FMEA Chapter 93 Part 2

Chapter 93 Kidnapped?!?

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Crash….. A shattering sound came from the study room causing everyone there to hang their heads to the ground and tremble.

Usually, when His Majesty was angry, there was still someone who could calm his anger. This person was Consort Qing. However, the issue this time was that Consort Qing was not in the palace. In fact this time, it was related to the safety of Consort Qing. Everyone clearly felt….. the storm clouds approaching.

“Now, you are telling Zhen that you brought Ai Fei out of the palace and you came back empty-handed. You didn’t bring her back to Zhen intact?” Feng Tingye had an unusual smile. It was gorgeous and alluring, but also cruel and murderous.

Dragons’ have a weak scale. Before Xia Yuqing, Feng Tingye had always thought that no one except Zhang Sunshi could be his weakness. However, after he met Xia Yuqing, he discovered that he was wrong. There was no weak-scale before because he did not meet the right person. But now that girl and their child has become his weak scale and today some people had dared to touch his weak scale.

The wrath of the Son of Heaven will cause millions of corpses; blood will flow from the city. Feng Tingye usually did not get angry, and even when he got angry, it would not be like today. Just one simple sentence of his sent a powerful pressure sweeping through everyone in the hall, leaving everyone in the room unconsciously bowing their heads and dropping beads of cold sweat.

Even Yan Ran and the other Da Ren’s who were urgently called into the palace was struggling. This is the first time they saw Feng Tingye this enraged.

. They had no doubt that if Xia Yuqing had any accidents, the man in front of them will not hesitate to….. kill!

“Nu Bi deserves to die, Nu Bi deserves to die. It was Nu Bi’s negligence. Thinking that there were so many people guarding Niang Niang, Nu Bi thought that she would be fine. Nu Bi did not expect…” Lu Rui shivered slightly and tears continued to slide down her cheeks. Compared to Feng Tingye’s anger, she was blaming herself for losing Xia Yuqing.

Niang Niang had always stayed within Xia Country’s Palace, so she doesn’t understand the world at all. She had an innocent pure temperament. If she is wandering alone, she will definitely get bullied….. In fact, if she innocently wandered off that would be still good. However, if some people had bad intentions, Niang Niang is pregnant. If Niang Niang and the little prince have some accident, thinking about this, Lu Rui couldn’t help but shed more tears.

Seeing Lu Rui take all the responsibility, Li Yuan hurriedly step forward: “Lu Rui does not know martial arts. Even if she was present, she would have just been an extra casualty. Instead, it’s me…. Nu Bi has been too negligent. Only because of this was the criminal able to take advantage of this opportunity and take Niang Niang away. If you want to punish someone, punish Nu Bi only.”

“You sisters’ really have a deep relationship.” Feng Tingye’s eyes looked dangerous “If that is the case…”

“Cough cough…” Yan Ran coughed out loud when he saw that Feng Tingye seemed to have the intention of taking it out on the two Ya Tou’s. “Your Majesty, the most urgent task right now is to find the whereabouts of Consort Qing. You can punish these Ya Tous’ after you have found Consort Qing. Furthermore, these Ya Tou’s are Consort Qing’s personal Ya Tou. Niang Niang usually has a deep relationship with her maids. With Niang Niang being so pure and kind-hearted, if she came back and discovered that these Ya Tou’s were punished because of her, she might become upset with His Majesty. Self-blame is certain.”

Although Yan Ran usually provoked people, he was still a smart person. Knowing that Feng Tingye cared for Xia Yuqing, he specifically used Xia Yuqing as a shield. In fact, it worked quite well.

Feng Tingye raised his eyebrows and glanced at the minions who were kneeling on the ground. He coldly hollered: “Get up. It’s only been one or two hours since the disappearance of Ai Fei. The people who took Ai Fei can’t be far. Order the closure of the city. Even a fly cannot be let out. Search for Zhen. Carefully search every nook and cranny, even a spider web cannot be missed. As for you guys….. to make up for earlier mistakes or increase your crimes and punishment, you decide yourself.”

