FMEA Chapter 86 Part 3

Chapter 86 Part 5

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After screeching for a long time, the little person inside Xia Yuqing’s heart stopped. Unable to resist pressing towards He Wenzhong’s side, she smiled as she asked: “Does General He like to cook?” 

“I…. I guess.” If I don’t cook, I’ll starve and I’ll even get beat by mother. Not to mention by cooking, I would get something delicious!

“Do you like doing housework?”

“Housework? What is housework?” He Wenzhong confusedly asked.

“Tidying up the room, clothing and such.”

“I guess….” His family education was strict. If he did not tidy up himself, he would be beat by his father.

Xia Yuqing’s eyes shone bright once more: “Then do you like taking care of people?”

“Um, I think so.” Mother had said that you should have an open heart and be willing to help others.

“Okay, final question. Does the general like small animals?”

“Love!” Small fluffy animals like Xiao Bai are especially adorable. 

Xia Yuqing’s eyes were blazing at this point as she gripped He Wenzhong’s hand and cried out in surprise: “My perfect wife.”


“No, my perfect wife!”


“That still seems wrong, my beloved brother.”


“Everything’s a mess. No matter. General He, Ben Gong has something to tell you.”

“……. Niang Niang please speak.” He Wenzhong had every single hair on his body standing upright as he trembled with fear. Looking at Xia Yuqing, he could sense that something unpleasant was going to happen. 

“Ben Gong can see that Xiao Bai probably won’t be growing back any hair for the next little while. Since General He loves small animals so much, Ben Gong recalled that Ben Gong’s second eldest brother had just recently received an adorable bunny. Since General He loves small fluffy creatures so much, why don’t you go to Ben Gong’s second eldest brother’s place to look. I promise it would not disappoint you, General He.”

“Won’t that be a bit intrusive and rude?” Hearing about the bunny, He Wenzhong immediately threw his guard to the back of his head. Furthermore because of his innocence and because of his attitude a bit earlier, he felt a bit ashamed.

“Of course not! At that time, General He just needs to let them know that Ben Gong had sent you and it will be fine.”

With her sweet talk, Xia Yuqing coaxed He Wenzhong to leave Xie Fang palace and towards the Yi Guan.

Watching his departing back, Xia Yuqing put on an act as she pinched her handkerchief. Wiping the non existent tears at the corner of her eyes she tearily said: “Now that the son has grown up, mother can’t help it. But this is good, at least it has resolved Ben Gong’s worry. This honest child, being sold but still helping those people count the money! I hope that these two fools will support each other and somehow turn a bit more intelligent.”

“……”Niang Niang, what are you planning? Why does Nu Cai feel so terrified? Also, won’t gathering fools together make them even more stupid? Naing Naing aren’t you pushing the General down a hole?

“Lu Rui, follow Ben Gong to take a stroll to Qian Qing palace.”

Lu Rui paused: “Niang Niang you just came back and now you want to go out again? Is it to see His Majesty?”

“En.” Xia Yuqing had a thread of craftiness within her eye. “We’re going to His Majesty’s to go find someone.”

Bringing Lu Rui along, Xia Yuqing grandiosely advanced forwards. Coincidentally, she bumped into Leng Ruofeng the two coming out: “Chen greers Niang Niang.”

“Did the two Da Ren just come from inside?” Already guessing what the three had gathered to talk about, Xia Yuqing continued to ask the question she already knew the answer to.

“En, did Niang Niang come to see His Majesty? His Majesty is currently inside the inner chamber resting. Niang Niang can enter now.”

Xia Yuqing nodded her head, then glimpsed at the two and spoke again: “Ben Gong could see that you two are staying together. Are you guys leaving the palace together?”

“En, Chen was preparing to visit the Grand Tutor with the Cheng Xiang*.” Shao Zitong lifted his brows as his lips slightly lifted. Nevertheless the corner of his eyes seem to reveal some scheming.

*using the chinese pin yin instead of prime minister -> more accurate I feel

Upon seeing this, Xia Yuqing reacted by instinct and retreated two steps. It seems that this Shand Shu isn’t just thinking of visiting the sick person! She silently lighted a candle for the Gorgeous Grand Tutor: “Help Ben Gong send her regards to the Gorgeous Grand Tutor.”

“Okay, then Chen will bid leave.”

Following the departing guests, Xia Yuqing unhurriedly entered Qian Qing palace.

Hearing some sounds, Feng Tingye’s eyebrows pinched together. Seeing that no one outside announced the visitor and just allowed them to enter, he felt a bit displeased. But lifting his head up to see the visitor he was a bit surprised.

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