FMEA Chapter 87 Part 4

Chapter 87 Time for the counterattack! 

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“Those kind of things?” Li Yuan asked innocently.

“XXOO, ugh you guys probably refer it to Xing Fang*.”

* = sexual intercourse

“Xing….. Xing fang?” Li Yuan was startled then her face became completely red, her voice was like the sound of a fly, “That…..”

“Can you?” Xia Yuqing looked at her with expectation.

“Yes, but why does Qing Jiejie require those stuff?” Li Yuan’s face was still red and found it hard to speak more about it.

“Cough cough, it’s nothing big. Just that… I’m not going to be using it to harm anyone, so making some for me would do.”

“Oh…..” Li Yuan looked at Xia Yuqing’s embarrassed look, but in the end didn’t retort Xia Yuqing and quietly nodded her head. “But, the ingredients….”

“I will get someone to prepare it for you. Don’t worry about that. How long will it take?”

“If Qing Jiejie is in a hurry….. Six hours.”

“En, you write down what you need and I’ll get Lu Rui to quickly prepare it for you.” Xia Yuqing delightedly called for help. Six hours later….

“……” Li Yuan looked at Xia Yuqing’s back. Not knowing why, she suddenly had a bad premonition. In her heart she was suddenly sympathizing for the person who would have the luck of tasting her medicine.

While this was happening, Feng Tingye was listening to the detailed report of Xia Yuqing’s every single move. Tapping his finger on his desk, his face was a mystery.

By the time he finished listening to An Yi, then did his eyebrows raise up, astonishment streaking through his eyes “Who knew that Ai Fei’s eloquence could give Zhen a surprise.”

After speaking, he saw that An Yi seemed to have a weird look, Feng Tingye asked: “Is there something else?”

An Yi quickly lowered his head and replied: “Informing master, Consort Qing has received that assassin back to Fang Dian palace and has requested the assassin to make some medicine.”


“Yes, Consort Qing wants that assassin to make something that will cause people to become soft and also want to…. Xing **” An Yi’s face had a flash of embarrassment,

“Something that would cause someone to become soft and want to Xing **?” Feng Tingye couldn’t help but laugh. Knowing that certain someone’s nature, he immediately was able to see through that certain someone’s scheme. His lips raised into a smile, “Zhen understands, you can withdraw first.”

Slightly confused but knowing that some things shouldn’t be ask, stared blankly for a moment then with a whoosh disappeared.

“So the little kitty is restless. Fine, Zhen will play with you.” Imagining Xia Yuqing’s disappointed expression after her plan fails, Feng Tingye couldn’t help but be in a great mood, his eyes clearly calculating.

Recently, Yan Ran felt his heart stuffed. Hatefully, incredibly stuffed! First he had become soft for that young scholar and was ambushed again. With a single stumble he was unable to rise again and he was sick for a countless days. He didn’t expect withdrawing this way, he was still unable to avoid the attack. Shao Zitong and Leng Ruofeng those two bad friends have been running to his house mocking and ridiculing him everyday, striking him unceasingly, he wished he could dig himself a hole until all his problems go away.

Not to mention he was a person carrying a disease, a patient. A sick person! Instead of being considerate to a sick person, they are still playing around?! Both mentally and physically exhausted, unable to stand this disturbance, Yan Ran decided to save himself!

“Your Majesty! Chen has a difficult life!” Qian Qing palace, Yan Ran was crying loudly while hugging onto Feng Tingye’s thigh, “Chen was born in a family with a literary reputation, is scholarly and of great erudition, and multi-talented. I know astronomy and geography, but I would always bear in mind the etiquette that I should carry and not slack off in the slightest. When I enter the court, the government officials would pay respect to this Grand Tutor but I would still be conscientious and continue to be modest and polite. I constantly strive towards devoting my all to help the officials and the people working my heart out and have not made the slightest error. Being so diligent all these years, finally being the model government official and receiving everyone’s worship, I would never have thought there would be a day where Chen would be so dishonoured. This loyal and dependable Chen cannot endure it any longer, Your Majesty, please stand up for Chen!”

While speaking, Yan Ran seamlessly wiped the not and tears on his face onto Feng Tingye’s dragon robes. Subsequently trying to cover it with his hands yet it made it even more conspicuous, he cried out another two sounds.

Feng Tingye took in the entire scene, the corner of his mouth twitching. Smoothly kicking the hand of that certain someone who was tightly gripping his clothing, he successfully rescued his clothes. His face still straight: “Ai Qing*, those two other Ai Qing are also passionate and responsible. When it’s all said and done, they were just doing it for your sake. You ought to be tolerant and magnanimous. All rivers run into the sea, you should be modest and accepting.”

* = old term of endearment for a high ranking official

Suddenly Yan Ran froze as he wiped his tears, not daring to look up at Feng Tingye. It was as if he was looking at an unreasonable stubborn child. Then speaking in a tearful voice: ‘Your Majesty, Chen also wants to be like a river and accepting of all, but those two Da Ren bullying intolerably the virtuous man repeatedly. Pah! Chen had tolerated them numerous times, yet they continue to be overbearing and given an inch they would want to take a mile. Chen is being forced into a dead end, Your Majesty!”

Feng Tingye silently retreated a few steps to separate himself from Yan Ran, in case he might try to pounce towards him once again: “Oh? Then Ai Qing quickly speak. What did those two Da Ren do to you? Only then can Zhen help stand up for Ai Qing.”

Yan Ran nodded his head feeling indignation over the injustice. Choking with emotion: “Your Majesty might not know, Cheng Xiang and Shang Shu has been coming to Chen’s house everyday and it is fine if they mock and ridicule Chen but…..

“But what?”

“They have been spreading a rumour everywhere that Chen…. Chen **” Yan Ran’s face twisted for a moment.

Recalling the past few days, the strange expressions he was given every time he went to court and the whispers behind his back. Not to mention, the young ladies who would be bewildered and feel their heart rate increase when they see him, now would walk the other way has caused him to become depressed and frustrated. If this continues, he will become crazy. He really will become crazy!

This wasn’t the important point. The thing he really couldn’t tolerate was that when he was walking, those disorderly men would send him evil glances that looked like they harboured some evil designs. Oh God, this Lao Zi really isn’t a homosexual. What does this Lao Zi have to say for you to believe!

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