FMEA Chapter 84 Part 3

Chapter 84 My Cherished Life, stay away from the person with the poor sense of direction Part 3

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“……” When she heard this, Xia Yuqing’s expression looked exactly like the word 囧. This is a big matter! That princess was given to someone and it’s fine that they don’t want her, but to counteract and use this as a pretext to trigger a turmoil at the borders that could kill many? This Ya Tou was clearly trying to start something from nothing, deliberately picking faults!
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“This matter concernes Ye Country’s prestige. My royal father obviously couldn’t tolerate this and dispatched the army to meet them.”

“The result?” Those kind of shameless, vile people have to be put in place!

“Naturally, it was an overwhelming victory for us. It’s just that the relationship between the two countries has been in a deadlock ever since.” Feng Tingye spoke as he swept his eyes over to Shao Zitang, “Speaking of which, we were only able to win that battle thanks to Zitang’s heroism.”

“What? The small high official went to the battlefield?” Xia Yuqing widened her eyes in surprise and turned to look at the dark looking Shao Zitang.

Shao Zitang gnashed his teeth: “Why do you have to add small in front of high official?”

“Aren’t you small?” Xia Yuqing innocently looked at his height, his build and his chubby cheeks.

Shao Zitang’s veins were about to burst.

“This is the first and the last.” His eyes looked like a volcano about to erupt, Leng Ruofeng made a timely comment to lower the temperature.

Xia Yuqing was startled. Then, she reacted to Leng Ruofeng’s response to her question with suspicion: “Why?”

“Too dangerous.” Leng Ruofeng gave Xia Yuqing a quick look and concisely replied.
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Xia Yuqing’s head was filled with questions. Having no alternative, she turned to seek help from Feng Tingye. Ignoring the menacing look from Shao Zitang, Feng Tingye gave her a smile: “Ai Fei, don’t just look at Zitang being ‘small’, his martial arts attainments are not only know in Ye Country but within all four countries. Few could rival him.”

Xia Yuqing looked distracted. Then, suddenly recalled Shao Zitang easily subduing Yuan Er with one move. Her eyes immediately released sparkling light flashing towards Shao Zitang.

You really can’t judge a book by its cover! An expert is among the people. She had no idea that there was an expert among experts near her all this time. This is just…. awesome!

“Zitang was originally planning on learning martial arts to fight bravely on battlefields, bravely killing enemies and accomplishing martial missions. Unfortunately….. Not everyone can get their way and he had no alternative to become a scholar official.”

“Why?” Xia Yuqing looked astonished, “Is it because he’s…. short?”
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Suddenly, she started feeling brambles and thorns in her back. Xia Yuqing swallowed her saliva and rushed to correct herself. Nevertheless her gaze landing on Shao Zitang’s body. Clicking her tongue, she looked at his almost 168cm height. Could he really get on top of those tall formidable horses?

Sensing her gaze, Shao Zitang’s dark expression became even darker.

Leng Ruofeng upon seeing this added one phrase: “Couldn’t find the route.”

“Huh?” Xia Yuqing was confused, “He couldn’t find the route?”

Feng Tingye laughed: “At that time, the formidable big general was Wenzhong’s dad. Zitang just turned sixteen and was about to go off to battle. Five days later, two arms met at Si Shui to cross swords. After half the fight, the old general ordered a retreat. While everyone was retreating, it was just Zitang who wasn’t clear of the direction and… got lost on the battlefield.”

“…….” Crap! So the small high official was actually a person with a poor sense of direction?! So that time meeting in the imperial garden the first time . . . as expected my perception was right. That person had lost their way. Suddenly figuring out the truth, her face turned red.

“Pu…..” Knowing after the fact, Xia Yuqing largened her eyes almost choking on her saliva. Looking at Shao Zitang, her gaze became more and more… profound.
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“Small high official, you’re awesome! Even on a battlefield you could get lost? Aren’t you scared that you would be captured by enemy troops and sold?

