FMEA Chapter 86 Part 5

Chapter 86 Part 5

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Xia Yuqing became stiff and looked at Feng Tingye’s penetrating gaze and forced a smile: “Your Majesty is overthinking things. Chen Qie and Yuan Er have never met before, how could we have any hidden secret?”

Didn’t they say that women have a sixth sense? Why is that the Ultra Seme Lord has it too? This is irrational!

“Really?” Feng Tingye approached Xia Yuqing. Lacking in confidence, she quickly retreated back a few steps. Then a light flashed within Feng Tingye’s eyes and passed: “Since this is so, then we will following Zhen’s words and ….”

“No!” Xia Yuqing shouted out loud causing her to receive Feng Tingye’s burning gaze. Xia Yuqing seemed to speak like broken glass: “I don’t care, if you decide to send away Yuan Er and I will be stuck in the palace alone, if you don’t find me a companion then I will bring my child to join Yuan Er to leave together.”

Feng Tingye’s face changed completely as he coldly shouted: “You dare!”

“You watch and see if I dare! If you force me then I’ll bring this ball… oh no I mean child and go climb the walls.”

“Have an affair?” Feng Tingye’s anger was completely extinguished by Xia Yuqing’s imagination. Not knowing whether to laugh or cry, he looked at Xia Yuqing’s body. “Ai Fei, are you sure that at that… height, you would be able to climb the palace walls?”

It was as if Xia Yuqing’s knees got struck by an arrow causing her to nearly bow down to Feng Tingye. Lifting her head up, she glared at Feng Tingye. Another personal attack? Wasn’t she just slightly shorter than normal? How dare he mock that she can’t even climb the palace walls!

Being glared at by Xia Yuqing’s complainful eyes, Feng Tingye decided to quit while he was ahead. Derailing the Ya Tou, if she is forced, who knows what kind of universally shocking things she could do.

“Actually, Ai Fei if you really want the assassin, it’s not like it’s impossible.”

Xia Yuqing looked at Feng Tingye expectantly. Feng Tingye’s mouth lifted into a crafty smile: “In this world, there is not such thing as a free meal. If Ai Fei wants the person, then there is bound to be a price to pay.”

Why do those words sound so familiar? Yi, weren’t those words the exact same excuse she had told He Wenzhong? As expected cheating others will one day be cheated on. The people from the past has not lied to me!

“What kind of price…. Does Your Majesty want from Chen Qie’s body?” 

“The thing Zhen wants, shouldn’t Ai Fei know? The thing we discussed last time….”

“That thing?” Xia Yuqing suspiciously looked at Feng Tingye’s ambiguous faze. Suddenly remembering that thing, her face became completely red. In an instant it spread all the way to her neck.

“That…..that….. The imperial physician said, Chen Qie is currently with child. It’s not suitable….. Not appropriate…..” One night seven times, please let me go! 

“No worries, don’t feel anxious. As long as Ai Fei nods her head, then we can first keep a record of it. Later on you can slowly pay it back!” A content smile floated on to Feng Tingye’s face causing people to have their hair stand on end.

“……” Xia Yuqing began to get emotional. Ultra Seme Lord we agree that you are noble and magnificent. We agree that you are domineering to the max. But who knew that you could look like a complete lecher, I can’t even look at you!

Oh, the world has collapsed!

“Ai Fei, what do you think?” Feng Tingye looked at Xia Yuqing’s distorted face, his eyes twinkling with happiness as he reminded Xia Yuqing to make a choice.

Xia Yuqing looked at Feng Tingye’s handsome face and powerlessly replied: “As long as Your Majesty is willing to give Yuan Er to Chen Qie, everything will be as You Majesty stated.”

For the sake of the counterattack strategy, no matter what she can’t get frightened by a little hiccup. Once she finally gets the thing she wants, at that time….. He he, you just wait and see.

Feng Tingye seeing a thread of light flash through Xia Yuqing’s eyes,  he said: “Then Ai Fei, let’s first calculate the interest.”

Interest?! The smile on Xia Yuqing’s froze, disbelief on her face. Inside her mind she was howling with grief. Oh god, can’t you have a new idea? This person is going to be played to death by you!

Xia Yuqing was currently in the abyss of suffering unable to free herself. As for He Wenzhong, he was also in terrible shape.

“This…. Gong zi, have you come for some important matter?” The young guard guarding outside the Yi Guan couldn’t help ask.

“N….N…. No.” He Wenzhong hadn’t expect anyone to take the initiative to converse with him, so at once he became a bit nervous.

No, No then why would you hang around outside the Yi Guan for half an hour? The young guard gave a suspicious look towards He Wenzhong.

Yet, He Wenzhong didn’t realize and just sucked in a deep breath and said: “That… that, it was Consort Qing who told me to come… to come find your home’s second royal prince.”

“Consort Qing? The young princess?” The young guard was part of the group who had come down with Xia Mingyuan. Naturally he would know that Consort Qing was their young princess. Furthermore, he has known that since they had arrived in Ye Kingdom, the second royal prince and the young princess has been having secret exchanges. Therefore, hearing this person say he was called by the young princess, at once he didn’t mind He Wenzhong’s previous strange behaviour. Giving a small smile he laughed: “So it’s the young princess. Gong Zi, please follow me.”

He Wenzhong didn’t think it would be that simple. At once, he became even more convinced that Xia Yuqing hadn’t lied to him. Feeling embarrassed he scratched his head, and honestly nodded his head and hurried to follow the young guard in.

“Xiao Si, weren’t you on the lookout outside, why did you come running back in? This person is……” The young guard had only taken a few steps before a call could be heard from within.

He Wenzhong followed the sound to look and saw a slim youth wearing the same attire as the guard come walking over. 

“Hu Wei* brother, it’s you. This person is someone the young princess had sent to look for the second royal prince. I was just about to lead him inside. Why are you also here? Could it be….” The so called Xiao Si seemed to have remembered something and his expression immediately became somewhat strange.

* = bodyguard; not his name

“It’s exactly it, Miss Liu had come running over causing a ruckus again. That young lady really is unexpected, yet the royal eldest prince just won’t let her go. They haven’t even gotten married yet and they’re already arguing like this. How could they have any peace once they do get married?”

“Hu Wei brother, you don’t understand. Before the village seniors say that some people develop a stronger relationship the more intense they argue.”

That Hu Wei brother felt a bit awkward: “But that also should come in moderation. It shouldn’t be that everytime they argue, they will almost break down the house. Since the Ye Emperor had bestowed the marriage, when has our residence been peaceful?”

“……that’s true.”

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