth the news. It could be worldly news about the country or even small things like the daily necessities of people. In fact the most promising gossip is the ones from the palace. For Ben Gong….” Showing off her knowledge, she lifted her head up with a smile showing off her bright white teeth, “I have just recently took over the gossip department of the palace and has become the first Gossip Chief.”
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“…….” Okay, you win. Ya Tou, how bored are you to run off and take over this kind of organization and gossiping about everyone!?

“Ok. So tell Chen Qie, what is the bottom of the matter regarding the female singer….”

Coincidentally, the thing Xia Yuqing asked was what the several people here still haven’t ascertained yet. Feng Tingye looked at Xia Yuqing’s expectant expression and lightly coughed: “The identity of the female singer is something Zhen and the several Da Ren are currently investigating…..”

“You guys also don’t know?” Xia Yuqing was stunned and then looked at them with a shocked expression.

“There’s no evidence. Everything is only conjecture.” Feng Tingye looked at Xia Yuqing’s shocked expression, eerily feeling that he was being looked down on. Coughing twice, he replied with an equivocal response.

“So what you’re saying is the Your Majesty already has a suspect?” In a second, Xia Yuqing was excited again, eyes shining at the evident gossip.

Feng Tingye lifted his brow and then said: “Right from the start we suspected that she was from Xue Country. It was later on that we discovered she secretly might have another person she is related to. The purpose was to incite a conflict between Ye country and Xue country so they would attack each other. Zhen suspects that she…. Might be from Xia Country.”

When this came out, Xia Yuqing’s mouth turned into an o shape. So that delicate white lotus flower was actually such a highly skilled double-faced spy.? The modern day 007 must be jealous! But… Xia Country, why does that name sound so familiar?

Xia Country….. Wait isn’t that where this body is originally from? Wait doesn’t mean that I am one of the suspected figures? With a blank expression, she suddenly realized this face and turned around with a frightened look to glance at Feng Tingye.

Allowing a suspected figure to hear news regarding the nation, Ultra Seme Lord, is this equivalent to wanting to murder someone to prevent them from divulging a secret?

Her thoughts reaching this point, the little person inside her heart was already biting onto their handkerchief and crying. If she knew this earlier, she wouldn’t have opened her mouth. Curiosity did kill the car. Sure enough they are words of wisdom!

Stumped for words clearly made Feng Tingye delighted, his lips turning into a smirk: “But Ai Fei’s eldest royal brother and second royal brother have come to visit Ye Country. Zhen has already observed them for an entire month and have discovered that they do not know a thing about the incident with Prince Rui. Search in countless ways, there was no hold or tear. If they are not innocent, then Ai Fei’s two elder brothers must be really profound in their scheme and excellent at acting.”

“…..” Investigated? How did she not know when the Ultra Seme Lord had her brothers investigated? He really deserves to be the two faced demon, evil capitalist. He is an expert with thousands of moves that an ordinary person wouldn’t be able to see it.

Then, how many people have you been loving and seducing behind my back?! I didn’t even realize that the battlefield situation was this intense and have already missed so many scenes. No way!

Feng Tingye didn’t pay attention to the fact that Xia Yuqing was biting her handkerchief and had eyes filled with blame: “Especially today, when I saw your elder brother run into Xie Country’s princess’s reaction. Zhen became even more sure that your two brothers coming to Ye Country right now was a coincidence. They are not related to the earlier events at all.”

The reaction elder royal brother had when he bumped into Yuan Er? Xia Yuqing recalled how her elder royal brother was as weak as a chicken and was unable to do anything. He definitely doesn’t have that behind the scenes ** boss kind of vibe. But Ultra Seme Lord are you sure that you’re not just taking this opportunity to mock my elder royal brother?

As expected, my elder royal brother has valiantly met the Ultra Seme Lord but was lacking resources. Thus, the Ultra Seme Lord couldn’t be careless and has taken him in!
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Seeing Xia Yuqing’s gaze didn’t look right, Feng Tingye leaned in close to her and whispered: “Ai Fei, what are you thinking about? You look so happy, there’s no harm in sharing the joy with us as well right?”

Joy your sister! With you and your sharp intentions, if I say it out loud, you would definitely kill me to keep your secret!

“Aahhaha, Chen Qie was just thinking that since the female singer isn’t related to my elder brothers, then who could have sent her? They are so hidden, they must be harboring unfathomable motives!”

“What is there to guess?” Shao Zitang thought it was beneath him as he looked at the two who were flirting and coldly snorted: “If it’s not Xue Country and not Xia Country there is only one country left.”

“That isn’t true. We can’t say that it isn’t someone from Ye Country like Prince Rui. A nation’s royal family, for the sake of the title of emperor, brothers, uncles and nephew could fall out. Subsequently the whole country will be in chaos, people vying for supremacy would set up independant regimes, people will have no way to make a living. How sad.” Xia Yuqing retorted.

Before she even finished her last word, one could hear Feng Tingye’s low laugh: “It seems that Ai Fei really understands the undercurrents of the palace.”

Xia Yuqing’s hands and feet paused and gave a hollow laugh: “Don’t all the performances in opera mention this?”
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“Ai Fei understands opera?”

“…… before the imperial concubines in the palace really enjoyed watching opera. Chen Qie being in the palace and having nothing better to do, would also listen to one or two.”

“Is that right? It just happens to be my royal mother’s birthday feast soon. My royal mother loves attending operas and liveliness. Unfortunately, even though my royal mother loves opera, she is a bit puzzled over them. Before she would have Aunt Meixi who would explain them to her by her side, however these days Aunt Meixi had to go out for a trip. My royal mother was worried that no one would be able to lend a hand, but since Ai Fei seems to be proficient in the knowledge of opera, then at that time we will have to inconvenience Ai Fei to explain the literary.”
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“…..” Xia Yuqing teared up. I said that I had a lowly mouth. The more I say, the more I say wrong. What should i do?

“Ai Fei….. isn’t willing?” Looking at Xia Yuqing’s laughing crying appearance, Feng Tingye lifted one of his eyebrows in question.

“No…… it is Chen Qie’s honour.” Xia Yuqing silently cried. What a big trap, how could she just jump in like that herself?

“……” I must be blind to silently watch these beast like friends teasing their house pet.

Twitching the corner of their mouths, their audience really didn’t want to continue watching those two act as if there was no one around and show off their affection. Shao Zitang likely coughed and guided the conversation back: “Cough cough….. Your Majesty, business.”
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Feng Tingye shifted his eyes back to the other two people in the room, full of displeasure in being disturbed. He lightly smiled: “Zitang’s thought is also understandable. After all, Shu Country and our Ye Country also have some history.”

“History?” Xia Yuqing asked, throwing the mishap to the back of her mind.
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“Yes, it was about four years ago when my royal father was still on the throne. Shu Country also once wanted to form an alliance between the two countries. But they were fully aware that my royal father was deeply in love with my royal mother and would not tolerate anyone to squeeze in. Yet, they still tried to force their princess into my father’s harem. My royal father thus tactfully declined and suggested my royal uncle to marry on his behalf. Who would have imagined that Shu Country used that as an excuse to say that royal father looked down on them and used this to trigger a riot.”

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