“Then what happened? What happened next?” Xia Yuqing was getting more and more excited. This was gossip that no one knew. Only these people of higher class would know this first class gossip!

“Later….” Feng Tingye smiled giving off a flirtatious expression causing Shao Zitang’s to feel cold, just as expected….

“Later on, Zitang urged his horse towards the opposite direction which was also towards the enemy’s camp. On the journey Zitang felt so surprised. Why was there so many enemy troops at their base? But not pondering over it, those enemy troops treated him as mounting a sneak attack and surrounded him.”


“Zitang’s martial arts was strong. To protect himself, he naturally fought like no tomorrow. Finally, he bursted into their camp to that ashened man’s face. Defeating those troops, he then escaped and. with that, She and Ye’s battle finished before it even started.”

“……” It seems like my cherished life doesn’t just need to stay away from dangerous situations, but stay away from people with bad sense of direction!

“In fact….” Feng Tingye looked at Xia Yuqing’s gaping mouth and added, “I heard that the general of Shu**, an old general that had a lifetime of impressive military service, after finding out the truth of the matter, forcible spat out blood from anger and died. Shu Country faced a large defeat and when they returned they even lost a great general. With such a strong damage, they didn’t dare look at Ye Country with covetous eyes.”

“……” After hearing that deceptive story, Xia Yuqing was thoroughly stupefied. Looking towards Shao Zitang, her gaze changed from sympathy to reverence.

This is the so called amazing the world with a single brilliant feat. Going off to battle and immediately causing the big general to lose their life. Small high official, how awesome, how did your parents raise you?

“Wait that’s not right. If the small official is so impressive, why couldn’t he be a martial official? Instead….” becoming this person who occupies a position he doesn’t really deserve and mixing in with a bunch of old men battling with words.
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“Hahaha, Ai Fei you really are interesting.” Feng Tingye couldn’t hold back his laugh. “If Zitang can’t even distinguish the north from south how could he direct battles? He is indeed highly talented in martial arts and able to protect himself, but the people who are following behind him are common people. Can you guarantee that they would be able to retreat safely if they follow Zitang? In fact, that last time might just be luck. Shu Country didn’t send too many people, so even though Zitang totally annihilated them and got awarded, if he were to encounter a stronger army, could Zitang even retreat safely?”

Xia Yuqing was stumped for words, thinking deeply about this argument. Giving one’s life on the battlefield, a single move could cause an injury or death, that little official was a lucky bastard this time. But who could guarantee there would be a second time?

“When my royal father found out afterwards, he was shocked. Although he knew Zitang was gifted in martial arts, but the battlefield isn’t child’s play. He wasn’t willing to take the risk, so he purposely…..”
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Xia Yuqing gave Shao Zitang a sympathizing look. For a man, the most tragic thing that can happen to them is not being able to use their talents. Even worse is that this was a tragedy caused by his bad sense of direction!

“Enough……” Shao Zitang’s face was completely red, but not a shy red but red from anger. Glaring at everyone he fumed: “Are you guys too bored? Rather than discussing these old affairs why don’t you guys put your minds to figuring out the real perpetrator.”

“But wasn’t that topic what the litte high official brought up?” Xia Yuqing innocently retorted.

“….” From Xia Yuqing’s statement, he did seem to recall that he was the one who brought up Shu Country. But it was because they brought up the songstress…. This is called crushing your own foot while trying to maneuver a rock. Shao Zitang has learned it through experience today!

“There’s no evidence, so there’s no way to be sure.” Leng Ruofeng glanced at his good friend, who looked like they were about to explode, and tried to draw the conversation away from this topic.
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“So that’s the case.” Xia Yuqing looked a bit disappointed. After all, after digging out half the gossip and then discovering they lost their trail, it was really like being scratched at the lungs and feeling uncomfortable the entire body. However…. being able to dig up the little high officials past awkward incidents could be counted as an unexpected joy. Just wait until she edited around and added it to her book, then spread it around….. Ohohoho!

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