FMEA Chapter 86 Part 4

Chapter 86 Part 4

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“Why did Ai Fei come?” Feng Tingye looked at Xia Yuqing’s figure as she leisurely walked over. Slightly smiling, he said, “Could it be that Ai Fei is already missing Zhen after separating for that short time?”

With a slip of her feet, Xia Yuqing nearly fell down. The smile on her face became rigid: “Your Majesty is overthinking.”

“Oh, that’s not the case? Then the reason that Ai Fei is here is because….”

Xia Yuqing lightly coughed and tried as hard as possible to look serious: “Chen Qie came to speak to His Majesty about someone.”

“To speak about someone?” Feng Tingye’s eyes stirred. Standing up he advanced towards Xia Yuqing: “Ai Fei, who do you want to discuss with Zhen?”

Feeling a bit uncomfortable under Feng Tingye’s gaze, she lowered her head and took in a deep breath before saying: “Wasn’t it a few days ago, Your Majesty had mentioned that you would dispatch someone to Xue Kingdom to negotiate with the Xue King on how to handle Yuan Er. Chen Qie had heard that the Xue King wouldn’t acknowledge Yuan Er and furthermore wasn’t preparing to have her return….”

“Where did Ai Fei hear this news from?” Feng Tingye’s eyes narrowed looking somewhat dangerous.

Xia Yuqing swallowed her saliva down with great difficulty: “That is something His Majesty doesn’t have to worry about. Chen Qie had only come here to speak to His Majesty. If His Majesty hasn’t decided on how to deal with Yuan Er, how about hand her over to Chen Qie?”

“Ai Fei wants her?” Surprise could be seen within Feng Tingye’s eyes. “If I hand her over to Ai Fei, what is Ai Fei planning on dealing with her? Torture or…..”

Xia Yuqing’s eyebrows trembled: “Your Majesty, you’ve over thought things. Chen Qie just wants her to come over, nothing more.”

“Come over?” Feng Tingye muttered to himself then looked at Xia Yuqing and said: “Then speak.”

“Um, speak about what?” Xia Yuqing was completely confused as she stared at Feng Tingye.

Feng Tingye laughed and leaned close to Xia Yuqing and said: “Of course the reason why Zhen should hand over that young assassin to Ai Fei to handle. Ai Fei, please don’t forget, that young assassin not only tried to assassinate you but has also tried assassinating Zhen. If you just casually come to Zhen and ask Zhen to hand her over to you, then shouldn’t you give Zhen a convincing reason? So… speak.”

Speak…. Speak about what? Tell you how I took interest in her home’s specialty produce the San Xiao Xiao Yao pill and so I wanted to take her in so I’ll have a long term unlimited distribution that I’ll use to take care of you, you immoral animal. Do you really think I would expose this classified business trade?

Xia Yuqing’s face stiffened and then she silently stepped back a few steps. Twisting the handkerchief she made a beautiful sorrowful face: “Chen Qie heard that Yuan Er was someone like Chen Qie, a princess who was not treasured by the palace and was bullied since young. Thinking about it, this assassination probably wasn’t her idea. Now that the assassination has failed and her father isn’t willing to save her and is even hitting her while she is down, sentencing her to death, Chen Qie can’t help sympathizing. Since placing her anywhere else would be troublesome, why not leave her with Chen Qie. Heavens is virtuous, not to mention Chen Qie is pregnant. All these killing and deaths would be harmful to our virtue. So even if His Majesty doesn’t give face to Chen Qie, you should give face to your child and pardon Yuan Er.”

That long dialogue could be considered all the ink within her mind squeezed out with exception. If the Ultra Seme Lord still won’t let go, then I’ll really cry for you to see!

Feng Tingye looked at her deeply and smiled deeply: “It must be tough for Ai Fei to pity the fate of others and be so compassionate.”

Xia Yuqing’s eyes lit up when she heard what was said and quickly nodded her head. So, you should quickly hand over the person!

“However, Ai Fei, you mentioned it earlier as well. You are currently with child. That Ya Tou is still someone who had still tried to assassinate you. Since Ai Fei can’t bear for any more killing, Zhen can release her outside of the palace and run her course. This way we won’t have to trouble Ai Fei.”

“Ugh…..” Xia Yuqing did not expect things to turn out like this. Staring blankly, her eyes stared at Feng Tingye with disbelief then hurriedly blocked his idea: “Wait, we can’t release her outside of the palace.”

“Ai Fei, why is that the case?” Feng Tingye’s figure paused, then he turned his head to look at Xia Yuqing with anticipation.

Xia Yuqing sucked in a deep breath, no matter what she was unwilling to give up. Raising her eyebrows, she then smiled: “Chen Qie just thought that since Yuan Er has been exposed if we were to just release her, I’m afraid that if the ministers finds out about this issue, then all those bad people within the capital definitely won’t let her go. With nobody to rely on living in Ye Country by herself, it would be hard for her to escape death. If we are to save someone, shouldn’t we go all the way and help her out. You can’t expect us to stare blankly as she walks to her own death? Then, wouldn’t Chen Qie’s compassion be all a waste?”

Feng Tingye didn’t answer immediately. Rather he stared at Xia Yuqing’s smiling face for a long while until that smiling expression seemed like it was going to fall apart did he laugh softly. Approaching her ear he whispered: “Today, Zhen realized that Ai Fei’s small brain could actually contain so many things. This has really amazed Zhen.”

Hey hey…. Ultra Seme Lord, how could you start giving out personal attacks? Are you saying that, in your eyes, I was always some big boobed, no brain person? No, the first time we met, Ultra Seme Lord clearly avoided her…. So the Ultra Seme Lord clearly thought she was boobless and had no brain!

Ultra Seme Lord, how can you be so fussy but still enjoy playing so much!

“Obtaining His Majesty’s recognition, Chen Qie really….does not deserve your praise.” Xia Yuqing gritted her teeth as she replied.

Feng Tingye looked at Xia Yuqing with her hair stood up, mood not too good, but…..

“Zhen is really comforted by the fact that Ai Fei is so virtuous. The only thing is, Ai Fei cares so much for that little assassin and helping her think through so much, this makes Zhen worry….does Ai Fei and that assassin have some hidden secret?”

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  1. Ah… Let that Yuan’er die. She tried to assassinate you! She’s beautiful? Cute? A person who tried to kill a pregnant person deserve death. I’d forgive her had she gave up the thought. But the author stupidly made her persist with the assassination thing. Which is a low blow that revealed how much of a snake b*tch she is.

    You don’t help a snake. They’ll come and bite your hand. Xia Yuqing, I’m getting steadily disappointed on you. I can overlooked her stupid delusion of yaoi that started off hilarious before turning frustrating (Poor Tingye…) but to invite an assassin in when she is pregnant with a baby? The author even tried to write it off as a “maternal love.” Bull. Do they ever get pregnant or even have a child? Heck! Have they ever look after a child they love so much?

    If someone drop dead gorgeous came and tried to kill that innocent child AND you, i won’t forgive her just because she’s cute. Maternal love means you love the child you’re caring for. If harm came, no matter what, you’ll keep that away. F*ck “maternal love” that made YuQing invited an assassin to her side. Idc if she changed, it’s still below the morale. The author is getting too much with their “comedy.” I’m slowly getting disappointed in this plot.

    I’ll change my rate star in NU soon.


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