Feng Tingye lifted his head and glanced at the crowd then threw out another sentence: “This matter must be kept a secret. Do not tell the Empress Dowager. If Zhen finds out who leaked the information, it will not be forgiven.”


Watching Feng Tingye leave, everyone let out a sigh of relief only feeling braver after the calamity. 

Shao Zitong took a few steps forward. His eyes stayed on Lu Rui and Li Yuan who were helping each other up. He suddenly turned his head and smiled at Yan Ran: “Who knew that the Grand Tutor has suddenly developed protective feelings for the opposite sex.

Tsk, little assassin, a certain person was generous. Not only did they not mind that you humiliated them twice, but he also risked his life to save yours. This kind of kindness is as great as the sky. How is this lady planning on repaying this saviour? According to this official’s knowledge, how about you giving yourself? ”

When the words came out, the faces of both of them changed. Li Yuan was a little overwhelmed and turned to look at Yan Ran but she didn’t expect that Yan Ran was also looking at her. Eyes falling into contact, someone having a guilty conscience, turned their gaze away.

Li Yuan’s heart trembled, a trace of sorrow and complexity in her eyes.

Shao Zitong took a panoramic view of the two people’s changes and was shocked. His eyes narrowed slightly: “Could it be you two…..”

“What are you dilly-dallying for? His Majesty has already gone for a long time. If we still remain idle and stayed here, we will definitely suffer a calamity. Hurry, hurry…. ” Seeing Shao Zitong look like he was about to say something, Yan Ran hurriedly stepped forward and dragged him away.

“Hey” Shao Zitong sneered aloud. “This is interesting. The person who is usually the noisiest person actually doesn’t want others to talk? Could it be that you have…..a guilty conscience?”

“Who has a guilty conscience? Don’t slander me? This kind of thing can’t be casually said, a girl’s reputation is on the line!”

“The reputation of a girl? I think you are worried about your own reputation.”


The noise of the two people was getting further and further away, but Li Yuan still hadn’t come back. It was only when Lu Rui called out to her in worry: “Miss Li Yuan, Miss Li Yuan, are you okay?”

“Ah, I am fine.”

Seeing Li Yuan’s face a little complicated, Lu Rui comforted: “Shang Shu* is always unreasonable like this. His mouth is like a knife, but in fact there’s nothing malicious. Don’t put it to mind, Li Yuan.”

* minister

“En, I know. Let’s go back first. Staying here won’t help, we’ll just be a hindrance. It’s better to go back and wait for news.”

Lu Rui was silent and nodded. Then she suddenly seemed to think of something and looked around. “Oh, strange, where is Cui Er Jiejie?”

When Lu Rui mentioned it, it was only then that Li Yuan discovered Cui Er was not in the room. At that time, the situation was too chaotic. The three were eager to find the whereabouts of Xia Yuqing and moved separately.

.”Well, let’s go back first. We’ll go back and look.  I hope that Qing Jiejie and the baby are safe and sound.”


Due to the disappearance of Xia Yuqing, the palace had become like a pot of porridge. While in a small forest outside the capital city, there was a dark shadow quickly jumping off tree trunks rushing through the dense forest like a wild animal.

Suddenly, the black shadow seemed to hear movements not far away. With a flip as graceful as a swan, they steadily landed on a branch. Above it, even the leaves didn’t tremble a bit.

The hooves gradually approached, accompanied by a few happy conversations. The shadow slowly pushed aside the dense branches that were obstructing their view. Following the gap, they could see the leader of the horse team and the numbers of the horse team. Finally, their attention turned to the stable carriage, a glimmer of light flashed through their brown eyes.

Sizing up everyone, the person lowered their eyes. But, they repressed their restlessness. They decided to wait and see for the time being.

Putting the branches back, it blocked the sight of the group’s line of sight. When the team gradually drifted away, a small white pigeon fluttered out of the sleeve of the shadow’s right hand.

The black shadow took out a small note from their waist and a short charcoal. A few small words were written on the paper strip. Tying it to the legs of the pigeon, the bird was thrown up and sped along towards the capital.

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