FMEA Chapter 87 Part 3

Chapter 87 Time for the counterattack! 

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This is her child, someone of her flesh. The closest person in the entire world. Although she has some complaints about her child’s father, no one could separate this link. Acknowledging this, she felt her heart becoming softer and softer. Maybe it was because sympathized with her situation or perhaps it was the result of this. Regardless, she could save Li Yaun.

“Li Yuan. Li from depart, Yuan from debutante and not Yuan from kite.” Li Yuan bit her lips, silent for a long time, then spoke. Her mom always wished she could be capable of keeping her away from indulging in a life of luxury, the life of court where they were dazzling on the outside but dirty within. She just wanted her to be an ordinary young woman living a happy, blessed life.

“Huh?” Xia Yuqing blinked her eyes in confusion.

“Cough cough…..” In a timely fashion, Lu Rui remind her obviously short circuited master, “Niang Niang, since lady Li Yuan is willing to tell you her name, I believe she has the intention of following you.”

Xia Yuqing blinked her eyes again, then she seemed to finally understand, her face shining with excitement: “Yuan Er…. oh, no, Xiao Yuan is willing to follow Ben Gong out?”

Li Yuan paused, then slightly nodded her head.

Xia Yuqing couldn’t conceal her happiness. “Since Xiao Yuan is willing to follow Ben Gong out, Ben Gong will obviously treat you like a little sister,”

Since they were sisters then she should be able to freely access that medicine. After a short moment, Xia Yuqing’s mind was filled with little people in her mind that could do whatever they pleased with that medicine.

In her mind, she was filled with these little people running about, but it could not be seen on her earnest face: “From henceforth if there is any opportunity for Ye Country to step in Xue Country, Ben Gong will definitely help you retrieve your mother’s corpse and grant your wish. Only when that time comes, you might loathe the emperor.”

Li Yuan looked at Xia Yuqing in shock. She did not expect that she would be willing to make such a promise. However those words might be just her probing her feelings towards Xue Country. Li Yuan smiled gently: “Niang Niang, please do not worry. Since Li Yuan had chosen to follow Niang Niang, then I am Niang Niang’s people. In the future I will not think fondly of Xue Country. The only thing I am concerned about is the land where my mother is buried. Everything else has nothing to do with me. If Niang Niang one day is able to bring my mother from that land and allow me to give her a proper burial, then Nu Bi would be willing to sacrifice her life to repay you.”

Xia Yuqing had casually said these words but it had shaken Li Yuan up. Yet she had just said it out of moral principle due to that old man in Xue Country being a human with a beast heart, a heartless backstabber who wanted to mess with the Ultra Seme Lord.

The Ultra Seme Lord had swallowed this down for now, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t bear grudges. With his sharp cleverness, in the future he certainly will dash towards Xue Country to oppress him until he’s covered with blood. At that time, helping Li Yuan take her mother out shouldn’t be a problem at all. As for the last sentence, it was just something she had said in a hurry after recalling Li Yuan’s identity.

Anyways, she didn’t know when the country destroying day would happen. In any case, it was an empty cheque that could just hang there, what comes around goes around, hahaha…. 

Therefore, under this thick misunderstanding, Xia Yuqing delightfully brought the tamed wild beast, now her cute adorable sister, back to the palace.

Under Xia Yuqing’s instruction, Li Yuan was brought new clothes to change into. Hesitating, in the end she still decided to ask: “Lu Rui Jiejie, Niang Niang is wise and farsighted and extremely detailed and careful, how should I wait upon her on a daily basis? Is there something I need to take note of?”

Since she had decided to follow Xia Yuqing, there were some things that she should ask to understand clearly.

“Wise and farsighted? Detailed and careful?” Lu Rui’s hand that was helping her straighten out her outfit paused, then her eyebrows sensed something, then looked at Li Yuan with a somewhat… complicated gaze.

“What? Did I say something wrong?” Li Yuan looked at Lu Rui, not understanding what was going on.

“Ah, no…. Nothing.” Lu Rui gave her a sympathizing gaze, unconsciously giving her a somewhat “sufferers empathizing with each other” look.

Another pure young maiden deceived by Niang Niang’s external appearance! Thinking back to that year when she had first waited by Xia Yuqing’s side, she had also thought that her master was dignified, virtuous, a girl from a wealthy family. Yet upon contact….

She had realized her master’s magnificient outer appearance was just masking her scheming stupid cute heart. Personally seeing this goddess change into something from a horror movie, what can they do? Wahhh, so tired, this worker doesn’t want anymore!

Now looking at this new younger generation about to follow her footsteps, Lu Rui felt compassion begin to sprout. About to give her some advice, she suddenly heard Cui Er’s voice from outside: “Lu Rui what are you doing dilly dallying there? Who is going to prepare Niang Niang’s afternoon meal?”

“Yes, coming.” Hearing the voice, she could only give Li Yuan a quick pat on her shoulder: “I will tell you when I come back.” Then she ran off in a hurry.

“Hey……” Li Yuan looked suspiciously at Lu Rui’s back and her eyebrows wrinkled together. Then she retracted her extended hand.

Not long after Lu rui left suddenly, a shadow suddenly flashed by seeming to be looking for something.

Looking carefully, Li Yuan saw that the person sneaking about seemed to be…. Xia Yuqing?

“Niang Niang, why are you here?”

“Ahahahaha” Being discovered and having a somewhat guilty conscience, Xia Yuqing gave a hollow laugh. “Looking at you, you are probably younger than Xiang Er and I by a few years. So you can call me Qing Jiejie just like Xiang Er does. Calling me Niang Niang sounds wrong.”

Li Yuan paused, but didn’t reject her offer and just said: “Okay Qing Jiejie. Just now…. Were you looking for something?”

“Oh, that…..” Xia Yuqing paused. “It’s the medicine that you gave the Gorgeous Grand Tutor the other time….”

“San Xiao Xiao Yao?”

Xia Yuqing’s eyes lit up: “Yes, that one. Do you still have some?”

“Umm…. I already used it all last time. I don’t have anymore. However, if Qing Jiejie needs some, I could mix some.”

“Huh, mix some up? Did you create those?” Xia Yuqing looked at Li Yuan flabbergasted.

“Yes, before in the palace, I wasn’t favoured so I naturally learned nothing. Thus I would go find things myself to go play with. So by coincidence I learned how to prescribe medicine. As long as it isn’t too complicated, I should be able to procure it.”

Hearing this, Xia Yuqing became extremely emotional. The look she gave Li Yuan was as if she had just picked up treasure!

“Then…. Xiao Yuan, could you also procure those medicine that causes your entire body to become soft but also want to do those kinds of things?”

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