FMEA Chapter 86 Part 6

Chapter 86 Part 6

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The two bodyguards were speaking in a lively manner. Hearing it, He Wenzhong was completely confused but before he could ask any questions, he could hear a very familiar howl: “Xia Mingyuan, if you have the ability don’t run.”

“If I don’t run, am I supposed to just wait to get beat? This prince isn’t stupid. Shrew, I’ve already said not to get physical.”

“All’s fair in war, have you heard of that before and you say you’re a member of the royal household. But this makes sense, you frail chicken with your soft skin probably would never get involved in the battlefield. Thus you probably didn’t care about the book on arts of war. Take this!” 

“Hey, don’t forget that last time. Who was the one who carried you out of the palace?Are you biting the hand that helped you?”

“You still dare talk? Take this!”

“Xiang Er…..” Hearing sounds of activity, Liu Yixiang turned her head to directly face He Wenzhong’s blank face. Stunned for a moment, “Eh, what are you here for?”

“I…..I…. Consort Qing told me to come here to see the second royal prince’s bunny.”Customary, He Wenzhong scratched his head and spoke softly the reason he had come.

“Bunny? What bunny is the second royal prince raising?” Liu Yixiang turned to suspiciously ask the two bodyguards who were frozen still.

The two stared at each other and shook their rigid necks. Liu Yixiang stopped her movement and touched her chin and pondered for a moment. Then her eyes lit up seeming to understand something. Then she gave off a sinister smile: “So it’s like this!”

“Hey, Shrew, why are you distracted? Look at your stupid expression!”

“You’re stupid, your whole family is stupid.” In a second, Liu Yixiang had her hair standing up again. Lifting up the stick, she once again went chasing after Xia Mingyuan.

“Xiang Er……” He Wenzhong weakly called.

“I have something I’m occupied with. Wait until I catch that weak chicken first.”

“Want to catch this royal prince, you don’t have the ability.” Xia Mingyuan scoffed.

The two bodyguards watched with stupefied expressions as they watched their respected eldest royal prince get chased down by a certain someone. On one hand he was evading her while on the other hand he was assailing her with obscenities. It was as if he was trying to bring about his own destruction….

“No more fighting, please stop. Lady Liu, royal eldest brother. Count it as this little brother is begging you guys, please stop fighting! You’ve already fought for so long, if you continue this any longer the room will tear down and then we’ll have to sleep outside!” Receiving the news and rushing over, Xia Mingxi seeing those two fighting again, in a moment of impulsiveness he rushed straight into the battlefield.

“Royal brother, why have you come? Don’t be a hindrance and go away. If I don’t sort this Shrew out today then this prince will not stop.” Xia Mingyuan looked at Xia Mingxi who plunged into this mess with great ambition in his words.

“Sort me out, you mean the other way around!’ Liu Yixiang coldly snorted and she directly pushed Xia Mingxi who was in the way, “You really are a hindrance, you blockhead. Here’s your young rabbit, catch.”

Xia Mingxi did not expect Liu Yixiang to have so much strength. With just one push he went flying like a spinning top and could distinctly feel his handsome face land on something very hard, nearly breaking his long straight nose.

“What is this?” Xia Mingxi massaged his bruised nose and slowly lifted his head up to look… straight into He Wenzhong’s worried gaze.


“……” Two pair of eyes looking at each other, two people unable to speak, then…..

“Ah, a big black bear has come?! Save me save me! Bodyguards, come protect me.” Xia Mingxi’s body trembled and his legs went weak as he screamed.

“Black…. Black bear…..”  In a moment, a certain someone could hear their own heart…. Shatter into pieces.

With big round eyes opened wide, subsequently tears began surging forward. Before anyone could react, he covered his face with his hands and rushed out the Yi Guan: “Boo hoo hoo…”

The bunny has called him a black bear…. A black bear…. A black bear……

“……” At this time the one who should be crying from being frightened silly be me? → The current Xia Mingxi who still hadn’t recovered from his soft legs.

“……” So even a strong warrior could cry so easily! → the baffled bodyguards

“……” What’s wrong with that idiot? Was he provoked? → Xia Mingyuan who was frightened by the strong warriors rush to leave.

“……” Liu Yixiang who knew fully well that certain someone had heart completely different from their outer appearance.

After a short period of deathly stillness, Liu Yixiang embarrassedly coughed: “Well we will end things like this for today. I am going to head out first. I will come for your debt another time.”

Before waiting for anyone else to respond, with a clatter she had already left the scene.

Xia Mingyuan paused and then turned his head to look at the others his eyebrows lifted, he asked: “What happened earlier?”

“Reporting to his Majesty, just now…. Nothing happened, nothing happened at all.”

“……” Okay, actually the entire thing was just their imagination, their imagination……

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